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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Just wanted to list a few of the current hunts, for those of you who haven't signed up for the forum (join!!)

Greatest Love St. Patrick's Hunt - Starting at 11:50am SLT tomorrow and continuing until March 17, 2009 - all held on one sim. Here are the posted rules for the hunt.

1.) Once you land take a few steps forward. Please don't linger in the landing area so others can land.
2.) De-prim. Take off your shoes and run barefoot through the grass. Try not to wear prim clothing this will help reduce lag.
3.) Detach all AO's and HUDs. Reminisce about your early days in SL when you did the duck walk and had no clue what an AO was.
4.) Once done hunting and shopping go back to the Twisted Hunt or go unpack and let someone else come to the hunt.
5.) Get a good laugh at the numbering. Some boxes say there are 118 boxes to find and others 120 for you to find. Well there is actually 121 boxes in total.
6.) Do not litter. There is no need to unpack the boxes here to get a lm to the next stop. There is no other stop other than going to the vendors main store. If you see something you like make sure to check out the vendors main store to see the wha else they might have.
7.) Above all else have fun.

Lemania Designs Fantasy Hunt - Now through March 31.

Lemania says: Yes, it is that time again and a new hunt begins! This month we are having a fantasy hunt with everything our brains can think up!

We have gifts for you all over the sim (at least 30) and -- I am retiring some of my older designs and this is the only chance you will have to get them for 1L. We also have a lot of new fun stuff too! 1/2 and 1/2! And the shopkeepers will also have gifts on the sim for you!

You know you love to hunt and this one has a lot of fun goodies! What's Your Fantasy???

Twisted Hunt - Now through March 31. Starting slurl.

From the notecard:

How many hunts have there been targeting the cute, the sweet, the fluffy, and even kids? Plenty - and it’s time those of us who like more… well, twisted… things to have a hunt of our very own.

The Twisted Hunt will be a month-long, grid-wide treasure hunt featuring some of the best, most talented, and most twisted designers on the grid. Sure, there will be plenty of fashion - but by all that is unholy, there will also be sex! and blood! and everything else that isn't polite or publicly acceptable. (personal comment here -- LMAO)

The Twisted Hunt is brought to you by DV8, and sponsored by Sn@tch, Dare Designs, Self Expressions, Unique Needs!, Neko Wonderland, (BL) Bloodlines, and Fatal Error.

It features MANY merchants across the grid, who invite you to their parlors to find deliciously twisted prizes! Want to learn more? Visit the website:http://twisted.darketernity.org/

These are just a few of the big ones. Fly A Kite Gridwide Hunt will be starting next week, and I'll give you more information on that later.

For more hunt news and other freebies that may not get posted here, joint the Virtual Freebies Forum.

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