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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hey Ya'll!

Prism has some cuteness for Easter!

Convoitise has a really sexy dollarbie called Gigi and a flouncy 15L dress called Jessie Blue!

has 2 freebie outfit for the guys!

LOTS of pretties at Swain's! Ball gowns for 0L and 10L!!!

Badoura has a cute floral freebie dress!

Burner Steel has some awesome motorcycles, er, bikes for 10L!!! The owner was there when I dropped by and he was SUPER helpful! VROOM VROOM!!! Hurry before the price goes up!

LVS has some SWEET little dresses for 1L!!!!

Cottage Gardens
has one prim landscaping for 1L!!!

Shiny object for 1L at Sys! Diamond and topaz bracelet! Ooooh more shiny goodness at PxP Prestige! 0L turquoise coral dangle earrings!

Kalloni Mall is having a fun hunt, but it is worth the tp just hang to with this guy!!!! LOL!

Du Papillon has a really pretty 'Rainbow' dress for 1L.

Clover has a tee with a message for this weekend ( and everyday! ) Turn around and you will see one of the hunt eggs as well.

Fab Pony has an Easter gift for us! A cute tube dress- yay!

My sl bff tp'd me this morning for a free shape and skin at Madame Couture! Thanks for the hook up Miss Nik!

Have fun!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday night freebies

Penelope Heron of !mpossible tapped on my window today and told me that she had a new freebie out. What she didn't tell me was that she completely remodeled her store! It really looks good and there are a lot of new things out (be sure to look at the "wool vests" which are really cute....4 colors for only 70L!!!). She also has a new freebie out for us...his and her matching jeans with shirt and tie. Then go here and get the April Designer's Gift Box which contains a pair of male shoes and a female skirt. While they aren't free, I wanted to mention that there are a lot of really nice men's clothes here for some extremely reasonable prices. ;)

I've mentioned Rossini's FreeStore before, but they've added a second floor, and it's very nice. There is a free art piece, gorgeous enough for any home (and it's been gracing my livingroom for a couple of weeks), clothing, and even hair, all tastefully presented.

I think that's it from me, but keep reading below for Savvy's incredible Friday post!


Friday Fun

Oh, the goodness I found in the H&S Village today! I didn't find all the eggs ... but this is what I did find!!

Majestic Shapes had 5 eggs to find. These eggs are hidden all over the sim, not just around the store. As always, Emily has spoiled us with lots of goodness from the store. There are tops, and lingerie, and shapes, stuff for guys. The list is endless!

Pulling Strings has some great poses in the hunt, including prezzies from the latest releases! Owner of this store, is the sexy Hunt Hostess as well Ms. Elle Kirshner. Elle puts a lots of time in to her super cool poses & animations.

These are definitely not your static model poses, and are sure to add an element of fun to your pics!

There are prizes from her latest releases as well.

The Papparazzi set is for the SL Superstar in all of us, and lots of fun!

Olive Juice has 4 eggs filled with goodness.

The black winged tee, the bunneh parts, the leg warmers, and the shorts all shown above, are gift from the eggs! *kisses to Swan Ling for these amazing goodies"

Sardonic Sounds donated awesome gestures as prizes. If you're looking for the best in witty, funny, and silly sound gestures - this is where you need to be. This store has just recently opened, and owner Giskard Kessel takes orders for custom work as well.

Touche also has 4 yummy eggs, in and around her store. Find them all, and you will have this cute outfit. Thank you Trebel!

Check out Touche's Main Store for shoes, and accessories.

Second Spaces did not disappoint! OMG! Elle was abundantly generous with her hunt prizes!

Find the 5 hidden eggs, to collect all the pieces as shown above! Total & complete awesomeness!
The fabric on the cushions of the daybed, and chair have pink & blue skulls! Its super cute grungy girl!

I adore this set, and happen to own many pieces from Second Spaces.

I appreciate Elle's attention to detail, and originality of her work. Elle has even created the poses in these pieces.

2 Xtreme has created
this awesome butterfly as a Hunt exclusive.

[AMG Boudoir] gifts us with this fab "Elena" hair.

HLD spoils us with this yummy spring outfit.

Lemania's retiring dollarbie today is Twiggy. In the 1960s, at 16, Twiggy became the first prominent teenage model. She was known for her large eyes, long eyelashes, and thin build, and is regarded as one of the most famous models of all time.

Don't miss your chance to own this tribute, for just 1L! As always, this will be available until 9am tomorrow morning.

The French Farm, has an amazing deal for 1L. Check out this uniquely sexy cocktail dress!

Look for a Carrot Hunt at the Farm on Sunday for more freebie goodness!!

Ova Hauled is an awesome Neko type store. In celebration, Ova Hauled is offering an Easter Tail & Ear set for 0L. This is only available until Sunday! Don't miss out on your chance to get the 17 texture change fully scripted tail & ears, with interactions for the owner, and friends! The ears are nicely decorated with egg earrings !!

There are a few other freebie items for your inner Neko as well as a subscribo, and monthly gifts for group members.

The shops at Crush Row have eggs set out, filled with goodness! Some eggs are set at 0L, others at 1L. Participating shops include:

Vendetta Garden has some seasonal gifts for your home. An orchid, and a bougainvillea.

F&C has this fantastic shark skin mini dress.

Pididdle gives us this "blob" jewellry set, in awesome spring colors.

Akai gives us this long sleeved shirt as shown above in one of the eggs in the store. There are actually 4 to behold, 2 include poses, and the other egg is stuffed full of sexy tube top goodness.

Coco spoils us with a gem bracelet.

Aoharu - gives us the cute bunny flats as shown in many of the pics :)

HiFi - twisted pink cotton beanie & pink Frankie Rat Queen hat.

Modd G has this awesome bikini.

*BOOM* gives us a 50L gift card good for 365 days, so you can use it any way you choose.

.:Malt:. Fashions generously gifted us with bracelets, and ties, in 2 colors.

:[MudHoney]: has created this awesome Easter basket pose, called Exhausted Bunneh!

After all this hunting today, I am an exhausted bunny!

Have fun!

Hugs, Sav

Not a freebie, but...

Introducing the 'DCNY Girl' Contest! Because everyone loves a photo contest, right?

Beginning immediately and continuing until further notice, DCNY Clothing Co. will be looking for unique fresh faces to be featured in store posters. The DCNY Girl of the month will be selected from the dedicated DCNY Flickr Pool (http://www.flickr.com/groups/dcny/), the only catch is that you have to submit your photos there to be selected, and be wearing your DCNY Clothing in all entered Photos. Entrants will be limited to 10 photos in the pool, but are welcome to remove and replace photos as they wish. Be creative! get our attention!

Each month DCNY Clothing Co. CEO, Dave Casanova, and DCNY Supermodel & Photographer, Anessa Stine will select a single winner. The winner will be asked to model a newly released DCNY outfit in a poster that will appear in DCNY Locations for the following month, they will also recieve the full color fatpack of the outfit they are asked to wear, and appear in a blog entry.

Here are some basic RULES:
**Photoshop or Other Graphics Program Enhancements Are Welcome.
**If You Use More Then One Flickr Account to Submit Your Photographs, You Will Be Disqualified, it is 10 Per Person.
**Please Indicate If Photographer and Model(s) Are Different Avatars in Photo Description.
**Please Include Your Full Avatar Name and the DCNY Items worn in the Photo Description.
**No Nudity or Sexually Explicit Photos, No Weapons or Violence. This is a PG Contest.
** All entries must be tagged as follows "DCNY Girl Contest".

Please note: All photos submitted become property of DCNY Clothing Co. and may be used for advertising or promotional purposes at any time. All submitted photos must be property of the person submitting it, they should also not contain any copyrighted or ill gotten content. Failure to comply with any of the above will mean instant disqualification.

Thank-you and get snapping!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

YaY! It's Thursday!!

Lemania continues with her dollarbie dresses. This is called Royal Red, and will be available until 9am on Friday, April 10th

The awesome shoes were an Easter hunt gift from Ivalde.

mayB clothes made in Lutestring has a free gift for you.

From April 8-11 the Ivalde sim is having an Easter Egg Hunt. There are at least 12 eggs to be found - 3 eggs in the Aurora Borealis Main Store & 9 across the sim with new unique outfits from Ivalde/L'Abel.

These stores are also having a sale for the duration of the hunt! Be sure to check out the 50% off goodness!! Good Luck, and happy hunting!

Simply Britnee Hair has several dollarbie styles to choose from.

Vinyl Cafe, oh how I love thee .... More free stockings! YAY! This week, its yummy Argyle

I popped in to a new store to me called Pretty Lady. They have a subscribo just outside the main door, and I of course tapped that right away. (I am such a junkie!) I made my way inside the store and noticed a bag on the counter, so I grabbed that up too! There is a Midnight Mania board, and before you ask .. Yes, I hit that too!) LOL

Sole Sisters has an Easter Freebies, as part of the Honey Bunny Hunt.

15 eggs - 5 Different Stores - all goodies are inside the stores ... Happy Hunting!

ALL eggs are inside of this store!

Aqua, until 4pm Friday you can get this Babe dollarbie. The color this week is with orange* trim !!
Be sure to stop by before 4pmslt on Friday, April 10th - after that, the outfit goes back up to regular price. While you are there, be sure to check out the Midnight Mania board, which is set reasonably, and the Mob Vend!

Prism has 1L shoes for Easter.

Rebel Hope is offering rewards for putting them in your profile pics. Simply be in the store to add them - come back a day later, click the reward sign, and Voila! Free good stuff! Super easy. Here is a look at what goodies you could have ...

There is also a HUNT on the sim. Here's what the note card says about the hunt:

"Every year RH and I do an Easter egg hunt. We fill these cute little eggs with cute and goofy things. This hunt is meant for fun and to get away from the stress of RL and your SL dramas. This is a hunt though....some eggs will be hidden a bit hard to find and some out in the open. Please don't IM us complaining about not being able to find the eggs and can we just give them to you...lol! Just have some fun with it and enjoy the fun and goofy things in the eggs."

There are 17 eggs total and some contain multiple items. You will get a folder when you buy the egg for 0L.

The Hunt is on until Monday. Have fun!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another freebie of a different kind :)

I'm a bad bad blogger. It's true, I am. A couple of weeks ago, I told you about Claire's tips for finding out your skin color...but didn't follow through...tsk.

But Alicia over at What the Fug did! She created this *awesome* tutorial for coloring your feet for Stiletto Moody and Slink's shoes. I saw the tutorial while I was on my Blackberry and could not wait to get home and start working on my shoes. My SM and Slink's look great - now if I could apply this tip to my J's, I'd be in heaven!

So anyway...go check it out! But come on back for more freebie goodness when you're done ;)



I am sure you recall that I mentioned about my friends Shannon & Claudia's new pose store, NLimbo recently.

I was not aware that they were having a hunt, in celebration of their grand opening! I just happened to pop in there today and noticed the poster.

You only have until midnight tonight to grab up these goodies, so hurry over! There are amazing poses ... if you're a fan of the movie, Twilight, you MUST go!

There are 12 gifts to be found. You are looking for well hidden angel wings, that look like this:

Shannon & Claudia are tricky "bishes"
(that's a term of endearment, in case you were wondering) and have strategically placed the wings throughout the store.

I apologize for the short notice on this, and Shannon has promised to alert me sooner in the future!

GO NOW! GET THE GOODS!! If you see the girls, be sure to tell them I sent you!


p.s. Not all poses are inside the store. Have a look out front too! :)

Jewelry Freebies

Uzuri is one of my favorite jewelry stores and I was over there this morning buying a new pair of earrings when I stumbled upon...omg....freebies! You'll find the Quest necklace and separate Quest earrings, in a beautiful wood tone. Uzuri's prices are always reasonable for the high quality you get, but I'd never expect to find the Quest set as a freebie!

Do hurry over today. Uzuri also sells skins and clothing, so be sure to take a look around and see what else may strike your fancy!

Hey Ya'll!

Cute blue 'Princess Flatties' at Wirefly!

Alatiel Fashions
has a new gift!

Axel has a dollarbie hoodie with eight different shades of hair included!

LOTS of dollarbie goodness at Opium!

Carols in the Woods has a jewelry set freebie!

KO Designs has a couple of really cute whole outfits for 1L.

Sun Made Designs has a blue freebie! Shirt, skirt, and shorts!

AV has the most ADORABLE dollarbie!

Sugar Mill has a tank, hair, and pose for 50L- not a freebie or a dollarbie, but not bad for all three!

Have fun!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A skin hunt!

Easiest hunt I've ever participated in ;)

Claire over at Symphony Skins is getting ready to release her new series of skins, so she's put out three dollarbie skins from her last series (one is actually unreleased and was her personal skin). She didn't want to make it too easy on us, so she "hid" them.

While you're there, check out the prices on her retiring series (Painful for me since I just paid full price a week ago...arrrrgh!).

Hurry over!


Midweek Goodness - some LIMITED TIME!

Hello lovelies!

I have a few things to share with you today! First being the 'Cutie Bunny' version of Eva Bella patent leather ankle boots from our friends at Eva on the Dominion sim. (More Eva boots - Yay!)

These gorgeous ankle boots are among my favorite things in my inventory. These seasonal delights are done in luscious tan and white patent leather with pastel colored Easter eggs on each side, and an adorable little Easter bunny peeking out from behind. Come get your pair of cuteness they are around for a limited time only!

Bala Diva Designs has a few goodies for the taking. I love this taupe colored set called Char Brown.

You will also find a Mob Vend, & a midnight madness board, lucky chairs, and a subscribo at this store. What are you waiting for? Go now!!

[42] has more awesome freeness! Check out these eyes, and go get them!

Artic Design - Desteny's Corner - has gifts for the ladies, and the gents.

This 5 piece bikini set is the freebie of the week. Shown here is the bikini, with lace overlay. There is also a blue skirt option if you prefer.

Maleeka has some deals!

Like these gorgeous red silks - complete with a henna tattoo.

Romfriend Designs has a free dress. Check out the new releases while you're there.

Opium Wear has a free belt on the Customer Service desk of the main store, and sexy leo bra & panties set can be found upstairs!

I expect lots more goodness for this store. Ladies, take your guys as well. They have some great stuff for him too.

Last, and certainly not least, we have more generosity from Lemania! "Eartha," is the retiring dollarbie of the day, and its a fantastic leopard print dress, complete with skin.

Eartha Kitt was an American actress/singer, and is probably best known for her 1950's Christmas song "Santa Baby." The Late Eartha Kitt passed away this past December, on Christmas Day, at the age of 81.

I'll be back soon with more!


p.s. Stay tuned for more info ....


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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