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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A quickie freebie...

I'll probably do a few more later, but wanted to get you this one ASAP, because it is just wayyyy too cute, and has an important message.

First, Glam Couture has got the cutest dollarbie dress!

Next, DCNY has a great new pink jacket out. Designed for the Runway Models (which I'm not one, sadly), this jacket is now being sold and 100% of the profits will go to cancer research, so hurry over and get yours and help this important research!

That's it for right now!


Friday, March 20, 2009

I made a quick trip to the RFL Clothing Fair. I'll definitely be going back!!

Pixel Passion is offering a gorgeous Starlight Red Dress for 1L. They have RFL outfits priced at an affordable 50L each, with the proceeds going to the cause. Be sure to tap the Subscribo while you're here, I expect more good things from this store!

Sn@tch has a swag bag in their kiosk on the RFL sim.
The contents of their goody bag contains this scrumptious outfit.

I went to pick up the cute Tropical Green outfit from the [AV] Vlodovic store that Havi blogged about yesterday. Great find Havi! I was absolutely thrilled when I found shoes for 1L each on the 2nd floor (~YaY! more shoes & in the pic above). The babydoll dress she blogged about is on the 3rd floor, as well as more goodness! Definitely worth the TP gals!

My travels then took me to
Lemania where I found the daily dollarbie "Make Love Not War" which is a 60's retro styled outfit, very cute!

This will be available until 8am Saturday, after which time it will be retired.

Scarlia Impressions has the COOLIEST multi-color eyes ever!! Check out each of the 3 eye vendors, they all have a free set of eyes.

50 Flats by Ding has a nice set of jeweled flats in "Ice"

Shapely Designs has freebies, and a sale this weekend. Be sure to stop by! They have 4 skin tones, priced at 0L ranging from pale to dark skins. A shape is contained within each skin box.

*Fishy Strawberry* is celebrating the new Spring season with a freebie tee, "Like Rabbits".

Look for the giant, green Easter Egg. Be sure to check out the Lucky Chair as well, "Material Girl" bustiers are the gorgeous gift.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hey Ya'll!

Happy Thursday!

SHAMELESS CALETA has TWO super skimpy dollarbies!

Heavenly Treasures
has marked ALL their clothes down! EVERYTHING is one Linden!

MrG Faxion
has a 0L set of fashion poses! Twelve in all!

[AV] VLODOVIC Store - Rockabilly, Pin-up & Vintage has a terrific dollarbie! Super cute off the shoulders blouse with white pants! I won the bangle bracelets and shoes in the 'lucky chairs' while I was there! Perfect match!

Upstairs, I found this adorable babydoll for 1L!!!

Pannies and Rosedrop
has a gift box that contains a men's and women's guitar string necklace.

ModdG Mainstore
has a free shape called 'Elle!'

Prism just released a really fun outfit called 'Skully.'

M&M Enterprises has a cute dollarbie!

JayDee has a new store and a new 0L giftpack!

Have fun!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lemania's dollarbie of the day is this freaky, funky, "Here Kitty, Kitty"

The outfit comes complete with skin, hair, and skirt, leather corset & panties. Don't you think I could star in the Broadway Show "Cats"? This outfit is available until 8am slt Thursday morning.

Ema's has a new monthly freebie out. Caledonia is a very cute outfit, that I will be wearing often!

The outfit includes everything you see here, flexi skirt, bra, sweater shrug, and the thigh high socks, with the prim tops.

I received the following note:

Please join us this evening in Shengri La, March 18, 5 pm SLT for one of our wonderful 5-sim Ode hunts.

Ode hunts on Shengri La are a great deal of fun. Not only can you make new friends, you can practice your touching, flying, and other skills; and at the end of the day if you have gotten good at it you will have pieces of jewelry you can keep or trade!

How it works: Thousands of butterflies are released on all five Shengri La islands. Some of the butterflies contain pieces of Ode jewelry, made by renowned jewelry Random Calliope. Not all butterflies have jewelry, so it is a game of chance, and you have to keep catching butterflies!

There are 8 pieces of jewelry in any set; there are 27 colors of Ode so you can collect a lot of jewelry. All Ode is transferable, meaning you can give it as gifts (gentlemen, this is a great chance to impress your lady friends, for free!)

To catch an Ode butterfly, 'touch' the butterfly. As you get close to a butterfly, your cursor will become a hand with a finger pointed. Click on the butterfly - if it has Ode, it will give it to you, Accept the Ode and catch the next one. Join the Ode butterfly group to find out when the next Ode hunt is, to trade pieces of Ode and to get announcements about new colors of Ode release.

Happy Hunting!!

Elv'an Fashion has a couple of new releases. There are 6 colors of the "Freedom" Hair, as well as a Elv'an princess top, which is more of a dark elf/vampire type top, all for $L3 each.

For our Guys!

Opium/LAD Designs has some freebies on the 2nd floor for the guys, you can't miss this huge banner.

Even though St. Patrick's Day has left us, the hunts are still on. Zasa sent this note through her group.

Come find the shamrocks at Petite Chou, March 14 -21 from many of our amazing merchants:

Country Time
MALT Fashions
La Belle Vie
Crossroad Dreams
Sweet Dreams
Fading Lands
25 so far and more as the week goes on ...

********* ALSO********

If you find a SPECIAL Four Leaf Clover... PICK IT UP!!! Those are one of a kind special finds put out daily by the amazing merchants of Petite Chou just for you!!!!!!!!!

That's all I have for now, I'll be back with more soon.


Tooting my own horn :)

Just wanted to let you know that The Mall at Cherry Park has been completely remodeled, and loads of great new tenants have moved in. You'll find free gifts around the mall from various vendors, so please drop by today!
Hey ya'll!

REVA Blue Nile has a 0L lavender linen gown!

Marinico Fashion Shop has a wall of cute freebies- dresses, bathing suits, and capris just to name a few!

Lingerie 2C
has a 'cloudy skirt' for 0L. It was designed to go with a corset, but it looks cute with everything!

Tea Lane has a wall of 2L skins and a gold coin treasure hunt.

Luz has a cool Japanese Twisted lamp for 1L.

Project Red has some new guy's freebies!

Extreme Desires
has a 0L purple babydoll and a 0L lingerie set.

Okay, Thalia's has officially made me LAUGH OUT LOUD with this dollarbie~~Pinch me and I'll punch you tee!

Topaz Square
has a 0L green dress that is really cute!

D*E*C*O Jewelry & Accessories
has a soon to be retired black diamond ring!

G&N Quality Design - Formal, Skirts & Ballroom released their freebie! It is a purple top with white pants!

Have fun!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just a Quickie!

LeLutka is back in business, and gifted their group members with this lovely skin for St. Patty's Day, along with the hat I am wearing, which come in 4 options!

Red Queen has some jewellry at the rez point for you!

Available until 8am tomorrow, your daily dollarbie from
Lemania & the gang, is called "Clubbin"

This gorgeous glittery gold dress, comes complete with shoes, and perfect to dance the night away at your favorite club!

*OC* gives us this glamor-girl outfit for St. Pat's. complete with sassy top hat!

The shoes are the Mairead's Ankle Strappy Shoes from Prim & Pixel, and previously blogged.

That's all I have for now. I'll be back soon with more!

Top o'the day, Ya'll! :)

Happy St. Patty's Day! Forget the green beer- jump to the freebies instead!

Magia Accessories has a raw gold bracelet and a shamrock bracelet on the counter!

Snotch has a 0L gift bag at the Relay For Life store!

Yellow Submarine has a seventie's style modular couch for 1L!!!

Lost Dreams Designs
has a 0L green tee with a shamrock on it that is really very cute!

Kouse's has a red ballgown for 1L at the Relay For Life fair.

JD has 5L babydolls and a few 'surprise' dollarbies on the wall.

Star Kindler
has a St. Patty's Day dollarbie.

Pocket Mirrors
has two vintage hairstyles for 1L each!

Pin Up Dolls
has a 1L 'Spring Freebie'- a cute, short blue dress with a bow!

has a freebie- green shirt with jeans!

has two 0L outfits for the gals and two 0L for the guys!

Ginevra Lancaster
has two 0L dresses and a 1L camo tee for the guys.

Ignition has several freebies for the house and just for fun! Shamrock chair, St. Patty's rug, and shamrock poofers just to name a few!

Poised has several 0L gifts- including a box with some black cargo pants!

Last Eden
has two 'white day' dresses- one for 0L and one for 2L.

Sugar Mill
has four freebie poses.

Star Poses
has a freebie couple's pose and a frame.

Alayna's Design
has dollarbie St. Patty's Day tees for men and women.

Boutique Giada
is a new store with a dollarbie pair of pumps.

has a new dollarbie dress!

Dollarbie giftbox with a skin and a sweater dress at Cupcakes.

Dollarbie pink stiletto boots and freebie big buckle olive boots at Clover.

MHFA has an eclectic assortment of freebies- winter coats, coveralls, and coffee just to name a few!

Free shamrock dress at Kastle Rock.

Southern Irish eyes are smilin'!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey ya'll!!!

Happy Monday!

Kasandra ~ The garden of antiquity has a free feather skirt and a free scarf!

has a cupcake tank and sculptie-- ooh fat free!--as well as a big box of goodies!

Icing has a free gift just inside the door!

just released TWO new skins as a gift! One is fair, the other is tan!

*RD* has a free skin and free eyes, as well as free body lights!!!

Va-Va-Va-VOOM - Silks - Collars - BDSM - ToKon has a free St. Patty's day outfit- NOT for the faint of heart lol!!!

*DCD* Dark Countess Designs
has a box with two free shirts.

Foxxy Designs has a 'big' 1L gift box and a 'small' 1L gift box with lots of clothes! Also, there is a free woman's shape and a free man's shape on the counter!!!

* ElaCor * by EMANUELA Gaffer has a 1L shirt in a gift bag.

Donna Flora has a new lingerie line- 1L corset for us!!!!!!!

Lemania Indigo Designs & SL Divine Divas! has a 'Summer Birthday' gift for 1L and a cute 'Guinness' outfit.

A Piece of Candy has a new 1l skin called Betty! This week's diamond hunt is 1L blue diamonds all over the store with 1L skins as well!

Solare Isles has a free gift and a midnight mania board with a skin! Whoo hoo!

Siren's Song has 0L gifts this week! A shamrock print chair, two bouquets, and a stained glass print!

-=C & D=- Fashions has an 'outlet' store with TONS of goodies!!! Shoes, clothes- lots to choose from and the prices are rockin!!!! 0L-50L

"Marci's Delights & Waterfront Mall" ( Tikki Delight) has a 1L St. Patty's Day skin! Cool store also- check it out! My fav jeans in SL now come in a short version! YAY!!!

Princess Gear has a 0L 'flirt skirt' for St. Patty's Day and a bunch of 10L tees dedicated to the good saint himself.

TorridWear has two 1L bags with several pairs of jeans in each one!

D'Signs by Dimawa Capalini
has a 0L Shamrock cocktail dress and a 0L red ball gown.

Panda Eyes
has an outfit called 'Devilish in Red' for 0L.

Have fun!!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Join the folks at the H&S Village for their Pot of Gold Event!

The generous merchants have put out items in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. There are too many good things to list off, but a couple of my favorites, were the poses from Pulling Strings. Check this out!

This is just one of the 2 awesome poses Elle Kirshner spoils us with. The other was a "jig" pose where you kick up your heels! Lots of fun!!

Also, U&R Dogs gifts us with a floating couple's shamrock. You & your sweetheart sit on this, and can cuddle, while you float up & down. Very cute!

Other fantastic gifts from this event, were the gorgeous mid-evil Day Dress by Kami Singh; Majestic Shapes, spoils us with HUGE pack of goodness, Kunstkammer gives us a gold coin necklace. Good Stuff here folks! Check it out.

Don't forget to stop by Club H&S, the St. Pat's festivities started Saturday, and run through the 17th. There is a great party every night from 4-8, with themed events where you can win cash!

Our friends at Aqua, Poised, and Tenk Tank are celebrating St. Pat's in style.

They have some St. Pat's freebie shirts for guys & gals, free hats & dollarbie t-shirts along with specially priced green items. Take a walk on their boardwalk, & have a look around at all of the festive awesomeness!

The Wicken Garden, has a free green latex suit for you.

Modd G Main Store, has a "Helen" tank on her counter for 1L

Some of the vendors at Crush Row, have Shamrocks out, most priced at 1L

ElaCor has a great outfit for those, who are sick of all the green!

"Flo in Fuchsia" is just 1L, and comes complete with the bracelets, and glitter to really make this skirt dazzle!

Click the big pot of gold at SWA, as it contains the Shamrock corset and panties set below. You can also find a free silver cami, a dollarbie bag of berets, as well as lucky shamrocks around the store. If you join the group, there is a pot of gold trivia game, where you can win more goodness & there are even more freebies available to you.

Unique Needs has a free "bob" hair style especially for St. Patrick's day, that includes the adorable leprechan hat as shown above. If you rez at the main point, click the teleporter to go to the Hair shop, and this hair is very easy to find.

Lisa's Pantyhose is offering a pair of her new Daisy Pantyhose for 0L, in a wine color.

I'll be back soon with more!

Hey ya'll!

Badoura Design Mainshop - a 48 hr 3L green dress! Very cute!

LA Design has a cool garden decoration in blue for 1L and a rose trellis in blue for 1L as well.

Harbour View has a dollarbie outfit- plaid tank with shorts.

Couture Cove - Couture Chapeau and Fine Shops/ Leo's Tiny Spot
has a dollarbie Irish hand waving flag!

Digit Darkes-Diversity Hair-Riviera Couture-AB Apparel has a 0L outfit! AWWWWWESOME!
This Italian Couture store is sooooooo worth the tp!!!

Fashion~Clothes~Boots~Shoes by SLC Mainstore
has three dollarbies- a dress, a shape and skin, and a little two piece casual outfit. Lucky chairs and Midnight Mania too!

Heavenly Treasures - Unique Low Prim Furniture
has some super cute dollarbies for the hizzy! Precious tiny trees and flowers, as well as chairs. Also, TONS of 1L eye colors to choose from!

Groningen - Venus Design
has a cool 1L silver rose necklace.

Kasandra ~ The garden of antiquity ~
has a 0L rose wristlet.

Heaven Fashion has 10 different nail colors for 5L each!!!

Have fun!



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