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Friday, August 7, 2009

go get 'em!

Hey everybody!

Mischief has a new awesome subscribe gift, which is this cool tank top and this awesome jeans!
Go get 'em! [0L]

I found a awesome store called Djunk where EVERYTHING is free, from skyboxes to shoes, everything! This are some of the cool things there:

CYBERNETIC has a gift for you guys, this awesome skin! [it comes also with a shape, tan and light skin option]

The dress is a subscribo gift from Narwhal.

Lionskins were originally around 800L each and now they are selling for 10L !!! The skins will be available until 15th August and after it will be discontinued. So go grab em all!!
There are four skin tones, so find your tone and grab all the makeups; Here are my 3 favorites, take a look:

Enjoy it.


Paper.doll is closing temporarily, and is having a BLOW OUT sale! All clothing in the store is 10L, all sale items are 5L! Hair is 25L!! Hair fat-packs are 50L. Skins are only 50L and skin makeup bundles are 150L! The store will be officially closing this coming Monday, August 10th - so the sale will last until then.

The shoes in the above pics, were 5L per pair, the skirt on the right, was also 5L. The oufit on the left was 10L. Great value for your money!

Have a closer look at the skin& hair. OMG! This is nice stuff!!

Kyraz has a 1L tat until Saturday morning, as well as some other dollarbies/freebies which include a box of belts, and some shoes as well as a shape.

TackyStar is having a 50% off sale, and as an added bonus, all the poses she had planned to sell in the future, are in a box upstairs, for free.

We'll be back soon with more!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Slice of Summer hunt!

Hey everybody.

This post will be all about the Slice of Summer hunt! Who does not love hunts like this?!
The SLURLs will only bring you to the store, for hints on the location of the gift you can check the official hunt website.

Watermelons dresses, The Plastik, #003
Watermelon purse, Bare Rose, #002

Summer anklet, necklace,earrings and dress, Twisted and Spoiled, #036
Black cherry tree backpack, Kosh, #114

Juicy sneakers, Paper street soap Co, #109
Vans, Tango New York, #032

Watermelon Shirt, hoodie and shorts, Intrigue Co, #089

Dotty Dress, Sleepy cat, #045

MohairKnitTank, Anuenue, #025
Suika Corset, Rasetsukoku, #033

Slice of summer string bikini, Swim, #024
Itty bitty watermelon bikini & flipflops[not showing], Fukmi, #049

Green sparkly dress, Lo*momo, #046
Slice of summer babydoll, Evie's closet, #055

And much more of course, you can check in the official website i mentioned above for the rest of the stores having this hunt. Be quick finding them, the hunt ends 9th Sep.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday goodness!!

The Dominion is having a mini hunt! You will be searching for cute little satin clutch purses hidden around The Dominion Femdom Fetish Shoppes! Inside each purse you'll find a sexy corset and a copy of the purse for you to enjoy! Try and find all ten corsets hidden around the sim. The Corset Quest goes on til August 12th!

Vinyl Cafe has a free Steam-Punk outfit

[ studio m productions ] has a terrific dollarbie.

Vamps & Tramps has 8, MM boards, all with different goodies inside, as well as more upstairs, exclusive to Group Members.

There is a slipper hunt at the Monkey Mall, until 8th only.

Holli Pocket is participating in The Poppy Hunt, and has an amazing gift.

I love, love, LOVE this oufit. The jeans are amazing!

Twisted & Spoiled has a fabulous group gift.

If you're not already a member, there is a group-joiner just above the display.

There are a couple other freebies as well. I love how this dress has 2 skirt options.

Last, but certainly not least, we have this casual outfit. Perfect for an assortment of summer activities, shoes included!

LionSkins is discontinuing its Su Line, and skins are priced at just 10L! 40 make up choices in 4 skin tones. The makeup ranges from soft & natural to crazy runway styles! Excellent quality, fantastic shading & highlighting.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Hey everybody!
Sorry being MIA for the last couple days. But today I bring to you some lovely bargains.
Check it out guys:

*ICING* has a new prize at the lucky chair which is this Japanese inspired pink dress:

KA Designs has a new monthly profile pick reward, a really pretty yellow one piece swimsuit for the girls and blue shorts for the boys. The gift varies from month to month so don't forget to check it out every new month.

RockBerry is offering a beautiful set of Uma skins for the Dog Days of Summer hunt/Fusion sim grand opening. You just need to grab the hot dog inside the store.

Next we have a Fish Bikini freebie from Isla. [0L]

Sparrow love shirt & torn shorts, DDOS hunt gift from Emjay.

Emjay has also a dollarbie and some freebies.

Dollarbie. here.

the freebies. here.

Pididdle has also a DDOS hunt gift which is this tank top:

Waffles has a dollarbie hair in various colors:

Lo momo has a dollarbie which is this dress. [1L]

Enjoy 'em

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ora Trei designs has put out a new weekly freebie. This week, its this lovely dress, "Precious."

This cute sexy mini, has a one piece, sheer long-sleeved blouse over a strapless bodice. A very versatile piece for any wardrobe.

Sascha's Designs, has a new monthly gown for her group members.

Sascha spoils her group members and has a fabulous new dress you definitely need to stop by & check out as well. (Honey will be blogging it on the Virtual Fashionista blog.)

Shapes by Mim, is a great store and has a female shape in the MM board worth checking out!

Only 15 hits are needed on this board to get the gift, so get there early!

Venus Designs is having a side walk sale. Items outside the store, are just 5L!

Evaki has a dollarbie peridot bracelet.

If you or your avi celebrates a birthday in August, you may want to check this out.

Zhora Body Art has some goodness for 0L!

Dark Mouse is having a 10L sale. Here is an example of what awaits you.

We'll be back again soon with more!



I was teleported by Treble Freenote, (Owner of Touche!), to a new store called "republica". The owner, Laurenza Republic, is a dear friend of Treble's.

Laurenza sells fun furniture, with a retro feel. Some of the furniture reminded me of walking in to my great grandmother's home, or in to the family cottage, with the floral prints, and tweed fabrics.

On the porch of republica, you will find several dollarbie items.

republica is also participating in the upcoming Skipping Stones Hunt, which starts on the 10th.

Here is a sneak peak of the hunt gifts. Laurenza was generous enough to create one for guys, and of course, one for the girls.

These awesome beach sets come complete with pillows, towels, magazines, and lotion! Everything you need to enjoy a day in the sun!

Be back soon with more!


Remember Me?

I am the bad, bad Blogger that's been MIA for much too long? I do apologize dear peeps. Sometimes life RL & SL just take you away from the things you love so much! I am on vacation this upcoming week, and really hope to give you more to read.

Akaesha's has a cool group gift. Check out this "Romantic Couples Swing." Conveniently, there is a group joiner right above the gift down at the store.

There are a couple of poses in the swing, and of course there is swinging action. This would make a delightful addition to any back yard or beach setting.

Rebel Extravaganza has a free seashell necklace in celebration of the Black Swan event. Check it out.

Not sure what Black Swan is? Its the latest fashion event and goes through to Aug. 17th. Several of SL's finest have gotten together to put on this fantastic show. I had a look around, and there are several gorgeous gowns, skins, & outfits to whet your imagination. Stringer Mausoleum has set out a gift if you happen to stop by.

Hallelujah has a fab 1L treat! This very well could be the best 1L you ever spent.

Yes, this lovely cabana and deck set is just 1L! It comes with a fan to keep you cool while you nap, as well as a rug and day bed!

Multiple Personality Designs
has some newness.

I have mentioned before, but its totally worth screaming often, "All items in the store are regularly priced at just 1L & the discount section offers 3L fat packs!!"
Don't forget to check out the MM boards. There are 4 of them!!! There is also a freebie outfit in the same area!

Touche has a new store and some dollarbie goodness!

You can pick up fat packs of skirts and blouses back by the lucky chairs & boards as well as dollarbie roller skates, outside but the skating rink!

NOSOTR@S has a new lag free location, and a 10L outfit. One for guys, and one for girls!

This girls bathing suit is so cute!

Love Soul is celebrating their sim opening. In celebration, many of the stores have gifts. If you're not familiar with Love Soul, they have some amazing prim nails. If you wear prim nails, you also know that you have to choose prim nails, or rings. I am here to tell you, you don't have to choose any longer!

The detail in the nails is awesome! The gorgeous metallic colors paired with stylish sequence embellishments will have your avi looking like it just came out of a nail salon! The set pictured above can be picked up free! Ring included! If you like prim nails, you will adore, Love Soul!

We'll be back soon with more. I promise!


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