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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love poses?

DeePosed is a fabulous pose store...really hot poses, great for photography. Each month, Dee gives away one free poses, and then frequently offers "Freebie Friday" where she gives away another pose.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I know, I know you don't believe it! Another post from me!

I received a note tonight about a freebie pumpkin pose, and went to grab that up at Adorkable Poses which happens to be very cute, as you can see.

I decided to wander a bit, and next door, I hit the jackpot of affordable goodness at "#Before Sleep#"

First up, we have this uber sexy plung top for 10L, and the shorts in the pic, just 5L.

This GreenBerry top, 2L! This stuff is awesomely amazing!

Next up, there is the blue & pink tank, for 1L, and the heart patch demin skirt, for 5L.

This is just a sample of what is available! Be sure to check it out!

Have a look around the sim, there were other goodies, to be had!


So ya wanna be a blogger....?

Hi there! Remember me? *grins*

SL had gotten pretty crazy on me, and I'm hoping to get my mind back into blogging again. But for now, Ashlee has gone back to school, and since I firmly believe in education first, I support her decision to quit writing for the blog.

Which, frankly, leaves poor Savvy to write this thing by herself and the girl needs help! There are so many great freebies out there right now, and the holidays are coming up (whee!) so we talked about it and decided to see if any of you would like to come write for Virtual Freebies!

It takes a love of freebie collecting, and the ability to write and spell fairly well, or be willing to use spellcheck, because I'm kind of a nut about that. If you're interested, IM me (HoneyBear Lilliehook) or Savannah Ducatillon, inworld.

Good Stuff!

Hey Sexies!

I am sure many of you are saying to yourself, "WTF!?"... but yes ... 2 posts today! My hope is to really get back to regular blog posts, I miss it, and everyone involved with it. Anyone know how to escape RL, please IM me!

First of all, we have the Lemania's dollarbie. Its a purple mid-length gown dubbed "Hopelessly" which comes with shoes, scarf and earrings. You can find it in the store, at the Gift Center for 24 hrs, then it will be in the Change Room.

Boutique Giada/QSD's owner, "rawscientist GossipGirl" dropped some goodies on me. First we have this sexy, lacy lingerie, which can be picked up for 1L!

The weekly gift, is the cute set below. The shirt read's "50% single" (which made me giggle).

The shirt is said to be tintable as well, so you can tint to suit your mood!

I also TP'd over to the store to have a look, as I had never been there before and found a MM Board, with only 75 people needed to pay out. The dress looks fabulous!!

We're more than half way there, so hurry over!

If you're in the shopping mood, prices here look fairly reasonable, so be sure to have a look around! There is more goodness upstairs as well.

Morning Quickie!

RBZ Designs is putting out this sexy witch costume sometime today as an in-store freebie!

Hurry over, the outfit comes complete with the cute broom!

Be sure to hit up the Lucky Chair, and the MM Board - take your man there is something for him too!



Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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