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Monday, February 18, 2008

"Is this landmark still good?"

I'm home today, it being a holiday for some people in the US. In a desperate effort to clean out my inventory, I decided to play "Is this landmark still good?" You know the game, you go through landmarks you got 6 months ago to see if the stores are still standing. Sadly, many of them aren't, but I am finding some freebies for you that I had gathered before I started this blog.

At White Rabbit Shoes, you can get a pair of white peep-toe stilettos with silver heel for free, along with a free stiletto walk sound!

Reminisce Jewelry is offering a pair of diamond cut gold hoop earrings. Quite nice.

Can't recall if I had posted this before and frankly too lazy to go look *grin*. Coconut Ice offers a free pair of denim heels, a pair of corkies, some shorts and a top.

*sigh* And just came across my first real disappointment of the landmarks hop - a ballroom that used to go to with my husband when he first came inworld is now a skins store. :(

At Girlie and Relax, there is a free unisex hoodie right outside the men's department. This is a very nice store with nice clothes - be sure to spend some time there! I saw several things I'd have bought if I weren't on the mission to get my inventory down again. Of note, their men's department is quite large and the clothes looked pretty decent.

A store I was looking for was gone, but there was another nearby and sure enough...freebies! At Nika Nika, I found a woman's black and red dress, kind of formal, and a men's brown sweater.

*oops, sorry Mr. Landowner, I didn't mean to land in your livingroom!* LM hopping is so much fun...lmao

The Rhodidor Store is one you should definitely check out. Lots of freebies - I saw quite a few that I *had* seen around SL, but some of them appear to be original designs. If they aren't, they're ones you don't see constantly.

OK, I'm tired of hopping around SL. Hope you have fun with getting these!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Freebie Decor!

My friend Margarita was running around this morning and messaged me, "hey, I found some furniture that may be good for the blog", so I went and checked it out.

Sure enough, there are two boxes of livingroom furniture at The Infinite Kitchen. One box is a pink heart pattern, and the other is a dark blue pattern. They contain sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman and four throw pillows. Perfect for the resident on a tight budget, but still needs to decorate!

Thanks Rita!

A few days ago, I was contacted by Michelle at Sakura Design, who wanted to offer a freebie to you, my dear readers. What she offered was a beautiful lavender Asian corset and panties. Very pretty and stylish, but I apparently missed her cut off as it was a Valentine's freebie. I'm telling you because she still offers this outfit, but at $50, which is VERY reasonable. Consider visiting and buying it :)

While I was at Michelle's store, I noticed Free Avatar Facelights at a neighboring vendor.

Yesterday, I was looking for some park benches for the new sim and stumbled across this box of freebies at Arb Design. The box had a freebie deck, very nice for those ocean sims, a street light, antique in nature, and a tropical gazebo. I was very impressed!

Finally, last night, I stumbled across some nice freebies at Dragyn's Designs while I was out looking for tie-dyed shirts for our upcoming 60s event at the club. A big box contained a variety of original t-shirts, jeans, tintable sweatpants, jeans jacket, and a leather jacket. Very reasonable prices on their clothing here.

I need to remind you all that I never know how long a freebie will last, so better to get in quick!


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