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Saturday, February 14, 2009


I got a note card from Lorri, of Designs by Lorri that reads as follows:

I have a new item out and for a limited time it is 1L! Come check out Valentina!

Valentina is a cute little Skirt set, it comes with a sparkly top and a cute black skirt with a matching heart decal that matches the top!

For a limited time you can get this outfit for 1L after Wednesday Feb 18, 2009 it will be put to its regular sale price of 149L, so come and get it while you can!

What a cute dress! Many thanks to Lorri for letting us know about this!

I tp'd to the store, and found that she also has a cute pair of black & white paw-print pj's, priced at 0L. These can be found just inside the door, on the floor, in a box, that is clearly labeled.

I know Honey has this mentioned in the left side-board of the blog, but in case you missed it, there is also a Yard Sale at this location. (I know I did some shopping while I was there!)

Have fun!



Happy Valentine's Day beauties!

I was at Cupcakes today, on the Le Zoo sim. I love, love, love the new store. Mimi Coral & Rosemary Gailbraith are the owners and designers. They are so sweet and spoil their group members often. The enrollment fee to become a groupie is $L250, but definitely worth it.

If you haven't heard, they have a mini hunt, today is the last day as far as I know, so hurry on down, and grab the gifts that are strewn throughout the store. You can find the presents without even really looking.

Here is a sample of what you will find:

Leopard print undies

Fringed lingerie set, in sorbet.

Cupcakes Gift # 2 is this adorable set.

Above, I am wearing the LoveSpell "Lace" skin, which I found in giftbox # 5. I immediately fell in love this jeweled top that I found in box #8.

Before you go, you MUST tp up to the 2nd floor! What a jack pot of goodness up there! A huge assortment of very reasonably priced items. The freebie boxes are full to the top with good quality fashions. Check these out!

From the formal dresses, these are only 2 of what you will find. There are many, many more!

Baby Yellow Floral:

Pink Silk:

In the "Bottoms Freebies", I found these adorable outfits, that are perfect for the upcoming warmer weather.

(By the way, the silver shoes I am wearing in the above pic, are our very own HoneyBear's. Which you can pick up here, next to the freebie store on her sim.)

Capri's & a white tee:

Red plaid shorts, and a red gathered shirt:

I'll be back with more soon!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

❤ More Hunt Goodness ❤


Remember me?

I apologize for being MIA, RL does get in the way sometimes. I am here now and promise to make it up to you this weekend, with more regular posts. There is no order to my pics, just random goodness from the hunt, worth having a peek at, so let's get right to it.

This cute bikini set, was the treasure at FG Underground, stop number 133

Shark Attack is the name of this cute outfit given by the designers at Shit Luck. There were a couple of versions of the top in the kiss, one more sheer than the other. The boots and belt were courtesy of B&T ATelier. A close up of the boots shown below.

Yay more boots!!

Kiss # 53 brings you this awesome pair of boots. Many thanks Sentou Yousei!

The sneakers are awesome! Color changeable as you can see, each part of the shoe can be independently changed, so you can create endless color possibilities. Be sure to read, and keep the note card!

The War Child Fund Raising project brings us this colorful, relaxing hammock at kiss # 240

Is this hot-tini bar not the coolest!? Thank you C&D!! The seats have changeable poses, both male and female, and flaming martini's! Cheers! There are also some other goodies around the planter in the middle of the store.

Yes, MORE boots from EVA! These are not part of the hunt but you know how much I love, these babies! Free til the end of the week, then marked up to 99L

This hot little number above, can be picked up at Cutie Honey, which is stop# 241 on the kiss hunt

This outfit is a mash up over several stops on the hunt. PixelLounge Linen pant suit (#43), with another pair found in Sole Sisters kiss, and the Captive Heart Key from Luni Designs.

Thank you Callie Cline for these adorable flats, that are sure to become a staple of our spring & summer wardrobe. These were found in Kiss# 164

Baiastice always has awesome group gifts, so I know you won't be disappointed with this darling outfit you will find in Kiss # 103 (shoes not included).

I promise to be back with more very soon!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Honey's Wednesday Freebies & News

Hunt News!

Inga Wind at *IW* is having a hunt from February 11-14. She has three of her gorgeous outfits in three bags. Find the right bag, get the outfit! There are 20 bags out there though....happy hunting! I'm about hunted out myself, but these outfits are SO worth it!

Don't forget the Lemania Designs hunt, which is still continuing.

On with the freebies!

A Piece of Candy has a gorgeous skin out for 1L. It's called Lola and you need to grab it!

Imagen is also offering a pretty skin in four tones...each tone is 1L.

::LiNe:: is offering three hairs and a red lingerie set for 1L each.

Here is me wearing the Lola skin and one of the Lemania outfits, called Milk Chocolate (comes with the shoes!)

That's it for now!


Save the Hippos!!

A quick break from our freebie hunting for this public service announcement.

The hippo, unofficial mascot of Second Life, is a part of SL lore that goes back to beta. A short history of the hippo in SL can be had at the SL Wiki.

An Easter egg was introduced into the viewer code that allowed Residents to proclaim "Hippos!' when bugs were discovered and squashed. Of course, the old easter egg refers not just to the bug-squashing, evil-gnome-squishing hippos of times past, but also symbolizes the happy-go-lucky nature the Lindens once had with Residents. The Easter egg (Ctl-Alt-Shft-H) symbolised this happy time, a way for any and every resident to proclaim "HIPPOS!" whenever they liked.

Currently, this Easter egg has been removed from the viewer. We do not want to see SL history removed one piece at a time - and we're determined to stop the erosion of Second Life culture at the root.

Please visit the below URL and vote in the JIRA to put the hippo Easter egg back into the viewer, and pass this notecard along to friends so they can read and vote too. Help us Save the Hippos!

"Oh the great hippo! Stomper of gnomes! Savior of all Second Life! How we worship thee!"

Want to do more to help save the hippo? You can get a box with a sign, a display hippo, a t-shirt, and a hippo shoulder pet at either here or here. We need more votes!

Wednesday Havi Finds

Tesoro's has a box of 'random' freebies behind the sign. It has a chair, a rug, earrings, and a wand! Here I am with my willing, um well super nice, partner! He just loves it when I whip out the poses lol!

Teeny Bikinis Lingerie has a 0L lingerie set for V-day. Free shape in a black gift bag on the second floor hanging from the wall. The sim is called 'Acme' and it is a great place for you to drag your partner for some shopping because they have all kinds of boy stuff, too, lol! Found a 0L 'Rezz4000' here along with a SHARK for sale lol! Cute V-day bikini here in the actual Teeny Bikini store. The store itself has a tropical, spring break kind of feel!

Yellow Submarine has dollarbies on the shelf on level two and you will NEVER believe what I lucked into! A nail pack for 1L with- no joke-every color of nail polish known to man, er, womankind! Whoo hoo! I am proud of this huge find! It is the 'mystery gift' in a round tin on the bottom shelf.

For those of us in rl who are not 7ft tall and 45lbs, there is Superstar Shapes. Male and female dollarbies in the window.

Chez Oleander
has skin freebies!!! 0L in a box by the door!!! All created in 2009!

SD Photos
has a sweet 0L pose just in time for Vday!

Two Daily free manicures at Delicious Skins!

Oh ya'll, for real, you must check out Sole Sisters for some 14L shoes! ALL the red and pink ones in every design! Not just sale items! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

A sweeeeeet reader turned us on to Laroqi this week! Free skin!!! Don't forget the modifiable hair for 0L there as well!

Alexandre has two 0L 'cute outfits' at the escalator.

New Store called Nada has a bunch of freebies!!! Whole set with skin, body oil, shape, eyes, and outfit! Gestures and huds as well.

Beeyoutiful shapes at Luscious Shapes for just 25L. Also a mini hunt in all the shops.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Another hunt!

Lemania Designs is having a hunt. There are five hearts hidden on the sim. This is one of the dresses you'll find in the hunt. It even includes the shoes...too cute!

Cuz I feel like it freebies

Got word of a ton of freebies today...so here you go!

B! Fashion is offering lingerie for 0L. That's on the "Best of Italian" sim...nice stuff there ladies and gents ;)

While we're mentioning the Italian sims, Aplestyle on the Piazza Italia sim has a dollarbie outfit for us! Again, very nice clothing here...the Italians have such great designs!

Volt is offering five dollarbies: two Neko tails, a dress, a cute top and pants, and a bra/boy shorts combination.

Kitten's has a cute pair of sculpted cargo pants for 1L.

StarKindler has a dollarbie box of jewelry out.

DCNY has a free Valentine's skin and prim lashes, very nice!

Chelsea's Designs has 15 outfits out for only 1L each, but the rest of her stuff is only 35L or less, so take a look around and show her some love!

Forbidden Appearance has a skin, eyes, a gesture and tattoo for 1L each, plus on the welcome mat in the upper right corner is another skin for 1L.

SySy's Design has a pretty dollarbie Valentine's dress under her stairs for us. The store is newly redesigned and is gorgeous...come see!

Last night, I blogged a freebie at G&N Designs. I hope you got it, because it's changed today...lol. It's now a pretty red dress. Stop by and get it!

Ok, that's it for me, I know Havi is busy building you a post too :)


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Visiting friends of the blog freebies :)

Having finished the Vain "Kiss" hunt, and deciding not to do the Greatest Love hunt, it's back to business as usual.

Decided to visit some places I've blogged before, and see what they were up to. I came across G&N Quality Designs and realized I hadn't stopped in for awhile. Really glad I did! They have a gorgeous brown blouse and slacks outfit for 0L.

My friend Amara is making some home furnishings now. Her business is called Talon Faire at Lost Heaven. She has a pretty little abstract stained glass whirly-gig for 0L. She's also made a gorgeous cage, for those of you into that. There are stained glass walls, some vases, rugs...go by and check it out!

At AI Squared, you'll find lots of boxes for 0L, 1L and 5L, including a variety of silks (Temple Mistress is 0L), a 10x10 wiccan temple, and a haunted luau :)

One Prim Plants has a pretty Dutch Iris plant in a pot for 0L. Be sure to look around at the copyable 1-prim plants and trees!

International House of Style offers a New Residents Kit for 0L, and inside that kit, in addition to other items, you'll find a peach colored sari. While the kit is for new residents, you'll find some useful items in there for residents of any age!

Valentino's Greeting Cards & Gifts has freebies all over the store. You'll need to hunt your way through to find them, but there are so many great things to look at, you won't mind! Need wedding, Valentine's or rez day gifts? You'll find something here!

OK, that's it for now!


Havi's Finds!

My precious readers- if you are not into the hunts, this weekend this post is for you! I have posted gifts and freebies below not related to the big hunts. Ya'll have fun!

Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps has balloons all over the store with freebies for V-day! Jewelry, candles, and clothes from various designers!

Solares has a lacy negligee for 0L.

has a sugar plum dress and ballet flats for 0L. Also, you can find a handful of goodies here on the same sim. Fun stuff to be found!

D'signs has a 0L red dress with a heart cut out for the back. Too cute!

Polly Jean is a cute little pill box with 0L and 1L clothes, poses, and jewelry.

Believe it or not, Tragic has an adorable mini dress for 1L!!! I had a few trepidations at first about venturing here, but it was so worth it! For all you goth-tastic readers this will be quite a change from the usual fair offered at this store, but try the pink! You just may find a southern belle lives in you, too!

DaneMarkZ has dollarbies that are so cute! Dresses and purses and shoe and jewelry.......ah good times! Also, in the middle of the store is a 'pink section' with a really pretty pink dress for 12L.

Heavenly Treasures has seven 1L frames in V-day themes with a slideshow and are transferrable! Perfect gifts for friends and luvahs! There IS a mini hunt going on in the store, but it is fun and no pressure. One of the hearts contains a 5000L gift certificate!

Two skins for 1L and a men's outfit at Beauty. Tp into the sim and walk around! Holy cow! This is one of my new favorite malls, for sure! High, high, high end couture everywhere! A treat to walk around and a great way to check out new designers because each store has a freebie!

Ambience has a gift bag with a free candle set for a limited time to introduce the line of new interactive furniture.

has a really vintage looking dress called WA Lolita for 10L.

Wipe Out has some really nice drop gem earrings for 1L on the back wall.

has the MOST luscious lilac outfit for 1L. Saw a lady wearing it and had to know where she bought it! Thought it would be hundreds of lindens- that is how delicious it is!

Outrage has 1L heart balloons with eyes and accessories in them.

Heaven Fashion
has COMPLETE outfits for 1L. Clothes, shoes, AND the jewelry. Six boxes on the second floor. Kind of club-esque style.

CANNOT rhapsodize enough about the furniture and home accessories at JoJo's Folly!!! If you join her group ( and I am so NOT a joiner but this one is waaaaaaaaay worth it! ) she creates new group gifts EACH AND EVERY week! She is usually in the store and will chat with you and answer any questions. She has the coolest couch ever that converts into a bed! Only 8 prims!

Okay that is all for today!



Yay! I finished the Vain Hunt yesterday! What great goodies I have to show you, along with some others I happened upon along the way. Instead of doing one huge post, I think I'll break it down over the next few days.

Above, I am wearing the t shirt that comes in #1 prize pack of the hunt, along with the pink jeweled collar and cuffs from Snatch.

I am sure you've seen the Katonik dress by now, but I love it!

Paired with a cute set of MaryJanes, and the stockings included with it, you will look like the perfect dolly.

We can never have enough skin. Fetch Alternative spoils us with this beauty, which can be found in Kiss #80. They also have a gift back by the door, a "Purple Pencil" outfit for 1L

Sole Sisters rules! Leopard print & pink!

The yummy boots, are from *OC*, while the cute t-shirt style dress is from Crush Factory.

Gracie's was kind enough to gift us with this gorgeous gown - perfect for a wedding party.

Tokeo.Plastik is Kiss #9, and they spoils us with their gift. Not only do you get this cute red striped corset set as pictured below.

You also get another version of the set, along with a shrug, eyes, and other goodness packed inside.

I'll be back with more later.



Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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