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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seasonal Goodness

I started this blog post earlier this week, as far as I know, the items are still available. Let me know if you discover differently.

G-Field has some seasonal goodness for you. Stop by to pick up your [FREE] *GF* Long Sweater Halloween Set.

The incredibly awesome boots are not included in the outfit, but can be purchased separately, for just 30L!

This is the buckled option, there is a pair with bows as well, for the same price. What a steal!

Don't forget to check the the dollar section as well, where you will find more yum yums for your wallet.

Barbie Princess has a Halloween Freebie top, with more than 1 way to wear it.

As well as a 1L witch outfit.

Two awesome reasons to check out this store!

Plastik. has a 1L Halloween gift. A huge box full of goodness!

Inga Wind has the gorgeous Autumn Fae costume. It comes complete with hair & shoes!

The detail, is as amazing as always.

Poetic Colors has a set of Blue Autumn Eyes

Zeery Neck tie, tank & stockings gift for just 4L.

There is a His & Her Gift as well.

We'll be back soon with more!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Oh my goodness what a weekend! We took my son to the hospital on Friday night, and he is finally coming home today. I bet you thought I jumped ship again, huh?

Thank you so much to Honey & chey for posting in my absence.

Remember last week, I mentioned Fishy Strawberry. I neglected to mention that they have a discount section upstairs? Oh yes they do! I saw many of the items I own, are now fantastically reduced 50-70% off the regular price. Be sure to check that out!

Nymphetamine has free custom pumpkins, and something sexy for you.

[ILAYA] has some dollarbie goodness for us. This shop is new to me, and has loads of things for you to check out!

Here is a glimpse of the Halloween gift - also the Tiesa skin, from Dulce secrets. (see below for more info.)

Check out these items, also available in the goody section at the back of the store.

I had the chance to speak with Ilaya herself, and she is gorgeous, and even greeted me when I teleported in. I was very impressed with the hospitality I received while browsing the store. It makes me WANT to shop there!

Sorella's Fashion has an awesome Group Gift. This gorgeous gown retails in the store for 300L! Don't forget to slap the MM boards while you are at it. There is one upstairs, and one downstairs as well.

Dernier Cri has Halloween goodies. Last's year, sexy & very popular bumblebee costume is back out if you missed it.

As well, new Zombie avatar, with 3 different stages of "zombie" skins included.

Have a closer look of the stage 3 Zombie skin.

Fashionity has a fantastic deal on a Halloween outfit for just 10L!

Until Oct 13th, you can pick up Carnisa Cognac and Carnisa Vodka skins from Dulce Secrets for just 1L.

Lizelle & Kayti skins are also 1L on the customer service desk.

The Tiesa skin & can be picked up here as well as some purple eyes. They are also participating in the Pumpkin Prints hunt, so don't forget to look around for that gift.!

Morbid Mausoleum Designs has several outfits for 29L.

You can also find more goodness in the Attic, such as the

C'est Moi Boutique is a brand new store & has a lucky cupcake gift! Check out his beauty!

Have fun!

We'll be back soon with more.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween freebies

I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of these in the next couple of weeks, but here's one that was specially passed to me.

Badoura Design has a cute little dress as a dollarbie. This dress is filled with cobwebby goodness and has a cute little web hat with a lurking spider to match! You'll find it under the stairs with the other freebies.


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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