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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pardon the mess

Just testing a theory.


For the idly curious, that's the direct html link to Honey's.

More Christmas Freebies

Nicandra gave me some more freebies this morning. Trying to get these to you as quickly as possible, because they are obviously Christmas gifts and will probably be gone in a day or two. Sorry I can't give you more detail, but I haven't opened any of these boxes yet, as I wanted to get them up here for you.

At M.E. Fashion, there are 3 boxes under a Christmas tree. One contains a black and purple outfit, one contains black jeans, ice skates, copyable Christmas decorations, a flexidress, and something called Sexy Devil, and the last box contains something called Georgia. Inside the door is a box containing a face animation, black cross necklace, pink capris and a red stone necklace. While I was there, I looked around at the clothes - very nice, with affordable prices. I'll be coming back later to shop :)

At LBD Designs, several boxes under a tree containing a Pink Orchid dress, Rainbow dress, Gold and Red dress, Red Leave dress, Butterfly dress, KimNo dress, and KimNo 1 dress.

ETD - Elika Tiramisu Designs - I can't believe I haven't mentioned it before! Nicandra reminded me and I had to double check my past entries to be sure but yep, I've been a bad bad girl. ETD has some of the most awesome hairpieces in all of SL, and her discount/freebie section is great. In fact, the hair I wear the very most was a $1 freebie here! She's put up new items since I was here last, including a fat pack of cords (pants), a fat pack of sleep shorts, and a fat pack of nice dresses...all for $1 each! She has some nice slingbacks up for $50 each, and many discounted hairstyles.

That's it for now, but I may make another post later today :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Aboard the Titanic!

I was dancing at the ballroom on the Titanic tonight, and happened to look over and found...yep, freebies! Now I'd get these ASAP, because I guarantee they are Christmas freebies and won't be around long.

There are several boxes on a table under the Christmas tree, containing furniture, clothing and jewelry. I believe there are 5 altogether, possibly 6. Some of the boxes are dummies. I haven't looked yet to see what all I got, but out of all that, there has to be something good!

Hurry over!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Lots of freebies!

I have a new helper, Nicandra Laval, a reader of this blog, and now contributing by finding freebies for me! Thanks Nicandra!

So these are some that she has found for us.

At Temple of the Gods, there is a very nice Isis choker (almost exactly like one I used to own!) for only $1.

At !Frangipani Designs, Nicandra found an adorable mini-skirt with four floral tops for only $1! They are very very cute, jump on this one!! There is also a pair of color change strap shoes, for free! This store has some really nice clothes...I looked around for quite awhile and found lots to destroy my budget with...but be sure to catch the sale section. I found several beautiful dresses as cheap as $30!

The next stop on Nicandra's list was CF Plaza - I found a pair of Eternity diamond earrings for free.

I'll post more of Nicandra's finds either later today, or later this week. Merry Christmas all!


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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