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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekend limited time freebie

Dave over at DCNY is doing it again! A 48-hour freebie for us, but don't delay! Also, be sure to take a look at their auction dress.

The freebie is called Kathryn (in green, but other colors are for sale) and is shown here:

The auction dress is Victoria, and is in olive.

Run by and get yours, and as always, don't forget to show your appreciation! :)


Hey Ya'll!!!

AuroraSkye Creations has a very cool dress called 'Celestial Omega' on sale for 1L today!!! Usually 350L!

FS Jewelry has a FAAANCY new store! Free earrings and a necklace when you walk in!!!

'Chasity' shape for 5L at Forbidden Appearance!

Trixxy's has two gifts at the door! A skull tee and jeans for 1L a set- men's or women's.

Indulge has free hair!!! Gift boxes with hair for 0L.

Bliss has a new freebie!!! Casual dress called 'Shana.'

Crossroad Creations
has a great freebie in the center of the store - silver and emerald earrings, friendship necklace and a belt are included! Click the rings!

Myth has a sweet little Easter dress freebie!

REALLY cute 'Doll dress' at AV! New location, too! The store is super nice and much more spacious!

Baby Monkey
has four new designs for 10L!!! Peep toed heels, fur trimmed mules, flats, and wedges! Something for everyone! Also, new skirt up here-'aqua waist cinche'- can I get one for RL too?

Joya has several dollarbie outfits, lingerie and dreadlocks at the entrance to the store!

Heavenly Treasures
has some clever new dollarbie chairs with three poses!

has a new dollarbie for summer! Cute two piece with a necklace!!!

New freebie box with lots of clothes and new freebie dresses at Paperdolls!

has a new April skin dollarbie called 'Cutesy!'

has several ballgowns for 1L.

G&N Designs has put out their weekly freebie! 'Yves' pant suit.

TSUKIJI has a wall of free hair!

Shameless Culetta
has an oriental outfit for 10L!!! Cute!

CS Fandango
has a 'spring freebie outfit!'

Prism has an awesome new dollarbie this week called 'Shine!' Flirty and feminine and fun!

Two pairs of shoes for 0L at Zhao!

Found a new jewelry shop!!! Amaranthus has TWO 1L jewelry sets!

has a free 'Max Headrom' outfit! Remember him? LOL.

Fashion by Eras has a 1L pink body suit! Sassy!

Z'Vogue has a cute little black dress for 0L!!!

Modd.G skins are on sale for 10L!!! Outfits for 10L too!

Kiss This has a 1L boxing ring! Also, a pair of 1L boots!

YAY!!! Secret sale at RBZ!!! Picked up 'Minx in Blue' for 5L!!! Also found a ton of 'biker' wear for 5L! Downright edible purple corset for 5L, beach tote for 0L, shrug gift for 0L, and a guy's tropical shirt for 0L are among the treasures awaiting you!!!

has a limited time dollarbie- with matching dollarbie shoes!

Pffou! has a 2L Easter pose and a 1L group pose!

Have fun!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fabulous Freebies!

Hey folks!

I'm back from the chaos that is my RL. Now how about some fabulous freebies?

First I have a couple of limited time freebies for you.

Hummingbird designs has a gorgeous 1L dress for you. This will come down tomorrow, so be fast.

Z'Vogue has a LBD up for today only for 0L. Also at this store you will find a pink dress for cancer awareness and a Ruby dress outside the door both for free.

Ok, these ones aren't as limited time as far as I know.

*Essential Soul Studio N Poses* has a dollarbie pose.

Jezzebel Rocks has some Easter tees for 10L and a bunny outfit for 25L

Aurora has a tattoo for free, a wall of dollarbies, and 1L hunt going on - random items have been marked down to 1L.

[AV] Vlodovic has a gothic dress for 1L.

Steambound has the Jet Queen Corset for free.

A:S:S has a free male skin.

*Sisters* has a dollarbie top and tattoo.
Seeya soon!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday fun!

Our dear, sweet friends at Lemania continue with their retired gown dollarbies. Until 8am Tuesday, this gorgeous Silver Love can be yours for 1L!

Its a very elegant dress, with a shoulder sash, and the matching shoes.

I found a store, that was new to me, called Pocket Mirrors. It has some great vintage hair! On the second floor, you will find the dollarbies and freebies. The Spring Gift is called Kaori, and is an Updo style and can be yours for 1L. The hair I am wearing in the above pic was from this store as well.

The House of Lefay has this minty green dress on special this week for just 15L

It would be absolutely perfect for a tea party! Call up the Queen Mum, and invite her over.

Shameless Caleta has some great stuff! These are for a limited time only.

There is a skimpy, and sexy skully outfit, as well as Rock Girl in blue.

These sexy outfits are 1L each. You can also pick up a "Candy Pack" which contains 2 crop tops, and booty shorts for 10L. If you walk on the dark side, you can pick up a skin for 1L as well.

The skin, called Shameless Dark Girl has a spider web type tatoo around the eye, and luscious black lips.

Love Chic has released a pastel set, this week, its PEACHES. The set includes cami on 2 layers, two bracelets and a beaded necklace. Very cute. The note I received indicates that there will be a rainbow of these sets released, and each week, the new release will be 1L, so check back often. As well, you can pick up boat neck tops for 1L each.

I spent a lot of time at Cilian'gel last night. There are some amazing creations. I strongly suggest that you wear comfortable shoes if you are going to take this teleport. You will get a work out! On the first floor of this castle-like store, you can camp for clothes. I do this a lot, gives me a chance to write my blogs. LOL So, 10 minutes on the chair will earn you the "Shakespeare in Love" outfit.

On the East wall, at the back of the store, in the corner, you will find a black mask, for free. It will go perfectly with the Midsummer Night's Dream Introduction pack, which can be picked up for 2L.

The outfit is beautiful, black lace, how sexy. It comes with a sparkly fairy poofer for effect!

Now, walk to the West of the store, you will find "The Nightmare before Christmas" Introductory pack, for just 2L, and the pair of shoes for this outfit, on the floor, for free!

(You'll learn more about The shoes I am wearing in this pic later)

If you go up to the 2nd floor, you will find another box of shoes on the ground, also for free and the lucky board, and the lucky chairs.

Making the hike up the spiral staircase to the 3rd floor, will earn you more goodness.

The "Some like it Hot" vibrantly coloured purple dress, as well as a pink little number called "Bon-Bon".

Click the posters on the wall, and the Outsiders outfit is yours for 0L, and the Witches of Eastwick costumes, (Jane & Alexandra) are also yours ... for 2L each. Wait ... that's not all! There are also Halloween tees and some guys tees ... you guessed it .. for free!

Fashion Nomads has a freebie in the store for you as well.

(Tank top not included in the set)

Aleida Rhode is the owner of the store, and she has lots to offer. The regular prices are very affordable!

My new bestest friend ever, Miss Evangeline Eames of Vinyl Cafe fame dropped these sexy, strappy shoes on me.

They will go with everything! Short skirts, long skirts, booty shorts, Capri's .... and the list goes on! These lovelies will be around for a limited time, so hurry over!

*FS* FineSmith Jewelry, has 1L, 5L, and 10L goodies just inside the door of the store, and 3 gift boxes in the middle of the store.

Eva on the The Dominion sim has a new set of boots ! Oh how I love the boots at this store! ** Thank you Van **

They are an awesome calf length boot, in Burberry! At the rez point, walk straight ahead, and you will end up in the Eva Store!

While you are on this sim, be sure to walk around the black wall at the rez point and you will find more awesome goodness!

How sexy are these?? Free prim-toe shoes, in red. HOT!! Summer is coming ladies, you MUST have these. There is no script in these shoes, but are fully modifiable so you can tint the skin to match your skin tone. If you have a fair skin tone, I found I didn't have to recolor at all.

[VonD] Von Ducky's Main store is now open, and you can pick up 3 dollarbies on the counter. Don't forget to slap that subscribo so you can keep up to date, on the newness!

That's all I have for now!


Happy Monday!

Hey Ya'll!

PHLow has a 0L welcome gift with two manicures and a black and pink bra! The store is closing, so hurry and get these as well as the many sale items! I picked up the pink dress in the pics for 50L!!!

Mirada has a 0L boudoir couple pose!

Alli and alli designs
have a free 'Beyonce' hair!

Arden Jewelry
has a free jewelry set and a free bracelet.

LOTS of 10L hair here. NO idea where 'here' is- found it on a jaunt!

Heaven Fashion
has lots of dollarbies for the sexy bunny in YOU!!!

Zhi Fi has a bunch of 1L jewelry.

Darker Side is a new store with 1L hearts to find! Each one contains HAIR!!!!!!!!!!! Also, a 0L gift with 6 hairstyles!!!!!!!!!!!

Simply Britney
hair is on sale for 25L- the WHOLE store!

Allusions has a berry colored tunic and several pairs of eyes for 0L.

ModG has tons of 10L goodies! Skins are fab!

Hudson's is giving us a free amber ring- one for gals and for guys!

FM has all kinds of 1L goodies for your second home!!! Prints, furniture- fun stuff! Next door, Purple Haze is a fun store with EVERYTHING marked down to 10L!!!

Free SHOWER curtains (?!) at Dynamic Curtains.

..BlooD+ Mainstore :: Sexy Grunge Neko Clothing :: is a new store with gifts for the ladies and the gents!

Have fun!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

How many times CAN I update today?

Lemania Designs is offering their Eggplant Ellegance as today's dollarbie. This gown is absolutely stunning no matter what the price, but to have it for only 1L is just....well, it almost seems indecent! ;)

Run by and pick your's up and as usual, support the vendor by looking around the store and perhaps buying something ;)

Honey (again)

Limited Time Freebie Alert!!

It pays to have friends :)

For 48 hours only, DCNY is putting out their "Marlane" dress in pink. This oriental flavored dress was picked by ME, for this special offer from DCNY. So hurry over and pick it up and do be sure to thank Dave Casanova for his generous offer by looking around the store and seeing what else you might like. They also have wonderful skins there!


Sunday Stuff!

Fetish is having a Grand Opening Sale. There are a couple freebies on the table in the middle of the store, as well as one on the inside of the store, on the floor. As well, for the duration of the opening celebration, everything in the store is 25L. This includes shoes that will have a regular retail price of 250L! As a super special, you will find a set of Cherry Pumps for just 10L.

Design of Princess has some cuteness for the younger looking avis. The store is full of 1L goodness.

REDLIC has released a new free "bandage hair"

Don't forget to hit the "next freebie" sign in store to be transported to the next stop in the freebie ring

Charade Fantasy Wear, has a Water Nymph Costume for 1L available for a LIMITED TIME!

The waterfall skirt, gives off a mist, adding effect to this already awesome costume. Eyes, and a shape are also included, but not shown here.

Joline Style has a free gift just outside the store, and a set of bangles for 10L as well as the "Hot Mouse" outfit for just 10L.

Catteneo has a dress called "Strass" as well as some dollarbies on the floor in the center of the store.

Ibizarre has some goodness on the shelf by the Customer Service desk. The dress below called "Red Carpet Dress" is just a sample of the goodness you'll find.

This store is also participating in the Bunny Hop Hunt!

R.A. Crystal, has a free bracelet in the back of the store.

Du Papillon has a free Fuchsia dress.

There is also a dollarbie Daisy Dress in the back corner of the store.

D-factor has a few freebies at the entrance of the store. Below is the free Lingerie set.

The stool I am sitting on is a freebie from Diesel Works. In order to get this stool, you need to join the group, and put the store in your profile pics. Come back to the store after 48 hours, click the sign, while wearing your group tag and the 5-pose stool is yours.

** Membership to this group, does cost 25L **

*CKC* is offering a free Minnie Girl outfit.

Have a look around, there are some other dollarbie outfits & camping for items!

OMMIK (in the Razor Mall) has set out a freebie & a dollarbie. There is a uni-sex wolf design squared pendant, and a Stacked Hoops set in pink for the ladies.

The Razor Mall has recently moved, and has a grand opening planned to celebrate. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

:: Poised:: Main store Grand Opening Party is TODAY from 10am slt!!! There are promises LOTS of pressies and surprises during the Party, so be sure to stop by. There are also gifts set out in the store. Pop by to check it out.

That's all for now. I'll be back soon with more!


A freebie of a different kind

This freebie isn't something for you to go out and collect, but I hope that you'll find it as useful as I do!

I bought a set of Symphony Skins yesterday and having learned my lesson in the past, dropped a notecard on Claire Harford, the owner, and asked for the RGB values to color match my prim foot shoes.

I got a notecard back this morning and here is what Claire told me:

Enable the Advanced menu if you haven't already (control+alt+D).Go to
Advanced >> UI >> Show color under cursor (down the very bottom).

This brings up some tiny white letters in the lower of your screen. For me
they display just above the sound controls. When you move your cusor across the
screen the numbers will change and spit out the RGB as the first three numbers.
Ignore the last number, it usually stays at 0. Move your cursor to just above
your moody shoes where the skin joins and take a look at the values. This should
give you a starting point for coloring prims to match. Yay!

As a tip, any "pure white" of 255,255,255 when *worn* on the body as clothing
or skin... is 205,205,205 on prims (in my viewer anyway).

I immediately followed her directions and voila! My prim feet match my skin! On to my prim nail gloves and yay! Instant match! I shot Claire an IM thanking her for this valuable information and she did mention in the course of our conversation that the numbers will stay visible on your screen when you're taking pictures, so be sure to turn it off when you're done playing with it.

Now, isn't that a great freebie? :)

Claire is a busy creator, but in her profile picks, she has various "Tips for SL" that are like the above and absolutely fantastic. Be sure to check them out (but don't bug Claire! I did enough of that this morning *giggles*).




Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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