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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Results of a poll

I ran a poll last week, asking "When you go to a store to pick up the freebie, do you buy items as well?"

I was a little worried about asking this, since the current belief is that freebie hunters don't spend money, but I really wanted to know. Imagine my relief to discover that a resounding 90% of you do actually buy while you're freebie hunting! And I'm sure that the 10% of you who do not probably have issues getting money into SL, or some other justifiable reason why you don't. No judgments here.

Something I mentioned a few days ago is the Designers Showcase Network. If you haven't signed up yet...WHY NOT?

What DSN is - is a way for content creators to get samples of their products directly in front of your face. They're delivered overnight - it's like Christmas morning every day, when I sign on and get all these goodies delivered straight to my inventory! The network has been growing by leaps and bounds and currently has 70 different creators on board...in just the 10 days the system has been active. Run over to the Mall at Cherry Park and sign up today!

More Saturday Stuff

The French Farm this week has a gorgeous dollarbie, "Antique Pink."

It's a gorgeous pink & white, full length dress, with a cute beret ... I love the beret!!

Zhao has a freebie pair of Lovis shoes, named after none other than Torley Linden. Torley's avi's are always green & pink, as are the shoes.

If you are not familiar with who Torley is or what he does, click on the link and check out his website.

Torley has many video tutorials to make your SL experience better. Check out the awesome tips & tricks in the SL knowledge base.

Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair has new goodness! Basha has been made available if you'd like to sample Dark Mouse Hair. You can pick your favorite color, or a fat pack all for 0L.

Be sure to take a walk around the store and check out the new hair releases. There is a lucky chair, which has new stuff added. You won't have to look too hard to find assorted dollarbie items in the store, including a Newbie pack.

Indyra Originals has a gift on the table in her store at Fusion Crossing.

Its a limited edition, white fishnet set, that creates unlimited possibilities in your wardrobe.

[ studio m productions ] is back after owner/designer, Mariah Urriah had a short hiatus from SL. Mariah got right back to business this week, and has this gorgeous dollarbie set out for one week only.

Its a very cute, seasonal type dress, that's perfect for day, or evening wear with a retro feel to it. I love the lace edging along the hem.

Be sure to check out the MM board for this fine reward!

Lemania has yet another retiring dollarbie. This will be available until 11am tomorrow, and then gone for good. The dress is called "Still in Love."

Its a full, layered skirt with the transparent top layers over the main textured layer. This dress is very pink, and girly, and romantic.

This gorgeous gown, named Black Eyed Susan, is the weekly group gift and is also available for 1L.

The outfit comes complete with a pair of gold shoes.

The jewelry shown here matches perfectly with the dress, and can be purchased from Dryad Designs. You can get it this week, for 75% off the regular price.

This fabulous set can be yours for $188L. Its a fantastic deal! This set will go with practically everything! You never have to take it off.

While you're at Dryad, check out the dollarbie as well.

Ema's has changed their store freebie! (Yay!) "Rawrr" is the name of the outfit.

This boxed freebie includes the ripped baggy jeans, with a fishnet, over a bikini top and the arm bandanna as shown above.

Unique Jewel has this delicious offering, called Uni Bloom

I hit the lucky cupcake at !Doux Petit today, and this is what I won.

This was my first visit to !Doux Petit, so I took some time to look around. Right behind the lucky cupcake is the 1L section. Tops like the one pictured above in vibrant colors are 1L each, or you can by the fat pack for 5L. Denim shorts, striped cardivests all 1L. See below for a pic.

There is a MM board, lucky chair and a subscribo. You can get prizes for having the store in your SL picks, as well as RFL goodies.

Saturday Shopping

Available until 11am SLT TODAY - this is the new time for Lemania to switch out the daily retiring dollarbies, is "Just Fall."

Katat0nik now has their very own, brand new sim. If you think it looks good from this view, you really should pop in for a closer look!!

Go check it out! There is a table with some gifts & good deals on it

Be sure to have a look around, there are some of our favorite vendors sharing space here.

You can pick up a free "Benny the Bunny" Avi, from Loco Pocos on the Katat0nik sim as well!

Click here for your limo over there. Isn't he cute!? Loco Poco has some amazing Avi's. Even if you're not interested in being a Tiny, you need to check them out. Absolutely amazing creativity & detail in the "critters" and the sim.

Paper Couture has a gift bag for us. Its some fall type merchandise, but I know you will find the masks useful for masquerades & such.

I saw something on the D-List blog that caught my eye (it was the denim dress from Nah! for 5L). I hadn't been to this store, so I had to take a peek. OMG! You must go!!

"Nah!" has many things affordable. Skin & Shape, for 1L. Outfits for 1L & 5L 3 pairs of sandals for just 10L. The cute baby-doll dress I am wearing in the pic above, was just 1L!

xaNadu has some freebie pots, and flowers for all of your gardening needs. Please be kind enough to drop some L's in Nadu's tip jar. There is also a selection of affordable plants for your SL home, including Cactus!

Be sure to have a look around the sim. Its a very quiet place to shop, and be sure to take an umbrella and wear your Wellington's (rubber boots). Its dark and pouring rain, with the sound of thunder. I love it!!

Heaven Fashion has some some great deals! I picked up this "Sexy Bum" outfit, which came with 3 tops for 1L!

There is a sexy "clubbing" dress for 10L, and a cute short & tank set also for 1L. If you make your way upstairs, you will find a pyramid of former 1L gifts, still available to you!

This store has every thing from simple and cute to sexy & sassy.

mY pINKIE sKULL is giving away a micro mini skirt as a gift for joining the group.

Be sure to click the notices tab to get your skirt, it will be available for about a week.

It's the weekend, so I confident that I will be back soon with lots more shopping opportunities for you.


Saturday morning freebies

Good morning! Thought I'd just drop a couple of things on you real quick before I go visit RL for the day.

RBZ Designs has this lovely lace teddy and pegnoir set in her Midnight Madness. Run over and get in!

SKGShoes has a wonderful offer for us this morning! For a mere 10L, you can own shoes with real toes in them! No more broken ankle! These were straight out of the box, I didn't adjust the color in the interest of time (that whole RL thing *sigh*). This is a beautiful pair of sandals and to be able to wear them without the annoying invisiprim so common with prim-footed shoes is a delight! With a few preset skin colors, plus adjustable skin color, and adjustable nail color, these lovely sandals will be a happy addition to your wardrobe! And did I mention they're only 10L? Run, go get them, you'll be happy you did!

G&N Designs has a cute outfit out called Mercedes. It's black slacks, purple and white layered tank with a belt. Casual and classy!

!mpossible continues their free giftcard program. Stop at the landing point and grab your free 50L giftcard, then continue on to the store to shop!

If you're doing the SL Discovery hunt, be sure to get to #375 - Grimalkin. They have the cutest wearable chair...no need to rez it, just wear and be seated in a chair with footstool and a glass of iced tea at your side! Comes with two versions, one with an AFK sign!

This morning's fashion delivery from DSN was this great mini-dress from Spork called Flight. (Have you signed up yet?)

That's it for now.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

This dress, from Irresistible has certainly been making its way around the freebie blog circuit. I popped over today to see if it was still there, and sure enough it was!

Along with other freebie goodness! Check out these shoes!!

Not too far away, they also have a 1L section. Walk a bit further to the back of the store, there is a 3L section.

No Cash? No worries! There are 6 camping chairs available here to camp for clothes!

Mana Fashions has 2 pairs of shoes & 2 pairs of boots, absolutely free as well as a 10L section!

There are also wrapped dollarbie gifts throughout the store, lucky chairs, and a 50% off sale on some items.

Sweet Poison has a dollarbie.

This beige beauty would be a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Prism has a fab new adorable dollarbie.

Its called "Sassy by Journey" and comes complete with the boots!

Come see the new Sole Sisters store, and pick up their latest style, which is called "Lara". As always, the white shoes are the dollarbies here!

Be sure to update your landmarks ladies, the store from Liberty Central has moved to this new location on the Etoile

Have fun!

We'll be back soon with more!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Duh! has some limited time dollarbies for us!

Yellow Croc sandals (with gold or silver accents) which are perfect for whatever you're wearing this summmer; and Tall Suede Boots, in blue.

You know how I feel about denim!! These are fantastic, and totally worth the 1L price tag.

Hummingbird Designs also has a limited time dollarbie offer. Check it out!

Pair this dress with some fairy wings, and voilà!! Instant pixie or faerie dress.

Lemania's retired dress du jour is "BabyLove" Get it from the usual corner.

This gorgeous dress is full of glam, and glitter. Did I ever tell you I like shiny things? It must have taken Lemania & Summer hours to hand sew all the sequence in this dress! Thank you ladies! :)

Whetherby's has an awesome floral dress, and as the sign says, "Oh yes! Its free"

This dress is so vibrant, and colorful, you can pair it with almost any color shoes & accessories. Have fun creating new looks with this piece.

Baby Monkey has 4, yes 4 MM boards, with items including shoes, jewelry,purses, and even one for kids! Be sure to check out the freebie section in the corner, new stuff has been added!!

These hot shoes are exclusive gifts in the lucky chair! In pure Pixieplumb Flannigan fashion, you can also find a group gift for Baby Monkey Junkies. You're not a member, you say? Lucky for you the join board is right by the gift! Lots of new items in the store as well, so be sure to have a look around.

We'll be back with more soon!!


End of an Era

I am not sure how many of you have heard or seen this but apparently the up coming changes to the Adult content part of SL was the straw that broke the camel's back for one great designer of fetish items, Darien Caldwell owner and creator of Dari's Haus, has shut down and released all her items into the public domain, So if that type of thing interests you, go get her items, they are great! This was posted on her blog yesterday:

End of the Road
Written by Darien Caldwell
Tuesday, 12 May 2009 17:18

I know i've said this before, but this time it's absolute. I'm closing Dari's Haus.

The true reason behind LL's adult changes has come to light.


Now that the government is stepping in, I'm stepping out. This has become far too much. Much more than I ever signed on for. Attached is all of my items which I hold the rights to, full perms, Public Domain.

I do this so those who bought items can ensure they aren't lost to the numerous bugs which plague SL. There are a number of collar designs which I do not hold rights to, I can not give those out full perms. however, The BOxed collar loader is included so that anyone can load in scripts should something occur. As well, people can work toward improving the system after I'm gone. The items will also always be available here, on the plot many know well. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Yurim/235/87/31

There are also unreleased designs in the box, things I never got to finish, Enjoy.

P.S. The items will also be available at this 3rd party location. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aneslasleja/62/58/2

Please Don't IM me, trying to change my mind. It's done, and over. I am not happy about this, but my own personal life and liberty trump Second Life. that's just how it has to be. I really enjoyed my years here, but I am sorry to say this must come to a close. Everyone enjoy your SL. and Goodbye.

This is a blow to SL as a major designer has packed up. Let's hope that this isn't a sign of things to come.

Oh and to my fellow blogger, Savvy, I am trying to finish the Keys hunt and as soon as I do I'll post the great mens stuff I find.

Until then Cya all on the Flip Side

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lemania Hunt Prizes & Stuff

Lemania's retiring dollarbie of the day is "Persimmons". It will be available only until 9am tomorrow, so don't delay.

Persimmons leaves are often pale, slightly yellowish green in youth, turning a dark, glossy green as they age, and under mild autumn conditions the leaves often turn dramatic shades of yellow, orange and red, and its those colors that this dress is fashioned after.

*** On to the May Hunt Prizes ***

This is perfect for me .... Denim!

If you've ever seen me out early morning weekend shopping, chances are you'll find me in denim shorts, and a tank or tee. Of all the clothes that I have, these suit my personality best. They are my comfy clothes of choice, so when I grabbed this up in the Lemania Hunt, I was so excited.

The shoes are called Denim Dream, and can be picked up from May Flower # 13, while the matching outfit is called Rawhide, and can be found in May Flower # 14.

This could very well be, my new Saturday morning shopping attire!

Mystify is another great gown prize, this gem can be located in May Flower # 11.

As you can see, the bodice is adorned with emerald green jewels a black applique, as well as lace detail on the sleeves.

Won't you be the belle at the ball while wearing this vibrantly colored yellow gown!

This golden yellow beauty is perfect for those romantic summer nights dancing on the terrace, hurry over to find May Flower # 12 for your "Sunshine" dress.

Speaking of romance, this pretty pastel pink, dress reminds me of a fragrant, summer, rose garden, and is appropriately named "Mother's Roses".

Your copy of this dress, and matching shoes can be found in Flowers # 18 & 19.

Boxes 15 & 16 contain something a bit more unusual. This outfit, and skin combo will make an unique addition to any closet. This, is "Springtime on Mars."

These Martians really know how to do it up right!!

I have more of these goodies to show you later, but this just in ....

More shoes!! SCORE!!!

Thank you to Evangeline Eames for providing these delicious red stilettos. You can pick them up courtesy of Vixen at The Dominion Fashion District in the usual "freebie" location.

That's all I have for you tonight.


Tuesday Goodies

OMG! What a day! I am glad to be home, and freebie shopping. It helps me de-stress after work. I like to call it Retail Therapy.

BelDimi Designs has a freebie/dollarbie section that contains gestures, rock t-shirts and some other crazy stuff.

NLimbo Poses changed their subscribo gift last week. Here is your chance to get another sexy pose, for free.

"On his Knees" can be yours just for tapping the subscribo! How can you say no? Go now!

Badoura Designs has another great deal! You guessed it, under the stairs you will find "Lucky", which comes with a skirt & capris, along with a crop top.

What's better than the already awesomely low prices at KaoSome Fashions? A freebie!! Stop by, and pick up "Little Glitter Punk Dress". Its above the window!

Designs by Capri is having a 1L sale until Thursday, May 14th. Don't miss out! This sale includes everything in the store as far as i can tell, even new releases! We're talking tanks, corsets, tube tops, jeans, shorts, all kinds of stuff!!

:TASTY: has a new store, and lots going on! There is a MM board, that contains Black Clip Chaps, Prizes for pics (which changes every night at Midnight); a fat pack of tanks can be yours for 1L, and there is a lucky cupcake, which gives you a chance to win the awesome Gothica outfit. Check it out!

Artic Design Desteny's Corner at Runningbear put out 2 new weekly dollarbies "Green Leaves Swimwear" and "Red Summer leaves 6 piece".

Holli Pocket made new dollarbie for us. The "Blueberry Penny Lick- Sweet Lacey Cakes" tank is just 1L.

Lemania & Summer are always generous to our inventories. Here's what's going on there this week.

MM boards can now be found at Lemania's Castle & the French Farm (Yay!)

At the Castle, you can find "Twilight Esme." This outfit, is an elegant purple top and black skirt combo with a surprising sparkle accent added by way of silver pumps. The outfit is a Tribute to the book & Blockbuster movie.

Just like the character in the move, its classy and understated on the surface but a surprise lurking underneath. *wink*

At the French Farm, you will find 3 skins to compliment the outfit, also inspired by the movie.

They come with different lip colors, to suit your mood. Shown above is the red lipstick, with light pink and dark pink being your alternate choices!

Have you ever asked yourself, "Is it Love?"

When I put on this dress, I quickly answered "YES, yes it is!" This dress is fabulous! It's gold, and glitzy and perfect for dancing with the stars, or under them!

This awesomeness can also be yours, for free! It's simple & easy to win.

All you have to do is go to the Flickr address, join the group, and post one of this months hunt items (you get to choose which one you like best). Label it like this: Lemania Indigo May Hunt # (whatever you are wearing) and your SL name.

MagicMirror Fayray will automatically send you the dress. Cool beans, huh?! This dress will not be sold in the store, and only available to those that participate!

I'll be back soon with more.



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