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Saturday, February 28, 2009

DCNYopens it's own sim!

Dave Casanova advises me that DCNY has opened it's own sim. If you haven't grabbed their dollarbie black dress, come grab it, and take a look at their new bidbox Victoria dress (red and adorable!) ... it is the dress they were selling just for the relief fund. Now that is over, so they are going to auction five of each color and make special auction only clothes to be auctioned off once a month!

The store is quite nice, be sure to look around and show DCNY some love!


Saturday Stuff!

*Courtisane* has a terrific free hand bag

The Laughing Academy - 1L flamingo bikini

Vixen Hair has terrific prizes in the lucky chairs

Postscriptum has freebie tats for men & women at the back of the store on either side of the stairs

Skin Within has released a shoe line. You can see a sample of the "Felici Flora" below

Hourglass Shapes is offering a free tee

Je Veux has very unique, and totally gorgeous blue-green eyes for 0L

Today's Lemania retiring freebie is this vibrantly colored Pink Candy Gumdrop dress.

This will be available until Sunday, 8am slt. This just screams "spring is around the corner!" I know I can't wait.

Lemania and the gang are also offering this duo as the group gift of the week, called Double Date.

Both outfits come complete with the shoes!

OCD has free skins, skirt & hair

[kusshon] has poetic color eyes in Liquid Amber for Free

I know we don't usually feature group gifts, but this is too amazing not to pass along. Baiastice sent out this amazing group gift. It's called "Pepto Pink", and I adore it! It comes complete with the accessories shown here.

To join the group, you actually have to send designer, Sissy Pessoa an IM and request to be added to the group. If you are not familiar with her designs, check out her store. Her group gifts are absolutely stunning!

.:: LFCT::. has a 1L skin in each of the new skin tone releases. Just outside the door, you can also find Snow Leopard Lingerie & snow particles poofer if you are interested. Here I am wearing the sun-kissed skin - makeup 11

Badoura Designs has several items in her freebie section, under the stairs.

Newest release is this Sunrise Babydoll set.

Shapeshifter has a "Sassy" shape for 1L and freebie gestures are also available.

Harbour View has 1L Shamrock Necklace, and has some items on sale half price until Sunday, midnight.

Prims & pearls has released a new freebie. Stop by & pick up the rainbow hoop earrings. You can also grab the free ladies wrist watch.

Tail of Two Kitties has Free walk & run animations at their store.

Veezy has a free tshirt

himelove is having a 20L tat sale

Kiki's has a freebie box upstairs full of goodies. Here's a sample of what's inside.

If you TP down to the basement, you will find great bargains!

The Sea Hole has dollar stuff, including hoodies for guys & a free skin

*Leafy has some freebie poses, on the floor, as well as a New Years Gift still out

~SECRET SALE!! There is currently a secret sale going on at HOH shop @ Hairspray 2! There are a bunch of styles marked from 125L to 1L. To get the list of all the packs that are reduced except the 1L ones, head over the the hairspray shop and click the sign on the way in.

Wik's Wardrobe has a freebie pair of purple Patent leather boots. Check out these babies!

That's all I have for now.


Saturday morning freebies

Hi everyone! I have some terrific freebies for you this morning!

Inga of *IW* has remodeled her store has two lovely dresses out for us today! Go here, and look up to find Danielle, in a beautiful blue...this is an incredibly gorgeous dress! Ariel in Purple is just to the left. Join the group, and you can purchase the salsa dress, Patricia, in green, found here for only 1L. Be sure to look around the store (which is now divided in two, so don't miss them!). Inga's detail for design flows through her store as well.

TeaLane has a Mardi Gras skin for only 2L for a limited time....hurry on this one! It's between the two lucky chairs.

Handel has a dollarbie skin for a limited time, which includes a face light and a smile HUD! The one for 1L is on the second row from the bottom and far left. After you've grabbed that, turn to your left and you'll find a couple of dollarbie gowns and some for 10L.

Moonlight Designs has a Neko tail with three color changes and twitch for 1L.

KIWI has a cute dress and a skin, 1L each.

Now, for the motherlode of freebies....I give you Rossini's Freestore. Here you'll find a large number of quality freebies for both men and women.

That's it for now!


Friday, February 27, 2009

T G I F !! Some limited time ...

Psst! Sunday there will be a treasure hunt at the Redgrave sims and stores will hide free items for you.

You all know I am having a torrid love affair with all these subscrib-o's in world. I hit the one at KaoSome, and checked the history ... oooh ya! Free skin. Check it out.

This week at Vixen, you can pick up a sexy pair of free Prada inspired, grey heartbreaker patent pumps.

Perhaps you would prefer a pair of emerald green, Gucci style leather boots. Just in time for St. Patty's day.

You can pick these up at Vinyl Cafe.

I received a notice today that you can get a free pair of silks from Constanza Amsterdam, of Eye-catcher. To do this, send a notecard with your name and set of silks of own choice in the price range of 250L and she will make sure you will get it as soon as possible.

Lemania has yet another gorgeous gown for your inventories! This beauty is called "Holiday Reflection." Its a bronze colored gown, with reflections of rich jewel tones.

This will be available until 8am Saturday.

Knuckleheads has lots to offer. A jewelry vendor with items priced from 1-10L; I also picked up a diamond cut silver bracelet with rose poofer for 1L, and they had freebie eyes as well, and flaming foot prints. Lots of fun!!

Insatiable Fashions has some free tanks like the one pictured below.

.:Unzipped has LOADS of free stuff for your guys with an interest in Steampunk. There are a few things for the girls, as well as jeans, and tees. Definitely worth the look! You can see example in the pants shown above, and below.

Can you believe the MadHatter hat was totally free??

*SaLsA!* Pointless Necessities has a cute tee. Check it out. You can also grab an 8-ball ring, and some Angel wings at this location.

Prism Haute Couture
, has this fantastic Candy Heart dollarbie tunic set with boots!

Joyful Designs has this offering: The beautiful "Belle" dress for 0L for a week.

Elv'an Majika "offers cheap / free elven items as a service to other users" according to the notice I received, so I popped in to check it out. Hair for $L3, eyes, tops, and other goodies for $L5. Perfect store for all the Elves in your life! I picked up some stuff here!! Very cute!

Shi has this corset for us. The boots are a group gift if you decide to join.

Sentou Yousei has blue Helsing boots, and the "Solace Jewel" for $5L each for an undisclosed limited time. So hurry on down!

Venus Designs has several items marked down, on a display in the center of the store.

The outfit above was a mere 10L. There are gorgeous higher priced items also.

That's all I have for now.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sav's Fab Thursday some Limited Time

Hello my thrifty shoppers!

I hope that this week is treating you well, and if it has been less than stellar for you, tomorrow starts our weekend. I hope these finds will be enough to get you through just 1 more day of work.

You need to know that Chic Dimensions is having a clearance sale. They are making room for their 2009 clothing line. Make your way to the back of the store. There you will find many items specially priced at 10L & 25L. Here is an example of what 10L can do for you!

This outfit is called Hollywood Grape.

Here is a pic of Lemania's Dollarbie of the day!

Carmel Latte, is definitely a delicious treat to any wardrobe. This is available as always until 8am tomorrow.

Seren Pierterson of S&M Designs, dropped this Blue Wool outfit on me. It comes with several pieces to adjust your look to suit any occasion. Here are just 2 of the possibilities:

This is available, free in the store. Check it out, along with the other awesome items available.

Sole Sisters has a new offering for us as well. These lovely ankle boots, in white. As you can see, the Valentine pair is still available as well.

Aqua has a special offer. Free for 24 hours only: Flutter in black is available until 3pm slt Feb 27th!

And last item I have for you tonight, its from WAvE. They have a fantastic freebie section! Check out these goodies:

These items are available as separates, along with some guy stuff too!

I'll be back with more for you this weekend!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sav's Limited Time Quickies

I went to A&k Designs today, I got word that they had a freebie available. As you rez, there are a couple of things on the floor in front of you. One is a Valentine group gift, and the other was this Camo Hottie outfit.

I got to looking around, and followed the arrows on the floor. They have a tremendous $1L wall, which I may or may have not mentioned before, but definitely worth another look.

(Shoes shown here, are actually from Juicy, not free)

I found this St. Pat's outfit for there. Cute isn't it!?

Lemania has another amazing offering. This gorgeous Silver Dream Gown, available for 1L until 8am tomorrow.

If you haven't heard, Lemania is retiring some of her gowns, and is selling them off one at a time for 1L for a 24 hour period. Be sure to check back often!

Apple May has a new release specially priced at 10L until 8am tomorrow as well! After that, it goes back up to the regular price of 195L

Dominion Fashion group has a free pair of shoes for us! They are shown in the picture above, but here is the close up! I love the color!!

That's all I have for you for now! I'll be back with more soon.


Wednesday goodies!

Yea!!! One of my fav stores ever has a 0L babydoll dress and 2 dollarbies! Check out More! The photos above show yours truly in the baby doll and the eyelet dress wearing the Helena skin in tan. (LM for skin on next line)

OH WOW! Indie Rose has a new line of skins called "Helena" and they have 5L price tags! Nice!
Above is the 'fair' version! Hand drawn and oh so loverly!

X Factor has three 5L must haves! The photos are above!

*New sim just opening up!!! DD has a freebie 'for girls' in a nice gift wrapped box!*

Merlynn's Closet has a box of goodies for 0L.

Twisted and Spoiled has 3 0L boxes and a kiss! Fangs, crop to and black jeans, and a rose dress.

Atlantlislove has a 0L box with 7 sweet tanks in delicious colors!

has two 1L gifts full of Julia skins!

Djorven has a 0L outfit called 'Pucker up Pink' with a hat and lipstick included!

Yea!!! One of my fav stores ever has a 0L babydoll dress and 2 dollarbies! Check out More!

A free koi pond at Nevermore!

Yellow Submarine
has a '20's outdoor loveseat' mystery dollarbie this week! Yea!

Ya'll have fun grabbing your loot!

Havi :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pampered Princess is giving us a 0L gift bag chock full of clothes! The dress above is called red mini! Coin belt included!
Lost Dreams has THE MOST AWESOME freebie! A 'I love the Big Apple' tank!
Pixle Couture has a 0L gift - blue pant, shirt, and skirt. It is pictured above!

A-Bomb has 10L stilettos in purple and cow print doc marten's!

PUD Plum pudding
has a 1L spring dress.

While shopping for home lighting, I discovered a freebie aquariam, sensor, clock, and laptop at Agora.

Heavenly Treasures
has an adorable dollarbie outfit! Shortie shorts and a matching sweater!

Fhang has a box of freebies- in it is a pair of shoes and a skin!

Lemania is retiring 'Greensleeves' so lucky us- it is only 1L. A gorgeous green gown!

Evergreen has several dollarbie outfits upstairs.

KA Designs
offers a Paris Hilton Freebie, shape, skin- 'That's Hot!'

Sam's Secret Boutique
has three 15L gifts in the window- orange blouse, orange tank, and lingerie.

Vital is giving away a 0L box with three poses inside.

Harbor View
has several outfits for 1L- walk around the store and you will find them!

1L skin at Royal Designs! Red lips! Whoo hoo!

Laval Fashion has some cute freebie dresses and shoes.

Y'all have a fab time with all those goodies!



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