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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Freebies!

Wow, there's lots of freebies out there, with V-Day coming up, and with all the hunts to have fun with. I managed to track down a few more for you.

Striking Poses has a 1L Katie Holmes pose to add the the collection they have of fabby dollarbies. (shown in my previous post)

*Ravish Designs* has a freebie skin, pair of earrings, and a rocky girl outfit on one side of the doorway, and a choker, another pair of earrings, and a white sport outfit on the other side.

RBZ Designs has this gorgeous corset dress/lingerie for a valentines gift.

Virtuoso Skins have a pair of wings, a pair of blue eyes, and a loved up skin. Also, there are some posters on the wall that you can buy for 0L.

Badoura Designs have the dress I posted previously, but they also have 7 other freebies for you.

Clover have a set of skull and dots underwear in red. They are also having a V-day hunt.

Jacquelines Faashion Mall has a 1L outfit for you in two colours. There is also a dress for just 10L which has options for a long or short skirt.



Limited Time Freebie!

Badoura Designs has a dollarbie dress in copper available. This comes down today, so you'd better be fast!

I'll be back shortly with a few more freebies for you :)

Couple of fast freebies

I've been encouraging designers to contact me when they're putting out new freebies, so here are a couple!

Touche' has a darling berry colored dress out for 1L. Her stuff mixes and matches well, so these are great finds, and she still has her "Tutu Much" dollarbie out as well. I wore the corset with a black skirt yesterday...darling!

Legends of China has a gorgeous couple cuddle couch free. Upstairs are several traditional oriental gowns priced from 10L to 100L.

More later!


The Hunts

How are you doing on the hunts? Be sure to check the forum for clues on the hard to find ones, or add your own clues to help the rest of us!

I'm working on the Vain Kiss Hunt right now, and will update my post through the day.

Happy Hunting!


Friday, February 6, 2009


Lemania has an important message for all of us ....

"Beginning with National Wear Red Day—Friday, February 6, 2009—millions will help spread the critical message that "Heart Disease Doesn't Care What You Wear–It's the #1 Killer of Women." Everyone can participate in the national movement by wearing their favorite red dress, shirt, tie, or Red Dress Pin.

For free information and resources to help you and your community celebrate National Wear Red Day, visit the National Wear Red Day tool kit.



You can pick up this
LIMITED EDITION for 24 HOURS ONLY, at the remarkably low price of 1L. This set comes complete with shoes, and a prim heart.


Because this is an important issue and will raise awareness of the #1 Killer of Women today!


Mother's, daughters, grandmothers, you need to take care of yourself, so you can continue to care for those around you.

Thank you once again Lemania, Summer, and the rest of the gang for bringing us this stunning, shimmering sequence laden G-L-A-M dress. More importantly, thank you for doing your part in raising awareness of this deadly disease.

Weekend Kick Off ...

Lovelies, it looks like we'll have a busy weekend ahead with all of these Valentine hunts and available freebies .... Get Ready! Get Set! Go!

In the picture at the top of the blog, you will see the gorgeous freckled skin (natural) from Rockberry's Kissed Hunt gift, paired with the 5L hair (in a fat pack!) at Battle Angel. I almost look sweet, and innocent.

*juelles* SPECIAL VALENTINES HUNT . You will be looking for 6 hearts, that look like this ...

.... filled with goodies like this ....

They will only be out this week, so hurry on down. I believe there were 2 hearts on each of the levels of the store, in some very tricky hiding places! Good Luck!

SD Wears has 3-1L gifts for us inside their store. As well as a gift bag directly under the update group join sign. This store, has stuff for guys & gals! (Yay for more guy stuff!!) What's really cool about the contents of the gift bag ... there is a copyable 75L gift certificate for you to give to your friends, or new players you may come across in your travels. Check it out! Complete instructions on how to do this, are inside the bag.

Prism on the same sim, had a box, labeled Christmas Gift for 0L

Pop Art has a freebie box in the back corner

***Convoitise*** has several gifts on the counter, I am sure we've mentioned these previously - they have added a gorgeous dress to their line up, its a mere 15L, and is perfect for just about anything you'll be doing in SL.

NB Look has a free skin

Pixel Dust has free hair & subscrib-o gift when you join.

Pulling Strings, in the H&S Village has added a fun pose the to the lucky chair. If you are looking for fun photo poses, and furniture animations, this is THE place to shop! This particular pose is also transferable, so you can give it as a gift.

If you need something specific, talk to Elle Kirshner, I know she will take good care of you - especially if you mention my name.

OJ also in the H&S Village, as a free bag in the window for 0L. Inside you will find this adorable set of leg warmers. Notice the precious bear charm? On the other leg, there is a heart. Soooo very cute!

Silk Dreams has a free sexy walk ao, Elemental's Capri set, and other freebies on the upper level.

Unique Jewel still has January's Freebie available.

Ema's main store has the Red Cherry Crush outfit for 9L. Pretty good deal huh?! I love the run in the stockings.

I believe she will be changing up here freebie tomorrow as well, so be sure to check it out.

Ova Hauled is on the same sim as Ema's, and is offering KittyLeg Warmers for 1L, and the Heart Breaker outfit also for 1L. Tap that subscribo!

Courtisane Sculpted Footwear has, you guess it, free shoes!

Rocket Frogz shoes & skins has chameleon Cupid 1L valentines special pumps

What a terrific savings. I noticed shoes in the store regularly priced at 300L

FireGOOD!!! has VAIN Hunt Prize # 175, which is this cool globe. You actually wear it, and the whole thing hovers up & down slightly.

Panda Eyes has a cute "black Magic dress" for us. Other items in the store are EXTREMELY affordable!

Upstairs, you will find Men's tuxedo, and shoes priced at 1L & in the middle of the shoe carousel, a box with free ladies tops.

Dark Eternity is a HUGE castle, with an enormous selection of clothes. At the link I provided, there are freebie "midnight" masks. Which are perfect for masquerades, or even the upcoming Mardi Gras Feb. 24th . There is also a 10L table with assorted items for all your gothic/vampire needs. On the same table you will find gift boxes for men and women.

Gothic Twist
has a gift bag available just inside the door at your feet.

Glam Couture has a Valentine outfit for us as well. I love the tied shirt! Check it out.

CnS Poses now known as CnS e-motion has 3 couples poses -at 1L each at the rez point. If you go inside & upstairs you will find loads of freebies up there as well

I'll be back with more soon!


Vain, Inc.'s Grid Wide "Kiss" Hunt

Taken (almost) directly from Vain's notecard:

This hunt starts at 12:00 PM (Noon) SLT today and lasts for 2 weeks. Here is the landmark to the start location.

The "Kiss 1" location landmarked above is the start of the hunt. Locate and buy the "Kiss 1".You will receive your gift and LM to "Kiss 2" location. Repeat the same steps at "Kiss 2" location. Continue until you reach the Kiss that contains a notecard called "The End".You now have all the Kisses.

It is best to start from "Kiss 1" or you might miss out on some gifts.The hunt will last 2 weeks so you will have plenty of time to hunt them all down.It is a great way to have fun.

Please be nice to designers, fellow hunters, and people around you. FEEL THE LOVE!!!

Note: It might look like there is 2 kisses at each location but one kiss will be the starter kiss that brings you back to the start of the hunt. You are looking for the kiss that is numbered.

Example of starter kiss: Grid Wide "Kissed" Hunt Starter KissExample of actual hunt kiss: Kiss 160. ~Tea Lane~

Please do not IM designers begging for the location of their Kiss!

Have fun!!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Greatest Love Grid Wide Hunt

Starting Saturday, February 7th and running through the 28th, the GREATEST LOVE HUNT, presented by Katlene Niven Agency will be sure to keep us busy. With the generous contributions of KatKreations, and Callie Cline and the rest of the fabulous shop owners that made this all possible this hunt is sure to offer something for everyone.

We were lucky enough to receive, in advance, some starting points to the hunt, so be sure to book mark this post for quick reference.

  1. KatKreation By Katlene Niven
  2. Pema In Pieces
  3. #51 Annuarisu Fashion Confectionery
  4. Couture Chapeau
  5. Prism
  6. Callie Cline
  7. Sugar Mills
  8. Sweet Sensations Home Furnishings

For more information on the hunt, you can check out the following links as well:

Be sure to say a prayer for these angels, as none of this would be possible without them:

Katlene Niven
Pema Bosatsu
AnneAlyce Maertens
Chigadee London
Monroncie Pontecorvo

If you see these people, or the store owners around while you are out hunting. In the spirit of the hunt, please be sure to say thanks and show them some love! Without their passion for creation and kind hearts, and the endless hours that it take to create, and organize such an enormous event, we would not be the fortunate, and might I add well dressed freebie hunters that we are.

Happy Hunting!


The Lemania Hunt is well underway, here is a sample of the items that are in store for you!

This cherry-ful dress (box 44 of 50), is perfectly offset with the shoes (box 43) and handbag (box 45)also available. Here is a close up of the loveliness. The dress also comes with sculpted cherries emitter pin that would compliment any outfit.

I've never been one to carry a bag in SL, but this delight makes it very tempting!

This set of gold silks, can be found in box #42, and has been fondly named Gold Coins is absolutely stunning, and comes complete with the shoes, belly rings, and a gold coins bangle.

What a lovely Valentines Gift for your kajira.

I absolutely adore this dress. Its a classic beauty! The color is so vibrant, and reminiscent of spring time tulips, that I won't get get see for another couple of months at least.

"Orange Crush," can be found in box # 41

Box # 36 contains this beauty. "Silver Love" Another classic styled dress and the matching shoes, perfect for a garden party or wedding reception.

Just a reminder, the hunt is on until February 28th, and starts here.



Drama Update & Hunts

I'm still not mentioning any names in this post, but wanted to give you an update as to the skin drama the other night.

The owner of the freebie place contacted me last night. He was very pleasant, and apologized to me. He said he was just kind of freaked out by all that had occurred. He also said that he had apologized to the creator's partner. I haven't not spoken with the partner to confirm this.

Just an FYI.


Wanted to remind you of two gridwide hunts coming up. The Vain "Kiss" Hunt begins tomorrow and runs through February 20. The "Greatest Love" Hunt begins Saturday and runs through February 28. Both will have 200+ participating vendors (including many of my favorites!!) so spend the day cleaning your inventory to prepare for the increase! ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fast Wednesday Freebies

Let's see how many I can get out for you in the next 40 minutes :)

Akina Estate has a dollarbie period gown called Eden that's very pretty. Of course, everything in this store is so inexpensive, you could buy the entire store for less than one outfit at some of the more well-known stores ;)

Inara's Fantasy Gowns has some gorgeous new dollarbie gowns out. I saw three of her new gowns and let me tell you....they're beautiful. If you love gowns, be sure to look around Inara's store. She has the cutest campers too...they're sewing machines. Sit for the specified time and receive a gown.

Until 1pm today, FineSmith Jewelry has a really nice men's dollarbie ring which is transferrable! There is also a wall of dollarbie jewelry for Valentine's Day.

Eep, have other business I have to attend to now, so that's it for this morning!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ah....what do you have to do to get them to understand??

So, I'm standing at a freebie store today, and the owner has 5 skins which I know to have been AR'd twice as stolen skins from Laqroki.

I explain to the owner since he's making nothing on the skins anyway, he should remove them because they are stolen content and he's giving away stolen goods. He doesn't see it that way, and refuses to take them down. Doesn't remember how he came upon the skins. Doesn't make anything. Has no investment in them at all....but refuses to take down stolen content.

I call for reinforcements and AR's are being filed as we speak. Now, I'm really, really torn - do I give you the name of this store that doesn't support content creators, and have you possibly go running to grab freebies, or do I not?

Tough decision. You want to know? IM me.

Havi's Tuesday Morning Finds

How cool is this find? Fabulous Fashion TV has a studio you can visit and designer's gifts on the counter!

Badouri has 0L and 1L outfits at the counter.

Phizz has a 0L gift of the week. The whole mall has freebies everywhere so walk around and get some goodies!

Sunland has everything you could ever imagine for free. My guy found this place, by the way! "I don't know why anyone would ever buy anything, you could get it all here for free!" is a direct quote! Thanks, baby!

Sexy Angel has a nice black 1L outfit near the ropes. Annoying fairy here too.

Ora Trei has many freebies, dollarbies, and extremely reduced items, as well as a pair of HoneyBear's Gold Weave pumps for 1L.

Musgo has some cute sandals for 0L and a bouquet of flowers for 0L on the table.

Noon has two animations for 0L- made ME blush.

G. Sloane has quite a few 1L gift bags in the front of the store right after you walk in.

Alatiel has a carnival outfit for 1L. Only caveat to this cool store is the fairy who follows you around. Rather disconcerting. Just wanna swat at her, you know?

Retro 0L and 1L at Ivalde! For the glam hollywood starlet in us all!

0L and 5L Indian style dress and bangles at LeLook. I just put this dress on and it is hawt! Love that mall!

Everglow has gift boxes with tatoos and a shape 'round the store.

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning Freebies

Bliss Couture is offering a pretty fuschia gown for 0L for Valentine's Day. This is a time limited offer so hurry over! She's also got a lot of stuff marked 50%-70% off as well.

Snooky's Poses has a couple of couples pose sets for us for 1L.

Silk Garden has a set of silks for us. The ad reads: Delicious strawberry pink full prim silks, scripted to strip and decorated with discreet cute little hearts, a gift for you and your sweetheart! 1L.

My friend Potnia, of Ora Trei Designs, is having a grand opening today from 5-8pm SLT. Come by and see her new designs and grab some freebies while you're there, including a pair of my Gold Weave Pumps.

ADDED: RBZ Designs has a gorgeous black/red corset for us for free!

That's it...just a couple of nice quickies to start your day! :)


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Shopping

I started out this morning, looking for a couple of freebies to post for you. Notices kept piling in, and I kept teleporting. I really love doing this blog, I get to see lots of shops, revisit some favorites often, and most of all, report my finds back to you.

I popped over to BishWear, I haven't been there in awhile. I came out with this freebie hair, called Avarice! (Yay more hair!)

I've been debating changing my hair color to black, what do you think??

If you've been following for awhile, you know my love of shoes, and boots alike. Eva, has not let us down this Valentine's Day. She has released another edition of her ankle boots, entitled "hot lips" (Yay, more boots!). These boots are only free for a week, then they go up to 99L.

Along with the limited time freebie, she also has regular priced releases of these must-haves, in a Cream PVC and Chinese Red Fabric.

Fishy Strawberry Main store has leggings & tee for V-day for 2L. The leggings come boxed up in a pink heart, and include a black bow, and 2 differently colored hanging pearl hearts on each ankle. The tee comes smeared in lipstick, with a heart-in-target logo on the front left breast and a "Heartagram" on the back. It is neatly packaged in a blue heart - both, are non transferable.

Fashionity is offering Valentine stockings which you can tint to match your outfit for 0L

Hat Pins has many offers for all your chapeau needs, including this Valentine appropriate top hat, complete with heart emitter. This can be found at the rez-point, at your feet, and can be yours for a mere 5L

There are also dollarbies in the window, and just inside the door, including this "poor boy" hat, with skulls.

CLOVER on the Rumpus sim, has these boots on offer:

and you can grab these boots, on the same sim, at Mackenzie's Boutique for 5L

You can also find sculpted calf boots for 5L, hat/scarf/leg warmer sets for 1L in several color choices.

Just across the way, you will Lorene's shop, she has several items in her 2 stores for 0L & 1L, including a couple of fairy posters.

If you go over to Angelico B Designs, you can find some lovely pottery for your home, priced at 1L per piece.

In the back of that store there are some shoes & you can still grab the Emerald Rain outfit for 1L.

If you fancy a cuddle with your special someone, check out this chair, also at Anglico B's.

Ticky Tacky has cute Sugar Rush earrings, which are like the candy valentine hearts with the messages - ultra precious. There are also some as well as some "disco ball" earrings, bangles
lucky chair & a subscribe-o-matic (oh ya!) If you click on it to join, don't forget to check the past notices!!

LBS Designs has a free camouflage outfit.

Kat Kreation by Katlene Niven has a RosaLace dress 1L & and this Angel dress for 1L.

Check out the notice at this store for the Grid wide hunt Feb 7-28th

Withered Angel Jewelry has a Choker for 1L & a Diamond & Gold necklace just inside the door, also for 1L.

Jan's Lifestyle living has a wooden Hall table for 0L.

*Pretty Lady* has a free dress on the counter called Michelle for 0L

Haven Designs has put new silks in the lucky chair. They also have a scribo.

Angelwing Fashion has changed the freebie at the main store this week, its an older black long sort of Gothic dress, very lacy, and the skirt flows well. This can be found in the back with the lucky chairs & freebie pyramid.

There is a short version of the skirt as well. Pretty isn't it!?

Holli Pocket has cute tops just inside the door for 10L

Are you ready for the CUPID ARROW HUNT at Lemania's? There are more than 50 items from Lemania plus over 40 items from the shop keepers. Stay tuned for some of the fabulous finds to be showcased.

That's all I have for you now.


I shouldn't be awake freebies!

You know what happens when I go to sleep too early? Yep, I wake up in the middle of the night, so how about a couple of freebies?

You'll find a ruby heart poofer at Pixeldust Princess for 1L.

Touche' has a cute little dress for 1L. Some cute items here, be sure to look around.

At DCNY, you'll find a great little black dress with two different skirts for 1L.

LA Couture has a Tiffany diamond necklace for 0L on the second floor of the store.

OK, that's it....I'm going back to bed now!


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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