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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Early Saturday Morning Freebies

Unique Monsoo is offering two new freebies today. One is a red and gold outfit that is either pants, dress, or lingerie, and the other is a beige skirt and top. She's also put up a new outfit that comes with a sculpted bra!! Be sure to check that out!

Garments Reborn has several freebies out. The names aren't descriptive beyond color, but I believe they're mostly dresses.

Southern Charmed brings us four new freebie outfits. She also has some nice candles out for 1L each. Halloween has landed here and you'll find Halloween candles and decorations for 1L each as well.

Kuri Style offers a "one piece dress" in blue (look on the wall), for 1L. While the dress itself isn't spectacular, there are a lot of cute dresses around the store for 50L, and four bikinis outside the store in a box for 1L.

If you like retro, check out Girl's Style 60's Shop. There are some free t-shirts on the floor, and a free tattoo and retro bracelet in one bag in the display case, and 3 free denim shirts in another bag.

AuroraSkye Creations is offering a cute "fractal art" dress for 1L. Make sure you're looking at the 1L dress - I accidentally bought a 350L dress by moving too quickly. But this awesome creator made it right for me! I highly recommend her! :)

Awesome Designs is offering a free outfit, complete with jewelry. Look for the hatbox between the two big square displays.

OK, that's it for this morning! Oh, by the way, to the person commenting that we don't post the prices - most of the time we do. Sometimes one will get by us, but usually we say if it's a freebie or a dollarbie. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Night Freebies!!!

OK this is gonna be quick cause I got a party to go to! YAY! he he

At Rory's there are several dollarbies. 2 Boxes of Gucci bags and 1 Pair of slides. Also she has her new release out on the front window 1L also, beautiful dress! I know Honey brought you all to this sim already with Lil Foxy's shoes but I had to put this in here because of Rory's stuff. I got to meet her today and she is lovely. If she is there when you stop by, please say hello and let her know you found her through this blog!

At Winter Moon I found several freebie skins and 2 shirts. If you go in the store you will find all their skins at 50L.

A Piece of Candy is having a nice sale right now. On the upper back wall you will find a bunch of items, shirts, sweaters, pants and more for 1L. If you look around the store you will find other sale items from 50L and up. Enjoy!

And at Huxly's Castle you will find all their skins at 10L and when you are facing the skins on the wall to your right there is a dress for 1L.

Have a great night!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

We are gonna keep you busy tonight!

I have been hoarding up my list of freebies too, though not quite as long as Honey's they are still nice.

At Truth you will find 7 dollarbie fat packs of hair 3 for men and 4 for women. However only 5 of them are in one spot the other 2 are in the general area of them I'm sure you will find them. Also take a look around. They are having a "discontinued" sale on all their current hair. 50L for the shade packs and 350L for the fat packs, there is also a sale on all their clothes as well... cheap prices great clothes. And there is a skin line in there on sale for 400 each skin and some fat packs for 800, beautiful stuff! check it out!

At Sweetest Goodbye you will find a cute white shirt and a very cute tote. Now, I'm not a tote/purse type person in SL but I have been wearing this one since I got it! Love it! Great things as well in this store, great prices too.

At Philotic Energy you can find a men's and women's hair packs 1L per shade.

At Tousled Hair you can find 2 free hairs and a face light.

These next four places are all in the same sim. But I will give you store names and landmarks. But please look around this place has a beautiful selection of clothes and jewelry.
  • At Alphamale you can find leather jacket and jeans for the men.
  • At Blacklace sexy lingerie for the ladies.
  • At Blacklace Couture a stunning formal gown. And I know its stunning because I have wore it already and I just got it yesterday!
  • And at Aluinn you can find some beautiful jewelry to go with your gown!

That's it for now, sorry to bug you with all the hair.. I'm on a hair kick right now. Soon to change though!


Thursday Freebies!

Hi gang, have a few for you today. :)

At MMM Designz, you will find a bag next to the door with a free pair of heels.

KA Designs is giving us another free skin! There are actually a few, and they come with an outfit.

SySy has put out a ballgown for 1L called Fleur Noir. This is a limited edition gown, so hurry! You'll also find leggings and tank tops for 1L, and two beach sets for 1L each.

Relance has a dress out next to the couch. Can't open on the premises and the box isn't descriptive.

Lil Fox Couture Shoes is offering two pairs of heels - one magenta snakeskin, and one pucci print for 10L each. They're on the planter and will only be available until midnight tonight.

At Crestfallen, you will find a wide variety of free skins in 3 tones, with 11 different makeups, shapes included!

At DD Style, there are gifts for both men and women - bikinis in 3 colors for the ladies, and lounge shirts for the men.

It's Lemania Indigo's Rez Day and she's giving US gifts! She's put out several dollarbies and reduced price items. Look for the balloons, and happy Rez Day, Lemania! :)

OK, that's it for today!

Oops, one more! A new store opened today called SupremeClothing. Drop by and wish the owner, Nizar Redstar well, and pick up the two free tops she put out. :) While you're there, turn around and locate the little wagon kiosk. There are freebies there too, one being from Simply Rose, who I had tried to locate last week at a different location. I was happy to find her freebies here too!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Morning Freebies

I had a list of freebies for ya'll yesterday but I was too busy looking for work in RL and working in SL to get them posted for you. So without keeping you any longer... your freebies.

At Cynthetic, there is a gift bag in the store but don't forget to take a look around because there is a hunt going on around the sim too!

At **WonderHair**, there are three men's and 3 women's hair styles for free. There are also several hair styles on sale in color packs for 50L each in the middle of the store, look for a walled off section with a sign in big red letters that say "SALE"!

And at Mirada Hair, there are 4 free hair styles and 3 dollarbie hair styles. Also to the right as you enter the door there are 2 bookshelf like things filled with clothes and costumes for 10L.

Happy hunting and have a great day!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A mess of freebies :)

Due to content theft and the thief selling the items, Digital Knickers is giving away some of their things. Look under the staircase.

For only a few more hours, at RBZ Designs, you can get a lovely black dress for free. Be sure to check the red gown next to it...only 75L! Also, look on the table, there's a freebie bag for men, and one for women.

At Annuarisu Fashion, there are 3 free dresses, along with some other freebies. They're on the top floor of the building, if the slurl doesn't take you directly there.

Teleport to this next one and go get a cup of coffee. *smile* Angelico B Designs is offering a cute pair of pants with a handprint on them ;) There is also a couple of pairs of boots for 1L, 12 pairs of ballet flats in a box for 12L, and a dress called Bat in blood red. Be sure to look around this store...there's a lot here!

For a very short time, at Symphony Skins, you can get a lovely female skin for only 1L.

Kungler's has a new freebie up - a cute red floral top with white shorts, and includes tattoo and nails!

Donna Flora has a lovely purse for you. You'll have to go all the way into the store. The gift box is on the couch.

Contoure Shapes has a male shape (Matthew, on the wall) for only 1L and a sexy dress for the ladies. These are on either side of the door.

At Aoharu Walk, on the walls, you can find free ladies shoes - a pair of snow boots, and a pair of black heels with a red ribbon. These are only good through the 4th. There are other boots in their group gifts, if you'd like to join the group and get those.

Whew...ok, that's it!

Oh hey, on the voting for Virtual-Freebies thing...when you click the green button, try to pick a site lower than VF. Apparently, a bunch of people click on sites higher ranked than us and pushed us way, way down. Either way, I DO appreciate you voting! :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday afternoon freebies!

I hope you guys are wearing your running shoes! Between Lorri and I, it looks like we're going to keep you hopping!

Amplify has a pair of wedge shoes for only 1L for a limited time, you'll need to hurry for these! Look for the purple gift box in the kiosk outside the store. There are dollarbies inside the store as well.

At Destiny Lights, you'll find a gorgeous dress called Primavera (only good until Friday). You'll also find beautifully crafted dresses, appropriate for role play of various kinds.

OK, I really wanted to give you more, but SL seems to be having major issues today.

Good luck and have fun! By the way, please remember to vote for Virtual Freebies, by clicking the little blue box at the top right of the sidebar, clicking the green button, and most importantly, checking out another blog you find there. Thanks :)

Monday Morning Freebies and Great Deals

Hey! I'm back today after taking yesterday off to spend with my hubby. I have a few freebies and some great deals for you today.

At (Yummy), There is a freebie on the table. This link may take you to the store down stairs but just go up there and get your freebie. This is a cute store it has lockets you can put your photos in!

At Twosome, There are some dollarbies on the table outside and inside the door, also on the wall by the table inside there are some more dollarbie items. If you like fun clothes, this is the place to be!

At Caroline's Jewelry, There is a counter to the left as you enter the door with some gift cards on it, there is also a freebie box with some earrings, a necklace and a bracelet in it. Take a look around this store too there is a ton of nice things here including Cameo Lockets you can put photos in.

And last but not least E! Eclectic Accessories. There are no freebies here but if you like silly things like nerd glasses and top hats with bunnies sticking out of them they have these for 1-10L . But also take a look around this store. There are several accessories and cute things around.. and I didn't find a single thing that was more than 50L.

Happy Shopping!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Morning Freebies

Good morning! A couple of freebies for you this morning.

Yesterday, while looking for something else, I stumbled across a store called Silver Couture. They're offering package containing a dress that the top of which also goes with the pants that are included, and there's an additional tank top that goes with both, and a necklace. Quite nice.

ShoeFly Shoes is offering a 200L gift card to anyone who comes into the store, good through this weekend only (includes Monday). They're gone Monday night, so hurry on over! By the way, joining ShoeFly's group would be an investment in your shoe closet - he's constantly giving away freebies to his group!

Southern Charmed has marked everything in the store, including new releases, down to 1L! From now until October 31, all sales will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Buy generously!

That's it for now!


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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