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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Freebies

I have just a few for you today.

Pocket Pfeffer has several freebies for us that are just beautiful! First, at the TP point, there is a beautiful green gown called EireannSong, and a blue gown called Boleyn. There are three novelty t-shirts. After you've grabbed all those, go inside the building, and straight across from the door is a Morticia avatar and outfit - great for next Halloween!

RBZ Design has a freebie for both the men (wheat colored sweater) and the ladies (a gorgeous gold dress).

Which reminds me - one of my various jobs is Fashion Coordinator for VooDoo Vogue Agency. I have recruited RBZ to be in our Winter Showcase...see the ad below.

Prism Haute Couture, Alta Moda, SySy's, RBZ, and Hot Frost, all under one roof over a weekend! What more could you ask for? Of course, there will be gifts for the attendees! I'd be honored if you'd attend :)

Lucky Chair Freebies

I don't usually do posts about lucky chairs, because there are simply so many of them, but I've had a couple of direct requests, so I'll make an exception today. If you let me know that you really love lucky chairs, I'll start doing a once a week post on them.

Greenies Home has a male or female Greenies pirate avatar in their lucky chairs.

Carnival of Doom has a Pink Spore avatar in their lucky chair. This includes a pink skin, hair, outfit.

ShoeFly Shoes has 300L gift cards, and awesome shoes in his group lucky chair. Yes, you have to join a group for this one, but once you do, don't leave! CCTV Giant, the owner, is very generous to his group members and if you love shoes - this is the place to be. In fact, right now, he's giving away giftcards, so hurry over :)

Zaara has a very pretty red and gold dress in her lucky chair right now. This store has some really great clothes with brilliant uses of textures. Be sure to look around, and also grab the freebie on the table at the entrance.

Rockberry Skins has some lovely skins in their lucky chair right now.

Digit Darkes has some cute shoes in their lucky chair. After you're done there, go over to Diversity, who has 3-color packs of hair in their chair.

OK....I'll be back later today with some regular freebies :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time Limited Freebie Alert

At Bijou, you'll find a lovely gold lame' outfit, but this is a time limited freebie, only good until the 13th.

As an extra to this time limited freebie alert, at Ztique, you can find a free pair of boots and a necklace.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A few freebies

Well after 2 months of searching, I finally got a job and I start a week from today. So this week I am going to try and get you as many freebies as possible to make up for my absence as I transition into my new RL job.

Pink Outfitters has a caramel colored tartan skirt for 1L.

Aluinn has some men's and women's jewelry for free in 1 gift bag!

And INDI Designs has a "freebie surprise puzzle" It is on its final week, the last piece came out on Saturday. You can get all the previous pieces for 5L and the last piece for 1L. You have 2 weeks to get these items before hopefully they will put out a new puzzle! They also have a men's version out, it looks good! Here is a sample photo of the ladies puzzle outfit!

Happy hunting!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gosh, almost forgot!

StarChild Designs Mall has an entire dollarbie section for men and women. Lots of stuff to be found, and by the way, this place has great costumes, and a vintage store with clothes from the 1920s. Do be sure to check the mall out after you grab your freebies. You may have to watch for the arrow, I think it's a fixed landing point.

Also, when you first land, on the right is a group freebie section. You know I don't usually encourage groups, but this one is worth it. There are some really great freebies in there, including a long coat, one for men, one for women. So, this time, I'll make the exception ;)

Further, if you join the group, there is a lovely Japanese style home that you can get absolutely free!

Happier Sunday Freebies

Feeling better today, so I thought I'd get a few freebies out for you. And, since you asked so nicely, I have created a flickr group for us here. Feel free to add your pictures!

OK, for you skin lovers, here's a free one at [42]. Fairly nice looking too!

RR Trend Line offers us Serina Lacava dollarbies called Red Glitterdess for the women, and for the men, there's a free SLC t-shirt. Both the t-shirt and the Red Glitterdress are in the vendor. There is also the lovely Gown Elegance Lace on special this week for 50L.

Whore Couture (yes, that's really the name) offers two outfits for free. One is a red snake skin shirt/pants set and the other is a flowery red corset and hot pants.

At the Hair Center, you'll find free hair for men, women and children, along with some sharp looking men's dress shoes, a cute plaid skirt for the ladies, and some eyes. Walk along the walls of the store to find the gifts.

AuroraSkye Creations offers a dollarbie dress called Dark Satin Dress. It's cute! I've dealt with this designer before...she's very kind and gracious. Please look around her store :)

Bana Karu is offering a "punk knitted dress" for free. While Neko-oriented, there are some really cute clothes here at reasonable prices.

OK, that's it for now! :)


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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