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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shoe & Beachwear/Lingerie Expos

There are two expos going on right now. One is the shoe expo, on the Rezzable sims, which ends at 9:00PM SLT tomorrow. The other, on the Vanity Universe sim, is a beachwear/lingerie expo, which ends today.

I checked several stores at the shoe expo and found no freebies :(

However, at the lingerie expo, I found quite a few freebies and dollarbies. Again, it's one of those instances where I can't give LMs for each location. You'll just have to go and look for yourself ;)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Linden Lifestyles

I didn't want to let this pass without comment.

The Linden Lifestyles blog has been a mainstay of SL fashion for the past two years. It was with deep sadness when I read today that the blog will no longer be updated after August 5. The blog will still exist for archival purposes, but no new posts will be made. While there are a lot of SL fashion blogs out there, Linden Lifestyles has been the most solid, and their presence will be greatly missed.

Friday Freebies

Let's see what we can find today :)

Cassiopeia Isle is having an Ocean Day event, so I dropped in this morning, and found a few things.

At My Dead Kitty, you'll find an adorable paw-print bikini for 1L.

Outside of LVS & Co., there are two bikinis for 1L each, and for the mermaids out there, there are three mermaid shells, also for 1L each. There are also several mermaid costumes for 1L! Of note, inside LVS on the first floor, there is a runway. On either side of the runway is a really cute dress for 50L.

At Mystical Magic Designs, for the little girls, there are two outfits for 1L each. A woman's shape is also 1L and there are two free homes.

Raeva's is a two-story building. On the bottom floor are her regular clothes, and upstairs is her dollarbie section - but really, her prices are so...er...cheap, that dollarbies don't seem necessary ;)

There are a lot of little shops on this sim, filled with some very nice things for a very small price. Be sure to set aside some time to walk around.

Next up is Knucklehead's. This place is near and dear to my heart, because Michelle, one of the owners of Knucklehead's was able to bring my RL tattoo inworld and turn it into a tattoo that I can wear here.

Knucklehead's is running a scavenger hunt, which are always fun, and they provide a freebie section for fantasy designers. There are several items here, so just drop by and take a look.

Last, at Sole Sisters, they're offering a cute pair of white sculpted pumps with a heart tag for 1L.

And on the news front, if you've been missing some inventory, you may want to clear your cache, sign off and then back on, and then reload your inventory. Check your lost and found folder, and see if it showed up. I recommend this because of a post on the SL status blog, which you can read here.
I think that's it for today. I'm home on vacation, so if I find something else, I'll update again!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


You know, usually when I write these blogs, I throw a bunch of freebies out at you with very little feedback about them. There are a couple of reasons for this...I'm usually busy with something - building, business, freebie hunting, whatever, and when I have a few minutes, I sit down, list the freebies, and post them. So, I don't usually wax poetic about a store. If I do make extended comments about them, take it to heart - I mean them.

So, today, I'm going to mention IBIZARRE. Of course, there are freebies :)

But, I looked around while I was there, and what I found was someone doing some very nice designing with a great use of textures, colors, and photosourcing. Couldn't help it, bought a few outfits, and there are more that I'd like to buy. Since the prices are quite reasonable, that won't be a hardship.

Then, imagine my pleasure when I discovered the IBIZARRE Outlet Store! Hoo! Just about everything in the outlet store is 50L. And if you like flats, you'll find three pairs of ballet flats for 25L each! There are also 5 pairs of sandals (10L each) and one pair of platforms (25L).

Definitely make this trip, and keep your eye on this designer!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wedding Expo Freebies

OK, I can't give you an exact landmark on the freebies you'll find here, because there are just too many. If you're thinking of getting partnered (or hey, even if you aren't!), come down to the Wedding Expo and walk around...there are freebies and dollarbies everywhere!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday freebies

I've had a very busy week, putting together my new sim - Maple Park. It features a lovely residential area, family oriented, with a delightful park. If you're home hunting, check it out! :)

Today, I have a dollarbie shape for you at League. It is copy/mod and has a very pretty face.

At Phoenix Design & Firefall, you'll find an "emotion" belt, which allows you to show your emotional level. (Very nice boots here!)

At Peeps Fashion, there is a wall of freebies, although many are dollarbies and 10L, and one of the 10L is a patriotic outfit for men - the tie is red/white/blue on a white shirt, with blue jeans.

Zibware is offering a very cute cami top, along with the pink Lolly bikini that was offered last week, and a nice set of earrings/necklace.

Are you a skin collector, or just need a new one? The Dollarbie Store at Givenchi District has got several in there right now for 1L.

Madison's Creations is offering four freebies - one is a white medival gown, one cute 4th of July shirt (yes, I know, but there's always next year), one capri set (adorable!) and a skirt/top outfit.

OK, that's all I have time for today!


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