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Saturday, May 2, 2009


My new blog, Virtual Fashionita!

The intent behind the Virtual Fashionista is to showcase clothing and designers that I really like. Yeah, I know we need another review blog like a hole in the head, but...what the heck, I'm doing it anyway :)

I hope you'll add Virtual Fashionista to your blogrolls and check in occasionally! And yes, Virtual Freebies will continue to exist ;)


Friday, May 1, 2009

One for the Guys!

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of no wealth and taste, Ive been around for a long, long year. I am Justice and I have been given a chance to give updates on the Male side of the freebie universe. Granted its not as plentiful but I promise to do my best to bring what I can into the spotlight.

~First up is the third part of the Indi Designs Parker Puzzle, Its a nice short sleeve V neck shirt

For those of you you are not familiar on how this works:
Every week (on Saturdays) there will be another part of the outfit available for L$1. The current part is shown on the picture. Only the part of the current week is available. Previous parts aren't available. The freebie puzzle for men is located on the first floor.To receive the parts of the outfits please touch the picture. The whole outfit includes 6 parts this time. If you miss one part, you will get the chance to buy it for 5 L$ for each part in the last week.
Now I missed the first 2 weeks , I know what a way to make an impression, So i will have to wait till the last week to pick those up.

~Next up is the Monthly Freebie at Vitamen the April one is out as of right now, I'll post back when the May one is out.. What Guy can't use more underwear.

~Here we got two free T-shirts, One logo and One plain slate from Momentum

~ Last but not least is a complete outfit called can i play with madness from Little Britain

Well that's all I have for now. See you all on the flip side

There is a lot going on at Lemania this weekend! First of all, the retiring dollarbie tradition continues with today's outfit called "Lemonaid". This will be available until 9am slt on Saturday, then gone for good.

Lemania & the gang (welcome back Tapika! I missed you <3) and the generous vendors on the sims are also celebrating May Day with a weekend type hunt. Find the poles, which look like this:

I am told the Frog King can help you locate the May Pole at Lemania's Castle. The gift there, is this May Day Barbie dress, complete with shoes, and stockings.

Over on the French Farm, the May Pole contains a lovely dress called May I and can be found here.

If you have missed the other recent dollarbies, and freebies, look around. Many are still available.

Have you joined the Baiastice group yet? This outfit was sent through to Group members today, bangle, and shoes included!

FYI, this was the 2nd gift in a week that the members received.

Just a reminder that in order to join the group, you need to send Sissy Pessoa a note card, letting her know what you are interested in joining. She will then send you an invitation to join.

CnS emotion & Shit Luck (which had to change its name to Luck Inc.) have a collaboration project, in the form of a sim, which they have cleverly named "luck e-motion" You will also find 3 other main stores here as well - Urban Outfitters, OSU! & Hermony.

The opening sim party kicked off at 11am slt today, and there are prezzies!! (Yay!!)

*UB* (Urban Outfitters) opening gift.

OSU! free gestures

There is a secret sale at CnS, where you have to find the 8 random poses for just 10L each. These poses are copy & mod! (WOW!) They still have the Dollarbie section, which can be found here.

Luck Inc (we'll call it Linc from now on) also has a secret sale/hunt. There are 10 random items price at 10L each, and with no hints, you just have to look around for them! Of course, there is a freebie for you as well!

Shameless Caletta has LIMITED TIME 10L outfits ...

These offers are usually for 24 hours only, but no guarantees -- hurry over!!

Cheap Love Song has a 20L sale on !! You seriously have to check out this sale, take your guy with you, there is stuff for him too!! We're talking about tops, shorts, capris .... oh and People, I picked up a sky-box, and furniture (sexy party ready!) for 20L!

There are dollarbies (show above) as well, so have a look around!

Brimstone Creations has a freebie of the week for guys & gals. Stop by, check it out. The shoe collection at this store is definitely one of a kind!

Mon Amour has a free lingerie set called Sweetheart, and it looks to be a Valentine leftover, but still, so pretty!

Just across the way, Teeny Bikini, has a freebie bathing suit for you as well.

This Princess Satin Floral dress, can be yours for 0L at the Modd G Main store.

And my last tidbit for tonight, Tropical Escape is having a SIM WIDE secret sale until May 3rd!! Skins, clothing, poses, shapes, hair and jewelry ... Go get it! Participating shops include:

  • HoH - House of Heart
  • BWH - Bewitched Hair
  • Body Doubles
  • Blacklace
  • [LAP]
  • Tuli
  • Haute Style & Co.
  • Zaara
  • EarthStones
  • TeaLane

Stay tuned for goodness from the Discovery Grid Wide hunt that started today! There are 4 starting points, but you can join anywhere along the hunt, as the very last prize, will provide you the LM to the first point again in case you missed it.

We'll be back soon with more!!


Morning Quickie!

Glitterati poses has been releasing freebies all week in celebration of Katey Coppola's RL birthday. You can grab them all up now!

Some of the freebies include a light orb and/or a face animator.

I am not sure how long they are staying out, so hurry over!!

I'll be back with more later!!


Thursday, April 30, 2009

A mini hunt!

Inga Wind of *IW* just let me know that she's having a mini hunt! If you read this blog, you know I love Inga's stuff, and "Cinderella in Blue" is no exception! You'll look for 9 acorns. In each acorn is a piece of the dress shown below.

The pieces are:
  • top
  • glitch pants
  • gloves
  • right shoe
  • left shoe
  • shoebase
  • SC straps
  • skirt
  • Flower for hair

Inga will also be releasing (for sale) Cinderella in red, black and white, at the time of the hunt.

Happy Hunting!



I wanted to let you know that we've brought a couple of more bloggers on board, and we're getting them ready to bring more freebies to you! Emm and Justice are the new bloggers, and Justice will be focused primarily on men's freebies.

Just a heads-up that the SL Discovery Hunt will begin tonight at midnight. This is the largest hunt to date, with the last count of stores being over 500! There are several starting points, and I'll list a few here:

#001: Aud-Mart Gestures

#050: Cilian'gel

#100: Repose Furnishings

#150: Steel and Ink

It doesn't matter where you start - it's a circular hunt, and the last point will direct you back to the first point.

More information on the hunt and its participants can be found at http://www.sldiscovery.com/. For questions or comments related to this hunt, please contact the organizers - Audra Siemens, Jenneh Thursday or Ikonn Giano in world (preferably by note card).

Hunting is scheduled to end June 30 to give hunters the opportunity to visit all of the fantastic locations on the trail.



Thurdays Freebies

Truth Hair has some free hair. I've probably blogged about these before, but while you're there, check out the hot new hair releases!

(This style is called Amy Jane, and comes in this luscious burgundy color.)

Sole Sisters has new dollarbie sandals! Named after sex columnist "Carrie" from the Sex in the City fame.

Diamond Dolls Club & Shopping Mall is having a Grand Opening Event. Many of the fine merchants have put out freebies/dollarbies in the form of a hunt. Look around, and search for the diamonds.

Badoura Designs, has a limited time dollarbie dress called "Night." As usual, you can find it under the stairs.

(Shown here with Deanne hair, a freebie from Truth)

Prism Haute Couture has a new outfit called Flutter by Journey, and it comes with sandals for 1L.

Happy Thursday!


Sin & Secrets has a free pose for us. Check the four corners of the stores and be sure you haven't missed one of their dollarbies.

RBZ Designs has a red gown called "Clarissa" out for us. Sorry, you'll have to look around the store for this one...storms over my house are making teleporting very difficult!

That's all I have time for this morning!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ok...better late than never :)

It took a little longer than I expected, but all the feelings I expressed here, still hold true. I'm grateful beyond belief. This blog has helped me meet a lot of really awesome people, and it's a lot of fun to run around the grid and have people stop me and say, "Honey, I read Virtual Freebies all the time!" So, thank you again.

And yes, I still need your help! *smiles*

I know....I'm shameless ;)



NLimbo is celebrating their relocation opening on the ICON Lifestyle sim. There is a gift for the ladies as well! Be sure to stop by!

*OC* Orage Creations has a scarf on the table with the other freebies just inside the door.

*Sheer* has THE absolute best stockings I've seen on the grid!! Stop by to have a look for yourself.

There are freebies available, as well as a few dresses which are very reasonably priced for the quality! ** Thanks Carley for telling me about this store! **

The Blue Pearl has released dollarbie necklaces. Yup! 5 of them! There are several items regularly prices at just 5L.

Glitterati poses has freebies out everyday this week in celebration of Katey's RL birthday! Go check it out!

Holli Pocket has a Princess Toadstool tops for 1L.

Both tops are included in the pack.

*Haute* has a free red lace swim suit & a free dress.

[AV] has just put out a new freebie this week.

Stop by & pick up the Purple Argyle Sweater.

We'll be back soon with more!

Hey Ya'll!

Inizio has free hair, clothes, and poses!

Free gift at Indie Rose! A sweet spring dress!

Super cool 1L guy's outfit at Celebrity Island!

Three new 1L outfits at Sebis.

has a new free gift this week! Lots of leggings!

If you live for tv (as I do!) you will love Etoile's free gift! Two shirts- one called 'Chuy' from the nugget on Chelsea Lately, and one called 'Sylar' from Heroes!

YAY!!! Wetherby's has released their weekly freebie!

Donna Flora is designing shoes! Whoo hoo! Wonder if they will match my new Wetherby's dress? Hmmmm.

Have fun!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Not free....

...but close enough!

Alatiel Fashions has two men's shirts, very nice, for 50L each. They also have a gorgeous Peacock gown for the ladies for only 50L! Hurry and grab these before they come down! If you haven't been there, the April gift is also still out...a cute dress for only 1L!

Alatiel has a lot of men's wear on the second floor, so guys, check it out while your lady is browsing downstairs!

Also, if you love skins, join the Bebae group, and get a sampling of the new Delilah release out of the past group notices. Torie released this yesterday - and yes, I ran right over ;)


Just a quickie from me today ...

kuri style has a fantastic dollarbie section!

The eyes, the dresses, all priced at 1L! There are also a couple of Valentine's dresses not in the picture.

At the front of the store, there is a 10L section with more dresses, and 3-packs of photo poses.

Here you can find 2 dresses, priced at 2L. The one on the lower right hand side, and the other is between the row of 2 & row of 4 dresses.

Hummingbird Designs has a selection of 1L dresses.

Ommick has a sweet gift bag just inside the door.

The bag contains these precious earrings.

..::R.T.D::.. Fashions has a denim freebie out until the end of the month, then it will be switched up for something new! Be sure to check out the midnight mania & lucky chairs as well. There is an adorable fairy tip jar out, please tip if you're so inclined. I am sure Roberta Topaz, the designer would appreciate that.

We'll be back with more soon!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

I need your help!

I am in a photo contest and need your vote! This is not one where you have to pay to vote...just a straight out vote...and you can vote daily until April 30.


TP in, and then walk into the store, turn left at the large lily, and go through the white doorway and turn left again. And my picture can be found on the second page, top row, center.

There is a 1,000L cash prize and a store gift card for winning, but more importantly to me, the photo of the winner will be posted in the Fashionity Flagship Store at SunSet Arts and also on the Fashionity Web Blog, and then forwarded to "World of Fashion" Blog Network.

I would be honored and pleased if you could take just a moment out of your busy days for a week, and vote for me!

LOL...Shay from Shayariel's World is also in the contest with some other bloggers (you know, those "other" bloggers...lol) and has posted about the contest as well, so now it's "Battle of the Bloggers!" I *really* need your help now!!



Bejambled Skins, has a freckled skin for 0L. If you haven't heard, they have a 50L sale on right now as well.

= C & D = has released a casual outfit, and the "Go Casual" BLUE outift is just 5L until sometime (today) 4/26.

Darkerside has a freebie hairstyle, which was made as a tribute to the leading lady Scaramouche in the We Will Rock You the musical!!

Magika has a subscribo, with a gift if you join! You know I so did! You can also buy a fat pack of the discontinued skins for just 10L! Click here!

Sweet! has 2 new freebie t-shirts in store, they can be picked up at the customer service desk.

![Monogrind]! has gifts if you join their group. If Emo/ Neko/Urban/ Punk is your style, you'll want to stop by for the Combat boots & a logo tee! (Thank you Shannon for the tip! *muah*)

Finally! Something for our boys! Fools Fate has a free male shape! Check it out

House of Hucci has some fab deals on jewels, plus a freebie on the front desk.

The set shown here is called Divine Jewelry Set, in red. It comes complete with bangles, earrings and the necklace. I paid a whole 7L for the complete set. Be sure to look around the store, there are other awesome deals too! Cute bangle watches for 5L!

Take notice of the skin I am wearing. It is one of the prizes in the Dutch Touch Skin hunt! They are called OnYx, and are very pretty & feminine skins. The hunt prizes come with purple make up are a Special Editions! Touch the subscribo, and you'll get a treasure map. If you still need help, send me an IM in world. :)

Bitaco has a strawberry tatoo, and a crown necklace for 1L each.

You can pick up a free tricycle at the EDO Japan sim. I am taking this self-powered hemi to the drag strip to race with friends! (hahah)

Have a look around, there are lots of freebie items!

** Update: Thank you to Merrick Thor for letting me know that the tricycle has been moved or removed. ** Sorry if you missed it guys!! :(

We'll be back soon with more.



Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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