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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Shopping!

Hello Sexies!!

I at it again today, out grid hopping in order to bring you some fab blog stuff!

First, I will start off with the landmarks Honey dropped on me this morning.

This exotic jewel dress, was 1L Mother's Day Gift from Nissa Jewel. Its a gorgeous formal gown, in a bright blue, adorned with beautiful gold stitching.

RR Trendline Fashion has put out a Mother's Day gift for us as well ladies. Whether you are a mother or not, this dress is a must have to your wardrobe.

Lemania & the gang have another load of goodies for us today.

Summer has created this ensemble entitled "Barbie's Picnic Basket," as the weekly group gift.

Its cute, its short, and comes complete with shoes & stockings.

Next up, Lemania created this cute outfit called "Fight like a girl." This casual, comical, relaxed set was created as the new RFL fundraiser, and can be purchased for 50L in the castle.

All proceeds from the sales are being donated to the Fight for Breast Cancer. (I love the pink shoes!) Be sure to stop by and pick it up for yourself today.

Today's retiring dollarbie has all the style and sex appeal of the 50's just like it's namesake, Jayne Mansfield.

Jane Mansfield could never be summed up with one look so one dress would never do under her name.

The outfit gifted to us today, can be turned in to 4 different looks wrapped up in one smart package for 1L. As always this is only available until 9am tomorrow.

For a limited time only, DM Designs has some great specials, as well as a new release. 7 pairs of earrings for 10L, a new Picks Reward Gift, and the older studs/dangles earrings to L$ 1 each or 10L for the fat pack of 13 pairs.

The studs/dangles are located at the south entrance of the store on the ground floor. Every clearance jewelry piece has been marked down to $1L .

Stay tuned for more goodness!

Tomorrow I will be showing you some of the goodness from the Keys to the VIP Hunt.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Finally Friday

Lemania has lots of goodies for this fabulous Friday!

First of all, we have the new Midnight Madness dress, which will only be available until Monday morning. It's called Vintage 40's Girly Black.

The retiring daily dollarbie is called Ozdust Ballroom and it's a pretty green gown with an over-sized prim bow at the waist.

It's out now and will retire at about 9 am tomorrow morning! The shoes pictured above, are named April in Paris. They are gray and green tie up shoes...with a slightly Victorian air about them. You can grab them, buy joining The Lemania Indigo Designs group, SL Divine Divas, which has reverted back to being free to join!

These shoes were the group gift from April 29th and by joining, you can also grab the other goodies still in the notice section of the group:

May 3rd - Queen of Tarts Skin - A pretty skin with smokey eyes and raspberry lips

May 6th - Queen of Tarts Shoes

If we go over to the French Farm, they too have a weekly dollarbie.

I love the casual, carefree style to this outfit. The slip on, mule type shoes are also included!

Badoura Designs has a 1L pinstriped dress for 1 week, called Sexy Stripes.

Timmy Prêt-à-Porter has a freebie item, they were generous enough to drop on me today. (Thank you Glasz!) This is called, "Start wearing purple"

I tp'd over to the Zen boardwalk to the store, and also found an item for 10L. Be sure to stop by the store, have a look around. Its a small store, and there are a few select items.

Opium has 10L over the knee boots, in blue, as well as a pair of brown sneakers for the guys, also for 10L.
Upstairs, I found 3 freebies. 2 for the guys, and a Pink Emo outfit for the ladies. All worth the TP!

Thanks to Leinad for all his help and information about his store. While you are there, be sure to have a look at the newly released items, and check back often as Leinad is working on some more shoes! ( Yay for more shoes!)

Symphony Skins released its V3 skins today. OMG, they are supreme! Check out Honey's post on Virtual Fashionista for more info, and pics of these gorgeous skins.

I went to have a look, at the brand new store, with a brand new layout and also found some other goodies for 1L! (Yay for snooping!)

Here you will find a Symphony Zhao "multi-tool" that acts as your AO, as well as a basic hugger, temperature converter, radar, calculator for land prims, and other stuff! You can also get a photo sphere (with pose stand) as well as a pair of jeans, and a sweater.

Here's the fun part .... If you left click the jeans & sweater posters, it will provide a link to a photo shop tutorial, where you can make your own!

Make your way across the room to the make up table, and there is more goodness for you as well!

  • click the bottles of nail polish, you get nailpolish.
  • clicking the makeup brushes will get you a skintone illuminator (facelight)
  • clicking on the eye pencils, and mascara will get you lashes
  • clicking on the lip pencils, and lipstick tubes will get you lipgloss, yes lipgloss!
(or if you click the present, and get everything at once)

Donna Flora added new earrings to her freebie/dollarbie area. Simple, and versatile.

** Limited Time:

Until 2pm, Saturday May 9th, Prim & Pixel is offering a yellow tank (with "nipples") to us at 0L. I love these tanks!

In case you were not aware, fellow freebie blogger Ms. Mairead Fitzgerald (of Fab. Free fame) is the lovely proprietor. Be sure to have a look around, there are many more treasures awaiting you.

Vinyl Cafe has "Wickedly Hardcore Spiked Black Stilettos" 100% FREE! 5 spiked leather straps around the ankles, sculpted prim feet and BLACK TOENAILS! HOT!

These are for 24 hours only, and I am not sure when they went on display, so hurry over!!

Inca Temple has a Bijioux Ring, for 1L.

This is a unisex design, with male and female sizes included.

Its Friday, Guys Night!

I am back once again with another group of freebies, Some new, some updated. First on to the New Stuff,

First is the Reed Hair from Uncleweb Studio there are 3 colors (Black, Blonde & Brown) and each come in 3 sizes. Get there soon as this offer is only good till the end of the month, Oh and Guys take your lady friends, there are free womens hair too!

Next up is a great Heart hoodie from Intrigue Co its their grand opening gift so I can only assume this a limited time offering so get there and get there soon!, Also check out the rest of the store, Nothing is over 50L$ there are some great Sesame Street hoodies in the lucky chair, I sat there for a while but those chairs hate me.

I'm sure you all have heard about the home show by now, if not its a must see! Be sure to stop by the Second Spaces exhibit there is a treasure trove of freebies to decorate your SL home. There is a Sliver Planter with Grass, Gold Pot with Red Flowers, Small pink bouquet, Squares pendent lamp, and a Flower burst rug, The picture does NOT do these items justice..

Last Week I posted a few Freebies, well the same merchants are at it again

Part 4 of the Indi Designs Puzzle is out, its a really nice blue shirt.

The May freebie at Vitamen is out, Its called Wanted, Check it out! Maybe its time to change your underwear?

Little Britain Has moved!! and they have another Great Freebie, its called Horny Devil there is one for the ladies too.. Its a Shirt, Jeans and a Belt

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blogger Appreciation Week!

*laughing* God, I love you designers...you really make my slife interesting :)

Callie Cline posted this on her blog so, I'm reprinting it here. Do with it as you see fit ;)

may 8th is the BEGINNING of the
all week long, let's show our appreciation!!!


so what does that mean? well.... send those who blog you a little sumpthin' and have them NOT blog it.... or maybe let them pick a free outfit out of your shop? these girls & guys work HARD, often at their OWN expense which is fine, cuz they love what they do, but if you appreciate them and what they do how about this...

an im, note, dress, undies, whatever you feel would brighten their WEEK...
Myself...an IM from my designer friends would be a great pleasure. I get so busy that I don't always stop and nuture the friendships I have made, as I should. I really do appreciate you all!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A poll and a hunt

First of all, there's been a lot of discussion around the blogosphere lately about whether or not freebies are hurting the SL economy. So I'm kind of curious....when we put up freebies and you run to get them, do you spend money in the store as well? Please answer honestly, since nobody will know who answered. Thanks.

Now, Inga Wind is doing it again! One hunt isn't good enough for Inga....lol....she wants to give you MORE clothing! She's holding her Petal hunt now. You find a flower petal and inside you find a piece of the outfit. Find all the pieces, and you end up with five of Inga's gorgeous outfits!

Also, the Cinderella acorn hunt is still going as well, so the possibility exists for six outfits! Go! Have fun! ;)

A quick morning freebie

Dinzeo Designs has put out a gorgeous red gown for us!

Dinzeo sells men's clothes (along with women's and furnishings) that are all transferrable, so ladies, if you need to dress that man of yours, come get the free gown and go shopping for him too!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Maya!

Hey Ya'll!!!!!!!!!!

Oasis has a nine piece gift for 1L and a light for 0L at the home expo!

Donna Flora has a new gift- Poison Drop earrings!

RBZ has a most refreshing 0L gift- an orange blossom shirt!

Boom has a 10L 'boom girl' outfit.

Du Papillion has two 1L goodies for us!

Have fun!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Shopping

Lemania's retiring dollarbie today, is this vibrantly colored Sweety & Sassy Stuff outfit. For me, its reminiscent of the 80's, so I thought I'd don my big hair, and wild make up!

As always, this is available for 24 hours only, and will be removed after 9am tomorrow.

Sunflower Poses has set out a new freebie.

Jojo's cuddle Pillows has just released the first of a series of wooden patio furniture. The pieces are Mod so you can add your own sits or purchase coordinating sit poses.

Group members, wear your tag to get your first pieces FREE. They can be found in the red box, next to the group join sign. This is stop # 283 on the SL Discovery Hunt.

Sabbath Gothic Clothing Main Store has a freebie section

Mon amie has free T-shirts & Tank Tops.

Thank you to Nizar for letting us know about the dollarbie at her shop, Supreme Clothing. Check out the outfit I picked up for 2L!

This is a very sexy, and revealing! The bottoms would look great under a short skirt or even shorts. Be sure to check out Nizar's blog at http://4dasupreme.blogspot.com/

That's all I have for now. We'll be back soon with more.


If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I don't like sending you to freebies where you have to join a group...unless it's totally worth it, and ladies, this one is totally worth it!!

This is the May group gift from V-Fashion (formerly VictoriaV). This gorgeous dress can be your's if you join the V-Fashion group. Go here to read the post from V-Fashion and find out how you can get it!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Sunday Fun!

It's a new month, so Ema's has put out its monthly freebie. This month, is Pink Power!

I love Ema's releases! They are multi-pieced, incredibly awesome items.

Lemania has some gorgeous offerings today.

This beauty, is called Run for the Roses, and comes complete with the floppy sun hat, and shoes. This is the weekly group gift.

The retiring dollarbie du jour is called Crystal Snow, and is just simply elegant.

Both can be found in the Gift Area.

dStinct Designs has a freebie section, gifts there include a gazebo! This store is along the hunt trail as well!

Amplify has unisex Vans for just 5L.

Bala Diva has its MM board set at 10! They want to be sure that the quota gets met everyday. Only 70 outfits this week will be given away, so be sure to get over there early!

Capri's has a few freebies, and dollarbies in her store.

Aniri's Boutique has 2 outfits (Mimi & Vidya) specially priced at 10L, as well as a freebie & dollarbie section.

(Shown above is the Vidya)

Vignette has a new retro-styled hair freebie for May. Perfect for the Rockabilly or Vintage Queen is all of us.

Twosome has a dollarbie section as well.

Tasha Designs has a special Springtime outfit for 0L.

You can also find a tube top here along with other freebies.

Angelwing Fashions has a free dress, and is also the stop # 8 in the Discovery Hunt. Be sure to check out the lucky chairs, and the prize pyramid for more goodness.

Members of the Vinyl Cafe Group were treated to some awesomeness today!

Sky boxes, and corsets! These are not your plain old regular, ugly sky boxes. Each sky box is super low prim (under 25 each), and has beautiful ambient lighting and rich hardwood floors. Here's the deal:


At The Main Vinyl Cafe Location:

-the gorgeous 'Taj Mahal' sky box in luxurious shades of greens with an amazing view of that most romantic homage to love, The Taj Mahal. Paired up with this is a sexy corset with a laced back and a green flirty bow on the front.

At the Dominion Sim Location you can get your pretty pixel hands on the romantic 'Rome' sky box in luscious shades of pink with a beautiful view of an ancient bridge, chocolate brown hardwood floors and super stylish textures. This sky box has been paired up with another sexy corset with a laced back, this time with a flirty pink bow on the front.

These are for members only. It does not cost anything to join the group, so do it! LOL

Regular prices on sky boxes are $250L, still not a bad price for home of this quality, and you can't beat the view!

That's it for now.

We'll be back soon, with more!


DCNY freebie leaves soon!

We've posted this before, but this is a gorgeous freebie and I want to be sure you got it before it goes away!

DCNY offers the gorgeous "Kathryn" dress in light green, as shown below. And in the skin section is a free Spring skin and bikini.

They've also got a couple of new releases coming out which, while not free, are definitely worth taking a look at!

First is the Dana vest. Lightly flowered, with various layers, as shown, this is great with jeans (and I just love DCNY's jeans)!

Then, there is the Saleh dress. Available in blue, green, brown, pink, purple and yellow, this dress has delicate detailing and is very feminine.

So run by DCNY and grab the freebies while you still can, and be sure to take a look at all the new releases!


JD Boutique has a dollarbie section that includes a 1L bikini, and 5L lingerie.

MaryJane's Boutique has a subscribo. When you tap it, you get a black vest. They are also participating in the Discovery Hunt (stop # 437).

MPD Designs has some new designs. This is one of the 1L delights that you can pick up.

MPD is also showcasing some awesome jewelry, made my Ken's Family Jewels (I couldn't find a main store for this guy) for only $3L for the entire set.

*SaLsA* has a new dollarbie anchor & vinyl necklaces.

Affection Garden - B&G has a few ladies outfits for 2L & 4L. Some can be found under the stairs in the middle of the store, and the others along the back wall.

Here is a sample of what you get for 2L.

4L gets you an outfit with shoes!

Head on down to the basement at Musgo. There are several freebies on the center table, and along the wall at the bottom of the stairs. Items include jewelry mostly, but there is also a chandelier, and flowers for your home.

That's it for now.

We'll be back soon with more!



Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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