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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Very Hot Saturday Freebies

In Texas, baby it's BLAZING hot. Hard to stay awake, much less look for freebies, but let's see what I can find for you.

At Blue Design, they're offering a free pair of champagne-colored heels. Look for the silver box on the floor.

At Diamond Skins & Shapes, there are tons of free clothes, skins, silks...lots of things :)

At Royal Designs, they're giving a pair of black wedgies shoes for 1L. Another store with cute clothes and reasonable prices.

In honor of the Retrology sim's first anniversary, the tenants are offering anniversary freebies. Far too many to list - just check each store. Start at the Killing Moon Cafe, which is not offering freebies, but is a nice little coffeehouse. Be sure to wander all the way around the sim...the gifts are everywhere! And that should keep you busy for awhile...Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wanted to post these before they're gone!

At Kumamoto Japan Mainland, there is a store that has in front of it several pairs of shoes....all free and all darling! They are celebrating their first anniversary apparently, and in addition to the shoes, that shop is filled with free clothes, more shoes, jewelery. This is a hurry up one, since I have no idea how long they'll be out.

G&N Freebie

Once in awhile, a designer will contact me and let me know about their store. This happened today. :)

G&N Quality Designs invited me to come check out their store. Nikki Heron, one of the designers, said to me:

"Once a week my shop G&N Quality Design puts out a free gift that is either designed especially for or if time is not permitting it is taken from existing stock. I have enclosed a pic of the new gift of this week as well as the outfit for you [editor note: thank you!!]. Our gift is usually updated on Tuesdays, Wednesdays at the latest and always mentioned in group notice, of course you dont need to be a member of our group to access this gift."

I have to tell you...the outfit is CUTE! White pants with a lavendar lace cami over a white cami (the camis are one piece). As indicated, the outfit is free to anyone coming in the store. But don't just grab the gift and go! The prices here are...oh, dare I say it?...almost too low! Everywhere I looked I'd see pants and shirts as a package for 80L (of course, there are some up to 120L, some at 70L), and tops for 35L! Of course, now that I've said this, she'll probably raise her prices, but wait until my readers get there, Nikki! ;)

There were other things too - purses and belts, jewelery, and oh my, a clearance center, where everything is only 20L! There's even a men's section, which is also reasonably price - and oh, did I mention these clothes are transferrable? ;)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

End of the week freebies

I don't know....I've given you freebies almost every day this week! Ya'll are going to get spoiled ;)

Eolande's Basic Essentials is offering three boxes of jewelry and hair accessories. It's interesting to note that this designer designs with specific hair pieces in mind. For instance, one of the freebie boxes contained barrettes for ETD's "Phoebe" hairstyle (a dollarbie at ETD), and apparently has a partnership with Calla, as there are several Callas hairstyles available here. Nice concept!

At Avila's, you'll find a free pair of earrings.

House of Hearts has a "color demo" section. You get the hair for free to try the color, and keep the hair without the demo sign! WOW! There are three hair styles. Then, as if that weren't enough, in each section is a sign that says "new releases". Buy the releases for 0! These may not be your choice of color, but hey, free is free, right? And just to sweeten the deal a little more, they're using a Subscribe-O-Matic, so you can join their update group, get another gift for joining, and not lose a valuable group spot!

*ICED* is offering a dollarbie belly piercing. Be sure to check out their clearance section!

*katatOnik* offers a very adorable 6 piece outfit for 1L at Free*Style. From what I can tell, Free*Style is going to be a location where you can get free outfits, hair, shapes, skins and jewelry from participating designers. There are several things in there already, however, it is still under construction, so you'll want to check back frequently.

Oooh, I just got word that Hair Fair 2008 will be at the Rezzable sims from August 22 - September 7!! The Fair will benefit Locks of Love.

I wanted to let you know that I've opened the Maple Park sim. Maple Park is a family residential community, with adorable homes, and a beautiful community park. Rents are reasonable, and the next 9 people who move in and pay a full month will receive a 1000L gift certificate to ShoeFly Shoes. ShoeFly Shoes, btw, offers a monthly pair of shoes to its group members ;)

OK, I think that's good enough to close out with today! See you soon!


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