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Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Survived Ike Freebies!

We made it through the hurricane ok, but boy was it nerve-wracking! 70mph winds coming across a lake at you...whew!

And oh....I'm just thrilled, I was accepted to the Ewing Modelling School this morning and start classes tomorrow!

So, just a few for you this morning to celebrate! :)

Rha! has a 0L sheer shirt and cordoroy capris for us today. This is a very sheer shirt - not for the faint at heart! ;)

Talon Faire has a red lace and velvet dress for 0L on the back wall of the store, and a dollarbie green polka dot blouse at the front of the store.

Relance has a pair of hot pants and shirt (pretty skimpy outfit *grin*) for 0L. If you go to the front of the store and join the group, there is a wall of dollarbies, both for men and women.

At iGems, you'll find a free necklace and earrings. This one is a little tough to find. Make sure you watch for the red beacon/arrow. If you don't see it, you'll land with the LM at Ivalde. Stand facing the courtyard and walk to your right. Go down two stores.

Kungler's has another freebie dress out for us. It's really cute.

OK, if I get word of anything else, I'll update later.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Freebies!

While I'm in North Texas, we're supposed to get some ugly weather tomorrow from Hurricane Ike, so I thought I better get these out to you now.

Angelico B Designs is offering a lilac colored gown for 1L.

Baby Monkey is offering a free clutch purse in several colors, a free charm bracelet, free belts, and the "Another" line of skins (by Eloh Eliot), also for free.

Paris' Dreams is offering a cute dollarbie outfit (think: Neko) at the store entrance. There is also a dollarbie wall inside the store.

Ki2, located in the Starlust Hotel, is offering a dollarbie top, with the notation that it's "really cute".

Kuri Style has entered a designer's competition, and entered two designs. She's offering those designs free to us. They're on the hanging rack, to the right end. Good luck, Kuri!

Sebis Store has three outfits out. Two are dollarbies and one is free.

There's a couple of free tops at Garden of Hedonists.

Simply Rose has a couple of dollarbies: One is a t-shirt for men (warning: nekkie chick on the front) and the other is a tank and black pants outfit for women.

A real life store named Demi Etage has an in-world store. While the clothes here are mostly conservative (and the voice over is Japanese), there are about 25 outfits for women for free - surely you'll find something you like. To the left of the display is a tree, and in the free, there are probably another 20 unisex t-shirts.

OK...that's it for today!


Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've had an incredibly bad week and my heart hasn't been in the hunt. But I have quite a few lined up for you for Saturday morning! Stay tuned, and don't forget to vote by clicking the little blue and white box to the right, and then checking the green box, and then looking at a blog listed UNDER Virtual Freebies! Thanks :)

Also, I'm now playing Tiny Empires within Second Life, and it's fun. If you've ever wanted to play, but didn't know where to start, IM me, and I'll be happy to get you going! :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday morning freebies

I don't have much for ya this morning as I am just too tired to look so much! I will have more for you sometime tomorrow or Wednesday though!

Lets start with the Everyday Girl Boutique, they have a cute pink tee for free and their entire stock of clothing is on sale at 50% off or more. I saw items ranging from 1L to 50L. Check it out once the sale is over the items will be gone to make room for new items!

Next up is Sexy Catz, they have a free skin called destiny, if the LM doesn't take you right to it, it is in the middle between the two stores in the back in a box on the floor. Also if you go into the Sexy Catz store you will see a small alcove to your right and in there is a free belly ring and necklace. Get these quick they will be taking them out soon! The other store they have is a Pixel dolls store and they have priced some of their latex items at 50% off. Great prices on these, folks!

Next up is A&K Designs. I happened to get there right after the release of some new items so it was quite crowded but the lag wasn't horrible. They have a beautiful free item in the middle of the store its a 3 in 1 item. A beautiful blue ball gown, mini dress, and a pants suit set. Get it while you can Its beautiful. Also take a look around the store if you want to be a group member they have several group only free items and they have a "deal wall" as you come in the door it will be on the wall to your right... you will find it next to a red shelf type thing. Enjoy!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Evening Freebies

Hey! Well after 2 days of hunting I think I have a good list for ya'll!

At L&P Gestures and Jewelry you will find a set of bangles for 1L.

At Pink Outfitters you will find a super cute pink and black mini dress for free!

At Aqua you will find a real cute orange bathing suit for 1L and on both sides of the big waterfall there are some more free items.

At Deka Fashions you will find 6 free items on the wall. and as you come in the front entrance to the right in the corner is a cute gray striped skirt set called Jailbird for 1L.

At Kiwi you can find 2 free boxes on the floor and on the wall are various items including a skin and a dress for 1-10L.

At Frangipani Designs they are having a huge moving sale. I found a 1L dress going into the ladies clothing store. All the other clothes start at 5L and run up to 50L. Hair starts at 20L for each color pack. There are 3 stores here everyone, look in all 3!

At Diamond Skins and Shapes by Alan you can find 3 free outfits.

And finally at Striking Poses you can find 5 poses for 1L each and if you want to join their subscribe-o-matic group you can get the free group gift from their history!

Happy hunting!



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