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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Time Limited Freebie Alert

Fashonity has put out for free the Easter gift she was giving for the Easter hunt, a special edition of the bikini collection "Mallory". It's located at the Main Shop (near the lucky chairs on the right side of the shop). This will come down Sunday night.


That didn't take long! :)

Yep, I'm back with a couple of more freebies!

Bijou has two really cute outfits for 0L.

Go to TorridWear and join their Subscribe-O-Matic to receive a set of basic modeling poses. Grab the bag on the table for an additional three free poses.

DeePosed has a couple of new freebie poses out for us too!


Way too early Saturday freebies

Good morning! I'm up way earlier than I wanted to be, or at least was, when I started this post. But, since I am it's your gain, because the early hours are my best freebie gathering ;)

This first one is a Easter gift, so I'm not sure how long it will be around...meaning, hurry! Mimikri has got a great outfit in its group notices. Go join the group, and look in the past notices.

Designs by Lorri gets us off to a great start towards summer with her Belinda dollarbie, shown below. Offer good until Thursday, April 23.

Before you leave Lorri's, turn around and go out the door of the store and find the McDonnell's Mall Subscribe-O-Matic. Lorri says there's another dress and a bikini in there.

Vinyl Cafe has a pair of apple green prim-foot stilettos, a green sequin top, and a nice set of livingroom furniture for us!

Haute Couture & Co. has a darling purple dress out for us for free.

One of my favorite shoe stores, SKG Shoes has a great dress and peek-toe pumps out for us, for 5L each.

OK, that's it for now, but I'm probably going to be back later ;)


Friday, April 17, 2009

HEY YA'LL!!!!!!


R.T.D. has a free outfit today! Denim capris with a denim bustier top!

MPD has some cute stuff for 1-6L!!!

LOTS of goodies for the hizzy at I Sense!

Deco has a 1L black onyx and pearl earring/necklace set!

Supreme Clothing has a free gift, free shirt, and a bargain rack!

Yay!!! Wetherby's has a new freebie out! A silver dress that hugs in all the right places!

Sweet Alice has 1L shapes!

has 4L necklaces and 2L earrings!

Skinny satin jeans for 2L at Flo's Creations.



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday ... Yay!

The French Farm offers this gorgeous Robin's Egg dress as its Thursday gift. Isn't it fresh, and perfect for spring? There are matching shoes available at the LM as well. Have a look!

Honey didn't have time for a picture, but I could not resist! This is the dress she mentioned in her post. I absolutely adore it! Its flowing, its romantic, and just 1L! This will be available as usual, until 9am SLT Friday only! You can grab it at Lemania's!

Kamikaze is an industrial/neko/grunge type store, and are offering a freebie. Just click the heart, and here is what you will find. All the items are transferable, so you can actually pick out a gift to surprise your friend! Until Friday at 12pm SLT, there are also 2 hidden freebies in the store. You have to find them. There is a Red Samuri 3 tank as well as a Floral Tank for the Ladies.

Defleur Fashions has a freebie Fairy Princess outfit.

This is absolutely beautiful! I love it!! Take notice to the pearls on the front of the skirt!

Sole Sisters have a formed a partnership with "Shouted Couture" and in celebration, are offering a BRAND NEW sculpted foot sandal as a limited time dollarbie.

Hurry over! This shoe will ONLY be available for ONE WEEK!!!!

On a final note, there are more grid hunts coming up in the near future. Be sure to clear your calendars so you can participate.

April 19-25: Gorean RFL Hunt
April 20-27: Sanctuary Rock Mall Hunt
May 1-??: SL Discovery Grid Wide Hunt

We'll be back with more soon!


Update from Honey

OMG...Get over to Lemania's for today's dollarbie, before 9am Friday morning. I don't have time for a picture so I'll put her's up....it's called Reflections and it's gorgeous!

Early morning freebies

Good morning! Short on time so just a few quick freebies for you!

Diversity is giving us a sneak peek at their new skins.

G&N Quality Design has a cute pantsuit for us for 0L.

PixeldustPrincess has a diamond and pink sapphire ring as their group gift.

E! Eclectic has a cute layers argyle sweater vest and shirt combination for 0L.

Soroya Shan Collection has a few days left on their Easter hunt. Five eggs to find, buy the contents for 0. There are also several free ladies outfits in the freebie area.

OK, that's it for now!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hump Day Shopping!

Lemania's dollarbie of the day is called Mischief! This continues the retiring outfit trend.

Doesn't it suit me perfectly!? This will be available until 8am on April 16th. After that, its gone forever. :(

Ho Wear has an awesome free offering. It's called Triumph, and I love it!

(Boots are from Kitties Lair, and not free)

[AV] has this 60's paisley cutie for 1L

(Shoes are a freebie from 50 flats)

FM Designs has a new dollarbie. A free star unisex lip ring, is on the board. Have a look around as well, there are specials on the new releases!

WOW! Multiple Personality Designs has a bazillion things for 1L, and Fatpacks for 5L! Can you imagine!? Here is a sampling of what I found.

JennEmm is the designer and owner of the store. Please be sure to drop a little something in her tip jar!

Next door, is Kissable Kitties, and they have new spring time outfits in their front window, also for 1L!

Holli Pocket has a 1L "hotteh heartz" skirt. The aqua colored one is the dollarbie, other colors are still only 100L. Hit the subscribo, and get another gift!

(The tank top in this pic is from one of the freebies on the wall of Inga Wind)

E&R Designs
has a Silver Hottie oufit for 1L.

You can find this upstairs in the south-east corner.

K2K has a freebie and discount section. Easter eggs were still out when I was there, go see what the Easter Bunny left.

That's all I have for now. We'll be back soon with more freebie fun!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Evening Freebies

A few quick freebies for you tonight.

First up is
RBZ Designs, who offers us the lovely Nicole in blue, shown below. While you're there, be sure to grab the free shrug at the front of the store! (At the time we go to publication, she hasn't put this up yet, but it should be there in the morning.) At RBZ's Cherry Park location only, she has an adorable beach tote...be sure to run over and get it! She also has at both locations, a great tropical shirt for men.

Next, DbNR offers the Topaz Teardrop Earrings and the Double Heart necklace for 1L each. Note that they're having a sale for the next 2 weeks, with everything 100L or less!

(On the opposite wall)

Finally, Merrikat Designs and La Patisserie, has two bags inside the front door with an antique wall clock, among other things. Go to the other side of the store and on the wall is a beautiful antique chest for 0L.

That's it!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Time Limited Freebie Alert

Ambiance Interactive Furniture is offering a 2 DAY ONLY free gift of a small version of their new Ambiance Jewell Fountains! Follow the red arrows to the large Gift Bag Vendor placed right by the new Jewell Fountains at the northeast corner of the island. This gift will be available until the evening of April 15th.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A few latebreaking freebies and dollarbies

PhoenixRizing Designs is determined to break us out of the winter blahs by giving us this gorgeous Tulips Dress for 1L.

The UnderCover Ladies Lingerie Company has a drop dead gorgeous silk and lace lingerie set for 1L. Be sure to hit the Subscribe-O-Matic, there's a gift in there too!

Lemania has got so many great dollarbies out right now that I can't begin to tell you about them!! Look especially for the Pastels (wayyyy too cute!) and the Linen Mini Set (perfect for Spring)....Run!

Dawn Design has an awesome red halter dress for us...0L! (And for our new residents, one of the best "new player" gifts I've seen...nice skins, shapes, and an outfit, sorry, only 30 days or younger!)

That's it, see ya next time :)


An open letter to designers

First, let's send the freebie hunters on their way...At !Cybernetic, you can get a free AO Hud, and a whole slew of nice animated poses for only 1L each (both male and female). Go!

OK, now that they're gone...a letter to the designers.

Dear Designers:

You know that we bloggers get around and see a lot of things, so I wanted to send you designers an open letter covering a few points that have bothered me lately. Take from it what you will.

As a freebie blogger, I really love all of you designers...you keep me in business. I just wanted to give you a few viewpoints from this side of the business, and I hope you'll take these in the spirit in which they are given.

In these days of troubled economics, I understand that you are all trying to make some RL wages from your SL work. But lately, with a few notable exceptions (Simone! and Rha! Designs, and I'm sure there are a few others), I've seen prices going up, rather than going down.

You might want to consider the wisdom of selling many items at a lower price, than one item at a higher price. I personally sell sculpty pumps at 49L each. They aren't fancy, but they're cute...and let me tell you, at 49L, I sell the heck out of them (3 pairs, just during the course of writing this post)! Everyone can afford 49L...but not everyone can afford 875-2199L for fancy prim-toed shoes (and I confess, I do own some of them, but those were in better financial days). In fact, Baby Monkey is selling gorgeous prim-footed shoes for 150L (100L if you join the group!) and she's selling a LOT of them! I know this, because I stood and watched for awhile yesterday - while I was buying my own 5 pairs.

So, if the "SL society" shoppers are what you're going for, continue raising your prices - there's a bunch of people out there who are still willing to pay them. But if your sales seem to be slumping, consider lowering your prices - a little....because the majority of your target shoppers are not in that SL society group.

Next, I wanted to discuss "gifts" or "freebies". I've heard a lot of discussion from designers lately stating that they felt that gifts or freebies were sucking their business dry, and yes, there is probably some of that going on. But let me give you the viewpoint of many shoppers.

I've done the Vain Kiss hunt, the POE hunt, the Fly A Kite hunt, the Bunny Hop, etc. I do the complete hunt and then when I'm finished, I go home and unpack all 200-400 items, one at a time. I try them on and if I like what I see...I go back to the store to shop more. If I don't like your item because it's poorly made, I probably won't be back to shop. There have been times where I "kinda" liked the item but it was so well made, I had to go and see what else they made.

We've also been seeing a lot of cases of gifts only going out to your groups, which is fine on the one hand, but on the other, I've seen a lot of people charging to join their group! I am only one freebie blogger....there are many of us. When we come to your store and blog your item, we are giving you free advertising. When you make our readers pay to join your group to get your freebie, then the freebie is no longer free and our group room is severely limited. I don't know about the other bloggers, but I have 125 consistent readers....that's 125 people I'm sending to your store, each and every day. Make them pay to join a group....and they may not join, and further, they may not even shop there.

A point to the skin designers. Do you think it would be too difficult for you to include a notecard giving us the RGB values that you used on your skins? With 5 pairs of Baby Monkeys, 4 pairs of Moodys, and 4 pairs of J's, and at least 5 skins I bounce between....I'm going freaking nuts trying to keep up! ;)

Lastly, some of you are great about letting us know when you put a new freebie out and some of you...not so good. While we know you're busy, we don't all have the time to just hop store to store looking for a freebie (although, when I first started VF, that's exactly what I did!). If you're an active reader of this blog, and you put out a new freebie, let us know! We're here to help YOU as well as our readership...so help us help you!

Some helpful ways of letting us know:

1. Drop a folder on me called "For the blog". Include a notecard telling me about your freebie and a landmark. I get folders occasionally, but no comments or anything else. I don't know if I'm getting a group gift or a review folder, and sometimes things get overlooked. If you label it "For the blog", then I'll know.

2. If you release a new freebie each and every Friday, drop me a notecard and tell me that, along with your lm. One of us will make a point of getting over there, or alternatively, stand right in front of your freebie, make a slurl, and paste that in a notecard, along with a description and full perm picture of your freebie, and drop it on me, which will save us an immense amount of time.

That's it. Hope ya'll still love us after reading this, but it was just some stuff I needed to get off my chest ;)



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