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Friday, June 5, 2009

Ranena Olivier Couture sent out a subscribo gift this week. If you're not a member, take the tp, slap that subscribo, and check the history for the gift.

Lemania has some gifts for us today as usual.

This gown is one of Lemania's Hollywood series, and it's called "Blessings". It's a rainbow of colour that just doesn't stop. Shoes for this iridescent wonder are included.

The "Monarch" outfit was yesterday's retiring dollarabie, and has been moved to the changing room where it will remain for a week before being removed for good.

This comes complete as, you see it, including the butterfly poofer.

This next dress is available over at the French Farm, and will be available as a dollarbie for the next 2 weeks.

This stunning gown is named Peach Orchard and should not be missed!

The dress below is NOT a freebie, but I feel compelled to discuss it, as its a fund raiser, for a cause.

This dress has been dubbed "Helen Keller." This dress is on sale for 375L. All the money is going to the disabled, through the "Wheelies" program. Click the link to the website for more info. The Helen Keller dress will be available for a month.

The posing lipstick in the pick above, was a group gift from Tuli.

* Fireflies * on the Juicy Boardwalk has a huge dollarbie section! You can also buy modelling poses for 5L.

Schadenfruede, also on the Juicy Boardwalk has a freebie on the top shelf by the skull.

Would you be interested in a sexy and sophisticated Paris Sky box with a view of the Eiffel Tower, with rich wood floors and stylish wall coverings. PLUS, a flirty set of seemed stockings for your sexy ensembles.

Head on over to the Vinyl Cafe sim, make sure your group tag is activated, & voila! It's all yours. For Free! Oh ya!

This is a **LIMITED TIME OFFER ** so don't delay.

Psst! The New York set is at The Dominion Fashion District.

Be sure to have your tag activate for this as well. If you're not a member, you can hit the group joiner while you're there.

*Czari's Attic* Main Shoppe, has a Japanese Photo Shelf available for just 5L until next Friday, June 12th. Check it out!

We'll be back with more soon.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

**Some Limited Time ** Some Shoes & Stuff

Poetic Colors has a freebie pack for today only! I love, love, love Poetic's eyes. The *new releases* the summer sky eyes are 50% off until the end of the day! These eyes usually sell for $200L a pair, go check it out!

[kusshon] has a 1L special on a relax bed with 6 poses. *until the end of the day only* HURRY OVER! These specials are in celebration of the creator's rez day! *Yay!*

Wik's Wardrobe on the Vinyl Cafe sim has set out FREE Argyle boots! (Yay more boots!)

Thanks Wik! :)

On to the goodies that will be hanging around a bit longer ...

Mars Gelber has several almost free items, the newest being this Leafy Green Bangle, with bling.

Have a look around the store. If you like what you see, consider joining the group. With a group tag, you can get an outfit for 1L.

Periquita is having a fat pack sale at her store, so you can't buy single pairs of shoes. Although, if you check out the single shoes on display, you will find 3 freebie pairs. They are not labelled you have to find them, but here is a hint.

3 different styles, all gorgeous! Pick your favorite pair, or pick up all three.

Unique Jewel has a new freebie, for a new month.

"Goober Denim" is a sexy set, re-sizable skirt, and tube socks are included. Cute, huh!?

"Azurite" is this week's midnight mania for The French Farm.

This rich blue gown with feathered sleeves has that certain elegance that is what The French Farm is all about.

Power of Gold is a sexy party dress - shades of Disco's past!

This spunky dance dress is available now on Lemania's Castle Midnight Mania for the next week.

This outfit is a beautiful fantasy gown, a Celtic Princess not afraid to take up a sword and fight for her kingdom...sword included of course...*smiles*

This is currently available in the main gift area, but will be moved up to the change rooms after tomorrow along with yesterday's retiring dollarbie, "Happy Attitude"

It's cute, it's fun. it's one of those outfits that is what you make of it.

We'll be back soon with more.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Sav's Monday Fun!

Lemania has a couple of things going on that you need to know about that I didn't tell you about yesterday

There is a swan ride right behind the castle. To encourage use of this lovely ride, there will be gifts each month. Take a few minutes to relax, and enjoy the ride, and come away with a lovely gift. Here's how it works.

You'll start here.

See the white stick in the water? Click that to rezz your swan. Set your environment to sunset, and enjoy the view. Take your sweety, and snuggle a bit.

I went by myself, and was looking at the architecture in the castle as I went along.

After a few short minutes, you will happen upon your prize.

Click on the giant egg, pay it 1L, and get your present. The prize this month is a lovely minty-fresh dress! Rather retro looking to me.

Lemania has also joined the Look What The Cat Brought Hunt brought to you by the Look What The Cat Brought blog.

Lemania has recoloured one of her best selling dresses her "Diva Kitty" outfit into the ever popular black. It's perfect for a cat hunt, with it's kitty ears and swishing tail.

The hunt starts today at noon, you are looking for a box that looks like a cat paw print. Within that box, you will find this heaping helping of goodness:

You can't see my ears very well, as they are hidden in my hair, but the tail even twitches!
There looks to be about 27 vendors participating, so this shouldn't take you long at all. It will be a nice way to spend the afternoon, but you actually have until June 15th to complete it.
Stay tuned to the blog for updates and info on the hunt, or you can stop by the subscribo kiosk. As per the note card, "Be aware by hitting the kiosk you will get good plans, great deals infos and .... *drums rolls* gifties."
Lemania has also set out a new daily retiring dollarbie, keeping with the Wear Purple Day, in support of the RFL.

(The hair shown above, was a gift from the Designer Showcase Network today, and is the "Arianna" style, from Calico Creations!)

She has also made the purple pumps available for 1L for today only. As usual, these are in the main gift area for today only. Then the "Nude Purple" will be moved up to the change rooms for a week, before being permanently retired.

I hadn't been to
N*Core lately, so I popped in and found has 5 bags set out, as freebies. Wear your group tag to pick these up.

Lots of gorgeous goodies!!

Have fun!

We'll be back with more later!!


Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am wishing I was a guy tonight!

This hunt looks to have some very awesomely amazing and spectacular gifts for our men!

Ladies, if "he" isn't excited about this, get excited for him! Promise to help him, like he helps you. Imagine how super freaking hot he's going to look when he's finished! *swoons*

What!? You haven't heard about this? This is history in the making!!

Here's what the note card says:

>>>>>>>> WHEN?

MHO hunt starts June 01st - 30th June.


As you know most hunts are 95% of time oriented towards women so the objective of MHO hunt is to get men involved in the hunt while exposing them to quality stores that they many not be familiar with.

Great way to get free items and discover stores you never been to.

>>>>>>>>> HOW DOES IT WORK?

As with most hunts once a starting location has been set you will be provided with LM and the next location in the hunt once you claim your first gift. For example, store #1 will give landmark to store #2, store #2 will give landmark to store #3, and so on... until it finishes.

Gift will be hidden somewhere in the store and you will be looking for orange male symbol. Designers will have a choice to use items that are currently sold at their store or create exclusive items that will only be available for the duration of the hunt. They also have an option to provide you with store cards.

This hunt is also circular, so when you get to the end, the last landmark will direct you to first location. This means even if you start the hunt in a middle you will still get to visit and discover all participating stores.


Only high quality designers will be invited to participate as we are planning to keep number of stores around 150 so to enusure everyone gains exposure as we know men tend to give up half way if shopping expedition tends to go forever.


Hunt will go from 1st to 30th of June.

>>>>>>>>"Official" Starting Location: KMadd Enterprises

These guys were in the KMadd store, hovering around the sign. I guess they are eagerly anticipating the hunt.

The majority of them had the group tag on -- even our very own male blogger, Justice!

Have fun guys!


Sunday Fun!

Yay for Sunday Shopping!!

With the new month tomorrow, Ema's has come out with a new freebie! As always, its in the back corner by the cupcakes.

Be sure to have a look around while you are there. Sooooo many good things!!

Honey*Soul has relocated, and in celebration have a special for us. Pick up an adorable bikini set for just 2L, which you can wear 3 ways.

The skin shown in the above pic was a group gift from Baiastice, and the hair was a 20L special clearance from Magika, on for a limited time only!

Here you will find a purple dot skirt, perfect for the Wear Purple Day, in SL tomorrow! If you're not sure what that's about, read HoneyBear's post from yesterday.

You can pick this up for free. You will also find a lounging type outfit for guys, and girls for just 1L each.

Speaking of wearing purple, generous shop owners are hopping on the bandwagon, and sending out group gifts so everyone can participate.

Today, I have received a cap & scarf from Milestone Creations, as a subscribo gift.

Also several hair styles from ::Innorite:: Check these out.

There are some styles for our guys as well, so get over to ::Innorite::, and hit that subscribe-o thingy!

Lemania always has so many good things to talk about, its why I do it, almost everyday!

Yesterday's retiring daily dollarbie was "Angelic." It's everything you would imagine an angel costume to be ~very dreamy, and heavenly!

As with all of Lemania's items, they come with everything you need to put this look together. The prim wings, halo, and shoes are included.

This has been moved up to Change Rooms now, and you will have a week to get it from there, before it disappears forever.

The group gift this week, is called "Bumble Bee." This rich dark toned dress, is much more sophisticated than other outfits representing the same winged creature, and the touch of lace just adds to the whole ensemble.

This will be out, and available until next Saturday in the main Gift Area.

"Alsea," is the retiring dollarbie for Sunday, and will be in the Gift Area, until 11am tomorrow morning.

This outfit would be fantastic for a luau!

Casey's Creations is participating in a couple of Grid Wide Hunts. There is the Make Him Over Hunt, and the Storybook Hunt. Both of these gifts are in her lobby, not at all hidden.

Here is a peek of her rendition of Miss Muffet for the Storybook Hunt.

The outfit comes with a steamin' hot bowl of curds & whey, and even a spoon to eat them with!

Casey was also kind enough to make a female version of the Make Him Over Gift, which you can see below.

Wildebeast Designs has some animal print dollarbies.

There are outfits that are a bit more risque, if you really want to let your wild side show!

We'll be back soon with more.



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