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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Morning Freebies!

I just wanted to post a quick announcement, for all your hunt lovers out there. Club Alohas, a club that is very dear to my heart, is celebrating their 2nd anniversary today and they are having a hunt from 12pm to 2 pm today, along with a full day of events, including 2 fishing tournaments, through midnight tonight that will end with fireworks. All you have to do is look for the fish! There are two types of fish, green and pink. The pink fish have prizes in them and the green ones keep a tally of how many green ones you have found. When the hunt is over whoever has found the most green fish will win an extra prize. We are unsure of the count on the pink ones but there will be around 100 green fish! So get out there and hunt.

Happy hunting!


Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Freebies!

OK, I'm tired beyond belief from moving today, but I got wind of some freebies that I wanted you to know about.

At Pizza Mayhem, there are three dresses for free.

Raeva's has got two adorable dollarbie dresses. You'll have to go upstairs to get them.

There's a "switch" hunt going on at Topaz Square. So called, because the items get switched out every few hours. Sounds like fun to me ;)

OK, I'm beat. Enjoy :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New freeness!

OK so day two of my freebie hunting I have come across a couple cute things for you!

At *ki2* there is a mystery dollarbie in a pink box on the floor. But don't stop there, take a look around the cute (what looks to be) cave dwelling and check out the colorful clothes for both men and women and you will find in there scattered amongst the normal priced items some more dollarbies that include but are not limited to: A men's sweater, a sexy and classy women's sweater and a few other tees and tanks. This store has some cute clothes and great prices!

At :HCT: there are 13 dollarbie hair packs. This store has a real cool and colorful design, great hair and other items, so check it out!

At ** [Riddle] ** they have a gift box sitting on a table with 2 pairs of eyes and a vintage tee inside. It also appears that they are having a small sale that includes some cute jeans, tanks, and Bracelets. This store is definitely unique in their decor and style. They have tons of eye variations and several styles of clothes, all at good prices.

I took a walk through *REDGRAVE* today and through all the lag SL decided to pile on me today I was only able to find a stylish pair of freebie sunglasses. This is a great store to look at if you have the time!

And last but not least it appears that Awesome Designs is having a hunt in their store! This hunt includes twenty little platinum boxes hidden all over the store except the grassy areas outside and you don't have to be a group member to join in on the hunt. The items in the boxes contain apparel and foot wear. I found more than half of the boxes last night, but hurry this hunt will only last through Saturday the 30th!

Thats it for today! Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Housewares Freebies

I've promised a couple of people now that I would write them up in a special housewares post - and since I'm moving in RL and furnishings are definitely on my mind, let's take a brisk run around the grid for housewares freebies!

First stop is F & F Creation. At the back of the store on the right, you'll find a freebies which include a wicker table and a box with two art pieces in it. If you need artwork or antique furniture for your home, be sure to take a look around the store. They have some nice stuff here, at very reasonable prices AND they'll be having a half-price sale this weekend!

The next stop is Prim Savers. Here you will find a selection of free black leather couches, a hot tub, some poseballs, a plant, a beach towel, and a bed (no poseballs). Be sure to check this store out too. Low prim furniture, at prices well below what you might expect.

Then, we have Dimension Designs. They offer a free rug, potted topiary plants (three in a box), and a selection of sculpted pillows! They have some nice furniture here, and an outdoor section with sculpted pool loungers with couples poseballs and beach umbrellas with towels.

OK, that's it!

Small Mistake...

I do not believe I made any sort of mistake agreeing to contribute to your blog. For those that know me I am a freebie addict and spend a lot of time on this blog and shopping for great freebies, so it is a great pleasure to be able to contribute here. And, for my first post I have some freebies for you!

At *Icing* you can find three real cute dresses, a pearl bracelet, an anklet, wood wedges, and complete avatar starter kits for both the men and the women! This is a fabulous store with great items and good prices. Check it out!

At Star Kindler Designs there is a beautiful dollarbie circlet that matches the dollarbie broach Honey blogged about a while back. They have been releasing a new piece of this set every few days or so for 1L$ and you can only get one piece at a time. Who knows what they will release next. Once all the items are out they will put it up at full price in the shop.

At PixelDust there is a free blonde hair style called BobbieJo. It cute, its country, its yours! Go get it, ya'll!

Check out LaynieWear. They have all their Current Styles and New Releases on the first floor. Teleport to the second floor for some freebies and dollarbies... and when I say some... I mean holy cow theres a bunch. From there teleport to the third floor where you will find other good deals.

I also want to post about Hair Fair 2008. This is a great place to go buy hair because all of the designers are offering new styles and some if not all the proceeds from them go to Locks of Love. There are also tons of freebies out here! Remember there are 4 sims! Orange Sim, Red Sim, Pink Sim, and Purple Sim.

Happy Shopping!

Introducing Lorri :)

My friend, Lorraina McDonnell made a small mistake today. She agreed to contribute to this blog! lol

So now, you'll have two of us bringing you freebies...how cool is that? ;)

I'll update soon!

I'll post a few freebies tonight, but wanted to let you all know that I've got some RL stuff going on, as in we're moving this weekend into our new home! YAY!

For those of you who don't know, our house burned to the ground in mid-April. Since then, we've been living in a 37 foot travel trailer...UGH! No privacy, no space - I've been ready to lose my mind! But it's almost over...just 2 more days...

So, posts will be a little sparse through the weekend. I'll get out there what I can, with full posting to begin again on Monday! :)


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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