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Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Night Freebies

BP* is offering 3 Christmas prezzies - Christmas Tree Hair - Winter Sunflower Earmuffs

^^Moulliez has freebies on the table in the corner.

Annuariou Fashion Confectionery has gifts scattered through the store which include, a skin, & shape, and shoes

JOJO Designs has freebie goodness for men, and women

On the Polly Jean sim, there is a "pill bottle" with assorted freebies from various vendors on the inside. Cool sim! You should definitely check it out.

Wild Hollow Mall has lots of Christmas gifts under the tree for you.

SLNE Land Office, on the Mystic Village sim has some free textures for you. Some of the vendors on the sim are having their own freebie hunt. It started at midnight Thur until the 17th I believe. Be sure to stop by Quixotic, where they have 3 life preservers hidden around the store, as well as free beds and a house in boxes on a table inside.

Glitter's has a sale table upstairs with some items for 1L, and other complete outfits priced at 10L

CIPRIA COUTURE - Main Store is offering a free gift bag

Lemainia Indigo Designs has several goodies under the tree, as well as a Grinch Hunt going on

Lil's has some free xmas decorations for your holiday needs, and also a free outfit on wall inside the door

LeeZu Baxter Designs has TONS of goodness under their tree. Ladies, these are must have items in my opinion! Here's a peek of what you're in store for.

Princess Gear has a freebie box STUFFED with Holiday Items ready for the taking.

Dani's Fine Fashions has placed under tree, a men's tuxedo, and ladies formal dress, which comes with 2 skirt options. I prefer the short, as you can see in the pic below.

Classic Casuals and Couture has an outfit specially priced for you at 1L

Sam's Secret Boutique is the location for Globe # 272 in the Peace on Earth hunt. You will also find 3 gift bags, and a box. The box is free, as is the globe, but the gift bags have a 15L price tag.

Just down the road from Sam's secret boutique is a Christmas tree with lots of goodies underneath. There is a christmas tree, with light sculpty from [ba] shown in the last pic of the blog.

S&M Designs has a Christmas tree in the corner where there are 7 gifts underneath. As well, have their own clothing hunt going on - see that store for details.

Pixeldolls is offering a Stone Pendant necklace gift

DG Innovations has a Turkey Feather Hunt. There are 30 prized turkey feathers hidden thru the store ... each with present inside.

Clover Main Store has lovely free boots for you. They have lucky chairs as well.

Magia Accessories has prezzies under the tree all price at 1L!! In the first pic, you will see me wearing a sampling of the awesomeness waiting for you. Oh, and in the back of the store, they is a dollarbie wall.

Royal Designs has several gifts under the tree for 1L each, these items include a christmas outfit, red baby-doll dress, Christmas boots, and Christmas snow skin. These items are shown below. You can get a better look at the skin, if you scroll up to the first pic. :)

Until next time ....


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It must be shoe day!

I just got word of these adorable shoes at Sole Sisters! The white ones are dollarbies.

A-Bomb has two pairs of boots, one red, one green, for 1L each.

Just a couple of quickies for you - I'll try to be back later.



Here is a quickie post from me today. These lovely accessories can be yours in the form of a super quick hunt at the Ztique store. To make it quicker, you can check out these links to different points in the store. You are looking for 3 small snowflakes.

Snowflake #1 is on the wall in front of you; Snowflake # 2 can be found under the table;
Snowflake # 3 was a bit trickier. Its just above the Holiday Gems advertisement, on the display.

I'll be back with more soon.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time Limited Freebie Alert

Just got word of a pair of gorgeous shoes at Vixen. They're outside the store to the left. They're only out for a few more days, so hurry!

EDIT: I just got word that these are now gone.


Hunt News

At this time of year, many hunts are around, offering you the opportunity to grab lots of freebies!

Of course, the hottest one around right now is the Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt. With 350 participating vendors, that's pretty much all I've been doing with my time. For more information on this hunt, see this website. Go back to the December 2 post, and that will give you starting locations.

I haven't checked them out for myself, but several other hunts are around right now. Presumably, you can find the rules at the location:

Loco Pocos is having a hunt.. and the prize is a limited edition tiny avatar!

Peeps Fashion is having a hunt...several ornaments to find, and each ornament has a prize.

At Elle, you'll need to find 15 candy canes.

Mmmmm, at Solange! Fashions (I will be checking this one out!), they're having their third annual 12 Days of Christmas Hunt. There will be 12 gifts in all, the final one being put out on 12/23/08 (this runs until January 1). The gifts are hidden in red or green tree ornaments.

At the Grunge It Shop and Mall, they're having a snowflake hunt until December 26.

Those with no ending date means I just don't have that information. Special thanks to LittleMe Jewell for the above hunts!

For a limited time, Procyon Games is offering a free puzzle box. Are you looking for a gift to surprise that special someone in your Second Life? Why not give the gift of fun?

I have to mention what fun I've had doing the gridwide hunt, because of meeting and speaking with so many of the blog's faithful readers! I appreciate it a lot when you do let me know that you're reading...it keeps me going :)


Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Freebie finds ...

Chez Gabrielle has a 1L Gift Box by stairs, while other goodies at the top of the stairs, includes a Christmas poofer.

Spexx has 2 freebie bags, outside the store

MoonWisher has assorted jewelry for 1L at the back of the store, above the items on the wall, is a small box, for 0L, and there are Christmas outfits on the first landing of the stairs for 1L

Ingenue - Vintage & Retro Fashion has 4 outfits on the wall, just inside the door

Aluinn is offering an assorted jewelry gift bag

Love Chic has set out holiday bangles and pants for the taking.

Fantasma Plaza has a surprise ornament contains a skin

Caroline's Jewelry has a beautiful jewelry filled gift bag

Red Queen Designs has free piercings

has a great dollarbie section

KC Fashions == Gothic Vampire has several prezzies under the tree, include those in the pic above.

Ilha Olimpo advertised a 5L event on selected items in the store. I am not sure how long this offer will be available, so get it while its hot.

Pulling Strings Animations on the H&S Compound has freebie poses for you. Be sure to check out the other great animations while in the store.



For today only
... LionSkins is in the spirit of giving. One of the new Suzana skins is set for sale at 0L. The only catch is that you have to find it in the store.

While you are there, don't forget to grab the globe for the Peace on Earth hunt.

Good Luck!


Sunday Morning Freebies & a limited time freebie!

Limited time freebie! ti'ko offers a free skin for 1L.

Lionskins is offering a runway gift bag at their Nevada location, containing two free skins.

Rha! Designs is one of the very few stores I know that gives you fully working demos of her clothing. She has two out for us right now, one is the Brown Crystal Caverns outfit, which I'm wearing below, and the other is the Knit Ensemble in yellow.

Angelico D Designs offers the Farrow Gown in Crimson if you join her Subscribe-O-Matic and go into history. Subscribe-O-Matics are the best for joining groups - no group spaces and there are usually goodies hiding in the history! You'll also find a pair of ballet flats for 1L on the floor in front of the window.

The Pulli Shop has three dollarbies out - sweaters in green, violet and blue.

JuJu's Closet has a postcard hanging on the wall, containing boxers, argyle socks and a cute "monster" shirt.

And finally, the Winter Expo started yesterday at Vanity Universe. As always with these expos, freebies are everywhere!

The second part of VooDoo Vogue's Winter Showcase is this afternoon at 2:00PM SLT, hope to see you there!


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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