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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ton o' Stuff!

After receiving that glorious gown I blogged Thursday, I decided to check out Sascha's Designs store. If you love gowns, you really need to be a member!

Wearing your Sascha's group tag entitles you to a WALL of gowns and outfits, for every month of the last year! WOW! If you look around the store, you can also find the following freebies in the store.

Here is a pic and link to the "Smokey Tit" top. It certainly doesn't leave much to the imagination.

You can also find a Free Belt here. Click on the logo to pick it up.

The Feather Top can be picked up as well.

::DarKCatZ::, has added a dollarbie cig to their freebie/dollarbie wall.

Complete with puff of smoke & everything.

One of Lemania's first outfits has been set for retirement.

The outfit includes a chain necklace and chain belt and an uberly sparkly corset style top. This will be available in the Change Room for the next few days.

While you are up there, keep an eye open for this "Cool Cat" attire.

(boots not included)

Lemania and The French Farm Sims are starting a new hunt called "The Oscar Trivia Hunt."

There will be an Oscar Statuette hidden in a store in either The French Farm Sim or the Lemania Sim for 72 hours, you have to find the statuette, answer the trivia question and then you get your reward.

The first store is Glitter, which started yesterday at 6 pm. She has generously given a whole bunch of furniture and a great leather jacket set for men and women.

Here is a sample of the couch in the gifts, from Glitter.

Lemania has also a tribute outfit for the Divine Divas group to honor the life of 80's icon, Farrah Fawcett. The outfit, has been appropriately named "Pretty Woman."

This week Lestat as come up with a sexy mini skirt and top set for the weekly dollarbie at The French Farm.

I'll be truthful, I have been wearing this outfit for 2 days! I absolutely love it! Matching shoes shown here are also available for 200L.

Peppermint Blue has a hot new location with several outfits priced at 1L or less.

For a limited time, you can pick up this special edition dollarbie sporty outfit.

Marlene's has a 1L 4th of July outfit, as well as a tribute outfit to Michael Jackson - also 1L

We'll be back soon with more!


A la mode.

Hello people!
Starlust has opened a new sim, A la mode. A pretty, new shopping sim! To celebrate the opening there are lots of gifts from all those stores on the bridge at A la mode.

AYY - Halter top and shorts [1L]
[Slutcookie&Co] - Retro bow top [1L]
LOOKR - lace top [0L]

*12/4* - candy god tee [1L]

*KCD* - Rainbow necklace & Earrings Set [Gold Included too] [1L]

Kenzie&Co - Dresses Box [come with others clothes too] [1L]

Elate - Lise Dress [0L]

Split Pea - Grey Socks [1L]

~.~RPC~.~ Purse [1L]
[shorts are in the Kenzie&Co Box of Freebies]

thank you to the designers for giving out these items!!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am sure you have all heard by now, today the world has lost the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. In honor of MJ Elle Kirshner, owner of pulling strings pose shop, sent the following message out through her subscribe-o-matic
String Pullers - I'm sure you've all heard that Michael Jackson died of heart failure earlier today - in honor of his music & memory, I have marked all 4 of my MJ poses for $0L sale - please come pick up your copies!

These are great poses for the MJ fan, or anyone for that matter, Ms Kirshner does superb work. Be sure to check out the rest of the store while you are there.

Till next time, Cya on the Flip side.


OMG! Gorgeous Dress Alert!

Sascha Frangilli, of Sascha's Designs, has created this stunningly gorgeous gown for her group members in celebration, and appreciation for reaching 3500 members. If you are not already a group member, you should be. This is an example of the goodness that members receive!

I have displayed the gown here in its full-out glory, but there are so many ways that you can wear this!

Sascha has generously included several skirt options. Have a closer look below.

On the left we have the sleek prim skirt, on the right is the fluffy prim skirt. Below, we have the pants option, and the regular SL skirt.

Congratulations to Sascha on the ever expanding group, and thank you for allowing me to showcase this glorious gown!


Lots O Goodies...

Hey, hey, Folks its me, you favorite random blogger Me, Justice, and today I got some great stuff from Little Britain one Freebie, one Midnight Mania, one Lucky Chair and one Camping..

First up the Freebie, is called Pub Crawl and let me tell you this is right up my alley. It comes with a great shirt, torn jeans, and a beer belt!! I mean who doesn't love a beer belt? The pants are perfect for your favorite pair of boots.

Next up is the Midnight Mania, so when you are in there picking up the freebie, slap the board. Its a nice set of buckled jeans, they're great for when you are wanting that Rockstar look!

In the Lucky Chair there is a rugged out fit to fulfill all your Rambo needs, or if you are trying to win a best in camo contest! Its a whole outfit called Survivor. right down to the knives. No one will want to mess with you. Again the pants are great with those combat boots.

Last but not least is a Camping prize, A tool belt. Its totally cool and will be wearing it often when I go off building, you have to look the part right?

All of the above also comes as female version, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to see me try to pull those off. Also there are a couple more Camping items, Neko Boots with Daggers, Spiked Belt, Spikes Collar, and Spiked Cuffs. So all in all this place is a must see, so get there today after all this stuff is there for a limited time!

Till next time,
Cya on the Flip side.


Weekend Wind-Up!

I went to check out the new Second Spaces store on the Journey sim. They don't have any freebies, but they DO have a 50% off sale to celebrate the new store opening!

I took a look around the sim, and also found that Attitudes Lingerie has some summer freebies.

These are just 2 of the options in the fab. fat pack available to you, containing both bra & panty sets as well as bikinis.

Stop over to *ely* to pick up more freebies. These uber sexy tanks, and shorts. They both come in fat packs!

You can also pick up some free textures for your building needs.

Flirt has a dollarbie on the coffee table.

Donna Flora has some new freebies. I love this summery dress, there is also a vintage hairstyle in the hair section.

Be sure to pop by to pick those up.

[Over our Heads] is a new store, that has some freebies available, as well as some a amazingly priced outfits.

This gorgeous set is the freebie, bangles and shoes included.

The outfits below were both priced at $25L. Shoes included!

Lemania has so many good things this week.

First we have the Go Fly A Kite dress, which is full of glitz, glam and sparkle.

Dancing Queen was a daily dollarbie earlier this week. Its more sparkle & glam, with hot purple shoes!

Pick them both up from the Change Room Area.

The Midnight Mania gift this week, is called Oeillet, and will be available until next Tuesday.

Its a sweet and sexy dress, perfect for any type of event you will be attending this summer.

Lemania is participating in the RFL Hope Hunt, which started on Sunday and runs until July 4th. Lemania has generously donated 2 outfits for the hunt, which are cleverly hidden in roses.

The first rose holds this dress, sassy, yet classy.

The second rose beholds this long iridescent dress the glitters as you twirl.

I had the opportunity to speak with Cale Barbosa, owner of :: Psycho Kat :: Cale has just re-opened his store after more than a 6 month absence and has come back with some clothes this time too.

Stop by the store, and pick up a 3 tone pack of fabulous skins for 1L and a pack of tats called "So scene it hurts", also for 1L.

This should get you started on your weekend shopping.

We'll be back soon with more.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Midweek Freebies.

Hey y'all.

I had to take a bit of an unexpected break from SL but I'm back at last and raring to dig out some fabulous freebies! Unfortunately, since SL decided tonight to crash me every time I teleport or attempt to take a picture, I'm going to have to skip the pics for this post. I'll get it back as soon as I can, so hopefully the next post will be a bit brighter!

Lets get started!

Thalia's fashion has a mini skirt in a gift box for just 10L and upstairs there is a whole wall of lingerie for just 10L. Don't forget to hit the MM boards for a couple of nice items. There are MM boards for both men and women opposite the lingerie sale wall.

Tasha Designs has a summery floral dress and a table full of free gifts here.

Royal Designs has a pack of 6 socks in funny designs

Fetish has a box of bracelets for 1L. Also there is a jet-ski, and a beach blanket with a pose built into it.

Joyful Designs has a 5L hair called Courtney. There is also a free purse in the middle of the floor.

E&R Designs has 4 outfits each for 5L.

Medusa's Joy has a couple of of dollarbies. Layla is in the building with the underwear in it here, and the aqua colour is just 1L. Bella is in the casual and clubbing wear building here and the pink colour is 1L. Downstairs in the same building are some free tattoos representing starsigns - one for each sign.

Owlhouse Designs has a 1L outfit, and there is also a red box here with 3 outfits in it for free.

Badoura Designs has a 1L outfit called Black Rose, and other various dollarbies and freebies. Some of the other freebies have been blogged before, but not all of them.

B&T Atelier have a pair of black leggings with lace detail at the ankle for 10L. If you go into the freebies room here, there is also a pair of lavender leggings for 1L. Behind the board in front of you are two bags, one has a pair of shorts in it, and the other has a t-shirt. This store is moving, so they are having a sale on a lot of items. Have a look around.

Finally, at Striking Poses there is a whole stand of freebie and dollarbie poses.

That's it for now, but I'll be back soon with some more freebies and hopefully I'll be able to give you some pictures!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Kraftika Jewelry on the Le.Look Sim has a dollarbie bracelet.

For a little summer midweek pick-me-up, RFyre is having a treasure hunt at Isle RFyre, Tuesday - Thursday. Raven has scattered pieces of Dalliance in Crimson for Women around the shop.

Each piece is priced 10L, so the entire ensemble will be 50L when you are done. That's a substantial savings off the 600L price!

This is a FANTASTIC opportunity to sample the quality and detail that goes in to RFyre's creations! Raven's designs come with many pieces, allowing you to mix and match your look.

SSUS dropped these summery shoes on the group yesterday.

If you TP over to the store, you will also find 2 gifts set out.

Each prezzie contains a pair of shoes, and t-shirts, one of which is in the pic below.

There is a midnight mania and a sub-o! Picks Rewards are also offered too, so head on over!

RBZ Designs has a 2 pairs of jeans available for 0L. These are samples of a newly released jeans!

Jeans are available in a regular cut and high cut styles, and come in a fabulous rainbow of colors.

Shameless has a bag of freebies.

Tesoro has a pair of delicate, gold and diamond triangle earrings, for 10L.

Wetherby's is offering daily freebies again this week.

These beauties are what's available so far this week. As always, the matching shoes are available for just 20L.

Tuesday morning quickie --- Cool Lashes!

Lashous has some great penguin eyelashes, check these out! They are around for a limited time only.

Aren't these fun!? They are only around for another day or so - they will be retired to make way for new Flag lashes, which will also be freebies.

You can pick these up at the Wren Mall or in the Bad Kitty Clothing Store.

I am off to work. We'll be back soon with more goodies for you!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Sav's 3rd visit to Hair Fair 2009

MAU's & MEJ's has a dollarbie.

In the Bizarre Hair kiosk, there are 3 1L prezzies, Included in the goodies, is this fun can of hairspray, with animation.

(Hair Shown here, is actually from Truth)

Rosy Mood also has a dollarbie at the Hair Fair.

::XS:: has a festive wild styled cut for the upcoming 4th of July, and this sexy patriotic tank.

Sari's has a couple of gifts for us as well.

The "Short & Sweet Dreads", which come in several color choices is the perfect accent to this gorgeous dress.

Magika has 3 freebies.

Battle Angel has some freebies.

There is definitely something for everyone in this pack!

Exile has this cute style. Very professional, and easy to manage.

Hairapy has this pack for us, which includes everything you see here.

Hair, dress, skin & shape. Good deal!

HeadMistress gives us this fun, and funky "do" for those (like me) who can't decide on what color hair they want.

We'll be back with more soon!



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