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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Limited Time & Lots of Goodness!

First things first, the skin shown above is a freebie from Tuli, for a limited time. They are called "After Party,",and are in the store for a very short time, so get there PRONTO!

R!C@Vinyl Cafe - everything in the store 10L til the end of January. Have a look around the sim, there are more free boots at Vixen & free stockings at Vinyl Cafe

.::KS Creations::. has lots on offer. Fashion jewelry, and model pose sets for 5L. Most of the poses used in this blog entry, are from pose sets from this store.

Club Holy Shit has freebies, lucky boards, & cheap men's hair

Ash's Trash - is offering 6 dollarbie outfits on the wall, plus jewelry. Here is a sampling of the cuteness you will find there. All the outfits, are fashioned after pop-star Britney Spears.

The boots shown in the above pic were the latest freebies from Eva! I love, love, love her boots! If you've missed her other freebie releases, you can grab those as well.

Sky Everett Designs has amazing lashes! To die for!

HoH - House of heart has a new freebie release. Yay! for more hair :)

Izumiya has lots of freebies, and very reasonably priced items for guys & gals. I love this cute knitted.set.

SoftTouch Skins has a weekly gift box for 15L, a promo box for 10L & if you are 30 days old or younger, there is a gift box there for you as well.

Extreme Make Over Shapes has a free male & female starter kit to offer for 0L

Elate has freebies for 0L

WEiRD.DESIGNS has an awesome frosted skin.

Flashpoint Fashions has a Tattered & Torn outfit for 1L

Dany French touch has a Candide Dress 1L, and an outfit called Broceliande 1L for guys. This store also has a lucky chair.

Have you been to the Moonlight Requiem Shopping Mall? You must go to Runo Runo ! As you walk through the door, on your right, there is a set of shelves, where everything is FREE! I literally bought the whole store! Even the regularly priced items are only 50L!

Street Dermatology has free skin & Lashes priced at 1L. This store has lots to offer - jewelry, skin, mermaid scales, tats, shoes. Definitely a new favourite. This store is on the same sim as Cyanide - so if you haven't made it to pick up that shape yet ... what are you waiting for??

So, I checked out the Grid Wide Gorean Hunt. If you are curious about Gore, or are active in the lifestyle, I found lots at Gorged downstairs. I found a free bed, bookcase, desk, lots of assorted freebies on the wall, panther hut, silks, drapes, camp fire. If you manage to find the hidden treasure, its this ultra, uber cool, tent!

Chained Heat, another store on the Gorean Hunt route also has assorted freebies & dollarbies.

**:::Ray Skin:::** has a cute poncho, and has skins in the lucky chair worth looking at.

24 Shoo-Shoes
January Advent Calendar gifts, for 0L, stop by every day to pick up yummy goodness and a section of 1L - shoes, (yay for more shoes). The Christmas gifts are still out, so grab them as well.

***StAr PoSeS*** has awesome prezzies!!! 2 pose frame freebies (one on either side of the door); and another in the lucky chair

Sn@tch at the Vegabonds sim has a gift bag, that has jeans and a tank for you. I love that the tank is sexy, and could easily work with a skirt. Check it out.

D*E*C*O has dollarbie earrings & another gift if you join the group.

Grim Bros also on the Vega Bonds sim, has 1L steam punk, dress.

Chikka Design has a sexy outfit - the skirt even as a re-size script, yours for 0L

Spexx has a gift for us, for 1L. Don't forget to check out the lucky chair

That's all I have for now.


Early Saturday Freebies

Good morning! I have to travel later today, so I thought I'd drop a few freebies on you before I go :)

LA Couture is offering a free blue gown for the ladies and a blue sweater for the men.

RuPaul offers a free pair of pumps.

Shapes N Sizes has a dollarbie shape for both men and women.

SkinSane still has dollarbie skins out, a Christmas corset, and some pasties ;)

The DbNR at the Sweet Shoppes location has a silver open heart necklace and earrings (cute!) for 1L.

Dionysia Designs has a silver 1L Celtic Heart belly ring (join the group to get the matching anklet!).

A Piece of Candy has put out some new dollarbie skins called Annie. If you haven't been here, there's an entire wall full of dollarbie clothes and skins.

That's it for now! Have a great day!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Limited Time Freebie Alert!!

I'm not sure how much longer this is going to be up...it was a Christmas gift offered by Sascha's Designs. It's a beautiful champagne colored gown (and POE #357 is here as well). You can see the gown on Sascha's blog. Hurry! :)

Hey folks!!

Hope you all had a rockin holiday season!

I've been busy today searching freebies for you. Enjoy! :-D

Kissable Kitties Designs have simply loads of dollarbies for you. As you land at the Slurl, there are 2 dollarbies and a freebie in front of you on the wall. Turn to the left, and EVERY outfit on that wall has at least one colour for 1L. The only one I didn't find a dolalrbie of was the set of just jeans. The bikini set in the top left has every colour for 1L each. Upstairs, there are another few outfits with dollarbie colours. On top of all the dollarbies, I didn't see a single outfit over 80L normal price, so definitely have a look round, and see - very good prices!

Forbidden Appearance have a male tattoo and a set of female eyes for 1L each upstairs on the table. If you like skins, in this store, they are only 50L each!

Next door at Elizabeth's Store there is a gift bag under the table on the ground floor, and another one upstairs. This place sells very reasonably priced jewelry.

Opposite this store, there is a 10L or less store. Everything here is 10L and under, and upstairs there are a lot of dollarbies and freebies.

Couture Chapeau have a brolly for just 1L. It even opens with an animation to hold above your head when you click it.

Prinny's Prims have a set of 'Andromeda Rose Jewelry' for 0L.

Captain Jack's has a Painted Lady full body tattoo for 1L. Not sure how long this is out for, so make sure you get it while you can! Its in the pic below.

!Mingo! has a free hair and necklace at one location, and a set of skirts and legwarmers at the other location! The skirt in pink is pictured below.

Also in the picture above, is a dollarbie pose from *Essential Soul Studio n Poses* called Thoughts.

Lisa's has a pleated green dress, a red underwear set and a turquoise underwear set. Also, there is a unisex gift here.

Donna Flora has a few different gifts on the table. Also still two gifts under the tree.

Finally, Numen has a few freebies dotted about. There's a free halter shirt here, Sets of Jeans Shorts and Vests for 1L per colour, and a dress called Ruth for 1L per colour too.

Be Back Soon!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Business ...

The holidays are over for the time being, and I finally had some time to get back to the business of collecting freebies. Let's see what I've rounded up.

Lamont's has a gift box for 0L

Splendilicious Skins & shapes
gift bag at the door.

Cyanide - has a free shape. The detail is absolutely beautiful.

ChiChickie - dollarbie hair - unscripted. Examples of the awesome, vibrant colors can be seen above.

Biedermanns free hair - strawberry blonde

VASSNIA - Main Store has a free red bra. Pretty, isn't it!?

ROYAL DESIGNS has free pink boots, sculpted belts, and & pink leather straps

Envy has a freebie box ... check out these boots!

LVS&Co has a cheapie wall. tops are 10L & outfits are 50L. I picked up the dress pictured below, for just 50L

Artisan Designs has a free Castle & free land radio. I've always wanted a castle!

Fashion Earth Sky has a down jacket for men & women in red or white -- free! See above.

:::LiNe::: Main Shop This this store really has it all. Not only can you camp for their fabulous items, (like the novelty chucks) they have lucky chairs, they have furniture, they have ao's, & handbags .. you must go see! Of course they also have gifts - which can be located in the middle of the floor, include hair, and a couple outfits (one of the freebie outfits is pictured above, along with the Redlic hat, with hair, and the Sole Sister dollarbie boots, in oatmeal).

SYSY's Mainstore & Studios the giftbag which you will find at the entry of the main store with some fantastic surprises for 1L, including this off the shoulder black dress, perfect for every occasion.

[kusshon] ltd furniture main shop - has free poetic eyes (limited edition - frozen night)
The regular price on the eyes in this store is 200L, but they are amazingly realistic, and gorgeous! Go grab this freebie!! This is another store with lots to offer, furniture, skins, kamastura beds (woo hoo!)

:=:Ryouta Works:=: has more free shoes for us, and in a fat pack no less! There is also a gadget on the wall that says "next free" ... if you click it, follow the red beacon to the next location that has a freebie - which is ....

Tabby Cat where you can grab up 2 knitted caps, with hair from Redlic, shown above.

Dragon & Rose Furniture Shop
on Lemania's sim as always there are over 100 items hidden all over the sim for 1L. A-hunting we will go ... for champagne bottles!

ALB - Romance Lingerie set (pictured above with the Eartha boots from Sole Sisters) is one of the goodies you will find at this store.

Jodiefied Designs - free bangles. You get 2 sets in the pack. Along with the set above, you also get a set entitled "strawberry & pineapple."

Sole Sisters - I have to thank our Honey for getting me hooked on this store. There are always free or dollarbie boots & shoes in the store. The most expensive pair of footwear in this store, 100L, yep, that's all. Still a great deal for the gorgeous sculpties. If that's still a little much for your budget, listen closely. This location, is also offering free shoes for life! How can you say no to that? They are not dollarbies, they are actual new releases. See the store for more details!

G Sloane Couture - has 4 dollarbie gift bags on the first floor. Her older designs have been marked down, and placed on the upper floor of the store at significantly reduced prices.

That's all for now beauties! Have fun!



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