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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday morning freebies

I love doing Saturday morning freebies...I have more time to explore the stores I'm visiting! Of course, this can get costly...lol...but I live to shop! ;)

Beauty Avatar had an event last night to release new clothing, hair and skins, and we receive a gift! You'll find a gorgeous dress and skin for 1L in a bag on the table.

WRONG is offering three ladies tank tops for free. One of them is fairly explicit and two are anti-Valentine.

Our friends over at Glam Couture have a cute dress for us called Glitter Dress for 1L.

SLacy's has a really cute dress called Working Girl for 1L. It's on top of the Sassy N Leather display.

Heavenly Treasures has a brown sweater for 1L.

Weird Designs has a dark green plaid dress called "First Date" for us for 1L. There are other gifts (skins, tattoo, bikinis) here as well. Watch the prices...some are free, 1L and 10L.

The new owner of Yesterday's Closet released a gray sequin bikini for free.

Elemiah Designs has a darling black lace dress for free here, and you'll find a pretty lingerie set for 1L here.

Alesandra & Jadee have a cute top called Sweet Tease for 1L.

OK...there's a new mall open called The Big Apple. Most of the stores have a freebie, and here's a starting point at Lost Dreams. Some really cute clothes in this store, be sure to look around!

That's it for me this morning!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Mardi Gras & Hunt Goodness

S&M Designs has free fat-pack of Mardi Gras masks. This is not just a fat pack, its the mother-load! There are feather masks, and porcelain masks, and jester masks. Something for everyone! I am sure there will be some club events, this weekend and Fat Tuesday is February 24th.

This gorgeous freckled skin, is a treasure you will find in the Journey sim hunt, thanks to Tuli.

Here are some of the other goodies in store for you:

(The LM's provided are to the store on the Journey sim, not to the treasure itself.)

Attitudes gives us this delicately laced, and very sheer bra & panties sets.

DelEmma gives us this pink gingham jewelry set.

Violet Voltaire gives us these adorable earrings.

~Flirt~ has these bronze pansy-like earrings for you.

Fine Pixels gives us this treasure! A gorgeous full length dark purple gown.

There are many more treasures to find! Happy Hunting!!

I'll be back with more later!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Limited Time, Secret Sale, Hunts, and more


First of all, I wanted to tell you about a Limited Time, Secret Sale. All Baby Monkey shoes including all the newest styles have one color in each style reduced to L$10 including boots!!

** Please note, this does NOT include Lil Fox shoes or the color change shoes, or other Baby Monkey Products **

The secret sale is for 24 hours ONLY

Chez Gabrielle has a fat-pack of sweaters for 1L tonight only !

The sweaters come in black, pink, white, yellow, blue, and mint green. They look great with jean, or could easily be paired with a skirt or Capri's.

It looks like another weekend of hunts to keep us busy!

Cyanide is hosting a Star Hunt Feb 20-27th. There will be 10 hidden 5-point stars.

Hangions Shopping Zone has shamrocks inside the store. Shamrocks will be removed some time after 12 noon SL time (Friday, I assume).

The Journey sim treasure hunt starts tomorrow (Feb20th) and ends next Friday, Feb 27th!
Search for the hidden chests to collect your free treasures. Many sweet items from Tuli and other participating Journey shops.

The note card from the group requests that you please start TOMORROW on schedule as not everyone will have their treasure out yet today and you'll be searching for something that is not there yet).

RBZ Designs, has created a limited edition outfit, with all proceeds going to benefit the Australian Red Cross in the Victorian Bush Fire Relief

As well, they also have a free outfit entitled Sonnet in Rose, which is a cute little dress as you can see below.

I'll be back with more this weekend!!

Love & Hugs,
Hi! Just a few quick freebies this morning. I'm still seeing a lack of good quality freebies right now. I guess people are just taking a break after all of the hunt and Valentine's preparations!

Dressy by Jessy offers a box of jackets in a wide variety of colors for 0L.

Blue Blood has several freebie and dollarbie hairs, skins and accessories.

Moon & Sun Fashion District offers a dress for the ladies and a shirt for the men, 1L each.

Los Texanos has a blue zircon ring, a pink brooch, and blue zircon necklace and earrings, silver brooch, and diamond stud earrings, all for 0L.

Sanu also has several dollarbies out - necklaces, earrings, bunny slippers, and for 5L, they have "the One Ring" from Lord of the Rings....very pretty. They've also got a hunt going on.

Insatiable Fashions has a wall of freebie t-shirts for the ladies.

Until Sunday, I'm offering my HoneyBear's Brown Pumps for only 1L at HoneyBear's.

That's it for now!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Havi Finds

So me lovelies I have discovered a new fab store! Weatherby's has a 0L dress on the counter, and the rest of the store is only 20-40L!!! As you know, I am a 'curvy' avi, so these clothes are downright perfect for me!

ALL kinds of furniture at Ravish Designs for 5L.

Bright has a 0L ao, beers, wines, builder's gadgets, and more!

OMG!!! Lucky me!!! I just popped down to Heavenly Treasures to buy some of their amazing one prim lamps for 10L and imagine my surprise when I discovered they were ALL on sale for 1L! RUN don't walk and grab these cuties up before they are all gone!

KeeYUTE 1L shoes at Aryana's Closet! Pink! Yay!

Elemental Desires
has a man's suit, man and woman's ao, ballgown, dress, and hugger for 0L. Kind of cool ballroom where you rez a cloud and dance with your honey!

C&D Fashions
has a 1L rose blossom necklace and matching 1L earrings.

Ella has done it again at Pussycat Creations in the Wicked Garden! Adorable 1L outfit- skirt and long sleeved blouse! Casual and fun!

The Shoe Tree has a 0L February gift filled with lots of romantic goodies!

That's it!


Vixen Hair Lucky Chair & Stuff!

Hi Ladies!

I started out with the intentions of having a decent sized blog for you tonight, but since SL is not cooperating with me, and prim attachments I am rather frustrated. What this means for you, is that its a quickie post, unfortunately.

The dress in the first picture is the Blacklace gift from the Greatest Love Hunt (#6). You know, the hunt, I promised myself I would not do, becuz I STILL haven't cleared out the ghosts from the Halloween Hunt, or the Globes from the Christmas Hunt! Shame on me! This would explain why my inventory is exploding, and out of control.

So ... I heard about the Lucky Chairs at Vixen, and decided to check them out. You should all know my theory ... a girl can never have too many hair styles, or colors, so I stalked these lucky chairs for a few minutes tonight, and was lucky enough for my letter to come up on each offering. I tp'd in some friends to make things go faster, and chatted with the crowd that gathered around.

I can't tell you how many people I have on my list that I've met Lucky Chair stalking. We do each other the honor of offering tp's when a letter comes up. It's wonderful, and I absolutely encourage you all to do the same.

These gorgeous locks came in pack, along with the skin, a shape, eyes, lashes and a vanity light. Stunning isn't it!?

This ponytail, called Karma, in the color "blackmail" is going to be a very versatile style, it came in a tri-pack, along with a platinum blonde, and a red as fiery as in the first pic. Subtle, and sexy.

And last, but certainly not least, we have this platinum colored french-braid.

Lemania's Thursday freebie is the following gorgeous Sugary Blue dress. The outfit comes complete with fur cuffs, and a fur hat.

If you're wondering about the adorable flats I'm wearing, they too were free!! Here is a close up.

The designer of these fab freebies, is none other than fellow freebie blogger Ding Fotherington, from My Second Life on the D-list. You can pick up these, along with 3 other pairs, and some freebie poses from V-poses at their combined store, 50 Flats & V-poses on the PopFuzz sim. Be sure to check them out!

That's all I have for now.

I'll be back with more soon!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SOMA School of Design Fair

Hi folks, I'm back. I just had to take some down time after completing the two big hunts. I've only begun sorting through the boxes (whew!) and just couldn't get my head around more freebies!

So, I was told that the SOMA School of Design had some free men's clothing out in their clothing fair, and decided to go check it out. Sure enough, there are four men's suede suits. The suits are all the same, but each has a different colored shirt and they're designed by none other than my friend, Inga Wind of *IW*! She has some darling women's stuff up for sale too, for only 100L. But walk around the fair and you'll see a lot of free clothing, in addition to the stuff Inga has made. This is a display of the creations made by the first graduating class of SOMA students, and the prices (if they aren't free) are more than reasonable. This fair runs through February 23. If you want to learn to design clothing, I recommend coming over here! They'll teach you how to use PhotoShop, Gimp, Paint Shop Pro and other programs, and how to create clothing in those programs. Classes aren't free, but for what you get out of them, very reasonable.

And I spent so long looking around here, that's all I have time for! Have a great day!


Monday, February 16, 2009


Our good friends at Lemania have put out a dollarbie for President's Day. The outfit comes complete with red pumps with a blue heel. and a red bangle.

I absolutely love the bottoms on this outfit, capri style leggings and the flowing skirt. You can't see it very well in the pic, but the top, has straps in the front, that cross on the chest. Adorable!

This is only out for today, so don't miss out!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

~ HUNT AT CRUSH ROW ~ Limited Time

The shops at Crush Row are having another Holiday Hunt. I have only included the LM to the main landing point. The sim is very easy to maneuver, and most of the hearts can be found outside the stores, or just inside the door. This hunt won't take you long at all - have fun!

Here are some to the treasures that can be found. Some of the hearts are priced at 0L, and others at 1L. I am not sure for how long these items will be available, so if there is something of interest, hurry on down!!

** Update: The hunt is on until Monday, Feb. 16th only

These are the Exploding Heart Earrings available from GBL, thanks to BabyHoney Bailey.

BOOM has these tattoo cutie wings, which are worn on the undershirt layer.

Aoharu is offering the Honey Blonde hair as pictured below. The skin I am wearing is a gift from Gigi Couture and the necklace, another dollarbie from GBL.

Waverly Kline's store, "It's in the Bag," has this great outfit for us, while the hand bag, is an awesome gift from Coco.

The skin I am wearing in the pic above, its a gift from Whimsy.

Here are some of the other items you can find.
  • League, (one of my favourite stores) has a Valentine tank.
  • Axel is offering a cute outfit, with pink jeans, and a tank.
  • Atomic has Cupid shirt
  • The Vendetta Garden, has a twisted heart day tree

Have fun!


Havi's Sunday Freebies!

Tasha has several non red outfits for Vday in a box for 0L. As I am officially Vday-lingere oversaturated, I don't jump anymore at the prospect of more red outfits, this is a particularly sweet gift.

[maeva] sends out two necklaces and a dress as soon as you tp into the store!

Freebies and outfits from 1L -10L at ElaCor

Kalloni Mall is having a heart hunt. Lots of low prim home goodies

Moonlight Designs has a 1L dress and 1L pair of black boots. Across the way, Maries has 0L shapes, clothes, and an avi in the heart boxes.

RBZ has a bargain basement with tons of stuff for men and women marked down for 5L. Also a small heart hunt.

has a 1L heart chair! Cute pose included! (see above)

Tiki Delight has a cute little short set for 0L!!! New store too!!!

KK's has a vday gown for 10L.

Freddie Larnia has short boots, jewelry, and shoes from 1L-10L. The whole sim is so much fun it is worth a tp in itself!

Rachele Delgado
has 0L-5L gifts on the counter. Eyes, skins, and body lights!

Donna Flora has 10L lace up boots and they are hawt as fire!

Ya'll have fun!


Jewelry & Stuffs

Chikka Design is offering gift bags that can be found on the floor

lessthan3 has freebies on the table just inside the door - godiva skin

QC Designs has a gorgeous onyx set, complete with bangles, as well as the choker, and headband shown below. There is also a no-transfer onyx ring, for our guys.

Alphamale & Black lace has free slippers along with gifts for both hunts

amplify has freebies in the corner

Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps has pink heart balloons filled with dynamite stuff!

Aluinn you can find Kiss # 59 & a gift bag, which contains the following, simply elegant set for ladies.

Primagine has a free gift bag - that contains necessity earrings

Nikorifik Main Store has a$50L sale & a weekly freebie oh, you can find the kiss 67

ear candy has these goodies, plus a hunt gift.

Hotch Potch has a collar with garnet heart

B&T Atelier has 1L prim hearts contain stockings, tees, etc.

DCNY has a free skin

Urban Funeral has 1L boxes for guys & gals. The Gals box contains the outfit below, along with 2 or 3 others.

Dani's fine fashions has dollarbies for us.

Sexxy Diva is offering a Lovers' retreat

MJ+Dada has free eyes

Trubble has cheap stuff in the dressing room & a kiss on the hunt.

HoH has New releases freebies. Here is a sample:

Kunstkammer has wedding rings, for 10L & a gift on the table

JE REPUBLIC has assorted freebies & dollarbies

Bonita's jewelry has earrings gold & diamond

& a Valentine bracelet with silver hearts for 1L

diapop has freebies on the mantle behind the cash register

Meh has freebie stuffs in the middle of the store

Scruffy Gora has 20 & 30L separates

OC has a super sexy Valentine skirt, which can be found upstairs. Take the stairs to your right when you rez.

Also at OC, their GL gift is a gorgeous red Valentine gown, which is pictured below.

Abia capalini Designs has pants and skirts in a box for 1L in the middle of the store, including this cute outfit pictured below.

Yuli also has a 1L box in the middle of the floor.

That's all I have for now.

I'll be back with more soon.



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