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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Free tux & gown and more!

I am SO late in posting this one...Danielle, I'm sorry!

Before posting this one, I want to give you some info about it. Danielle Harrop is someone who works as hard on her businesses as I do. One of her businesses is a clothing line which is quite decent and reasonably priced. The best part is, she makes a lot of men's clothing. Please take a look at her items when you pick up your freebies!

She has freebies at two locations.

Designs by Danielle
Adorable April outfit and men's shorts set

Free gown & tux

Free leather!

Hm, I'm noticing a trend....last time, freebie latex...this time, freebie leather ;)

At Damiani Fashion Design, you'll find a pair of hot pink leather pants for the ladies, and a t-shirt for the men. There are also three free gifts - one is four pairs of panties, one contains two pairs of jeans, a belt and a top, and the last is the brand t-shirt, which is a little different than most brand shirts you find.

Damiani carries a lot of really nice looking skins - if you're skin shopping, be sure to check them out!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lotsa Latex Freebies!

You're browsing the events listings and see lots of "Best in Latex" contests. You'd like to try your hand at it, but really, you have nothing to wear. Have no fear, Kayliwulf Kingdoms is here! Kayliwulf offers a generous freebies area with a variety of latex outfits in many colors...and they even include shoes and boots! There's even a freebie for the guys!

As always, take a look around and consider giving the merchant some paid business :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Freebies from a new store

I received a notice today about a new store named Naima and thought I would check it out. While I found most of the prices fairly high for the current SL economy, I did find a section of freebies, including a butterfly top, the obligatory logo shirts and jackets, a free woman's jacket, and "couples sweaters" for those inseparable couples ;)

They do have, for $500 a pair, some of the nicest sculpty boots I've seen in SL yet. And yes, I did buy them. *sigh*


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