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Friday, October 24, 2008

10,000+ Hits!!

Today, Virtual Freebies officially surpassed 10,000 hits! It thrills me beyond belief to see this. It's almost as good as a Rez Day!

So, since I do this all for you - what can I do to make Virtual Freebies even better? I'm open to your comments and criticisms - although praise would be good too! *giggles*


TGIF Freebies!

Been an extremely busy week for me, so sorry for the lack of freebies!

So here's as many as I can get you right now :)

Time limited!!! At Alady, there's a big pumpkin with 42 skins in it, for free!

Prism Couture is offering a cute free outfit called Lily Lace in Coconut.

SySy's has a beautiful dollarbie dress until the 31st.

How can I resist a store called Honey Shop with a sign on the wall that says Welcome Honey? :) Free gifts everywhere at this place!

At Phoenix Rizing Fashions, join the Subscribe-O-Matic and get a free gift. There's a free gift on the table.

Dona Flora is offering a free skin, among other gifts. Look on the pink couch.

ADD Poses has a dollarbie pose out called Neck Nibble.

Glam Couture has a nice catsuit for free - time limited.

Lady Reign Couture has two hot outfits for free. After you get them, turn around and there's another free one to the left of the door, and another one to the right of the door. These are all pretty skimpy ;)

OK, that's all I have time for today. But please look to your right. See the little blue box? Please click that, then click the green box you see, and then go look at a blog lower than Virtual Freebies. Thanks :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Freebie Alert!

Yes, I'm making this an alert because it happens so rarely! I stumbled across a freebie for men! A sweater and a pair of jeans at Exile!

Time Sensitive...

No Freebies here but these are really good deals. I don't have any urls for you because you can use Tuli Asturias's profile. Tuli Owner/designer/creator of Tuli is turning 34 in RL today! So to celebrate 1 item in each of the 9 of her stores listed in her profile pics are marked down to 34L each. Great deal here you will get clothes and skins!!! This sale only lasts through today, so get on it! Search for Tuli Asturias and use her picks to get around!


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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