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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Just wanted to list a few of the current hunts, for those of you who haven't signed up for the forum (join!!)

Greatest Love St. Patrick's Hunt - Starting at 11:50am SLT tomorrow and continuing until March 17, 2009 - all held on one sim. Here are the posted rules for the hunt.

1.) Once you land take a few steps forward. Please don't linger in the landing area so others can land.
2.) De-prim. Take off your shoes and run barefoot through the grass. Try not to wear prim clothing this will help reduce lag.
3.) Detach all AO's and HUDs. Reminisce about your early days in SL when you did the duck walk and had no clue what an AO was.
4.) Once done hunting and shopping go back to the Twisted Hunt or go unpack and let someone else come to the hunt.
5.) Get a good laugh at the numbering. Some boxes say there are 118 boxes to find and others 120 for you to find. Well there is actually 121 boxes in total.
6.) Do not litter. There is no need to unpack the boxes here to get a lm to the next stop. There is no other stop other than going to the vendors main store. If you see something you like make sure to check out the vendors main store to see the wha else they might have.
7.) Above all else have fun.

Lemania Designs Fantasy Hunt - Now through March 31.

Lemania says: Yes, it is that time again and a new hunt begins! This month we are having a fantasy hunt with everything our brains can think up!

We have gifts for you all over the sim (at least 30) and -- I am retiring some of my older designs and this is the only chance you will have to get them for 1L. We also have a lot of new fun stuff too! 1/2 and 1/2! And the shopkeepers will also have gifts on the sim for you!

You know you love to hunt and this one has a lot of fun goodies! What's Your Fantasy???

Twisted Hunt - Now through March 31. Starting slurl.

From the notecard:

How many hunts have there been targeting the cute, the sweet, the fluffy, and even kids? Plenty - and it’s time those of us who like more… well, twisted… things to have a hunt of our very own.

The Twisted Hunt will be a month-long, grid-wide treasure hunt featuring some of the best, most talented, and most twisted designers on the grid. Sure, there will be plenty of fashion - but by all that is unholy, there will also be sex! and blood! and everything else that isn't polite or publicly acceptable. (personal comment here -- LMAO)

The Twisted Hunt is brought to you by DV8, and sponsored by Sn@tch, Dare Designs, Self Expressions, Unique Needs!, Neko Wonderland, (BL) Bloodlines, and Fatal Error.

It features MANY merchants across the grid, who invite you to their parlors to find deliciously twisted prizes! Want to learn more? Visit the website:http://twisted.darketernity.org/

These are just a few of the big ones. Fly A Kite Gridwide Hunt will be starting next week, and I'll give you more information on that later.

For more hunt news and other freebies that may not get posted here, joint the Virtual Freebies Forum.

Sav's Saturday

Hello, and happy Saturday to you All!!

Per the note card I received, "Hudson Clothing is in the middle of renovating and is now 5 stories high ...For a little fun..if you explore you will find 4 OBJECTS GREEN & FREE Priced at 0L$ for a limited time for St Patrick's Day..... Have fun and enjoy :-)"

Some of the objects are in green boxes, others are in no packaging at all. The jeans, (a pair for guys and a pair for gals) as well as these wings, and the top hat are all gifts you will find.

Don't forget to pick up the "Frenchie" Mega Pack for 10L at Wilted Rose.

By mega pack, I mean this cute hair style is available is in every color of the rainbow. I love it!!

You can pick up a pair of super funky Hypo Eyes at Kunstkammer for 1L.

Amrita is offering muffler for 1L

MaiTai has Icicle Earrings for 1L

The Sock Shop has also arrived on the Albero sim, and has some very special deals.

Paisley's Cupcake Hat (as shown below) for 2L & Happy Knitted Socks for 1L

The hair in the above pic was a freebie from Calico Ingmann Creations, and prize in the Miami Fusion hunt. There are 2 styles for girls in the box, and 2 styles for our guys, so be sure to take them with you as well.

::MC:: has a pair of funky heart lashes for 0L

Sun Made Fashions has a few things for us. There is a shopping bag at the rez point, and over by the Midnight Madness board, there is also a free gift.

。◕‿◕。 Kymora's Urban Boutique 。◕‿◕。 has some freebies & cheapies in this section of the store. One of the new Spring Dress releases was to be marked at 1L, (according to the note card I received) but I didn't find it when I was there. If you find it, let me know!!

!Mingo! has 2 offerings at 2 separate locations. At the Cutie Land location, you can pick up the "so cute top" available over the door, on the outside of the shop. At the So Cute Shop of Japan, you can grab the cutie mango flower pink shirt. Regular prices at this store are more than reasonable as well!

A piece of Candy has new 1L items in the loft. The hunt on that sim ends tomorrow, Mar. 8th, and there are 10 great outfits to grab if you haven't already.

{.::Creamshop::.} has a subscribo! If you tap that, you get a whole pack load of goodies!

Badoura Designs has a St. Patrick's Dollarbie for you, called Invisible Green.

This is available for an undisclosed limited time. So hurry over to pick it up.

Donna Flora has released an Eyes collection, and has a free sample of her dark grey available here. If you haven't been there before, look around. There are some cheapies available on the table by the eye vendor, and I also found a St Valentino necklace, still priced for 1L.

Glam Couture has a "limited time in store dollarbie gift." Check out Bettina, in brown.

Check out the new Kaizen shopping Centre. Have a look around you will find many of the Greatest Love St.Pat's hunt. Here are some of the things I came across.

Harbour View has not Sexy Bibs that can be worn with or without Tube Top for 1L

If you haven't already joined the scribomatic, hurry! The free skin shape and eyes will be gone Sunday at midnight

Lastly, check out this house tour! I received a note card from [ba], and it reads as follows:

You can now find Ingrid Ingersoll's Homestore, Trompe Loeil Artistic Prefabs, and [ba] barnesworth anubis prefabs and furniture all right next to each other! To celebrate and show everyone what we have to offer (both new and old) we have set up a house tour with freebies at every stop! 20 freebies in all! Swing by any of our three shops and look for the Prefab Promenade Grand Opening poster for details on how to get started!

You can check that out, starting here, at [ba]. Click the red sign, and you will receive a folder with landmarks to the various pre-fabs. While you're looking around, you will be given a gift. Not a bad deal, for high quality home accessories!

That's all I have for now.

I'll be back soon with more.

Hey Y'all!!! Lots to do and see!!!

CC Fashion has a dollarbie 'Shimmer' dress!

DD Style has several dollarbies- including this gray outfit!

Bliss is giving away the casual two piece 'The Naughty One."

CS Fandanga has three gifts at the front! One is a full outfit with jeans, a tee, and jewelry!

Elisia in the Piazza Italian has two freebies!!!

TeaLeaf has two cute outfits for 0L on either side of the stairs.

Freebies at Aspen Retreat!!! One in each store!

Black Opal has a men's freebie and a women's freebie by the stairs.

Bewitched has their March gifts out. Two 0L hairstyles! One short, sassy auburn 'do and one long ponytail 'do!

Vintage Perfection has a cool freebie! It is a Bettie Page print. Lots of other items on sale as well.

Secret Sale at HOH!!! Dollarbies mixed in with regular priced items!!!

"Lola" freebie outfit at Chrissy Design. Black and red, tight and short- what's not to love?

A Piece of Candy
has a new 1L skin called "Lola 4" and a great selection of tanks for 1L!

Redgrave (I KNOW!!!) has 0L blue eyes, gray sunglasses, and a face lamp!

Couture Chapeau
is giving away and man's starter kit and a lady's starter kit, both with clothes and accessories.

Chloe skin for 1L at Forbidden Appearance!!!

Free furniture at SojMod!!! I met Sonja the owner while I was browsing and she was just delightful!

RBZ Design is giving us this lover-lee slip dress called "Lacy" in lime!

Exile has free several hairs for men and women- and a free men's outfit!

Last Eden
has a dollarbie set- sweater and pants, a dollarbie raincoat, and a 10L dress. Turn around in the store and this feather outfit is on the wall for 2L!!!!

Free skin at Olivia! Click on the box and it is yours forever!

Suede ankle boots for 0: at Dominion!

Mimi's Choice has an outfit- so urbane!!!

Have fun!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Freebies

It's one of those rare times when I found myself with nothing to do...so you benefit :)

First, I just have to ask you....have you ever bought something a long time ago, like...oh, a pair of boots that you really liked...and went you got them home couldn't find anything that really looked good with them? But, you couldn't stand the idea of deleting them, so you hung on to them. Then, one day you open a freebie you collected and forgot to open...and there's a dress there that actually looks great...and omg, those boots would look perfect! And they do?

Yeah....made my day...thanks, Lemania ;)

Speaking of Lemania Designs, run over and pick up today's dollarbie....very cute glitter/lacey cocktail dress called Magic.

Leyda Style has a new outfit up for the men, and one for the ladies. The men's outfit is called "rockeur". The ladies is called "Charmeuse". Just 1L each. If you haven't been here before, be sure to check out the rest of the dollarbies on the wall.

Silks Garden offers an opportunity to check out her "strippable" silks for only 1L.

That's it. Not many, but very nice quality.

Till next time...


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Limited time

An awesome new dollarbie from Sole Sisters! These awesome ankle boots have texture changing cuffs so that you can accessorize with everything you own! There are 10 different patterned cuff options!

Aqua is having a 24 hour 50% off sale on ALL items on the floor stands...this includes ALL of last weeks new releases!!! Yay! Most item/outfits/sets now at 100L or less :) The Sale is on until Friday Mar 6th at 3pm SLT

There is also a free hoodie set that is only available for that time frame as well. Check it out. Great deal.

This awesome outfit is also available in purple, and both are 1L
(until Sunday, I believe).

This outfit comes complete with the shoes and jewelry as shown above, and is available at Fandango!

This green little number is available from Project Kiwi. There were also a layered t-shirts for 1L.

Prism Haute Couture, has an amazing deal! The outfit, named Erin, comes with a belted sweater, jeans & boots all for 1L

That's all I have for now. I'll be back soon with more!


Note Worthy!!

Hello Lovlies!!

We're on the down slide to the weekend! I for one am glad! It's been a hectic week at work, and I so love that I can spend time online, and blog all the good stuff for our loyal readers!

I just wanted to let you know about some things you need to mark on your calendar.

First, there is the sale at Dilly Dolls. 70% off everything in the store until March 15th!

There are some amazing deals! Cute little top hats, you know the ones all the cool kids are wearing ... you can pick them up for 22L! There are white, and black varieties, and all full of cuteness!!

Another grid wide hunt! This one for St. Patrick's Day, and brought to you by the same fine folks that did the "KISS" hunt.

I am excited about the Clothing Fair! All of SL's best designers on the same sim! woo hoo!! I am confident there will be lots of limited or special editions for this event. Should be fun!!

Easter is coming up as well, and you guess it, another hunt to look forward to.

The next 6 weeks look like they will be busy, so stay tuned!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quickie Freebie!

Cute, cute, CUTE "Prepgirl" outfit at Haute Style Couture for FREE!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Some late breaking freebies!

Phoenix Rizing Designs has a free gown out for you, and there's a couple of purple balls nearby, as part of the Lemania Designs Hunt, which runs through March.

Dilligaf has dollarbie outfits for both the men and the women! The women's is a cute jeans and cropped t-shirt with boots, while the men's is jeans, boots and a tattoo.

On the same sim, at Formally Yours, you'll find a gorgeous red gown for 1L.

SKG Shoes has two pairs of peep-toe pumps for us - one purple, one red, for only 5L each! Turn around and on the table you'll find a pair of white pumps for 1L, and dark blue peep-toes and dark blue slides for free.

Alienbear is giving away a free necklace and earrings set called Nardcotix. Be sure to look at all the other jewelry sets that are marked down to 10L!

CsO Fashion is giving two men's shirts for 1L each.

Soneya Shapes has a free shape (made to go with her skins, but try it with yours!) for free. It's called Pleiades.

Sasquatch Design has several fun freebies and dollarbies for us! Jewelry, t-shirts, and flipflops among other things!

That's it for now, unless something else pops up!


It's Monday! Hope yours was as good as it could be.

I have quite a bit to tell you about today, so let's get to it.

My new friend Ayanna Slade, of AQUA has put out a new freebie box on the outside for her new store!

The box contains the outfit above, as well as some balloons, a bunny, and tattoos! (Shoes not included, but can be obtained from Unique Needs, as blogged about on Sun. Mar. 1st)

Made for you - offers unisex clothing, and has freebie box.

These hot plaid punk pants, the shirt, necklace, and wrist band are included in the pack.

~RELISH~ has Jet & Silver Drop Earrings for 0L. There is a free gift at landing point as well & cute sculpted belts for 10L

Duh! has 1L shoes & boots, in green for St. Patrick's Day. Regular price on this fab footwear is 20L, or you can get 5 pair fat packs of shoes for 75L

Joline-StYle has a freebie box, and a bracelet for 10L

TNG at Showgirl Island has 4 items at 1L

Dulce Skin is offering a free skin in vendor called Bittersweet Chocolate skin.

Naive has a couple of t-shirts, including a St. Pat's tshirt & a subscribo

Chloe has free diamond hoop earrings that are color change for 0L

COPYKAT is offering Zeals jet black boots as a freebie.

Essential Soul has a new freebie pose out.

Jealousy has a free box on the wall by the lucky chair, and also bright pink orb by the couch

Among the other goodies in the box, you will find these tiny sexy shorts, and crop top.

Sequins has 2 boxes on the window sill ; 1 freebie, the other for 1L

Convoitise is offering the Gigi Dress for 1L

It's the perfect "little black dress" for every occasion!

Vogue has a Cancer awareness outfit for 0L.

That's it for me this Monday, friends! I'll be back soon with more!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hey Ya'll!

FINALLY! I super cool store for the guys! project Red ( even the name is cool!!! ) has amazing stuff for the studs of sl! Very well made clothes and accessories for him! The store itself is very well laid out with high quality ambience. Check this store out! I expect very good things from here on out! The dollarbie right now is an ultra cool bag. See the pic below- then run and get your own!

Meghindo's touch of sensuality has several 1L and 5L dresses.

Anubis Style
has two 0L gifts on the counter.

G&N Fashion Group's weekly freebie is a cute outfit with several pieces called 'Bianca.'

Pretty Lady has a dollarbie set of lingerie.

Bonita's Jewelry
has 0L gem earrings!

has a 1L outfit. Next door, Concrete Flowers has some freebies and dollarbies, including rainbow striped socks and a rainbow necklace.

Donna Flora
has added eyes to her shop!

is a new store with 1L outfits in boxes..

24 Shoo shoes has a 1L display with shoes, stockings and skirts.

Fior de ferle
has a 0L gift and it is so cool! A rose petal shower!

Owl House Designs has 'Cindy' in red for 1L.

Bella Vida is a jazz club but it is offering a freebie formal red gown, which is actually very nice!

maB & it moves
has a box with a free casual outfit.

has a freebie/1L wall with clothes, boots and shoes.

Now go get your goodies!


What's your Fantasy??

Its a new month, and Lemania & Summer have a new hunt for us.

The March theme is Fantasy!

According to the information I received, there are 30 items in the hunt itself, plus a bonus item at the sign. The other shop keepers on the sim have also contributed to the hunt, all boxes are 1L each.

When you were a young girl, did you dream of being a Celtic Princess?

I always wanted to be like Wonder Woman, with her lasso of truth, and her invisible jet.

Perhaps being a Nascar Hotty is more to your liking.

If you like to swing on vines, and be romanced by Tarzan, maybe you aspired to be like Jane of the Jungle
. *rawr*

Do you dream of finding a leprechaun, and taking his Pot of Gold?

Regardless of what your fantasy is, Lemania and the gang have worked hard, and you are sure to find something to please on this hunt!

To check out more of the hunt items, you can check out the Lemania Blog.

Sav's Sunday Fun

Oh what a day!!

I finished the Twisted Hunt, and there are lots of goodies that I am sure you'll be seeing over the next few days. Here are some great freebies that I also found along the way.

*DD* Danish Design - has a some great latex wear, and is offering freebies for you as well. Check out this dress, affectionately named "Red China"

Unique needs also has several freebies including St Pat's and Easter items. Be sure to check out the lucky chairs as well.

.::Decadence::. has several items for 10L, including this Gothic Loli dress, and stilettos.

This outfit comes complete with the boots, and the hat as shown here.

Holli Pocket has this part of Tart Heart Low Rise jean in grey for 1L, and this Crown Royal top, which will soon be retired. Grab it before its gone.

Aster Builts has a weekly weekly gift. You can pick up a Victorian gazebo -and a couple other items as well.

Smashin Fashion has several boxes throughout the store priced at 1L, including this black floral corset, and a "love pillow" with 50 animations

Neko Wonderland has several dollarbie items, including neko arm warmers & a belt

Twisted & Spoiled has has some assorted freebies, along with this, gorgeous, lacy "twisted rose" dress.

Creations by Ana
has many bangles, in the store, some marked as low as 1L. I didn't notice anything in the store over 5L, including bikinis!! Don't forget to grab the freebie box while you're there.

D-Factor at JC's Wonder Mall gives us a couple of gifts, including this lingerie set.

Abia Capalini of AC Designs is offering a free red gown

Love Chic to celebrate her 500th blog post, Chic Aeon has several freebies available in her store. The gift includes a halter, a set of bangles and several magazines for use as prop (accessories) or for home. The dollarbie sweater is still available too.

Now, on to some hunt items ...

I feel that I should let you know that this hunt may not be for everyone. If your tastes are of the "vanilla" nature, it may be best that you pass this one by. Many of the prizes cater to different lifestyles, neko, Gothic, even deviant.

I picked up this leather outfit on the hunt today from the Bloodlines Main store, Nocturna Gothic Designs.

The boots were courtesy of Dare Designs at Dark Eternity. You can see a close up of these boots, decorated with prim skulls, below.

Tarnished has this great outfit for us.

Wild Style Fashions gives us this barbed wire necklace, which you will find at stop # 14 on the Hunt.

Subtle Submission has gifted us with this beauty.

I have so much more to share with you, but I'll save it for later!



Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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