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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Short time freebies! Hurry!

Most of these freebies need to be picked up today or tomorrow at the latest...sorry, the designers seem to think "time-limited" is going to help draw people to their businesses.

First up today is a lovely brooch from Star Kindler Designs. It's a dollarbie, and quite pretty. There are some truly gorgeous pieces here, take a look around.

Royal Designs is offering a blue babydoll dress for 1L.

I *think* the name of this next store is Chemical Kisses. It was hard to tell. Anyway, for the Neko/punk/grunge among us, they have several outfits and I couldn't find anything in the store for over 20L, and many were 1L. Most include a tail and scripted ears. There are also free items.

Sometimes, I'll stumble across a place that doesn't have freebies, but you should visit anyway. MudHoney is one of those. They have some really nice furniture (love the colors!) marked down this week to nearly nothing as they're being retired, so they'll be gone next week. DO check this place out! Absolutely some of the most unique furniture pieces I've ever seen in SL.

Moontan Jewelry is offering a free jade necklace, bracelet and earrings. By the way, if you've ever wanted a charm bracelet, they have one here for 195L. :)

Elemiah Design & Lingerie has a free package containing a lingerie set (shorts and top) with a pair of slippers. Today only! Be sure to look for the discount section...nice stuff, great prices!

At LaComtesse, you'll find the Lily dress for 1L and several sets of nails for 1L or free.

OoPS FaShIoN has several freebies upstairs, along with several outfits for only 20L.

Dhanhu is offering the no modify version of the Kassy shape for 1L. Another one to hurry on, it is for today only.

Stitch by Stitch is offering a free pair of shoes (look for the shoebox on the ground).

Sascha's Designs is offering two ball gowns at 5L each. Very nice! On the same sim, Haute Design & Co. is offering a free dress. Go inside Mikey's to the dance floor, and in front of the stage, to the left, is a gift bag.

At Creator's Pavillion, they're having a summer sale, with a lot of little freebies and near-freebies. I found a free color changing set of bracelets that were worth the trip.

Finally, Adam N Eve is having a hunt this weekend, with several items at 1L and 2L.

Have a fun day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanx for the many links you gave. I had something to do on SL like that :-)
Especially the one of Chemical Kisses was..... great.

Byez, Opal Jorda


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