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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Couple of fast freebies

Hi folks, have a few fast freebies for you.

This one is time limited! Hurry over! Riviera Couture has an 800L outfit for FREE. This will only last until noon tomorrow, so hurry and get it!

DbNR has a cute moon pose for 1L.

OK...you're gonna love this one. KS Creations has poses....lots and lots of poses...for only 5L per pack! Not each....each PACK! In honor of her rez day, she's selling her first shape for 5L - and ladies, it's pretty and it's hawt! And there's jewelry here too, for only 5L. Whew! You can buy almost the entire store for under 50L! (Hair excluded)

Lemania Indigo Designs has a very cute dollarbie today called Retro Chic, and a hunt gift at the same location called Escargot. If you aren't aware, Lemania retires an outfit every day and gives it to us for 1L! Try to make this a daily stop :)

Striking Poses has a new dollarbie pose for us, but don't ask me which! She's added so many dollarbie poses, I had to search inventory to find out which ones I had and didn't have! There's even a Marlon Brando pose for the guys! Don't forget to sign up for the Midnight Mania while you're there!

I'll be back later (I hope) but want to get this up because of the time limited stuff. Hurry!
Hey ya'll!!!

Happy Saturday! Lots to see and buy! :)

Jewelry by Jake is giving away a 0L carousel. The music Jake plays alone is worth the tp!

RBZ Designs has a super cute St. Patty's day dress with white stockings that have sweet little clovers on the backs of the thighs!

Sapphire's has a free dress called 'Glitterati.'

Phoenix Designs
has a sweet diamond jewelry set for 0L!

LaGyo has a 1L ring and 1L bangle set.

MAdesigns has a freebie wall FOR THE GUYS!

has 4 freebies for the chicks and 2 freebies for the roosters!

Vincenca Rosca Finest Jewellery has a freebie necklace called 'Spanish Dreams' when you walk in the door.

Myself- Fashion Store has a dollarbie with five nail colors on the counter.

LA Designs@Swaidon Mall
has a stack of dollarbie boxes at the entrance, including 'The France' nails!

AW Design - Main Store - Women's Clothes & Accessories is hiding a 0L swimsuit, tatoo, and bag behind the counter!

*FS* FineSmith jewelry design
- jewellery!!! Lots of dollarbie diamonds on the wall!

Magic Fashion HQ and Free Photostudio has three woman's dollarbies and a guy's dollarbie.

Have fun!


Friday, March 13, 2009

St. Pat's and more!

Spork - has a gorgeous St. Patty's day dress, called "Sassy".

Its a special, limited edition, and available for 0L.

Rock'n Rose has 2 pearl necklaces for 1L. One in black, the other in red.

Jezzebel Rock, has "Kiss Me" t-shirts for 1L, as well as some St. Pat's jewelry.

I picked up the earrings, a choker, and an anklet, for 1L each from OA Designs.

These 2 wonderful stores, share a store! There is also a necklace, and a pair of pumps priced at 25L. Be sure to check out the St. Pat's outfit as well!

Also, there is a clover hunt going on in the store!
Ten each for OA Designs and Jezzebel Rock! Each is set for 1L each and full of fabulous goodies!

Designs by Lorri, has some new creations worth checking out! As a gift for us, Lorri has generously put out a limited time, dollarbie.

Erin, is a fabulous gown, that will return to its regular price of 149L, on Thursday March 19th, so don't miss out!

From March 14th, 2009 until March 20th, 2009 there will be hidden 10 golden shamrocks all over

With all shamrocks you will have the complete limited time outfit.

BabyDoll's has St. Pat's freebie outfit, which will be only be free until March 18th!

Angelico, at Rumpus has put out a dollarbie St. Pat's outfit, and shoes. The shoes are shown above.

Alyssa Bijoux, in the BabyDoll location, has free Shamrock Headband

*TOAST* has a 10L tube dress.

Phoenix Designs, has a few things for you to pick up, including jeans, a jewelry set, and a Celtic belt.

Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) has lots of stuff this week! Three St. Patrick's Day specials, not free, but nicely priced jewellry, and cute sculptie bunny slippers if you're a group member!

Apple May Designs
, has a St. Pat's 10L special. You can purchase "Little Clover" in green. This is up for the weekend. At 7pm SLT sunday evening the price will be returned to it's normal price. So please be sure to stop in and grab it cheap if you want it!

Prim & Pixel is offering their NEW! Mairead's Ankle Strappy Shoes, in GREEN for free, through St. Patrick's Day, Tuesday, March 17th, and can be found in the shoe building.

Even regular prices of these sexy shoes is only 75L

I also found a "what the hell" outfit & skin, both 0L and it can be found here.

Messy Closet Sale, also on the Prim & Pixel property has some great buys, on costume type wear.

I received a note from Rebel Hope Designs. I have copied excerpts here:

"Our Shamrock Hunt is fun stuff for St. Patty's day and we do it just for people to have fun with the challenge of the hunt and have some fun and even goofy things for St. Patty's day. There will be 14 Shamrocks hidden throughout the sim both inside and out. The Shamrocks will only be on the Monarch Bay sim and not the Woodshed Sims to keep it simple. They will be big enough to see lol, in the past people have fussed that they were too small and we apologize for that!

Shamrock Pumps are free for those who have us in their picks. They are through the front door to the right. If we are not in your picks add us and you can pick them up too!"

Butterfly Princess/Toxic Tiger have free gifts for you!

A female outfit, and one for the guys as well so its a good excuse for your man to go shopping with you!

Of course Sole Sisters did not disappoint this St. Pat's Day! Check out this yummy goodness! Until March 17th, all green shoes, are just 17L

I'll be back soon with more!

Hey Ya'll!!!

Have fun this weekend getting all your goodies!~

LA Designs has a dollarbie this week called the maya outfit.

Moonlight Designs has three gorgeous gowns for 1L!

Heaven Fashion has a St. Patty's Day bikini with a hair trefold for one Linden.

badura Design has a dollarbie dress called 'Sangria.'

has a cute and casual shrug and jeans outfit.

Medusa's Joy
has a nice two piece for 1L. Lots of dollarbies on sale!

Prism has a sweet little green dollarbie- boots included!

DeePosed has an awesome freebie pose at the front of the store! How did I not find this place sooner?

Hero has three freebies including tops and an elephant bracelet.

Donna Flora has done it again! Freebie called Bibi, lol..

.:: Immerschoen Fashion Design for Girls & Boys ::.. has a free green St. Patty's day outfit for the ladies.

Galeria Fashion has a 0L gift.

JD Boutique has several dollarbies!

Sexy Angel has a dollarbie of the week! Three outfits in one!

Viviane Fashion at K2K has a free dress and purple tank!

Moonstar Designs
has a dress, a cool Welsh tee, and a black lingerie set for 0L this week!

Pretty Lady also has a 0L black lingerie gift, and if you join their group, you get this snakeskin dress FREE! They just sent it to me! I saw it in the store and it was priced at THREE HUNDRED LINDENS! I am so not a joiner, but I loved the store so I joined the group a few weeks ago, and haven't regretted that decision AT ALL!

Imperial Designs
has 2 free AO's and a 'moon pose!'

Yellow Submarine's 'mystery' dollarbie is a black 4 seater! There is a 1L 1 prim (!) animated pillow as well!

Yuli has five dollarbies and a 0L gift! All of the gifts have at least three FULL outfits in them!

Jojo's Designs is giving away a free clover pin for the Irish in us!

Prim and Pixel has a free pair of green bowed toe heels for us as well!

Have a great weekend! More later!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey ya'll!

How about a few mid week goodies?

Ztique has dollarbie 'Candy Bauble' jewelry as their March Dollarbie.

314: hood has some cool gadgets!

A- Bomb offers a 10L wall- picked this bad boy up there! Called 'Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress!'

Sys's has this gorgeous dress with a few other goodies in their gift box!

G&N has a new freebie called 'Nadine!' Fun and casual!!!

LA DESIGNS has a dollarbie that is cute and sassy!

EMPRESARIO has a few 0L goodies for us!!

Anarkon has a free mirror, candle, victorian coffee table, and a bronze candle!

Have fun!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DG Innovations

Wanted to throw this one at you real quick, and then I'm out the door for (RL) work.

DG Innovations has put out a lovely gift bag packed with stuff for us for free. Lots of gorgeous clothing here, please take a few moments to look around when you get there! :)

Project Red

We posted about Project Red last week, but it looks like the slurl got left off, so I hope we can make this up this week.

They offer us this, this week:

You can choose which t-shirt or sleeveless shirt you want and receive it COMPLETELY FOR FREE when you buy 2 shorts (whatever – dress shorts or swim shorts)!

Time limit: 3 days only

Conditions:- Shorts can be combined (dress shorts + dress shorts, dress shorts + swim shorts or Swim shorts + swim shorts) and can be from double the same item.- After doing the purchase you have to send a notecard to Tallmark Lohner with your NAME (or the name of the person who done the purchase – so I can check if the purchase is done) and the NAME - OF THE T-SHIRT or sleeveless shirt YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE FOR FREE. And that's it! Chosen shirt will be delivered in time of 24 hours after receiving the notecard and confirming it. No IMs will be valid for the offer – it has to be done by a notecard. Persons sending IMs wont be reminded. Purchase has to be done at the same day SL time. Free t-shirt or sleeveless shirt has to be claimed not later than 2 days after the offer is ended.

Let's see if we can't get over there and see what they have to offer. They'd like to continue giving the readership some good deals and freebies. They also still have the dollarbie unisex bag (the brown one) at the landing point.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Sunday Fun!

Shameless Caleta has many dollarbies for us, including the skin (there are actually 3 skins in total), and tat in the photo above, as well as tanks & bikinis.

Tyranny Designs has a new gift at the rez point called "The Army Tramp" and include 6 shades of the top.

If you don't mind "working" for high quality freebies, then ladies, I suggest you head over to LeeZu. She has set up a sewing machine. You sit and sew for 1 hour, and that earns you one of her fabulous creations. There will be a new dress every month! Be sure to hit the subscribo here!! VERY awesome stuff!!

This gorgeous dress is available for free from Bliss!

Spexx has a couple of dollarbies on the table inside the store. While I was there the lucky chair came up with my letter, and rewarded me with a nice pair of "sunnies"! Yay me!!

A fantastic dragon tattoo can also be yours for a mere 1L. You can pick up this extravagant full body tat at Yin & Yang

Red Skull is offering a charm bracelet as a freebie.

Medusa's Joy has a couple Dollarbuys (as she calls them)

[Wicked] Fashion, has 5 DOLLARBIES hidden throughout the store!! 3 on the 1st floor, and 2 on the 2nd floor! Hint: They're all the same color!! Here is an example of what you can find!

So between dollarbies, freebies and midnight mania, you can get up to NINE (9!!) items from our collection for ONLY 5L!!!

Something a little different, Dark Mouse Jewelry & Whimsical Creations is offering a free "WC City Sky box". Yes, a 12-prim sky box, for free!! There is also another 1L gift across the way in the other store.

Honeybear sent me a note card with the following information:

At the official opening of the Couture Cove Shops, an extraordinary gift (SOCA Showgirl/Mardi Gras costume) is being given out as you tour the stores.

All you have to do is to walk up to the six Couture Chapeau boxes with the flags on top (VERY EASY TO FIND). WALK RIGHT UP TO THE BOX since you must be at least 1 meter from it.

Psst... they are in all the little boutiques and on the dock at the back of the Flagship store.
You will be offered the contents of the box which have the parts of the costume. Accept the item since you will have only one chance for the day. You will have to come back the next day if you missed it! There will also be some surprise gifts by the stunning stores.

*** Promotion for a limited time only! ***

This seems like a fun way to hunt! I'll see you there!!

Hugs, Sav

Sunday Shopping

** Limited Time ** for 24 hours only, HA store is celebrating International Women's Day, and has a dollarbie gift for the occasion. Its a gorgeous purple colored Cristie Gown.

As well, they have a St. Patrick's Gift which is available until the end of the month.

Viviane Fashion has a cute dollarbie. Clover, is a cute St. Pat's Tee, and black denim skirt set. She also has a low-budget area, and some freebies.

I spoke with Viviane when I was there, and what a sweet lady! Be sure to say hello, and tell her Sav sent you :)

Prim & Pixel has an awesome lucky chair prize. It's an incredible St. Pat's outfit that is currently retailing for $L299

Weird Designs has a First Date Dress, in green for free. Its a green tartan type dress, very cute.

Holli Pocket has a lime pair of Barbie Booty shorts (its the 2nd pair of shorts in the ad)

LA Couture, has new freebies on their counter. The Arden outfit for the ladies, and LJ Shirt for our guys.

[42] has a free Goth skin, which is very nicely done!

Royal Designs is offering a dollarbie skin, with red lips, and a beauty mark. They have camping, and lucky chairs available on the upper level.

Rhiamon's Realm has 2 Choices of Dollarbies ONLY at the Mainstore Location! They are 2 nice, Celtic collars or chokers, that are available only until St. Pat's Day!

One in gold:

and one in silver:

Bodies by Oh! is offering 2 pair of lovely shoes to celebrate its 2nd anniversary in SL. They also have a scribo-matic!

Mythology has some great freebie dresses!!

There are 4 dresses, of different colors, all the same style, that are soon to be retired, and available on the upper level of the store.

Cat Creations has created an new outfit to celebrate her rezz day. It's entitled "Roxy" and available for 1L.

That's all I have for now.



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