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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yay, it Thursday!!

Together Inc. has a cool dollarbie in the discount section. The LM should drop you right in front of it. If not, take the teleporter to the Discount section, and its up on the wall.

Khush has a FREE as well! Take a look at these jeans! They come plain, or pumpkin adorned just in time for Halloween.

These jeans are low cut, and sexy, with great prim legs!

Orage Creations
is having a Pumpkin Hunt which started on the 20th & runs til the 31st. 8 pumpkins hidden around the store. If you've been following the blog for a while, you know I love this store!

Here is a peek at the goodness!

The "Little Horror Wall" is a great gift. It adds ambiance, as well its a great prop for your festive pics.

Here is a closer look at the cute witch outfit, which I absolutely LOVE!!

The adorable boots are also a prize, as well as the copper bracelet.

There is also, a skin! Its a pretty one.

Also available, is the Halloween skin, which is just 50L.

The fabulous eyelashes are also from *OC* not free, but worth the 150L in my opinion.

Don't forget to check on the upper floors there are freebies & cheapies to be had as well. This is really good stuff girls! Definitely worth the trip!

I also heard (from Honeybear) that CodeBastard is giving all of the eyes she created 2 years ago as a ten-dollarbie, all 77 colors!

We'll be back soon with more!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween dollarbie

La Petite Morte is offering the above background for 1L! It's not just a background, it's also got the broom and sit pose...Very cute and if you're a photobug like me, you'll have a blast with it! Look for the Subscribe-O-Matic while you're there, there's another gift in it! ;)


FOR TODAY ONLY!! This outfit can be yours for just 10L at Ooh La La

This Style is a new release, and appropriately colored for Halloween. Everything you see here is included!

Convoitise by By Toume Yao & Ondeline Pera has a gorgeous Halloween gown for just 10L.

You can also pick up the Lea Purple for 5L.

The shoes I am wearing are free and available at The Dominion. Here's a closer look.

They come in a 4-pack. In addition to the black, as shown above, you also get red, gold & white. Available for a limited time only, so hurry over.

~ Tea Lane ~ has 2L novelty skins, inspired by the Rocky Horror picture show. The fat pack of 9 skins, is available for just 10L!

Relentless Couture has seasonable dollarbies for the neko in all of us!

These tails are so cutely decorated with pumpkins, as are the ears, with adorable tufts of fur pointing outward. You don't have to decided which set you're going to buy, at 1L each, you can get both!!

Surreal Style Tattoos has an awesome tat on the MM board for the ladies!

Be sure to spank that MM board. I am # 8 LOL!

Belle Morte is having a Halloween mini hunt. You are searching for orange hearts. The prize? Four themed tanks, for just 5L each.

(Hint: You'll need to take the teleporter to find heart # 3 & 4)

These tanks are currently retailing for 150L for the fat pack, and come on several layers and include an undershirt in a different color. Take some time, explore the sim, and save yourself some serious cash!

Have fun!

We'll be back soon with more.


Align Center


Cilian'gel and [hate this] proudly present the "Happy Halloween Hunt" which takes place at Valefar, the main location of Cilian'gel.

You will also find a minion store of [hate this] deep in the cellar!

There are 4 original outfits, designed exclusively for this hunt, in some of the pumpkins around the store. They are FREE - if you can find them. Two of the outfits are for ladies, the other two look great on guys AND gals!

Here is a sneak peek of what's available! Below, is the "Fallen Leaves" male outfit from [hate this].

The dark brown denim style jeans look great on Justice, and I love how they hug my butt!

The female gift is just as fabulous. It comes with a leafy necklace, form fitting top, patterned leggings & skirt.

I think we need to check out more of what [hate this] has to offer. So far, I am loving it!

Below are the "Got Pumpkin" outfits from Cilian'gel.

Look closely at the stockings ladies, they are adorned with the cutest pumpkin, and ribbon!

You can remove the jacket, that Justice is wearing, and you have an outfit that looks something like this. (cool cap, also included!).

It had been a while since I had stopped by Cilian'gel, so I had a look around. You are still able to camp for goodies, pick up freebie t-shirts, and there is also an outfit for the "Making Strides" fundraiser.

Check out the goodness on the MM board!

Only 10 people are needed to get the gift. Help me out on this, won't you please?!

The hunt items will be out until Halloween ... maybe even November 1st. Be sure to check it out, along with the other incredibly detailed costumes in the store.

We'll be back with more soon.


Monday, October 19, 2009

The 80's

One of my personal favorite eras of fashion has got to be the 80's. Who does not love the bright colors and the big chunky jewelry. Intrigue co. has 3 awesome dollarbies in their new store, 2 are hoodies and one is a cute shirt. Oh and can't forget about the pop rings but they are 5L each!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Its that time of year when all the wonderful fall colors are in full bloom and who can forget about the great Halloween treats.

Bliss Couture has put out their Halloween freebie. Great to wear for all the parties we have this time of year.


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