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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today the Urban Shopper Mall celebrates their 2nd Birthday with loads of gifts from 26 designers, a contest board loaded with a huge money price and a raffle ball full of more gifts, from 4 to 6pm SLT...stop by!

Hey Ya'll!

Aurora has a 'wall of free shorts' for a limited time only!

Star Poses has a new couple's freebie pose! Above the new pose are a few other freebies!

Have fun!


Friday, April 24, 2009

More Friday Fun!

50 flats has an Earth Day prezzie, for OL

I am not sure how much longer these are out however, Ding's blog states until 4/24 only!!

Indie Rose has a 0L, spring dress for us

Its a delicious, "girly-girl" spring dress
, with flowers, and frill, and oh so pink!

Mischief has a free Hoodie for this weekend only!!

There are 3 colors to choose from, each priced at 0L! Its a great deal you won't want to miss. When the weekend is gone, these are going up to regular price!!

The French Farm gift this week, is called "In the Garden"

Its a cute dress, complete with hat, perfect for your time in the garden!

We'll be back soon with more!!


Friday Fun!

I am at it early this morning, because I forgot to add this last night. *Doh!*

As many of you know, I work at Club H&S on the Caribbean City Sim.

From time to time, club owner, Elle Kirshner spotlights vendors on the sim. Tonight Kunstkammer will be in the spotlight.

There will be giveaways, but you have to be in the club to win. Its not a fancy dress party tonight, so just come in what you're wearing, hear some great music, and maybe win a prize! This is going to be much more fun than lucky chair stalking!

As always at the club, we will have Ca$h on the contest boards, and dancers to entertain you. It is a mature sim, so leave the kids at home.

I hope to see you there!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Goodness!

I love logging in to presents! Yay!

Evangeline Eames, (of Vinyl Cafe & Dominion Fashions fame) dropped a "Naughty Box" on me! You know I was curious, and opened this right away!! LOL

This is a group gift however, so to enjoy these goodies in the "Naughty Box" you first must join the FEMDOM group.

Evangeline sent along a note card providing information about the FemDom group, and I have pasted it here for you:

"The FEMDOM Group promotes Femdom in second life, which means women rule! Our boys are our toys and love to serve us....who doesn't like that? Members of the FEMDOM Group get free gifts and copies of FEMDOM Magazine (www.FEMDOMmag.com - check out our yummy shoe and boot spread in this month's issue with Stiletto Moody, Bax Boots, and more!). Hear all about fun Femdom events in second life like parties, fetish nights, erotic story telling and so much more! Join today to hear about all of the fun!"

The corsets inside, are AMAZING! The boots, well, you know I love boots!! The boots contained within, are a bronze color, and a MUST for every inventory.

Yess! has a freebie section worth checking out. There are jewelry, tanks for guys & girls and some pretty hot outfits!

Magia has Golden Spring Earrings as this month's gift.

Pho Merlin, of Awesome Sauce posted this link or our forum , so I tp'd over to see what goodness I could find. I managed to find super, awesome, and completely affordable bangles, and other stuffs!

When you take the tp, you'll find a bunch of boxes like the one shown above. You can find the cute daisy hat (also in blue), belts, and oh my goodness, the list goes on!

Have a look around, there are bangles for 5L! If you climb up the rope the the top floor, you can find the lucky chairs.

Be sure to check out the bargain basement, you can get these cute heart boots and yumminess for 1L!

*** Convoitise *** by Toume Yao & Ondeline has a fantastic set of red silks called Sheherazade for 0L!

There is a nice freebie/dollarbie section over here too! There are a couple outfits for our guys too!

*Alchemy* has a free box, just inside the door.

[S.Loves] has a free "Wondergirl" pose that includes a basketball!

If you missed them the first time, you can grab them again. Red prim toed stilettos, can be yours for free, at Shouted Couture on the Vinyl Cafe sim.

Check back soon!

We'll have more good stuff.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some limited time stuff!

For today only, Shameless Caleta has 2 dollarbies available. This is called the momo BAY set.

There is also a tank to be had.

Uzuri has a free Harem Bracelet. The jewelry in this store is very unique, and interesting. Have a look around!
I also picked up a trench coat fat pack, shown below in Chocolate! Mmmm Chocolate!

Gauze has KissKiss shoes available, for free.

Inorite has a Isis hair for 1L. You will need to use your cam around to find the however. The door is locked, it says "Closed for Renovations"

Venus Designs has Meermin outfit for 1L

I popped by [AV] Vlodovic store on the Lemania sim today, and found a Tartan Tube dress for 1L, as well as some discounted vibrantly coloured tanks on the floor.

MaiOcean has a dollarbie as well, it's called Table Dancer.

The Lemania retiring dollarbie today is called "Cuddle Up"

"Little Miss Sunshine" is the gift on the Midnight Mania board, so be sure to tap that too!

Hang tight, we'll be back with more soon.

Hey Ya'll!

Click on the Be Style kiosk and get a free blouse!

LOTS of nice jewelry sets at the Blue Pearl for 5L!!!

New freebie at Donna Flora! Cute outfit called Lory.

.::STUFF::. & Caro's Little Store has a free leopard shrug and all the hair is marked down to 50L.

YAY!!!! DCNY has a new freebie! An adorable green spring dress!

Have fun!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Evening Freebies

Just a few freebies for you tonight :)

Leyda Style has a nice men's long leather jacket for 1L and one for the ladies that isn't quite as long. Be sure to check out the rest of the wall, because there are a LOT of dollarbies on it! Be sure to turn around and hit the Midnight Mania while you're at it ;)

I'm late getting this one out, but you can get a really nice one piece bathing suit, the Anguilla, for 1L at WigWamBam, along with some other outfits and tattoes, each only 1L.

Rossini's FreeStore has a few new freebies upstairs. See in particular the red dress from Tasha's...YUM! There are other lovely items, so be sure to look around.

That's it for tonight from me!


Tuesday Treasures

You can pick up a belly piercing for 1L at [fairy tale]. It's a little different from the norm, and I love it! I also picked up a 1L pack of bangles as well.

Hurry over to =L+R+W= This store is a collaborative project of Love Soul (has a freebie gift pack too!!) & R2 fashion. There is a fantastic opening gift which is only available until April 30th.

Prim Nails, in a gorgeous purple color, matching shoes and a modeling pose! These prim nails are extrodinary, and fit PERFECTLY!

Don't forget to tap the subscribo right beside the gifts to be informed about more awesome new stuff!

Lemania's retiring gift today, is entitled "Minnie" Its an adorable replica of our childhood favorite female mouse!

(Boots are from Eva on the Dominion Fashion District Sim & not free.)

This will be available as always until 9am tomorrow morning. Be sure to check out the newly renovated building! I also picked up a Limited Edtion pair of Divine Diva Sequin Boots for 1L

E&R Designs has a new dollarbie for us. Betty is a white pant suit. Cute isn't it!? The shoes are included in this pack! (Yay, more shoes!)

The hat with hair in the pic came in a freebie fat pack from Topaz Square and is called Club Brat.

Badoura Designs has a new freebie bikini for one week. This can be picked up in the freebie section, under the stairs.

Seduction Inc. has some dollarbie gifts, which include tats & belly rings. There are also lucky chairs, and of course a subscribo which gives you a welcome bag, when you click it. The bag contains the dollarbie items previously mentioned! Don't forget to click the MM board while you're are there as well!

Diesel Works has a 1L couples pose available to you! This can be picked up in the small gift bag in the corner of the store.

There are also egg chairs for 1L by the subscribo! (Go ahead, tap it. You know you want to.)

[Whimsy] is celebrating its recent move, and renovation, by offering skins for 1L. These skins are soon to be discontinued, so there are fan-tabulous deals to be had. Make your way to the purple room to grab these up by the handful!

Callie Cline has a sale on in here store. Items scattered throughout the store, priced at 33L, 66L, and 99L. If you haven't joined her group, you should definitely think about it. Callie spoils her CalGals! The yellow Boa is still available for 1L!

Click for a free Diamond Elegance Choker from from Alyssa Bijoux! It takes you to Xstreet SL Marketplace. If you don't have an account, why not sign up for a free one?

That's all I have for now. We'll be back with more soon!


Monday, April 20, 2009

~Black Arts~ has a gorgeous, Goth type gown for us today, in a rich wine color.

The dress is called Elanor, and can be picked up at the Vinyl Cafe Store or also at the The Dominion Fashion District Store.

Forbidden Appearance has some dollarbies, which include a skin, and a couple of outfits, for a limited time only.

50 Flats has another offer that I could not refuse! 9 pairs of her newly released Kitten Heels, for just 15L! For a shoe junkie, (like me) this is heaven! So many colors, and cool combinations! I am never taking these off.

RBZ Designs has a shrug, and black leather bag available in the Cherry Park store. The bag is nicely decorated with leather fringes, and a biker trio on the front.

(tank and shorts have been in my inventory, forever and not free)

Kirei has lots of goodies! 2 Shapes, for 20L, as well as some 1L boxes on the floor from Atomic that contain shirts!

We'll be back more soon.


I'm all smiles :)

On July 12, 2007, Virtual Freebies was born. Actually, as it was then known, Freebies in a Virtual World was born. I was a mere newb of not quite a month old and hadn't learned to differentiate a Business in a Box (BBIAB) freebie from a quality store freebie. I actually looked at few of my old posts not long ago and thought about deleting them...but they are the genesis of VF, and I couldn't bring myself to do it.

There were a lot of times when I felt like giving up the blog in the early days, because I got very few page hits...but I had a few faithful followers, some of who are still around (hi ya'll, thank you, please say hi in the comments!!!), so I just couldn't quit.

Anyway. On October 24, 2008, I blogged that we had finally hit 10,000 page views....and it only took 15 months to do it! Then, on January 3, 2009, a mere 9 weeks later, we hit 50,000 page views!

Now, less than 4 months later, by current trends, sometime within the next 7 days, VF will hit 100,000 page views!! From 17 months to get to 50,000 to 4 months to double that...I'm simply staggered, and grateful.

I get nothing from running this blog except than the bulging inventory which keeps threatening to run out of control, and the satisfaction of knowing that I'm helping....Helping the residents and helping the shopowners. (Um, but if you do decide to order something from Amazon, could you go in through my link to the left? LOL)

Designers...I thank you...no....WE ALL thank you for sharing your works with us. We know that some of you do it for the traffic and that's perfectly ok with us, but those of you who put out just because you truly love doing it, well, you hold a special place in our hearts.

And really, honestly and truly....I could not do this blog without Savvy and Havi and Claire, and back in the early days, Lorri. They've kept this blog alive at times when I've have to turn my attentions elsewhere and couldn't be here. Girls, you're often the source of my inspiration and I love each one of you dearly.

I just love VF! I know that if you're a regular reader, you love VF too. So....Have you told all of your friends about it? If you have a blog, have you linked to VF? Let's keep it growing!

Happy 100,000th! And I really DO want to hear from you...how long have you been reading? Talk to me! ;)


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sav's Sunday Shopping

Today is the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombings, which took place on this day, in 1995. Lemania & crew are remembering the victims & their families by choosing the semi-formal dress, called Quiet Whisper. Grab it up before 9am tomorrow.

[ glow ] Studio has a new dollarbie called "Bohemian Tropical Lashes."

These certainly are not something I'd wear everyday, but you just never know when you'll need these! (You'll understand with an attitude like that, why my inventory is bursting at the seams).

Low Prim HighStyle has 4 dollarbies in the jewelry section as well as lucky chairs in the jewelry store on the upper level, and downstairs in the main part of the store. While you are there, be sure to check out the Sale which will go through until next weekend, May 2nd. Almost all jewelry is marked 25-50L with the exceptions of the new releases and nameplate/horoscope bracelets. (Yay!!)

The Dominion has new freebie boots ladies!

Goldie Locks has 5 midnight mania boards, and have a lucky chair, and a lucky cupcake. Go test your luck.

KatKreations by Katlene Niven has a gorgeous dollarbie dress, called Azulejo Dress.

Thanks Kat!

The Sock Shop has Pink & Black 1L socks for us this week.

For a limited time, ~ Nanashi ~ is offering an outfit, entitled "Hotty" for 0L. Have a look around the store, items are very reasonably priced.

Pixel Fashions have an incredible freebie. New release Sally Shoes in White, are Super High Healed Stilettos, with a built in AO and Walking sounds. There is a volume control which is accessed with just a simple click of the shoe!!

Shoes are shown in the pic above ... and a close up below.

Available for 1 week only up to April 24th 2009

Mon Beauty& Zinnbrick have offerings! Check them out in the center of the store.

Prim & Pixel Designs is offering a lovely spring outfit that comes, with a pant & skirt option.

TeaLane has new skins in their lucky chair. Good Luck!!

Aimesi has freebies and group gifts. I went to this store looking for furniture, and stumbled upon these goodies & more.

This entire outfit, including boots, hair, hat, and purse are included in the freebie. As well, you can find a bean bag chair, plant, and floor sit cushion for your home.

We'll be back soon with more.



I am a bad blogger! Our friends at Lemania were kind enough to drop these lovelies on us yesterday, and I got up in other things, and didn't blog! Shame on me! (My SL is getting as hectic as my RL)

First, we have Carefree Barbie, which is this week's group gift. Its fun, its flirty, and adorable, and 1L.

This dress comes complete with shoes, and a neck scarf. If you're not already a member, you should seriously consider joining this one. There are weekly gifts, and other freebies which will make you glad you did.

The retiring gift, which is only available until 9am this morning, is a beautifully stunning, exotic dress is named La Paloma, which comes accessorized with matching earrings. This vibrantly colored dress is certainly a welcomed edition to my wardrobe.

HURRY OVER THERE!!! You certainly don't want to miss the opportunity to own this one. What a great deal for 1L.


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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