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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sunday Fun day!

Oh, the news I have to share with you today!

The lovely skin I am wearing in the above pic is from CHAI Skins. There are jewels hidden in each of the change rooms and around the main area, 12 in total I believe. Choose a door for the skin tone you like and start looking! Also , there is a random store card giveaway to someone new every 30 mins in store. ** Thanks to my good friend Carley Benazzi for the heads up on this one! **

*Untone* has some jewelry sets just waiting for you to take home. Also, if you turn around, go over to the truck, there are free snowdrop earrings & necklace as well.

Alaldy Island has loads of presents under the tree, as well as their skin giveaway is still going on!

I picked up these jeans for 0L at the store as well. Alaldy is a great supporter of Newbie Island, and proceeds from the new skin line are going to help keep it running. Check the store for more details.

The top in this pic was a prize in the Crush Row hunt from Gigi Couture. It comes on a couple of layers, so if you are more modest than me, you can put something under it, with no problems.

NOSOTRAS has boxes under their tree, prices ranging from 1-5L. I picked up this cute outfit, called Black Soul.

*** SAVVY AVVY *** has a Holiday Hunt underway. There are 12 gifts hidden around the parcel full of holiday sexiness and some other goodies just for you!

This lovely dress was a find in the hunt. I think its absolutely gorgeous! The shoes are from GBL in Envy (green), 1L at the Crush Row hunt.

These cute snowfolks were gifts from Savvy Avvy as well. Aren't they adorable!?

Badoura Design Mainshop has 4 dresses out for offering. Two are priced at 0L, and the others are 1L. Still a steal for these great items. There are also more items under the tree.

Angelico has dollarbies under the tree. Here is a sampling of what you might find.

There are several pairs of pumps priced at 1L, and 12 prs of ballet flats, boxed for 12L. The purple ballet flats you will see above. If you are still doing the POE hunt, globe #20 can be found here as well.

The Dominion Fashion District has several dollarbies out for 10L. The Monolo style pumps (worn in the first 2 pics below) I grabbed up for 0L.

Spork has freebies out on a table for 0L at their satellite location.

Haydee Andel has set out cute 1L gifts in the front window of her *HA* store.

Sweetest Good-bye has a white box priced at 1L, and an awesome tote bag for 0L

Beasties ... Gorean/Earth Clothing has a free Angel Skin for the holidays as well as free silks, and a free kilt set out.

That's all I have for you today, and it may be all from me, until next weekend.

I hope you all have a safe, and enjoyable holiday with your family and loved ones.


Saturday Shopping Spree!

It's the weekend, yay!! I've been out already and rounded up some goodies for you.

The skin & hair I am wearing in the above pick is a freebie from [the oBscene] at the Crush Row hunt. Yes!, Crush Row is spoiling us with loads, and loads of holiday goodness! Participating shops have stockings set out; you can run by and collect them. A couple of stores had the stockings, plus other items inside the store, so be sure to look around.

These cute freebies can be found at

They are located in the center of the store, you can't miss them! Gima also has a 10L room where you can find all sorts of bargains! And, just for fun, they are also offering a Free Water Pistols and a box of freebies here.

Stop by Diversity Hair/Skins/Clothing for Nina - Merry Christmas hair, which is located under the tree, just inside the store. As well, you can find the POE Globe # 132 here.

LVS & Co has many, many things on offer. Out by the sculpty Christmas tree, there are several dollarbie items. The Holly Jolly outfit in red is shown in the pic, and can be found in the big red boxes. I believe there were different colors of this hotness ... so be sure to scoop them all! There are also 6 Santas around the tree with goodies in the too.

Here is another hot item you can find at the Crush Row hunt at the BOOM location. It's called Happy Holidays.

(The snowflakes you see in the pics are from my emitter, not actually on the clothes.)

and a close up pic of the shoes ... how I love shoes!

These can be found right next store at GBL. This is Crimson, there is also another pair in Envy.

Passionate Neko Dreams (PND) has gifts under the tree, and a dollarbie snowman hunt going on. Here is a sample of the goodness you will find.

The shoes in the pics above were freebies from Ztique a few weeks ago.

Attitudes Lingerie has some super sexy freebies for us as well. Guys, if you are reading, there are holiday boxers upstairs for you!

Finally, Insolence has this stunning Christmas freebie set entitled Jaime, and I do love it! It comes complete with the shoes. (yay, more shoes!)

That's all I have for now.

Until next time ...



Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hey folks,

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season so far. Here's plenty of freebie goodness for you all to enjoy.

Brazilian Style has a wall of free shoes and boots, and most of the shoes in the shop are on sale for between 5L and 20L! There are some real bargains here!

Freshly Baked Goods has 2 pairs of gorgeous earrings for free.

Sweet Sexy Sassy has some free Christmas pumps...red with green heels, and green with red heels.

Soraya Shan Collection has a free red dress under the tree, and a few freebies in this corner.

Angelico has a whole load of goodies around the tree, some of which have been blogged before. There are a lot of shoes and boots for 1L, and if you join the subscribe-o-matic group, there are a few freebies in the history. Once you have clicked to join, just click it again and choose history and press each number to get the notice and freebie again.

SIP has a freebie in Santa's sack. Today it is a set of four sweaters, but it changes often, so go grab them quick! There is also a 'On the naughty list' T-shirt, and SIP Men have a free suit!

Bewitched Hair has gifts under the tree, and if you go into the freebie room there is a whole load of free hairs in every colour along with a lot of reduced price hairs.

Chaos Lotus has a gift a day under the tree.

Deviant Kitties has gifts under the tree. My fave has to be these antlers...so cute! Also there is the skirt and the shoes(also in green) from the above picture.

Sin & Secrets has a pile of gifts under the tree. Not all of the boxes are for sale, but check them all just in case. Also if you turn around, there is a free Christmas skin, and a free t-shirt and pair of panties. (shoes in the picture from Angelico - 1L)

Sweeter that Candy has a pile of gifts under the tree. Also, there is a dollarbie store with some really cute outfits for only 1L.

CnS Poses has a wall of poses for 1L each. These are all couples poses or group poses.

LM has a female outfit for 1L, and a male outfit for 10L. I got paid the 1L back, so it could even be free!

Captain Jacks has a free full body tattoo of a trail of cat paw prints.

Sweet Nothings has a Christmas outfit under the tree.

Gothic Touch has an outfit under the tree called Frosty the Snow Goth.

***Convoitise*** has a red dress under the tree. I saw a lot of boxes, but only the one was for sale. I have tried to put the LM to the exact box, but may still need to look for it in the pile.

Last but not least, VintageWear has a free necklace and a pair of earrings on the table.
(dress from Sweeter than Candy's dollarbie store)

Happy Holidays!


Yummy Goodness .....

Hello Again!! How do you like my free hair, from House of Heart?? If you haven't heard, they have a couple of hunts going on. Some of the stuff is marked at 0L, others are marked at 10L. I love it!

This gorgeous gown was an advent gift from Mondira. In celebration of their 2nd anniversary, you will find a skin, and shape in a box, at this landing point for 2L. Make your way downstairs and you will find the advent calendar, be sure to click on the date for your prize, and if you're doing the POE Hunt, Globe # 381 is hidden under the presents by the bear

Check out the Hotel Dare - Free Shizzle Forest There is a small area where you can get lots of good freebies.

.:*:.Handel Mainstore.:*:. has set out several dollarbies under the tree. POE Globe # 383 resides here as well as a Latex Freebie in a gift bag, also the Sexy OMG (shown below) outfit in a gift bag & a cute purple dress specially priced at 1L

The Catty Shack Neko Village is having a Holiday Hunt. Here are a few store locations on that sim, that have freebies set out as well ....

Sophia Black Cat Creations has a December Freebie outfit and right next door is Pixel Paws where you can get xmas boots for 1L

At Imp Kats you can grab a Holiday Scarf Freebie

Creat'isa has Free Lingerie! (my fav!)

Over in BarterTown you will find a pink sequin top for a freebie, as well as another top adjacent to it for 1L.

Click here to pick up 3 fur boas in festive red, white, and green at Dawn Designs

Tekeo Plastik is offering a Gift Skin

Cremez Decor has 3 boxes under the tree which include:
  • Yule Vase in Box #1
  • Merry Christmas Mat in Box #2
  • Fur Rug in Box #3

MoonDance Designs has candy cane earrings for 1L and an Advent Calendar that gives gifts too!

Eat Rice! has a Freebie Christmas Kit that includes the Antlers, Fawn ears, tail & scripted hair. I apologize for the bad lighting in the picture, but the blinking lights on the antlers made it difficult.

amplify has a freebie, and dollarbie corner (red glam bam dress & pink shimmy dress both shown below.)

*KaWaii Jelly* has a Cheapie Wall of goodness which includes the Short Legwarmers for 1L, puffy skirt 1L (both shown below) as well as Hi Hi coloured boots, a choker & fun Duck Feet slippers for 1L

Edge Grafica has lots of cool stuff!!! Over knee socks, leg warmers, skirts, tops, choker, pullover, eyes & a tartan scarf to mention a few. The argyle sweater I am wearing above is also from this store, and everything is priced at 0L!

Have you visited Christmas Fair? There is still lots of time if you haven't made it yet. The event runs Dec 15-Jan 10th. Look around for the freebies, dollarbies, and cheapies. A cool ring, and a free Santa costume.

Badkatz Clothing has lots of freebies under the tree.

Lovefashion by Mattis Robbiani has a free Christmas Gown under their tree. The detail, in the gown is amazing. This dress is absolutely beautiful, and perfect for holiday parties or ballroom dancing.

That's all I have for you tonight. I hope to be back this weekend with more goodies.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Midweek Freebies

Still fighting my internet...can't TP unless I use my Sprint card, which is slow, but does get me there....eventually ;)

Sasquatch Design has several freebies (including a free emo panda and a free lollipop that attaches to your virtual behind), and everything in the store is on sale until December 31st for 25L or less! Some cute jewelry here.

Supreme Clothing has several dollarbies tops hanging on the wall to the right of the door after you enter. Careful, there are a couple of 25L and 50L outfits there too.

Inara's Fantasy has several gowns and sets of silks available for 1L.

Afraid that's all I have time for this morning. More soon!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Accessories & More ...

Hello again sexies!

I have lots of stuff for you today, mostly accessories like jewelry, and shoes, so let's get right to it.

In the first pic, you will see me wearing a free skin from eXtreme Reality Skins. They have free skins for guys, and girls (about 60 of them per gender!) I am also wearing a jewellry set from Valhalla, which you will read more about later in the post.

Without further adieu ....

Thalia's fashion Collection Boutique has amazing profile picks rewards that change weekly. If you don't know how that works, you simply add the store to your profile Picks, and they reward your with free merchandise ... every week. Cool huh!?

Shengri La Hope has Debutante Pearl Set. One in black and one white. You can grab both sets for 1L

WISH Shoes & more has goodies for guys & gals as well as more freebies under the tree here beside POE Globe # 315

ENKYTHINGS has free shoes at their main display, inside the door, and the cutest free heel earrings.

Phychotic Neko is offering a free Christmas tail and has camping for store gift cards! Great Christmas idea for your favourite Neko.

Macy`s Boutique has gift bags on the floor - freebies, and dollarbies. Freebies include a Holly Days bracelet, and Snowman snow globe, while the dollarbie bag contains a snowflake maker if you are interested.


Cartoonimals is offering a free Christmas cat in a box . Oh my gosh, I fell in love with this little critter. He is animated, and pops out of the present. You can see him, in the pic above.

Sky Everett Designs is offering free eyelashes.

A&A Designs has several goodies under the tree as well as a dollarbie gift at the back of the store, as well as lucky chairs

Harbour View has a dollarbie table in the store

Paja has a couple of gifts on the floor for you.

Fusion Furniture has a free gift bag on the floor, and on the table for you.

Total Betty is offering a free silver dress. Its absolutely gorgeous and perfect for your holiday parties. See the pic for more details.

Burning Chrome a stack of Christmas prezzies, some for guys, and some for girls. Check out the pic below for a sample of what you might find.

{Violet Voltaire} has a special Holiday headress (headband)

Valhalla Beach Designs Store has set out 10 items for 1L in the store for your Christmas shopping. Items include a Neko Necklace, Gold & Silver Link Necklace, Silver Star Necklace,
& the Mandala necklace2, with color change stone to name but a few.

There are lots of freebies at the Lya store! A free jewelry set, free swim suits in the corner by the door, free sunglasses, and if you make your way upstairs, you will find a room full of shoes. The shoes are marked as "reduced price" but what they really mean, is FREE! Even the fat packs!

CeeJay's - has an absolutely gorgeous Destiny Lavender Ice jewelry set available for us.

This should keep you busy until I have more for you.

Until next time ...


A few Sunday freebies

I'm having serious internet problems and teleporting is miserable, but I wanted to bring you a few freebies for today.

Laqroki is offering a free skin for the ladies with 5 makeups, eyes, and shape. You'll have to follow the arrow for this one.

Bebae is offering a free skin for the ladies, as well, called Winter Skin with a cute little star by the eye (lousy picture, the skin is nice!).

And now purchases and TPs are messed up. I'll hopefully be back later.


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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