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Friday, June 19, 2009

hello folks.

Pididdle has a lingerie gift, go grab it, its so pretty! [1L]
The Tail is from Rag-A-Muffin Tails. [1L]

This shades are a freebie from [[Shade Throne]] [0L]

This next lingerie is by Mon Amour . [0L]

The necklace is a freebie from Shine. [0L]
Skin is a group gift from Free Speerit.

Shine has also some other freebies including these two eyes:

This next outfit [jeans and shirt] is from Aurora's lucky chair

Also at Aurora you can find this three 75% off items and it means 1L!

From SD Wears we have this Spring Flower Dress. [0L the green flower.]

This animal print swimsuit is a freebie from Ingenue.

Intrigue Co. have some amazing prices and seriously i fell in love with this store! Check this two dollarbies from this store:

[hoodie in the box]

It also has a midnight mania board and a lucky chair.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Late Night Short & Sweet

WhoNose gives us a coordinating dollarbie at each of the store locations.

Be sure to visit each store to pick up the pieces above.

Head over to the Wren Mall, and check out Lashous. They have a freebie bag set out.

We'll be back soon with more.


a little bit of everything

Hey everybody!

MichaMi is giving a gift [0L] for a !limited time! which is this green swimsuit. You really should get it, the whole collection is 200L each.

The Belle skins are a group gift from V9
Eyes are from Poetic Colors - Endless Summer 0L !Limited time!

From Cupcakes we have this beautiful zebra dress, for 1L at the entrance [the pink balloon that carry more freebies.]
The Cher sandals are from Sole Sisters and cost 1L which come with a HUD to adjust to your skin tone. [there's more dollarbies around the store then you can check out]

And.. these 3 outfits are all from Ibizarre [the 3 bags counting from the left, each 0L]
first bag: beachwear
second bag: long top + white jeans
third bag: Pink snake ouftit

Mirone is giving a subscribe update group gift which is this hair. third picture. [able to change the color and texture of the headband]

Also, at Ibizarre you can find a fatpack nail polish [15 colors] for 0L too.

The dress is from Bijou [0L] available in other colors too.
The cute bag is a a group gift by GGberish

Bijou has 3 more outfits that are free, other colors included too.

At ho wear we have this free ouftit for !limited time!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

YS&YS (Your Skin & Your Shape) is a freebie jackpot!

Lots of jewelry, and a free shape for guys & gals. Check out these gems!

If you join the group,and check the notices, you can also grab the June group gift, shown below.

You can join the group by clicking the sign at the store.

Holli Pocket has another sweet dollarbie.

Holli is also hosting a photo contest, so stop by the shop for details. The OMG Hunt prize # 160 is at this location as well.

Behavior Body has a new montly gift of 9 random poses.

We'll be back soon with more!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Skins, Jewels & dresses, oh ya!

Gauze on the Razor Mall sim, and a 10L bag of skins! 3 skins for girls, and 3 for guys.

Shown above, from left to right:
  • *Illuminati* - female Fae skin - Cream;
  • *Illuminati* - female - China - Traditional Geisha
  • *Illuminati* - female - China - Mash-up

Ommik is on the same sim, and has some goodness!

The set above I was fortunate enough to win from the lucky board. Check out the "Bokeh" set below.

These are the contents of the new dollarbie bag just inside the door!

LacieCakes gave this sweet gift of earring to the DSN subscribers!

The earrings come with a color change hud so you can easily achieve different looks for one low cost.

If you TP over to the store, you can get awesome bangles shown in the first pic, for 1L too!

As a point of interest, there are also Clearance & Bargain sections to the store, as well as camping for product.

Wetherby's has a daily freebie again this week! Here is Monday's freebie. This is available to everyone.

Other day's this week, you will need to be a group member to get the gifts, so join today!

Matching shoes for all outfits are available for sale, at just 2oL per pair.

That's all I have for now. We'll be back with more soon.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lemania & more goodies

Hello again! How are you this beautiful Sunday afternoon? I have been going thru my inventory and realized that I am late at blogging some Lemania news. Let's get started with that.
The retired dollarbie for Friday/Saturday this week, was the "Winter Chill" Since the post is delayed, this can be located up in the change room area until the 19th, possibly the 20th.

This is an elegant blue dress, with longer leggings and despite the name, could be worn year 'round.

Did you know June 12th was Lemania's RL birthday? In celebration, she had added this wild, wacky & fun design in the SL Divine Diva group and the Hippo-Subscribe-o group.

It is still possible to grab it up from the SL Divine Diva group for free and grab it if you aren't already a member of the subscribe-o group.

Saturday brings a new group gift for Lemania's groupies.

This week's gown is a special design named after the Competition which started today. I give you, "Miss French Farm."

Currently, there is a new hunt at the Lemania sim, and French Farm. It's called the "June Bug Hunt."

There are 20 bugs to find at Lemania sim from Lemania Indigo Designs and 6 from Lestat in The French Farm Sim. Here is a peek of what you'll be looking for.

Bug #'s 7 & 8 will give you this vibrantly colored dress, shoes, and necklace appropriately named "LadyB"

June Bugs # 19 & 20 will reward you with this highly detailed duo. The skin is incredible!

I instantly fell in love with this set, called " Daydream Believer." The sexy sunglasses are included in lucky June bug #13.

June Bug 2 & 3 give you this fun, "Bebop" outfit, and shoes.

Remember, this is only a sample of what awaits you! To see the rest of the goodies, go bug hunting!

In true Lemania tradition, when she has a hunt, she also has a Flickr prize. Whenever someone posts a photo of a hunt item in on the group Flickr page, they will receive this dress sent to them automatically by one of our staff, the wonderful, "MagicMirror."

All you need to do, is u
pload a picture wearing any of the hunt items and be sure and label it:
Lemania Indigo June Hunt # (whatever you are wearing).
Within 24 hours, you will receive this stunning gown. Check it out.

What a gorgeous gown!

Devilish Cupcake has several freebies, including a fun Cupcake Costume! There are 2 freebies at the rez point, and if you walk through the door there are 3 more on your left. The store is also having a 50% off sale until the 21st. Tap the subcrib-o, and you can come away with another gift!

~Creations~ gave the Fashion Trend group this lovely jewelry set.

We'll be back soon with more!



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