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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Stuff!

Yesterday I blogged about socks from the Sock Shop, they were replaced today with new, fun, and funky "Goofy Frog Socks!"

Otaku has a diverse dollarbie/freebie section above the lucky chairs. Check it out! There is an adorable Easter necklace.

[42] is offering a freebie from the Galaxies line, Nebula.

Purple outer space deliciousness! tintable lips/brows, optional pubic hair, mod/copy/no trans.

Wik's Wardrobe
has some new freebie boots.

They are entitled Burberry boots, and have bow accents along the back. Very cute!

Joyful Designs, has a pair of brown, laced ankle boots for 10L, as well as the "Sailing" outfit is available this week for 0L, and can be located here.

The sim has been revamped since I was there last, so be sure to look around. Out in the centre of the store, there is a rectangle type structure with loads of freebies available. Follow the bright yellow sign to the games, and freebie chairs.

The Owlhouse, has a dollarbie gift called Eva. Its up in the top corner of the display.

Nice by Sciavre Allen, has a new store, and celebrated their grand openining earlier today. There is a free gift for the ladies, and one for our guys as well. The female gift is a white lacy, dress, and a blue stripe shirt for our guys.

ZIBWARE has an offering for us this week too. The outfit named Dezzi, has a great pair of booty shorts, and tube top.

At the RaeTown location, inside the shack you will find more freebies. Be sure to check them out!

!mpossible Fashion

I am always on the lookout for new talent, and use the hunts as a great opportunity to find them. The other day, while doing the Fly A Kite hunt, I stumbled across !mpossible Fashion and wanted to tell you about it.

We'll start with the fact that at the entrance to the store, you'll find 50L gift cards...for free!

Walk in, to the left, and you'll see a pair of cute black sneakers, a man's outfit (jeans and pink blazer), and a gorgeous lilac woman's gown...all for free!

After you've grabbed the goodies, take a look around...really. I know I always say this, but this store has some incredible outfits for really reasonable prices. Lots of men's wear too (located on the second floor). There are some beautiful gowns, cute casual outfits, and a lot of them even come with shoes!

I've bought three outfits here already, and I'm pretty fussy about the clothes I actually purchase, so you can be sure the quality is good! Plus, I had a small customer service issue and the owner, Penelope Heron, fixed me right up to my complete satisfaction!

This is the free lilac gown:

Stop by !mpossible Fashion today!


Sometimes, despite our best intentions, accidents happen! On March 24, an outfit was improperly accredited to the wrong designer, so today, we're correcting that. Our sincere apologies to Adreahna Vlodovic, whose store [AV] Vlodovic offers a darling three piece outfit called Spring Ensemble for only 1L. Dress, shorts and capri in lovely Spring colors....run and get this one!

As always, don't forget to take a look around the store!

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's the Weekend!!

Finally, the weekend is here! I don't know about you guys, but I am ready to do some serious shopping!

I am all over the map today, so hang on tight!

Steambound, is a cute little store with some really great outfits. To get a sample of their goods, head on over, and in the middle of the store, you will find a free, super sexy corset! This store is also participating in the "Spring Is In The Air" and "Gone Fishin'" hunts, so stay tuned for more!

The Dominion Fashion District has an ULTRA CHIC two seater LEATHER SOFA and sexy glossy leather KNEE HIGH STILETTO BOOTS in black with Christian Louboutin style red soles! This is a promotional item, and available for a limited time.

Shoportunity has a "Spring" freebie set available, and the Pretty in Pink set is also still available as well.

LadyDragoness has an offering for us. Click the elaborate egg in the center of the display for your free Easter tees. I also notice the cuuuuutest jeans while I was there as well. Absolutely adorable, printed Easter jeans. Not free, but definitely worth the 50L! Spoiled Group members are spoiled every Saturday with a new freebie!

Sock Shop has Ribbon Weave socks for just 1L

Touche has some freebies on the table, including a cute pink dress. The store is on a temp. rezzer, so if you think that things seem to disappear, you're not going crazy!

Symphony Skins & Clothes Horse: All original series skins are reduced to 100L a fat pack until Saturday or Sunday (I can't remember). Follow the bright pink sale arrows that are on the floor.

Yes, I know,
they are not free, but an AMAZING deal for the quality of these skins!!

There are 6 skin tones to choose from with a variety of make up styles as well. I happen to own A LOT of these skins, and the original set happens to be my favorite. At least go check them out ....

Oh yes, the Clothes Horse dollarbie, is on the counter at the entrance. (Which is on the opposite side of the store from the sale skins). 3 cute little tees, with sayings joking about blondes, brunettes, and redheads. A bit of light hearted humor in world that's much too serious.

In an effort to promote Psoriasis awareness, Loser Designs has released a free skin, depicting this skin disorder.

Visit Loser Designs main store to receive the free skin and learn more about the disease.

Musgo has a natural pearl necklace as a gift this week.

** Update: It seems that the necklace has been set back to its regular price of 70L. My apologies. **

BehaviorBody has 3 animated sits with a cycle time of 30 seconds, for 0L.

I am a photo pose junky, and there were lots to choose from in this store!!

Analog dog has freebie hair.

El Mercadillo de Candela has a freebie box just inside the store with a variety of goodies inside. Check it out.

Tacky Star has free eyes

U&R has an awesome ring as a gift in the Bunny Hop Hunt. Its a transformable "Coquette" ring, to give you 5 different looks.

Also, freebie Love Earrings can be found here. Don't forget to check out the lucky chair as well.

MS has free hair

The Body Politik - Jewelry has a belly ring, and barrettes

Juicy, stop #262 on the Bunny Hop, has a Pose Heart as its gift. Stop by and find the pink egg. Some of the poses used in this post, are taken, using the poses!

KS Creations, is stop # 218 on the hunt. Shop owner, Karla Scorbal has created a NEW package of 10 FREE poses, for this event. Lots of other pose sets available in store, for just 5L!

Courtisane on the Le.Look sim as a Sacoche(bag) for 0L

DPS - is offering their Syusu Blouse for 0L on the Le.Look sim, just inside the door of the store, on the floor.

Pudge, on the hairspray sim has a goodie bag.

Elisabeth's Store has a Spring Shoulder bag, a music box, and 10L red mary jane shoes.

Apple May is offering another 10L outfit.

This beauty comes with 2 skirt options, as well as an optional shoulder sash, stockings, a the top that is available on 2 layers.

TESLA has freebie chairs, pink patch cap, fedora, mary janes all for free!

PxP Prestige has a pair of turquoise earrings

That's all for now!

Hey Ya'll!!!

OC has a freebie botola cocktail gown!

Alba has a bunch of 1L goodies!!!

Mythology has two limited time freebie dresses!

Heavenly Treasures
has cute Easter trees for 10L!!!

Aurora has a 1L gift bag and a 'wall of dollarbies!' On the opposite side of the wall of dollarbies they are GIVING away a 100L full sleeve tattoo!

Yellow Submarine
has a 1L texture pack!!! Great works of art! Also a 1L non sex bed!

Virtuoso Skins
has a free pair of 'deep green eyes!' Also a set of free wings and a face light!

Shameless has three 1L bikini sets!

St898 has a really sweet little outfit called 'Eye Candy' for 0L!!!

Sinecade has a freebie 'stripey' lingerie set.

JACKPOT!!!! For all of the pole dancers at heart! Awesome dollarbies at the cutest little place!
The Peacock Feather has freebies for ALL of your burlesque needs!

Malt has a burlesque-esque outfit for a dollar as well! At the new main location, there are two 0L gift bags with cute clothes! They were well hidden! Thank you Ashlyn Hennessy for the tp!

Jewelry included!

Akina Estate has a victorian dress on the top of the wall called 'Chemical Kisses' for a linden!!

Golden Delish
has an awesome freebie at the door! A friend pose called Maneaters!

Aqua which is quickly rising to the top of my fav store list- has a hoochie mama purple dollarbie!

Freebie 'Vector' shirt at Poised- comes with a gesture!

Groningen - Venus Design has a little black dress with an awesome gold belt for 1L!

For the girly goths Alice Dreamin'g has two freebie outfits- dark alice and pure alice

A- Bomb
has a dollarbie.

"K.A. DESIGN ( K.Aeon & CEPHEUS & K.CAT & ANTIFISH)" has a freebie skin.

!Doux Petit Dahl has dollarbie cardigan vests and a freebie necklace.

Kastle Rock
has a free 'Calypso' outfit!

Laygo has a 1L jewelry set with bangles and earrings.

Corgi Cottages Sea Side
has 0L oriental furniture.

Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) has 1L 'Damsa' earrings.

Wetherby's has free shoes! Colorful high heels!

Couture Cove has a 0L umbrella!

Have fun!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday deals!

Today's Lemania dollarbie is this gorgeous, Blue Ice Gown. The pattern and texture on the dress are extremely well done, and give the feeling of ice crystals.

This will be available until Friday morning, and then retired for good! Don't miss out on your chance to pick up this beauty before its gone. Thanks again Lemania and gang for these lovely, daily gifts!

[maeva fashion studio] has some great 5L deals on pants, shorts, capris, and leggings.

If you tp
Here you can still find the "Ambutta" strapless tanks I have blogged about a few months back.

You can see the pants, and one of the colors of the top in the pic below.

50 Flats has a cute green pair of flats, for free this week. The vibrant green shoes can be seen above. There is a small, cute rose on the side as well. Very adorable! Thank you Ding!!

~ Jezzebel Rock ~ has 5L Easter tees in 6 luscious spring colors.

Prism Haute Couture has set out a Spring time dollarbie, called Haute News by Journey.

The outfit comes complete with these "Alice" Wrap Heels. Great value for 1L, wouldn't you say?

Decolletage has a couple of freebies just inside their door, as well as a freebie section of the store, where you can find some great animations, and free skates!

My friend Shannon opened a new store, called NLimbo Custom Poses. She has freebies!! Shannon is also planning a Grand Opening, where she will offer more goodness, so stay tuned!! I expect loads of authentic poses from this store! Stop by, check it out, and be sure to tell her that Sav sent you.

Marymac has freebies on the counter, and at the back of the store, you will find Kite # 276 in the Go Fly a Kite Grid Wide Hunt, which gifts us with a Princess Necklace.

Samsara has a gift bag on their counter as well. Lots of shirts is the find!!

N-Core has some dollarbies shoes. A sexy red pair of 10" platforms, and a white pair of white stilettos, which actually look more like pumps when you compare them to the height of the platforms.

That's all I have for now sexy shoppers!!


Super Quick!!

Ok, so I am running late for work, but wanted to let you know about a few goodies before I left. How's that for dedication?

Sole Sisters has sculpted toe shoes! The white pair as always is the dollarbie. They also have a black pair, and is a steal at 100L when you compare it to other vendors who sell for 10 times that!

Vinyl Cafe has another freebie pack of stockings for us. This time its a plaid mix. Lots of fun, and very versatile!

Also, as a group member of Vinyl Cafe, you can join the sim hunt, AND there is a fantastic bedroom set available to you for free. The bedroom set can be seen outside the store where you pick up the stockings. Their grand re-opening continues, so be sure to check it out!!

ReTox has a new main location, and have added a Bargain Basement! Items in the basement are 50-80% off. As well, there are 5 regular items around the store priced at 0L, you just need to find them.

I'll be back later with more!


A message from a sponsor :)

New week and new offer from Project RED: Buy 1 pair of swim-shorts and receive 2nd pair FOR FREE! To receive the free pair of swimshorts the buyer has to drop a note to Tallmark Lohner with your name and the color and type of the shorts you would like to receive for free. The free pair of shorts will be delivered in 24 hours after receiving the notecard.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Limited Time Offers

As always, our friends at Lemania have a fantastic daily dollarbie. "The Warrior"will be available until approximately 9am Thursday morning. This fantasy themed huntress type outfit comes complete with skin!

Tousled - has some free stuff! Free skins, a shape, hair, a face light, "not so fabulous" free pumps and a limelight outfit. Check it out!

Eselle - has a freebie section worth checking out. Lots of dollarbies, and care packs for Newbies under 30 days old.

Opium Wear has a white tank

FREE for a limited time
Mythology is offering their Blue and Green Dots dresses. Get them before they are gone forever ...

Something a little different for CLUBS & BUSINESSES! Lava Inside is closing. Their entire inventory is now FREE!! Yes, you read that right! Auction podiums, dance floors, DJ booths, club lighting, neon signs and all kinds of fun gadgets are free. I don't know for how long ... so get their soon! The sim was full when I was there, so keep trying.

+DV8+ has TWO THINGS in the store, that have been marked down to L$1. Yes - ONE LINDEN. You'll have to hunt for them - and they'll only be this cheap til Friday night. So get down here and start hunting. Please be respectful of the other hunters, and don't ruin the fun by shouting out the location of the dollarbies if you manage to find them.

Evil Lu Designs has a new dollarbie of the week.

Also, all items in the store are 50% off until 8am Friday morning.

*Echo* has a fantastic, brightly colored gown for us this week, perfect for Spring!

*Staged* Skin & Fashion has a couple items for us. The freebie is the cutest "Summer Love" tank, and the dollarbie is an adorable Bronze & Silver Mini Dress. On the floor in a box, you will find another dress as well. Regular prices on the clothes are not unreasonable, and there is a great variety of goodness!

Be sure to check out Eccentric for their 10L sale, and the monthly freebie.

Aryanna's Closet has her new releases priced at just 10L as well.

There are 3 freebies in the store too! Check out the Easter tees, and the Jelly Beans outfit as shown above.

That's all I have for now. I'll be back soon with more.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

JoJo's has two awesome freebies for the hizzy- also a great group gift! Check it!

Animated flower from C&D Designs! It blooms when touched!

Found 10L nails, 5L tank, box o'freebies, and a 'secret' sale at Merlynn's Closet!

Dionysia Designs - Fine Jewelry Royal Crown Medieval Crowns has a nice 1L bracelet in silver or gold with a cross charm!

****Elemiah Design & Lingerie**** has a really awesome dollarbie! 'Beach02' is an adorable one piece for, well, the beach!

Kiki has a 'Strappy Asian' dress for 1L.

RBZ changed out the gift bags! One for men, one for women! These gifts are rockin! They are from the new HIZ / HERZ biker section! Get yer motor runnin'!

Free dreadlocks at Sari's!!! Ya mon!

Have fun!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Hey ya'll!


CLOTHES HORSE (EEEK!!!) has a dollarbie gift bag! Whoopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purple Haze
has a dreamers bench for 0L. Rest of the furniture is only 10L!!!

Panda Eyes has a nice champagne cocktail dress!

!Clover has two pairs of 1L shoes- cute platform Mary Janes!

THE HOTHOUSE has a GORGEOUS fitted shirt for gals and a polo for guys for 0L. Really aesthetically pleasing sim!

Pin Up Dolls has a nice dress called 'Daylily' for 1L. TP into Calico Creations and subscribe to the 'omatic and the send you a ton of free hair! The one below is an updo in mocha!

SG Italian Style has adorable 'Hot Pink Miu Miu pumps' with a vase of gorgeous tulips for 0L!

Eva Footwear has a cute pair of red hearts ankle boots for 0L.

Vixen has a freebie on their poster here. Free punky dress, stockings and ankle boots in a hot pink color.

AQUA mainstore has a lime plaid dollarbie with a tiny shirt that has a heart cut out. Turn around, walk a few feet, and find a great slip dress in blue for a dollarbie as well.

Okay, SERIOUSLY amazing sale at Chikka's! EVERYTHING in the store is 10L until tomorrow. I am really wowed by the selection and quality I found here.

Rhiamon's Realm has a 1L necklace- very cool and for cancer reseach!

FS fine jewelry is offering a 0L 'Mother's Day gift!' Apparently, it is Mother's Day in the UK!
Lucky us! The necklace below is for the mommies!

New 'mystery dollarbie' at Yellow Submarine- psst... it's a couch!

YEEHAW!!! Today is my lucky day- and it IS a Monday! Weatherby's has a darling dollarbie dress with a pair of dollarbie matching shoes! I love this store so I am totally happy right now!

Cool 1L hair with pillbox hat at Soul Fire! Seen in pic above!

G&N has put out their weekly freebie! Cute two piece called 'Mausi.'

Donna Flora has a new gift! 'Lilla' is a pair of purple pants with a white corset and silver necklace! Also found another 1L necklace called 'Valentino' on the sign with the matching outfit.

Vivianne Fashion has 1L textures, a 1L pose, and a free tennis outfit.

Satin Garden has a PRECIOUS pair of 1L black pumps! They have bows on the backs!!!

Honey doesn't like to blow her own horn *too* often, (but I will for her! ) but you need to head over to the Gift Center at the Mall at Cherry Park. There are tons of wonderful items there! Be sure to take a look around the rest of the mall for great prices, wonderful items and you'll find more gifts around too! RBZ also has their weekly freebie at the mall- check it out!

Have fun!



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