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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Almost forgot...

SKG Shoes has a new outfit and shoes out for 10L each, hurry over!


Some news and some freebies

Hi everyone! I have a few updates for you and a few freebies as well.

!mpossible has moved to Fierce Island and has a big gift for us (I haven't opened it yet...go anyway....good stuff).

Striking Poses has put out the Tatiana del Toro pose (remember American Idol's "screamer"?) for 1L and marked many other items down to 25L each!

Glam Couture has got a cute little pink dress out for 1L and has released several new styles. Stop by and pick up your dollarbie and be sure to take a look around at all the new goodness!

I got a note today from Samsara Nishi at Sam's Secret, saying that June 1 is Paint the Grid Purple day, in order to bring awareness to Relay for Life. To help us do our part, she's giving us
a great purple lingerie set.

While we're at this, let's spell out this "Paint the Grid Purple" thing:


Join us, show your support and wear purple on June 1st.

On the first day of June, if you are going for a stroll or if you are having a party with friends, wear a purple ribbon, toss on purple clothes, turn your house lavendar even - and yell out to the world that you support the fight in against cancer!

This idea came out of a Relay For Life Group Chat, where the subject was about giving support to those who are in the waiting stage in their fight against cancer, pointing out how hard and scary that part is and how support from others helps so much easy, just knowing others are there.

When Jasmine, Zoie, Tari, Kat, Nikkie, Spaci, Jane - relay volunteers - started talking about how in real life whole towns would turn purple to show support for the fight against cancer; they decided it would be an awesome idea to do the same here in SL. Not everyone has money to give or even time to spend, but everyone can wear purple.

COME ON! Purple Day doesn't cost one red cent or one virtual linden. Instead you have the chance to show your support for the fight against cancer just by helping to turn SL purple. Let's show RL that we are ONE WORLD and WE SUPPORT EACH OTHER! GO RELAY!

ComPOSEure, a new pose store, has a hot free pose in their Subscribe-o-Matic.

Inga Wind at *IW* is having a petal hunt. Find the petals and you'll have three complete outfits when you're done!

In the "Not Free But Close" category, .:MALT:. is having a 100L sale through June 6, but if you buy the fat packs, they're only 400L!

That's it for now!


Saturday Shopping -- some ** Limited Time **

Happy Saturday Everyone!

We have a bit of catching up to do with the Lemania goodies, so let's get right down to business.

The retiring dollarbie from Thursday, May 28th was the "Here Comes the Sun" dress.

This outfit comes with the prim sun, that emits golden sunshine sparkles as shown above.

The retiring dollarbie from Friday, May 29th, is "The Grace Kelly" black floor length gown.

Simply elegant! This gorgeous gown also comes with a black & white poster of Miss Grace Kelly. You can get your copy of this gorgeous gown in the main gift area of Lemania's Castle until 11am today.

Both of these gowns will be available in the Change Rooms area for a week after their retiree release.

This is the weekly gift at the French Farm, designed by Lestat Reuven (of Wonderous Strange.)

It's a great casual outfit...just perfect for mucking about in the earth gardening, or going fishing, going on a picnic or doing any sort of sporty activity you can think of in SL.

The matching shoes as shown above are also available and sold separately for 200L.

The Greatest Love "OMG" hunt starts today.

Lemania & crew have generously donated this gorgeous "Pheasant Gown," as your reward for finding the cupcake.

Here is the landmark to the front of the store. Happy Hunting!

Angel's on the Vinyl Cafe sim, has a free neko outfit, called Hayden."

The t-shirts, and furniture are also still available, although I am not sure for how much longer.

Dare Designs is holding a sim-wide Wild Hunt. It is a treasure hunt - with 13 prizes to be found. Dare Designs always has good stuff, several prizes are brand new designs.

Today is the last chance to pick up the freebies at Alpha Male & Blacklace - they will be taken down later this evening.

The Blacklace gift can be picked up here and you can get the Alphamale gift here.

~ChaosLotus~ has freebie "Marble Windy Beads".

.::Peppermint Blue::. has some great freebies for the ladies.

These are LIMITED TIME only, so hurry over! Don't forget to tap the subscribe-o while you're there.

UltraViolet SUN Designs has an outfit every week for just 10L.

This week, you can pick up "Honest Black."

*Filigreemotion* has a new designer, and in celebration, they are offering a dollarbie.

While you are there, be sure to check out the great stock selection.

Audacious Designs has 4 freebies, as well as a MM board worth checking out.

The MM is for the FATPACK of the hot bikini's shown above!

I hadn't been over to Sole Sister's in a while, so I popped in today. They have a new pair of flats, for 1L in celebration of their Grand Opening.

Sexy Leopard print bows accents these shoes nicely. *rawr*

Interested in getting free shoes for life, from Sole Sisters?? Clio sends this note.

Add Sole Sisters (Etoile Location) to your profile pics and you'll get one pair of each our new releases. These will NOT be dollarbies, but ACTUAL regular releases ... for free!!!!

To do this, while standing IN the Sole Sisters store, right click on your avatar, click "profile" and then select the "Picks" tab. Then Click the "New" button and you're done! Also, make sure you have "show in search" checked (located on the "2nd Life" tab in your profile.)

Each time we have a new release in the future, I'll send you a new pair of shoes! Supereasy! I'll start sending more releases out soon, so get your picks ready!
There you go! Freebies delivered right to you!!!

We'll be back soon with more.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Stuff!

Touche has opened a discount store, while owner, Treble Freenote is rebuilding her main shop in a new location. Stop by the Frop sim, and pick up her 2L offering, 2 pairs of sexy pumps!

There is another hunt to start next week.

This hunt will be celebrating the bedtime stories we all know & love. Stay tuned for more info!

I decided to show some of the goodies from the Through the Looking Glass hunt, as I sorted out my inventory. Click the link for the starting point, or for updates and changes to hunt locations, check out the Blog.

of course has an incredible interpretation of the Red Queen. Her gift even includes a skin, which I adore.

The delicate white skin, and over emphasized eyes & lips make me look almost porcelain. The crown reminds me of a crumpled playing card, and sets the dress off nicely.

"Frop!" also has a rendition of the Queen of Hearts. I met shop owner, Lawra Fredrickson today. She is very sweet, and I quickly added her to my friends list.

Lawra took creative liberty with this outfit, and I just love it - she provided us with 2 top choices. A lovely halter, as shown above and a sexy, red half shirt.

Ali Couture presented us with this superb-ness! Both of these looks can be achieved with the gift.

The glasses are a nice added touch! The boots are also Ali's handiwork, although not part of the hunt.

Absentia gives us a Mad Hatter top hat. Notice the themed decorations adorning the hat?

Red & Black are often my own personal color choices in clothing I purchase, so I was instantly taken with this cutie from Collage.

The pale skin worn in the pics above, is also a hunt gift. This comes to us from [42], and comes also in 2 choices.

Smeared makeup as shown and one before we started crying. :)

We'll be back with more later.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

shop shop shop.

Heii again.

So, ive more freebies and goodies to show you.
Got this really pretty texture ouftit, that is a freebie from Zaara.
Hair is from **White Well** lucky board. The necklace is a dollarbie from *SaLsA!* that includes a vinyl necklace too.
Here we have a full ouftit from Twisted and Spoiled group gift and includes the tiny necklace too, Pididdle opened up at Fashion Mode and there's a dollarbie make up skin that you can pick up. The tail and the ears are from Twisted and Spoiled Through the Looking Glass Hunt that runs until July4, mentioned by Sav before, the vinyl big necklace is a dollarbie from *SaLsA!*.

Matt Village just put out a cart of Free Stuff! : DDD There's awesome things there, maxim price is 1L, the rest is all free. These are some of the things i got:
The «Posh» ouftit that includes this sweet dress and the hair with the cute pig tails.

next we have a floral corset from Nushru also included on the cart and a *** M A L T *** black jeans.

Ash. (:


Heii peeps
I got some amazing freebies and gifs the last couple days that i want to show you
Tuli has an amazing group gift, "Hope"skins. You have a choice of tones which is awesome, Group Fee is 250L or you simply can add Tuli main store to your profile picks and wait at least 24h then click the sign on the store to claim your reward.

Next we have a great hairstyle from YOO&BOO on a lucky board. The dress is a freebie from Zaara that you can find on the table and the boots are a subscribe gift from Truth (not sure if its available anymore, sorry girls.):
The skin shown next is a freebie by L'oring hidden between the other skins (the lm will take you right in front of it tho), the full sexy outfit is from Ho Wear and its a limited freebie so go, go, go!

Ash. (:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Morning goodies

The MM boards have recently been changed at Lemania's Castle & The French Farm. Here is a glimpse of the goodness.

Summer has created this lovely babydoll dress called "Oh Baby." This will be the prize in the MM board at the French Farm.

This one is sure to fill up quickly, so get over there early for your chance to own this beauty, shoes included.

Over at the Castle you will find this cute dress set which comes complete with stockings and shoes as shown below. This is also one of Summer's creations.

Its perfect for this time of year with the gingham print, reminding me of a country picnic, on a nice summer day. "Please pass the watermelon."

Speaking of watermelon ...

Holli Pocket has watermelon colored jeans for 1L. .

These are located just inside the door on the right hand side as you enter.

Vinyl Cafe has set out another awesome Group Gift for us!

The furniture set, as well as the shoes, and outfit pictured above. Be sure to have your tag activated, and get over there for this limited time offer. By the way, the couch is full of animations! *wink*

I'll be back with more soon.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LeeZu Goodness

Ladies, rush over to LeeZu and get the goodies she has set out for us! These are older styles that she is giving away for free, in five gift bags.

The hair and the dress below are included in the give-away.

There are other hair styles as well, this one however is my favorite. It's called LaVie en Fleur, and is an elegant up-do.

Also included in the gift bags on the table was this jewelry set, shown with the Lizza hair style,

The pink jewelry set is so pretty, and comes with a matching ring. The last gift bag contained this cutie.

A very summery, capri set, with a rooster tail to dress it up. The cuffs on the pants and wrists give it a vintage flair.

It is not known how long these gifts are staying out, so hurry over!



Tueday Shopping

Lemania's retiring dollarbie du jour is called "Creamy Chocolate." Its a lovely capri outfit, with baby doll top.

This is currently available in the Gifts Area, and will remain there until tomorrow, when it will be moved up to the Change Room, where it will stay for 1 week before being permanently retired.

Wetherby's has a couple of great springtime freebies.

(Shoes in the left pic are from Juicy, not free - shoes in the right pic are from Duh! and were dollarbies I believe)

These lovelies are perfect for a PTA meeting, afternoon tea, or shopping with the girls.

Adora Skins & Shapes still has their Mother's Day gift available.

The Que has some freebies. Plants, textures, sounds, jewelry, light effects. Exploring the sim is worth the visit.

Luna's Boutique is also on this sim, and it looks like she's added more to her freebie section.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

There is also a Vintage Goth Gown for 10L, which I also posted about on the Savvy Shopper Blog.

WL-Designs has a white neko tail for 1L at the rez point, and just inside the door, there is a black one, for 10L, with a polka dot bow. (This tail twitches). A new gift will be set out next moth, so if you haven't had a chance to get your new tail, you'll need to pop over before the end of the week!

Next door at Fetish, there are some super cute dresses for 10L each. There is a yellow plaid dress as well.

(Shoes worn here are from Juicy)

You can also pick up matching shoes, also 10L.

SUS has some freebie tees. Ladies, take your men, there are goodies for him as well.

RBZ Designs has a Safari hat available this week as a freebie.

Check out the MM Boards for leather jackets for him & her. As always, you will find deals in the Bargain Basement too!

Badoura Designs has goodness under the stairs.

This elegant gown, is a freebie for 1 week.

We'll be back with more soon.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day in the USA

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the U.S.A. observed on the last Monday of May. This was formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. It was first enacted to honor the Union soldier of the American Civil War, and is celebrated near the day of reunification after that War. After WWI, expanded to include American casualties of any war.

Lemania is honoring this Memorial Day with 2 gifts, absolutely free. This lovely outfit called "America, the Beautiful" and come complete with the hat, and the shoes.

and also with "Patriotic," which includes a WWI poster .

I love how the fabric on this dress appears to be faded and worn, like that of a weathered flag.

Keeping with the theme, the daily retiring dollarbie, is "Wonder Woman."

Wonder Woman is arguably the most popular and iconic female superhero in comics, Wonder Woman is also considered a feminist icon .

She first appeared in the comics in 1941, is one of 3 characters to have been continuously published by DC Comics since then.

This outfit is available in the Gifts Corner until tomorrow morning, and then will be moved up to the Change Rooms, where it will remain for a week.

We'll be back with more soon.


More Shopping!

Project Kiwi has some great deals this week. Random items around the store have been marked down to 10L. This sale has been extended for another full week - until May 31st. As well, there are some older colors of the denim shorts available for 1L. Hurry on over!

(The tube top in the pic below is among the items priced at 10L. The arm warmers were not included in the sale however, but are still reasonably priced.)

Wildebeast has a dollarbie section, and I did notice a freebie for the guys as well. The shorts in the pic above are from the dollarbie section, as is this camo set. (boots not included & not free.)

The Joy Container is a new store, that caters to Grunge, Punk and Neko attire. The also have a dollarbie.

Modern Essentials is a furniture store, with a modern set available for 1L. Most products in the store are just 25L.

Royal Designs has a 10L sale on sandals.

Upstairs you will find a dollarbie shape of the week.

Sweeter Than Candy added a couple more items to their freebie wall.

If you haven't been, you really should go!

Kat Creations by Katlene Niven has some 1L goodness in the store. As well, there is another Greatest Love Hunt on the horizon (May 30 - June 20.) and a group joiner so you can keep up-to-date with all the latest & greatest hunt news.

Before the GL hunt gets underway however, Katlene & friends are hosting a mini-hunt. This time you will be looking for umbrellas. In each umbrella you will find a gift and a LM to next store.

Participating stores are KatKreation by Katlene Niven, Dulce Secrets, Couture Chapeau, Pema In Pieces and A Piece Of Candy.

The Rose Collection (TRC) has a ton of dollarbies! As a Memorial Day special, they have 1L bathing suits, 2 for the ladies, and 1 for the guys. Other variations of these suits were just 15L, including an awesome bikini.

Other dollarbies in the store include:

Designs by Capri is having a Memorial Day sale. Check it out.

All 3 floors of the store are open now.

Amanda's Fashions has a 5L "Little Green Dress"

There are other dollarbies as well. Don't forget to join the DSN while you're there.


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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