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Saturday, December 6, 2008

New from Designs by Lorri

hey guys! its been a while since I have released anything new in my store "Designs by Lorri" so tonight I give you Allison. And since it is the 12th month of the year I am putting Allison on sale for 1 week and then it will go to its normal price of 149L. Come get this dress while you can!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Just a reminder!

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 6, and Sunday, December 7, at 2:00PM SLT, both days, is the fashion show at VooDoo Vogue.

Saturday's line up is:

Hot Frost
Prism Couture

Sunday's line up is:

RBZ Designs
Alta Moda
SySy Designs

And yes, your's truly will be modeling. I'd be honored if you'd attend!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yay! Freebies!!

Hey folks!

Freebie time again! I had a lot of fun finding items and taking pictures today, there is some really nice stuff out there, and it was a lot of fun to dress up hehe :-D

Alchemy has a gorgeous White gown up for Christmas. I joined their subscribe-o-matic group, and they have a lot of group gifts in the history. If you want to grab these, just click the sign to join, then click again and choose History. Each number will give you the previous message along with the gift. Don't forget, these subscribe-o-matic groups don't take up one of those precious 25 group slots, so I tend to join any of them I see. :p

Elle has a stars and stripes outfit.

Czari's Attic has 5 Christmas wreaths for that all important Christmas decorating.

Indie rose has a couple of free gifts. One on the table downstairs and another on the table upstairs. This has a gorgeous set of underwear inside.

Southern Charmed has a Rudolph knit dress, 6 gifts on a table, and a whole shop full of dollarbies opposite the main store.

Bejambled has a table of freebies.

Star's Gems has some free holly berry jewellery on the table.

Alesandra and Jadee Designs has some gifts under the tree, and if you tip the tip jar, you get a free outfit.

Muze Fashion World has 4 necklaces and a box of 3 dresses under the Christmas tree.Also, you can buy the snowman for 0L.

I had a fab time at Sole Sisters. They have the white version of their new Noelle shoe for 1L and a box with some shoes in for 1L on the other side of the tree, Sculptie Boots for 1L by the door, Obama shoes for 0L and a pair of white pumps on the shelf above these for 1L.

.::NOSOTRAS::. has freebies under the tree, and a lot of their items are reduced. There are a few dollarbies hidden among the regular items, so might be worth checking the items you like. also, head upstairs and to the end of this floor and you will see another pile of freebies and dollarbies.

RBZ Designs has a silver dress for 1L.

Zibware has a Christmas outfit called HoHoHo for 0L



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Something new

Would you like to advertise on Virtual Freebies? VF is currently receiving 400-500 hits every day. That's 400-500 people who would be able to teleport directly to YOUR business! Please contact me for more information!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Limited Time Freebie!

Robin at Wild Wear Fashions is having her 3rd rez day and has given us all this mini dress as a gift. Available for today only!

Heads up!

Claire had posted earlier about the earrings she found at Fae Designs. The owner of Fae Designs just emailed me to let me know that she actually has an Advent calendar up, and wanted me to let you know to stop by every day and pick up your free gift!

Freebie Hunt!!

Good Morning!

Just a quick one today cause I wanted to let you all know about a massive hunt thats happening at the moment.
Now most of you will probably have heard about this, or at least have seen the signs dotted about the place.

The Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt is on from 2nd-31st December.
There are about 350 vendors taking part in this hunt, so I'm pretty sure it is one of the biggest I've seen. And every single one of these places gives you a freebie or two!!!

All you need to do is find the globe like this:

Once you found it, buy it for 0L and it will give you a folder. In this is the globe itself with the gift(s) inside, and the LM to the next place.
Some of them will be in plain sight, whereas some of them may be hidden, though none should be *too* hard to find. The idea is that everyone should be able to get all of the gifts.
With some of the biggest names in SL taking part, I think this is well worth the time it takes to track down all of the globes.

The first globe can be found here. On this one, make sure you follow the red beacon. There is another globe you can get, but it is #251. You can start there if you like, I just prefer to start at #1, its easier to keep track.

If you want to know what its all about, or want updates on any problems with the vendors etc, check out the Peace On Earth website.

This picture is of Ivalde's offering in Globe#2.

Happy Hunting!!!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Maniac Monday!

Hello sexy shoppers!

I have lots in store for you today! My freebies range from fashion, to houses. Yes, I said Houses! Go ahead and sing my praises, I know you love me!

Sins & Secrets has presents set out under a tree for us. The presents will be changing every other day, (and are to include skins, catsuits, and more seasonable items) so check back often.

The lovely Lorraina blogged about the Bijou goodies a couple days ago, but I found more yummy goodness down by the pond. Click here to check that out. I found these items incredibly awesome for the high fashion diva in all of us.

Dark Eden has camping for some really cool stuff, like the Metis triple blade skates on first glance they look like boots. I so had to have these -- it was more like a need, yes a dire need so I camped for 45 mins. Gave me a chance to organize my inventory. *smiles*

I visited the Tableau sim, and found the vendors here to be very generous!

(fashionably dead) in Tableau has lots to offer. Things like shell necklace, coral dress, tied up blouse, frilly jean skirt, flower skirt, frilly sheer set, girlfish tank, damsel cami, transparent sequin tank, stringy pearls, long scarf, stripe jacket, heart earrings. Everything a girl needs!

Tiny Seadog has Mami Skins Fatpack, which is 48 skins for free! I found the Prefabs houses which are mod/copy here

Paper Couture - has tights

If you've been hunting for a Coffee machine, this one is copyable.

Check around the sim, there were more items available that I did not list!

M&R Cupcakes has officially moved, and the new store is stunning. The freebies can also be found at their new store. It looks like they added some items. As well, for opening week, they are having a hunt, 8 limited edition boxes (1 unique makeup in 5 tones > gemini line) and 3 unique recolors of new garments.

House of Nyla has a Santa's helper outfit for 1L -- includes jewelry!

Rebel Xtravaganza has freebies under the stairs include strawberry necklace, free snowflake sheer stockings, free crossed Bones necklace.

Gesture Mania is offering free Christmas goodies, and some Christmas outfits as low as 25L

SORELLAS FASHION MEGA STORE has several items on the 2nd floor from 0-10L

Katat0nik has plaid butterfly skirts $1L and leg warmer boots fat pack- free

Rattenscharf main store has a Santa's Belle outfit for the picking, exquisitely decorated with prim attachment candy cane and bows.

Dollz Town is a Retro themed sim, and I found the following freebies after a quick look around.

  • Ztique has a holiday gift box in the middle of the store for 1L, and the "All Wrapped up" Green ankle boots - which are beautiful! Have a closer look!

  • mika has a Laquered redrose

  • JetDoll has a free Jessica Rabbit skin for us, and a Tigerlily Hair Flower on the floor for 1L

Sweet Nothings will be placing a new free gift under their Christmas tree every Sunday until Christmas.

***Dark Mouse Jewelry has freebies on a table on the upper level and a Newbie kit here

Mimikri hot couture is celebrating the grand opening of their new sim and has some freebies to offer.

Ruffian by Farah Palmer has a Sexy Santa Outfit, and lots of bangles & other jewelry for 1L each; also Cheryl Furry Heels, and a messenger bag, also 1L. On the other side of her cubicle, there is a wall, with shoes in every color of the rainbow! *woo hoo!*

Hats & more @YeeVoo Designs has assorted freebies and dollarbies, as well as free skates outside the door.

SINdecade has free skin, plus a couple other boxes.

You can pick up a Free Female Avatar Kit by the pink tree, and by the blue tree, a free male avatar kit.

J's Mainshop has free boots, plus a group gift should you decide to join.

Creation & Design Benelli has a Black leather outfit.

In the pic above, from left to right, here's what I am wearing:
  • Skin is a freebie from Cupcakes hunt, as well as a dress found there as well. Shoes were from Ruffian, as well as the bangles
  • Santa's Belle outfit from Rattenscharf (skin not free)
  • Santa's Helper outfit from House of Nyla. The accessories alone are worth the purchase!

That's all I have for now.

Until next time,


p.s. Yak & Yeti has everything set to 0L

The Holiday Season

I remember last year that there were so many freebies, I had a very hard time keeping up! This year is looking to be the same. We'll be shoving them out to you as fast as we can, so I strongly urge you to create a "holiday freebies" folder and put everything you grab in there until you can go through it!

Baby Monkey has an Advent calendar up, as does Ivalde (for group members)...visit each day!

I have a few things that were dropped on me this weekend....

Muggins Creations has a free gift bag with 3 free ladies t-shirts, and at Muggins Photography, you'll find some free poses.

At Fusion Furniture, you'll find some free furniture, pillows, and a pillow fight animation.

At Salzburg, there are gift boxes randomly rezzing, with an apparent 72 possible gifts...wow!

Kinvara Village has a lovely holiday gown with matching shoes out for you. The dress comes with long and short skirts and special Christmas high heels with sculpty holly on the toes. There is also a free Christmas tree, wreath, steampunk skates, snow boots, caps and scarves in red and green, a pearl necklace, a winter pocket park ... and there will be more upcoming. They also start their winter treasure hunt starting this week through January 1st.

That's all I have time for this morning! If you get a chance, stop by The Mall at Cherry Park and see the fantastic job that my decorators did! I'd name them, but then they'd never have time to do anything else, cause you'd all be after them all the time! Check out the Freebie Center while you're there, and hey, if you wanted to do some shopping, I wouldn't mind ;)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

St Andrews Day Freebies

Hey folks, Did you know it's St Andrew's Day today? I've been telling everyone a Happy St Andrews Day, so I'll wish you all one too. Hope today is fab for you all.
On to the freebies.

Clover has some free boots, and a few lucky chairs with some really nice stuff in them. If you look outside the entrance there is a winter breath attachment.

Rosy Mood has a dollarbie corner with a gorgeous mistletoe skin and some nice eyes. there are a few other items here, mostly skins.

House of Lefay has a couple of dollarbie tops under the tree.

Joyful Designs has a free pose and a green outfit. Everythign on the ground floor is 99L and the boots are just 79L!

Bonita's Jewelry has a pair of red ribbon ornament earrings, and a set of bangles.

Lemania Indigo Designs has some gifts under the tree. This is one of my fave stores in SL for unique outfits. If you click the Clone outside the door you can choose for it to give you a free gift. Also, there is a hunt going on. 50 items for 1L each. Look for the boxes with pictures of the Grinch on.

Please vote!

I'd like to remind you all to PLEASE VOTE! You do that by clicking on the blue box at the top right of the blog, and then clicking the green "Enter and Vote" button, and then choosing a blog lower than Virtual Freebies...preferably much lower.




Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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