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Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's too early for Thanksgiving! freebies

My family is doing their Thanksgiving today, so I thought I'd jump out and grab a few freebies for you before I start making devilled eggs ;)

Silk & Satyr has a lovely set of silks as a dollarbie (one for men, one for women), and a very pretty collar in their lucky chair.

Sweet Alice has several skins out for 1L.

At LM Store, you'll find a really cute pair of shorts and top for the ladies and a t-shirt and pants for the men, for free.

Etoile has a free grey shirt and a pink shirt for 1L, and a freebie ring. If you haven't heard of these, you click the ring and get a freebie and a landmark to the next freebie. They're pretty cool, and I'll be setting one up at the Mall at Cherry Park tomorrow. :)

Forever Liliana has a new outfit for 1L called Sparkle Me Pretty in Purple.

Candy over at A Piece of Candy is getting ready to release her new skin line, so she's put a couple of them up for 1L. Be sure to check her loft area....tons of clothing and everything is 1L!

Candy's should keep you pretty busy, so I'll sign off with a picture of an outfit I bought at Candy's for 2L total :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hey folks!

Firstly, I just want to say I am so pleased to be part of the team, I hope I'll do well.

This is my first post, so bear with me while I get the hang of things :-)
Ok, on with the freebies!!

Prado Outfitters has a set of Star Glasses and an Audrey Hepburn Lunchbox in a gift under the tree. If you turn around, behind you there is a free Skully Necklace.

DYN has a hunt set up. There are 8 silver bags hidden all over this large store, each to buy for 0L. Bags 1-4 have a complete outfit for the lasies, and bags 5-8 have another outfit for the men. Have a look at this store as you are hunting, a large selection and some really nice items, Mens clothes here too! They also have a free scarf and a vest on the table by the TP point.

Gurl 6 has a freebie hair called Jinglebelle for Thanksgiving.

Irrisistable has 5 dollarbie outfits on the end wall. Also, everything in the store is 50% off!

[VonD] has a dollarbie jacket and couch for the holidays. Look for the Turkey.

The picture below is of the Denim set from Irrisistable, the Gurl6 hair in Rebel, and the skully necklace from Prado.

Happy shopping!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Freebies and news!

Hi! First, the news....Claire Silverspar will be joining the Freebies team. I have one other person who responded, but haven't talked to you yet, so you should be getting a ton of new freebies all the time! :)

On to the freebies!

At Mai Body Shop, you'll find free nail polish, eyelashes and a lingerie outfit....very nice!

Rha! has given us a free pair of pink leather and lace boots!

At Ruffian, you'll find a ton of bangles and shoes, for only 1L each.

At Sexy Angel, there's a darling pink dress with leggings for 1L.

Leyda Style had written to me and asked to be included in my lucky chair post and I blew it, so please run by there if you get a chance. Not only does she have the lucky chair, but she's got a half wall filled with the cutest dollarbies!

That's it for tonight! Oh...don't forget to vote! :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I need another contributor!

Lorri and I are both impossibly busy, and I find myself falling further behind. If you think that you'd be a good contributor the blog, let me know! Here's what I'm looking for:

1. Someone who could blog at least once per week, and
2. Someone with decent spelling and typing skills.

I'll show you how I find my freebies, and help you get comfortable with using the blog, if you haven't before.

Again, if you think you might be interested, give me a hollar :)



Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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