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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm still alive freebies

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive! I have been getting into my new real life job and I was also super sick last weekend. So here I am now with some freebies for ya!

INDI Designs has their Surprise Puzzle going again. We are now on week two and you can get a black top. If you come back every Saturday you can get a new piece of the puzzle for 1L There is also one for the guys!

Bijou has another great gift for us. Its a cute winter Teddie in three colors. if the URL doesn't take you straight to them, they are in the lingerie section! (see picture below for preview)

Dawn's Designs has a cute Christmas gift as well. It is a lingerie set with boots included! There are also two group gifts and some newbie gifts also! (see picture below for preview)

caLLie cLine has a super cute blue plaid dress for free! called Tarty Party! Beware when you wear it... doesn't come with panties! Also, caLLie is having a blue sale... most of the blue items in the store are 25L or 50L! Enjoy! (see picture below for preview)

Happy Hunting!
Lorri xoxo

Fabulous Freebies!

Hey folks. Hope y'all had a fab Thanksgiving!

Striking Poses has another pose on their dollarbie wall. Kristen Stewart is just 1L.

[SBJ] has a ring for free. The ring will change every day and you will be able to pick up another gemstone colour.

Naughty Ware Designs has a free blue dress.

Redlic has a free short hair. On the other side of the tree there is a pair of eyelashes and a pair of blue leggings. The eyelashes also have the option to have a facelight included.

Alegria Designs has a free colour change ring.

Fae Designs has a pair of Christmas tree earrings in the stocking.

[SRU] has a freebie Skull Skirt in a choice of colours.
.:BASZ:. has 3 gifts under the tree. A set of eyelashes, body oils and nails.

~Maleeka~ has the most beautiful Indian inspired dress. Also, a couple of other freebies nearby, another dress, some silks, a pair of shoes, jewellery and some lovely Mehendi.


Calling all freebie Fashionistas!

Hurry on over to Vinyl Cafe where they are offering up a free pair of "smooch" pumps, and tan half stockings. The pumps have lipstick prints on toe. How cute is that!?

There is also a Halloween left-over, which I grabbed up!

I'll be back later today or tomorrow with more goodies, but I didn't want you to miss out on this! The clock is ticking .... go now!


Saturday Morning Freebies!

Good morning! It's a glorious day in Honey Land...hope your's is terrific as well!

SySy has put out a lovely free gray scarf to keep us warm on those chilly days. In her lucky chair, you'll find a beautiful warm black sweater. Be sure to check out SySy's store...beautiful clothing, reasonable prices!

SkinSane is offering two 1L skins - one called WinterSkin and the other is ChristmasSkin. Lots of gorgeous eyes too for only 10L!

WRONG has started their month long gift giveaway....a different gift under the tree every day, so be sure to stop in daily! There are several gifts under the tree - you have to "feel" each one to find it! There are two trees, you want the one on the right side of the store.

The Pulli-Shop is offering a beautiful pulli sweater and two ice skating dresses for free.

Elate has a 1L wishing well...drop a linden in and get a 3 color package of patterned stockings!

The Clubhouse is offering a 3-pack of polo shirts for the guys for 1L. Little tricky to find so definitely watch for the arrow. For the arrow impaired, exit to your left at the landing point, pass the dead newbie and go to the left, turn right after you pass Sn@tch. No transfer, so you'll have to take your guy with you.

At Waka & Yuki, you can find several freebies, including a nice skin, some jewelry, clothing. Plus, they have several decent hairstyles for 10L and 30L!

Well, I keep crashing, so that's it for today!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Fabulous Friday Finds!

Hi again!

I was out freebie hunting again today and have lots of goodies to tell you about.

By now, I am sure you are getting to know me at least a bit, and have realized that I am a skin fanatic, so of course I have more to share with you today! The skin I am wearing the pic above has gorgeous freckles and make up, and can be found at SPIRIT SKINS. If you prefer dark skin, they have a freebie pack for you as well!

Gridlife has an outfit entitled Sunny Afternoon with dress, straw hat, and slides

Cailyn's Classic Jewelry has a freebie butterfly ring, rubix cube earrings & diamond stud earrings

Blowpop Skins has their Mellie3 skins - jumbo pack for free

Eolande's is offering a free hair accessory

Check out Yome for their gifts.

DelEmma has a free Celestial choker set out.

Coucou! has free shoes for a kimono - to the left there is a free purple tank & a free pose stand.

Punch Drunk Crap has Pearl & Purple Necklace for 1L, Antique Seafoam colored lace dress on the floor for 1L, and Pearl Birds Necklace specially priced at 10L

Lots of goodness to be found at Shabby Chic! Outside the store, there is a Christmas Bazaar with items between 0-5L available at vendors. Inside the store, there is a lucky chair. If you take the escalator to the 3rd floor and there are TONS of freebies up there too.

Loads of yummy goodness at +Brain +Free+udewaaa

*Amacci* has a free face light & a pair of eyes for the taking.

Belleza has more free skins ... one for the guys, and one for the girls

Honey*Soul has a knitted sweater pair, perfect for couples, only 12L

= B! FASHION = has been added to my list of favorite places to shop. I even added this store to my profile pics so i can go back in a couple of days and get more free goodies. Here you will find Lucky chairs, camping, a free body suit, and tank top. Upstairs on the 3rd floor, there is a room with seriously discounted items, and MORE freebies!

Talon Faire has a Thanksgiving Day Gift & belong the Freebie Ring, which you can click for more yummy stuff.

Meu and Ska Shack has gifts by the Christmas tree, and if you walk up to the snowman, type thing and type "/04 oi " and he gives you a present.

/WASABI PILLS/ has eyes called blackout

Elle! Elite Island has dollar/freebie corner upstairs where they are offering a "cheeky denim" set

SOUTHERN COMFORT has bookshelf full of home decor all 0L. (This is one of my favorite places to shop for home decor.)

.::Fashion Bar Peppermint Blue::. has a freebie wall Fri-Sun every week

Kakaue Shoes & Boots has free elegant boots for you, as well as lucky chairs & a Guess and Win game - where I won a welcome mat, and key chain & 2 pairs of vans all in under 5 mins. do you think I was lucky enough to win the necklace I had my eye on? Of course not! LOL

The Wicked Garden has a free cornucopia basket on the stairs, and a stunning silver gown for $1L, scaled diamonds jewelry set, upstairs for 5L, and a camping chair and some other cheapies in this corner

*** Convoitise *** lots of goodies on the counter for guys and girls some a 0L, while others are worth the $1L you have to pay for them.

Ema's has a Snowflake outfit 0L

Ova Hauled has a cute Holiday neko collar on offering.

Liquid Rock Club has free concert tees

C-Morane Creations has fabulous freebies, and camping opportunities

*Sanctum Hair* is a Gorean shopping area, and is offering free hair

LELLI Moda has a free gift on the table, just inside the door and reasonable prices on the the other items in stock as well.

Victoria V- Fashion has a new Short Red Dress 1L

Je t'aime has a free face light,and Thanksgiving gifts, one for him, one for her. At the back of the store don't forget to grab up your free outfit, called Seduction in Lemon. Very lacy, and feminine 0L other colors of this beauty are selling for 799L

* B&T Atelier * has unisex turkey shirt for 0L. They have a little room, with a sign over the door way called bargains, freebies & specials the only dollarbie type item I found in there was actually 5L , for cute ballet flats and stockings.

*K-Design* has freebies on the table include free heels, free rings, and male leather jewelery and more freebies here

Solange! Fashions / The Silk Raven has super gorgeous fur trimmed Christmas silks. Even if silks aren't your thing, these could make a gorgeous addition to your lingerie collection in the form of a strapless bra, and thong panties set.

Imperial Elegance has Chubby Girl AO, Free Casual Girl AO, & a different Free Moon Poses than I showed you yesterday (I'll definitely use that in a demonstration in the future)

Envy has a free gift on the desk

.:RIO:. has set out (and probably still from last month) Trick 'o' Masks - 3 at 1L each

Arrogant Lioness
has free eyebrows

*~ Purple Rose jewelry Fashion ~* has a festive Free Xmas Tree Set and Snowman pin giveaway, as well as their tons of other freebies. Good stuff in their lucky chair too!

From left to right, the outfits pictured above are as follows:
  • White Christmas Silks from Solange
  • Pretty in Silver, from Wicked Garden
  • Lil Punk from C-Morane Creations
  • Tenue Black from ***Convoitise***


If you find freebies that are not featured here, send us a note. I'd be happy to take your pic wearing the item :)

If you see me in world, don't be afraid to say Hi!

Until next time ...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hello, and welcome to another post from Sav's gone mad, freebie hunting! LOL

In the pic above, you will see me standing on my favorite find of the day. (No, it wasn't free but I love it.)

When I freebie hunt, I always look around, the stores and try to find something I like, and buy it if I can afford it. These generous merchants still have bills to pay, whether it be for the shop they are renting, or the sim they own. For me, its a matter of simple etiquette. If I see the shop owner in the store, I like to say hello, as well as thank you for the prezzie! I think for many creators, its the appreciation, and gratitude that keeps them motivated to do more.

*jumps off her soap box* Now, on to the goodies ........

If you look back to the pic, I am wearing the cutest outfit from Fetch In addition to what I have on, you will also find a plaid skirt and corset option in the same pack.

The shoes came in the gift I picked up at 24 Shoo - Shoes & Meghindo's Touch of Sensuality. The beautiful dress, in that pack is equipped with a several decorative brooches to choose from, which are not prim attachments, they are on the jacket layer (ingenious!)

Dani's Fine Fashions has a free tuxedo for the guys, and a free sexy red formal gown for the ladies.

Bejambled Skins is offering up free skin, eyes, and a tank top, as well as sakura twigs for your hair.

Half Baked Outfitters has several freebies, and dollarbies on the 2nd level.

Madison's Creations has 2 free outfits for the ladies; plus medieval outfits, one for the guys, and one for the girls.

DRAMA! Fashion has a free Christmas tee. Oh, and its pink!

Speaking of Christmas, I found the best store full of dollarbies perfect for decorating. .:DbNr:. Furniture and Decore has everything from stockings, Christmas rugs, lights, & garland. They also had adorable Christmas accessories to make you look festive. These items can be purchased separately for 1L each, and include red fur legwarmers, ballet flats, & a scarf.

U&R DOGS has lots of awesomeness in their lucky chair, as well as Jingle Jangle Earrings for 0L, and another pair for 1L

EZURA has a free Thanksgiving dress out until the end of Nov.

EARTHSONG has 2 goodie boxes for 1L - 1 is a free thanksgiving gift, so hurry and get that before its gone!

Gillys Island has some stuff at 1L while others are free.

Where did I get the illuminated moon? I am glad you asked! I picked it up at - ELISA - Poses for Friends I also found changeable double picture frame for free & a cushion. Again, the illuminated moon .... not free, but too cute!

**::: Ray Skin:::** has a shelf with some freebies on, as well as a Love Letter hunt around the store.

If you're up for some SL silliness, you need to stop by RC CLUSTER MAIN STORE
Freebies here include laptop bag, concert animation, bed, living room set; hanky for sickies 0L

Essential Soul Studio 4 poses @1L each

Striking Poses spoils us with 1L poses - there are 8 poses at the rez point, as well as a lucky chair & subscribomatic gift if you choose to join

(o.O)AwesomeSauce(O.o) has changed the gifts under their tree.

Check out ALB Dream Fashion for their goodies.

Tokyo Niji - has free prim nails; their Thanksgiving shawl is still free to grab on the info desk, but not sure for how much longer. There is also a
TRIVIA TREASURE QUEST going on ... the start board is here.

Until next time ...

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of those in the USA, I wish you a very Happy Thankgiving!

To help you get decorated for the Christmas holiday, go here! Tons and tons of free Christmas decorations!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time Limited Freebie!!

[Prado outfitters] has this whole outfit for free! This is for TODAY ONLY so get it while you can! Its in the gift under the tree.

Just a few bits.

>>>Moloko<<< Are offering a full body Snow Tattoo for 1L and a ' Punk Off ' T-shirt on the jacket layer for the guys for free.

Captain Jack's has 2 tattoos - Grendel(Female) and Golum(Male) for 1L each.

[Not Without You] has a free scarf.

*Flashpoint Fashions* has a 'GI Barbie' outfit in camo pink for 1L. There is also a freebie bag by the door containing a cheerleader outfit.

Shameless has a whole row of outfits outside the store for only 1L each. This is also in the Caleta mall which has a LOT of freebies dotted about the place. There are at least 4 dollarbie stores with items from 1L to 10L in them as well as the freebies in the stores themselves. Well worth scouting around for what you can find.

===The Used=== has a gorgeous little black dress with blue detail on the top.

Sassy Couture has a couple of cute pawprint collars.

Angelico has a wall of various free and dollarbie items. I picked up a couple of nice things from this.


Berry Pop has a boat-load of goodies in this freebie pack. Some of the goodies include underwear, swim suits, jeans, even a tattoo.

Chez Gabrielle is offering a cute pair of Christmas Tree Earrings at their main store.

Butterfly Princess has freebie set called Rosebud. This includes a latex top, skirt, stockings and gloves.

Royal Designs has a Christmas tree set out with great dollarbies, including a sexy baby-doll, green boots, and a Christmas skin.

I hit the jackpot at ***Trubble*** today. I went in to pick up the Miss Santa 2008 outfit, and explored the rest of the store. Upstairs I found a 1L wall of goodies, including clothes, gorgeous jewelery, and and a retro handbag. Over in the corner, there is a white sculpty couch with red cushion for 5L

House of Heart has lots of prezzies for us too! I went to pick up this yummy outfit, and came out of there with a loads more. They have a Goodie Corner with Lucky Chairs and past release gifts.

Did you know Adored Clothing has a 1L store? Oh yes they do! Check it out.

Have you been to Body by Eve? They too have a Christmas tree set out with a beautiful red sequence dress for the ladies, and a tat for the guys. Both for 0L. Their generosity does not stop there. You can grab a gift bag for the ladies, and one for the guys too.

Digit Darkes, another one of SL's creme de la creme stores has these divinities for us. A chunky bangle set for 0L, and 2 pairs of gingham maryjanes for 1L per pair.

The mysti-tool, is a staple in my day-to-day SLife. A free version, with limited features can be picked up, as well as a free radar if you don't already have one from Mystical Cookie Designs.

The Glanz & ami store has free hair, and skins displayed. The skins, also come with a shape.

SWeEt ALliCe was a fun stop. Several skins available for 1L each, plus a freebie. These funky skins, have an urban flair.

Macy's Boutique - has 3 gift bags laid out for 0L each. Don't forget to check out the lucky chair.

Chat'Teigne has 6 dollarbies on display, called Santa Neko. These are very cute & fur trimmed, in a variety of colors.

.:\D3R PoseS/:. has a free pose for the ladies. Very sexy indeed.

If you are in to latex and fetish, stop by Kayliwulf. They have a massive display of latex goodness. All for 0L.

While were on the subject of kink, another store, CFW has a free transparent latex suit, and free Viper female skin.

The Fierce Designs Main Store has the coolest Advent Calendar I have ever seen. Starting December 1, you can stop by, and click the date on the calendar, and get the freebie du jour.

Mercury Johin has a gift of art

Tyranny Designs has the cutest "head bunneh" It's a rabbit, with a Santa hat on, who sits upon your head. There are 3 different ones, all attaching to a different point on your body. Fashionable? probably not .. but adorable!

Who says you have you spend mega bucks in SL to achieve a certain look? Here, I am wearing freebie hair from House of Heart, the outfit & boots I picked up at the Adored 1L store, the boots are from as well. The skin, is from SWeEt ALliCe. I spent a grand total of 3L in the above pic.

Until next time ....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Treasures

These beauties I found at M&R Cupcakes, they are located above the door. There are a couple other dresses, and a white vest in the same area, however, if you browse through the store, you will also find a green pair of slouchy boots, and an assortment of other goodies set out for the taking. M&R is moving to a new store this weekend, so hurry and get the freebies before the SLurl expires.

Kissable Kitty Designs
had 2 Christmas outfits for 1L each - one in red, and one in green

The Cassopia sim has lots of stores with freebies. Here is just a sampling of what I found.

Rare Breed is offering a cap, and box of free t-shirts.

Elate has a free tiny top hat, and a box of other goodies for the ladies.

She's So Unusual Shoes has a pair of red Mary Janes for 1L and another box with 2 pairs of shoes, also for 1L

Together Inc. has an adorable blue polka dotted dress

Kitten'z Korner has a Breast Cancer themed Christmas tree out for 1L, while inside the store, you can find free pirate gestures, and sounds & a Glory shirt & frame. Also a cute pair of purple Neko boots - $1L

*HA* has 2 adorable offerings. A black mini dress, and a festive Christmas outfit.

Luxurious World has 2 women's shapes, and one for the guys.

One of my all time favorite stores has a great deal on an outfit. It's called Call Me, and available here, at Emery.

Designs by Chad is offering a free pair of designer jeans, and if you choose to join his group, you can also take home a hot leather outfit, suitable for guys or gals. As well, Chad has a free straw costume skin out, and a free pair of beach sandals.

Spork has a free diamond choker, and a pair of black gloves set out. Absolutely gorgeous! If you browse around the store, you will also find Christmas striped socks, and a couple of gift boxes. Don't forget to look upstairs!

That's all I have for you right now.

Until next time ....


Monday, November 24, 2008

X~Madness & Mayhem~X has a couple of freebies in the corner on the leaf rug. The Thanksgiving Gift on the left is Unisex.

Naughty N Nice has some freebies under the tree for you and one in front of the stage too.

A Piece of Candy has 2 wonderful skins for sale for only 1L each! (both shown below) This store has a wall full of items for only 1L, and these two skins have just been added to it.

.:\D3R PoseS/:. has a freebie women's pose out.

Royal Design has a dollarbie Christmas outfit for the ladies. (shown below)

A&k designs has a free Winter Wonderland Coat, and a wall of 1L items.

*IW* has a wall with freebie items on it. some jewellery, some clothes, a swing...various other items. (both necklaces shown below)

NICE has a Red Tulle dress for 1L

Time Limited Freebie!!

Hey folks,
Just a quick post for the moment to let you know about a time limited freebie available.
Sun Made Fashions has opened a new store and is giving away 2 free bikinis with colour change jewellery (earrings, belly ring, and thumb ring) for TODAY ONLY.

You will land at the main teleport destination. There is a pile of goodies just next to where you land. There is a sign in front of Awesome Designs pointing the way through a little deck area to the right. Head through this and across the road to find the store. Also, just outside the door there is a shopping bag stuffed full of goodies for free. Back at the landing point, there is a Teleporter. Click this to go to a 1L store. I didn't have chance to check this out properly, but might be worth having a look, though it does look like a lot of the stuff is the normal freebie stuff for newbies.

I'll be back soon with a few more goodies for you.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Skins, High Fashion, & Limited Time Offer + more

Let's start your Monday off right with some great freebie shopping!

Here are some more goodies for you! here, I am showcasing a gorgeous skin, I grabbed from one of the Rockberry Lucky Boards. This beauty is called Megan A Natural Freckle. There are 4 Lucky Boards, and a lucky chair at this location. Top Notch skins ladies! Defintely must haves in my book!

I love these outfits I grabbed from Angel's Designs. The first one is called Hayden.

The next ensemble is just as cute, and entitled Knoxx. You may notice a bit of ribbon around the neck of the top. The same great ribbon detail is in the socks!

In this pic, I am wearing another Rockberry skin, Megan Dark Tan which was also a lucky board win. Here's a closer look.

Headed to the beach?
Why not check out this lovely strapless bathing suit at HellKat
It is available in this gorgeous purple, gold, and black & white print for 1L each.

If high fashion is your passion, get over to *OC* (Orage Creations).
Here's a sampling of what you will find.

This gorgeous gown can be found in a gift bag at the rez point of *OC*

The ballet shoes are also from *OC* and on the same table as the gift bags. These are color change and a great deal at 10L. The shoe, and the bow can be colored independently.

In the other gift bag, you will find this gorgeous green satin shirt.

The jeans I am wearing are also from *OC* although they are not free.

Take the winding staircase to the right, and this lovely dress, dubbed Cyan Abyss, can be yours. The ensemble comes complete with hat & ballet shoes.
This is available for a LIMITED TIME, so don't delay!

Check out this new freebie offer from G&N Quality Designs.
A pair of black corduroy's, paired with this Dainty top, which has 2 options, shown below.

This offer can be found midway inside the building. It will be in a juxtaposed area on your right hand side.

There are also some great deals on Christmas decorations.

Until next time.


Stars & Stuff

Hello Freebie Fashionistas.

I'd like to submit for your approval, more goodies I rounded up today.

I am wearing a free skin from Vixen Skins. It's a Caramel Skin tone, called Onyx Gloss. I love the smoldering eyes.

I popped in to Trixxy's Shop, I'd never been there before today, and am thrilled with the new found delights! She has 4 or 5 boxes at the rez point all priced at 1L with an assortment of goodies. These include a studded belt (not pictured here), silver link jewelery set, an army back pack, and if memory serves, there was a box for the guys too.

The Black Stars outfit I am wearing is an absolute steal for 1L. This plenti-pack comes with a bikini option, the bottoms of the bikini, double as the base for the skirt, there are pants, and tank, an adorable cute prim belt, and prim bikini strings.

The pastel colored shoes I am wearing are the Bubble Pearl Heel pumps I picked up at the Gobble Gobble giveaway at Crush Row at the Aoharu store
See my previous post for those details.

Aren't they cute!?

LA Couture has changed their weekly offering. A comfy pair of jeans and a t-bar white tank.

Until next time ...


Holiday Goodness

Hello fellow freebie junkies!

I'd like to introduce myself as a new member of the team.
My name is Savannah Ducatillion, and I look forward to bringing you some fabulous freebies and dollarbies!

Here is what I have for you today.

Here is a picture of me (*smiles, and waves*) wearing the skin from [The oBscene] which I found at the CnS poses Hunt. The hunt has ended, however - CnS does have several freebie poses in their store you should pick up if you like to take pics, or if you are an aspiring model.

Speaking of [The oBscene], they also have freebies in their store at
Crush Row, part of the "Gobble Gobble Giveaway" on the Doll City Sim. (We'll talk more about that in a bit.)

I love, love, love this cute Candy Cane belt! Its decorated with a dainty bow, snowflakes, and holly, and has candy canes hanging from the back of the belt. I love the sack on the side - its a great place for my stash of candy, to satisfy my sweet tooth. This can be picked up at *BCD* along with a candy cane for your mouth, and an 8 pack of Christmas lollies.

Just outside the door, there are also some balloons which can be purchased for $L1. The balloons include more great stuff for your ever expanding inventory - women's shoes, dresses, even neko gear!

The goodies from the Gobble Gobble Giveaway at Crush Row!

These goodies range from 0L-1L depending on the vendor. These are not all that is to be found, so go now, and explore!

Just a warning that the sim was a bit laggy when I was there, but I assure you, these stores are among the best of the best in SL.

Nyla Cheeky is giving away $100L gift certificates for her store The House of Nyla.

Above you will see me in the skins from [The oBscene]. Certainly not something I'd wear on a daily basis, but these are definitely high quality skins, who can say no!?

The t-shirts I am wearing are (perfect for guys, or gals). The white one is from [VonD] and is called Sea Turtle. There is a small turtle on the lower portion of the shirt, and a larger pattern on the back.

The red colored shirt, was in the Turkey from F&C (Fear & Clothing) which also contained the ring chain necklace I am wearing in that picture.

Before I forget, also in the [VonD] turkey there was a couch!
(Claire mentioned this in her post below)

The top I am wearing in the picture above is the gift from Truth - it's the skyline tank in the color Coffee Run. This comes on several layers with a tucked or un-tucked version. In the same turkey there is a chocolate colored Henley, perfect for guys, so drag them with you.

Below you will see me in an absolutely awesome jumper from Sn@tch.

(The boots in the pics below were not free)

Punch Drunk had this lovely offering, complete with fishnet stockings.

Crash Couture spoils us with this little number ... socks included!

Last, but certainly not least is an awesome snowflake ring from Georgiabean Lately (GBL)
(You can also see more of the detail in the tank from Truth

Look for more from me very soon!

Thanks again Honey for this exciting opportunity!


Quickie freebies

Thought I'd get them out to you :)

Prism Haute Couture has a darling winter dress for 0L, and a "buy one get one free" sale going on. Buy an outfit, drop a notecard on Journey with the names of the outfit you bought and the outfit you want, and she'll send it to you!

Here's the freebie dress:

Noodle Animations has a set of 7 free poses. They're in the blue ball by the door.


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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