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Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Fab Finds!

I popped in to Merlynn's Closet, I heard about the new release, painted jeans dollarbie, and my inner-hippie just had to have a pair!

There are many colors to choose from, this pair that I am wearing are available
for 1L for the weekend only. (Until midnight Sunday night). Regular price of these funk-a-delic denims is 65L, but I did also find a pair marked at 25L too!

While in the store, I noticed that the Merlynn Draken, herself was there, and sent a note to introduce myself.
I let Merlynn know I was a freebie blogger, then I asked her some questions about the store. We had a nice chat. Merlynn let me know that she has freebies, and secret sale items hidden, throughout the store. Its a constant treasure hunt! FUN!!

Off I went to see what secret sales I could find. I found this mint green chenille top marked at 10L marked down from 35L.

Find the "Almost buttoned Shirt, with Embroidered Belted cords". Most are marked at 75L - which is still an amazing deal for an outfit ... the blue shirt set 25
L .... not much of a secret now is it!? There are many more deals to be found.

Merlynn has a green scarf labeled as a freebie -- they are not marked, but so are the white & black.

Check out this cute freebie outfit. I love this store!!

This week, you will also find this super cute ring skirt for FREE! The top, was also in a freebie pack that Merlynn gives to newbies, or anyone who asks for it.

So go on ..... ask for it. Don't be shy. Tell her Sav sent you!

Thanks Merlynn, it was a pleasure meeting you!

After a great time with Merlynn, I was ready for more shopping.

Bliss Couture has a Freebie skin. You might as well hit the subscrib-o-matic while you're there.

Cihuae! has a tiny heart pendant with diamond necklace for 1L.

Sweeter than Candy has a Valentine outfit, plus couples undies set. Don't forget to take the TP up to the Dollarbie store!

Malt Fashions has a feathery corset outfit. Why not hit the sub-scribo while you are there. (Can you tell I am a sub-scribo-matic junkie?)

Ladybird has a jack pot of goodness! Most items in this store are priced at 1L, including dresses, jeans, shorts, tops, free stand animations, tattoos, dresses sweater & skirt sets. There is a lucky chair too.

I also noticed
some furniture at this store as well. A great steal - a rattan furniture set, for 30L!

Around the corner, you will find
modeling poses 2 sets of 11 poses - one for guys, 1 for girls just 1L each as well, as a 6 pose set, also for 1L. (Some of those are used here).

I'll be back soon with more!!



Havi's Sunday Finds

For the lassies, there is a really cute dollarbie at Groningen!

Free heart poofer at Knucklehead Designs.

Nice long flexi 0L hair at Beidermen's.

Topaz Square has some 10L eyes and 0L skin. Limited time offer so get down there NOW

Kalloni Mall is a wealth of high end freebies! Got a jewelry set here at Avila's. Free buttercups at Stamens. Cool gadgets galore here under the tree! The whole mall is a sensory delight so walk around and find the freebies! They are everywhere!

Several full outfits at Soraya Shan- good stuff for 0L!!!

La Grande Bleu has a gift bag on the stairs for 0L and a box with a nice outfit for 0L near the entrance.

J Style has four freebies - bathing suit, formal, corset, and casual outfits.

LeeZu has 0L hair, outfits, and jewelry on the table.

Sin and Secrets has a outfit for 1L with two shirts and a skirt, plus some 0L undies and a tank.

Ooh! Secret sale on hair at Bewitched!!! One of my fav hair places on SL! Freebies and clearance hair!

Prim and Pixel has freebies and low priced outfits.

Sugar Mill is having a fun all day sidewalk sale and party. Lots of SL'ers here and they are having F-U-N! Drop by and dance!

L.A. Couture has a new freebie! Diamond heart Tiffany necklace!

Renegade has a lovely white formal gown for 1L, shoes and boots for 1L and casual outfits for 1-5L.

OneL outfits at Deka Designs.

Alady skins has the mother lode of free skins and accessories today at their skin expo. EIGHTY skins for 0L! OMG! I need to be alone for a moment..........okay back. What are you waiting for! Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay friends! Get going! You have a lot to do so jump on the limos above and shop!


Havi :)



Virginia is this GORGEOUS, lavish dress available for just 1L, for today, at Lemaina. The dress comes with rich lace detail, and complete with shoes, shown below.

If that deal wasn't sweet enough, wait, there's more!

If you wear Virginia to BLOOD DIAMOND JEWELRY, you can get a necklace & earrings, also called Virginia for FREE!

** Please note that you have to find shop owner Endra Graves, and be wearing the dress! **

Endra is also offering a mini-hunt, with more freebies at another location. Visit Blood Diamond on the Bosphorous sim, look for the heart balloons, they contain goodies!!

If you go inside the store, you will find gift bags with MORE prezzies!!

Much love, and many thanks to Lemania (& Summer) for teaming up with Endra and spoiling us with these amazing freebies!!



In October of 2008, I made a post where I was SO excited about finally hitting 10,000 page views. I have been writing Virtual Freebies since July of 2007 and it took that long to get to 10,000 page views.

Today, within the next few minutes, we will hit 50,000 page views!! I absolutely could not be happier! Thank you so much, my faithful readers!! You've really made my day!


Early morning freebies

*yawn* Drinking a cup of coffee and thought I'd see what I could line up for you for today.

Journey at
Prism Haute Couture has another dollarbie outfit for us. This Valentine's outfit includes hair and boots!

Striking Poses has their Playboy fatpack of poses for 1L. Go to the center of the store next to the group sign up. If you don't already belong to Striking Poses, do so! It's a Subscribe-O-Matic so won't take up any room in your groups!

Baby Monkey turns a year old today, so of course, we get the presents! Pixie put out a group gift which you can get by joining her group (several pairs of pumps), and a gift for anyone who goes by - a darling pair of fuschia pumps.

Whimsey has four gift boxes out at 1L each (and a Subscribe-O-Matic, which has skins as a welcome gift). One contains dresses, one contains hair, one has purses, and the last has lashes!

Sin & Secrets put out a cute new dollarbie - two tops and a black lace skirt, collectively called "Movie Night".

A&k Designs has a Valentine's catsuit for us, for free. Lots of group member gifts around as well.

SkinSane has redesigned their store (I approve! So much lighter and brighter now!) and has put out a new 1L skin. There's a 50L group skin as well.

Finally, I've started making shoes again. There are a pair of black and red sculpty pumps
here for you to buy for 1L (pay the box), and you can find more to purchase here. Please take a look around the mall while you're there! You'll find PixelDolls (everything in the store is only 50L!), Urban Funeral, Hax Clothing, AQUA, Emporio Caproni Skins, UK Couture, KA Designs, ShoeFly Shoes, and of course, a variety of my own stores.

~~~~~~~End of freebies (for now)

I wanted to talk a little bit about a designer that was mentioned on the blog the other day. Her store is called *IW* and her name is Inga Wind.

You all know me by now - when I find a designer that I think is outstanding, I just have to say a few words....and Inga is outstanding! She has an incredible
wall of freebies, and another of 50L outfits. Inga uses amazing textures to create original designs that you just won't find anywhere else in SL.

In the picture below, I am wearing Inga's "Rose in Red", which comes with a darling hat, earrings, and cute shoes.

I've told many people about Inga this past week, and they've all loved her designs! I encourage you to stop by today and take some time looking around the store (and buying!) and don't forget to grab the freebies...which you won't believe are free!

Havi's Freebies

Hey friends!

Red stilettos here!

Muslin at Riverwalk has a few freebies scattered about. It is a nice place to walk around after a long day at RL!

Sugar Mill is also a fun place to walk around! 5L beaded corset at A Piece of Candy. Found a fun pair of 0L bunny slippers just in time for the bunny here at Sanu. Violet Voltair has 1L jewelry -earrings and a necklace. 'After party slippers' and charms for a bracelet at Fussy. Tees with fun sayings at Electrocute.

Whole outfits for 0L here at Applewood. Poptart has some cute 1L shirts at i.hate.u.

1L pillows at Heavenly Treasures with a really cute animation. Jairis has 0L outfits and heart pillows in the window. Big box of 0L freebie at Sweet Shoppes.

Have fun!

Havi :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Morning Freebies!

Pussycat Creations has a 1L box with lots of outfits. Plus the store is a lot of fun with like, 12 lucky chairs!

Found tons of 0L gadgets here at DW.

Great AO, skin, and top here for 1L each at Flirtini.

Super psyched with this valentine hunt! Alyssa is one of my fav jewelry designers, so anything she offers is a must have for me!

Speaking on hunting, just found a 1L skin at Pulse! Had to work for this one friends! It is ON TOP of the Lorala 5 make ups sign!!! Across the way at Aisle 2 is another Pulse skin for 2L!

A-Bomb makes me happy! 1L tee and a great 0L gift box!!! Next door there is a little Cupcakes with a handful of 0L dresses! Love me some cupcakes! Niki Rose has a 0L pink formal gown just inside the store.

JayGee has two 0L outfits when you tp in. One is a casual skirt and cardigan and the other is a purple mesh outfit.

Shameless has a nice selection of matching tanks and shorts for 1L each on the patio and some cute summery dresses with sandals for 5L here! I ended up cruising the whole shopping area and found some unbelievable buys! Tons of clothes for men AND women for 2L!!! Worth a tp for sure!

Kiss This has a fun hunt right here. Read the instructions then have a blast! Tons of fun and cool Valentine Day stuff!

Heavenly Treasure has 1L eyes in FORTY seven colors!

Have a wonderful Thursday and STAY WARM~!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mid-week freebies...

Hello Folks!

Sorry for the lack of piccies in today's post, It seems my computer doesn't want to let me have fun with them like I normally do. I'll have them back for next time though :)

*Essential Soul Studio* has a puppet pose for 1L.

.:\D3R Poses/:. has 2 couple pose-sets for 1L each - called 'Behind' and 'Forgive Me'

Anakron Antique Furniture has 4 free gifts for you. There's a marble vase, a candle, a white and gold coffee table, and a gold dragon rug. These go very nicely as a set.

Mackenzie's Boutique has a few offers. All of the boots in this store have been knocked down to 5L - lots of colours, and there are ankle boots as well as calf length boots. Also, there are sets containing a beret, leg warmers, and a scarf for sale along one wall above the boots. These are 1L per colour set. Again, there is a big choice of colours.

Chez Gabrielle has an Asian Dress for 1L

Rock Me Amadeus has 12 dollarbies for sale. these are previous freebies, and in total are worth 3000L! Definitely worth a look.

Ki-Squared has a hair 'Bookworm' for 1L.

RBZ Designs has a fabulous mini dress in orange for 0L. Also there is a bargain corner with items under 25L.

Otaku Designs has a set of legwarmers in teal, a set of purple armwarmers and a couple of freebie tattoos for sale.

Next to Otaku, there is a store called Rare Breed. They have a free plaid cap, and a free fishnet top for sale. Also, there are some silver stars and hearts on the ground which you can buy for 1L, these have some goodies in them. There is also a chance to go dumpster diving! I pulled a pink outfit out of it, but not sure what else could be hidden in there.

Last, but not least, Curio Obscura has a selection of funky freebies. There are Sculptied top hats, a wonderfully fluffy fur jacket, and even a Zoetrope!



✿ ❤ 1L SHOE HEAVEN! ❤ ✿

Am I your favorite blogger?

What would you say if I told you that you could get 80 pairs of shoes for 80L?

Would it change your mind??

I swear to you, if you go to Brazillian Style, they have an ~ AMAZING SALE ~ and here is a sample of what you might find. In every delicious color imaginable!

If this wasn't awesome enough, there are deals on clothes as well! $20 for some outfits!!

Go get your shoes!!!


Massive Pixeldolls Sale

At the Mall at Cherry Park, you'll find every Pixeldolls item marked down to 50L! Hurry!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hi sexies!

Just a quickie post from me today.

First, and foremost, I heard about these awesome thigh high boots today, and ran to grab them from Vixen Fashions. These 4-inch heeled beauties are only available for a limited time.

While I was there, I noticed a freebie next door, at My Precious

This Othelia dress has 2 skirt options. (Shoes not included)

Yesterday's Closet has freebies on counter, you can also click on the freebie ring at this store.

::Fuzzy:: has a free hair style at the rez point. Its a round shaped box sitting on some crates in the corner.

[42] has an amazing sale this week, everything in store is L$42L Yes, this week only, shapes, skins, clothes, all L$42! Regular price on skins in this store is L$750, so its just like getting them for free!!

I'll be back with more for you soon!



Tuesday Morning Freebies

I must have skin on the brain this morning! Fleur has a terrific newbie skin pack with several choices for 0L and Weird Designs has several 0L, 1L, and 5L skins as well.

To go with your new skin, Laqroki has some modifiable 0L hair! After you pick up your hair, go here for a great 0L full outfit.

Add detail to your avi with this 0L manicure from *Reale.* Finish your complete Tuesday look with a very feminine 1L jewelry set from CCD.

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mostly Pink & Purple

I mentioned earlier about the Mistress boots at the Dominion Fashion District. These were exchanged today for new, purple patent leather stiletto boots with laced detail! These boots are fully sculpted in luxurious purple patent leather with a 4 inch heel!!

Beautifully styled and FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!

[Stellar] has some tintable stockings on offer for you, as well as free logo wear at the front of the store on the customer service counter.

Vinyl Cafe has more to offer us this week. 2 sequence tops, one in blue, and the other in silver.

If you've missed the other releases from Vinyl Cafe, they are still available.

*Iced* has a Valentine's day gift set out, right by the subscribe-o-matic

Pannies has a Valentine Garfield shirt, set out on the table in the middle of the store.

Shapes by Zada has a freebie wall that includes really unique eyes, "fantasy fun packs" (one for male, another for female).

Shopportunity has redecorated their store,and to celebrate has a couple of new freebies for us, including pink unisex pajamas, and a pink "Suzie Q exclusive outfit."

There are several pieces to this ensemble that can be mixed & matched to create endless outfits. Check out how cute the shoes are, these are included as well.

Nice, Sciavre Allen's Store has weekly gifts. This weeks is a peach colored gown for the ladies, and an oxford blue striped shirt for the gents.

Axel still has gifts out under the tree in the middle of the sim, as well as a new offering, which will be available until Friday, January 30th, entitled Zoo York.

TOPCATS will be hosting a hunt between 1st February and 28th February 2009 to celebrate her 1st year in SL and Valentine's day. An exclusive outfit has been made for the event and is split into 9 prizes and pose stand, which may be found anywhere on the site. Check out that store for more details.

Dolly Rock has a lovely Valentine inspired t-shirt available to us for free. Be sure to hit the subscribe-o-matic while you are there to be the first to know about her freebies, and new releases. This is one of my favorite stores.

Lisa's Things has a sheer purple body stocking for 0L as well as group gifts if you decide to join her group.

I have include a rear view for you here, as the front is very sheer, and I'm shy? LOL

House of Lafay has a lacy Valentine sweater for 5L. It's very pretty, and very feminine.

has 1L animations for your AO, as well as a free hud to put them in. 51 AO stands, and 27 mixed poses for the ladies. That's a cheap AO. 30 male AO stands, and 25 mixed poses for the guys! "Score!!" is all I can say

There are Valentine's Day Dollarbies at the Jezzelbel Rock main store. A cute "Queen of Heart" top, and pair of Vixen boots to match, priced at 1L each.

That's all I have for you today ladies.


JayGee Exclusive Designs has a button down white shirt in it's gift bag for 0L. I have searched SL for a white button down! Whoo hoo! Score one for Havi!

If you haven't been inundated with hearts and flowers and candy on SL, then you probably don't realize V-Day is just around the corner!!! Antovic has a cute 10L Valentine Knit outfit downstairs and a 1L January bracelet upstairs. Numen has a super cute 'Valentine' tank on the table as you walk in for 1L. It is really more of an everyday tank but it is cute. The store itself is worth the tp!!! Very elegant, very detailed. A feast for the eyes!

So while shopping with my partner for the ubitiquous landscaping supplies ( grrrrrrrrr) I stumbled across a cute freebie outfit for 0L at Mystic Designs. The beach bum, er bunny in me is always searching for nice lounging stuff and I ran across a white lingerie set here. It is not for public wearing but if you are working on your tan........'Course we had to relog because he was messing with the animations but it was worth it for a great find, lol.

Speaking of partners, if you are taking the plunge or have already, or just love jewelry ,check out Jewelry by Lynn. She has a darling gold band set for females as well as males upstairs for 10L. Across the way, Bonita's offers a freebie that has fast become one of my fav accessories. It is an antique wrapped pearl necklace. The color is divine and the pearls look great with casual as well as formal outfits. Next door is a cool lucky chair platform with a neat pair of freebie shoes on the wall. Just a great sim altogether.

I stumbled upon another elegant sim with a great store offerng four freebies both casual and formal. Abia Capalini is a really pretty store with high quality clothes, so I was super excited to find some great pieces to add to my ever growing inventory. My Style offers a pair of freebie jeans and a face light at the counter. I love my face light so I highly recommend getting it if you don't have one already. My fav, most best fitting jeans were a gift from my friend Marci Delight though, available at Tiki Delight along with a bunch of other cool freebies, so I stick with what works for me. Let me know if you like these jeans and I will give them the ol' college try, lol.

My friend Vivian im'd me last night for some free outfits at a store called *IW* . I was trying to help a noobie find some quality stuff, so I couldn't look around as much as I would have liked. The owner happened to be there and after I left she im'd me and thanked me for coming by and sent me the MOST gorgeous dress! The dress is amazing. The skirt couldn't be more fluid. Oh my gosh these freebie outfits are TOO LIVE FOR! They are 0L on the back wall. The sim she is on is really pretty too. I am so nosy I like to go into every place I see! I go into homes and rip off, er borrow decorating ideas.

Phantasm has a 0L orange mini dress just out.

Dona Flora has some 1L jewelry and skin on the table in the middle of the store.

Free skin in two color tones and shape at Cybernetic! Hope you readers appreciate it because I had to do some serious elbowing in the lag to get it! Until tomorrow......


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Havi's First Post

Hi!!! My name is Havilah, but friends call me Havi- and other various and sundry names that shall not be repeated in polite company!!! I am 78 days old and addicted to SL! I have been a freebie chaser since day one and I have very refined tastes lol!! SL offers some really nice stuff and I can sniff them out from a few hundred miles away!!!! I blog like I talk, fast and a lot!!!!!!! Looking forward to sharing with you sweet readers!!

FINALLY! I found an awesome free hoodie for MEN that I can transfer to my guy! He loves hoodies and I do as well, so this is a joyous find!! Located in The Sea Hole on a really cool sim.

Also on this whimsical sim is The Fairies and the store has a few landscaping freebies. They look like fun!!! I am considering rezzing the doghouse freebie on my parcel for when my partner uses up too many prims on his 'building projects!!!' Have fun chasing rainbows and butterflies!!!

I went to check out a bathing suit but found a bunch more goodies at Veronica's Secret!

Chelsea's Creations is the store where I bought one of my all time fav dresses for 35L, so when she offered a dollarbie I jumped on the tp! Cute, cute, cute pants and corset outfit.

If you walk around in formals :) you will love Bliss Couture's freebie. It is a romantic long dress. Very elegant.

In the same sim as Chelsea's you will find Elisabeth's Store with a great freebie next to the stairs. The gift bag contains a neat picture frame and some nice jewelry.

Speaking of household stuff, check out Calia's Design's. She has an awesome low prim lamp as her 'January gift.' I am forever trying to trim prims, and Calia's makes this primpossible task more bearable!

Serendipity has some great sales on the second floor. I have observed that the 'Asian look' is making a fashion splash and they have a really nice dress here for 10L.

So, I am all about name dropping in SL since I can't afford this stuff in RL and Arrongard has a 1L burberry bikini! If you are a beach bum, er, bunny in SL this is great for you!!!


As you may have noticed....

The blog template has changed! I lost some of the boxes you're used to seeing and will be adding those back in as quickly as possible. Bear with me while I get it all straightened out!

One of the things I lost was my bloglist. If you know of a blog that I formerly linked to, please let me know if it's missing!

In the meantime, here's a quick item for you.

Philotic Energy is offering a 1L limited edition hair! I'm sure this will be packed, so you may want to wait until a little later today.

We'll be back to normal soon!



Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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