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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another Saturday freebie!

Just in time to be that beautiful Christmas Elf, I found a freebie at Exxess.

Red velvet corset with white fur trim, ear muffs, boots and gloves...this outfit is GORGEOUS! Hurry and get this one!!

Jocko Domo freebie

Have you ever wanted to be a geisha? Do you enjoy oriental decor? Have I got the place for you!

Jocko Domo offers a free parasol, and a free hand-held animated fan, but beyond that, the location is beautiful and serene. It has some truly beautiful clothing (kimonos, parasols, etc), wigs, and all the accessories you'd need to be a beautiful geisha, waiting on her man or woman. There is a green tea set (yummy!), sake set, and sushi set. They have "ceremonial" modes where you are serving your guest(s), and the sushi and green tea sets even have speech to explain the ceremonial process! VERY cool!

If you go by and happen to see Kahiro Watanabe, the owner, please say that you saw this blog post!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Honey's Fashion Mall

My business continues to grow! I moved Honey's UK Couture to a new location on the same sim, just down the street, and I've added the WRONG and Reaction clothing lines! So there are now three stores in a row, and I've added a beach in the back. There's a couple of camping towels back there too ;)

I anticipate having a grand opening party (complete with DJ) within the next few days and I'll post the details here when they are set.

Drop by and see the new "fashion mall". If you'd like, IM me and let me know you read this blog, and I'll have a special gift just for you! If you'd like to join my group, you can search the groups for Honey's UK Couture - it's open enrollment and free!


Sunday, December 2, 2007

More freebies!

It's the month of Christmas and the retailers are thanking us for shopping with them!

Adam n Eve are offering three freebies! One is a lace robe. It is black lace with a white trim and stockings. The other is a two pack of bra, panty and stockings, one in green and the other in red.

Grab them now!

Freebies at Nicky Ree!

I attended a fashion show yesterday and absolutely fell in love with some of Nicky Ree's new designs, so I decided to pop over and see what else she had in stock.

To my delight, I found a few freebies there!

One is a pink satin evening gown, which is quite lovely and certainly looks like a high dollar item, not a freebie.

The other was a tartan bikini and sarong. Very pretty colors, and the plaid is subtle, not so much "in your face". The bikini top covers you fairly well, and the bottom isn't just "floss", I don't feel over-exposed in it ;)

When you run over to get these, take some time to look around. Nicky also has some very pretty tank tops for $25, and you get four different tops in each package, along with a matching panty! Great bargain!


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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