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Saturday, May 23, 2009

ICON Lifestyle Sim Grand Opening

What a great day I had checking out the newly opened ICON Lifestyle Sim.

I listened to a fantastic live performance by an SL musician, Damian Carbenell. If you get a chance to see him, you won't be disappointed.

To celebrate the grand opening, merchants of the sim have set out some gifts. Here is a sampling of what I found.

This luxurious, gorgeous gown, is from Novi.

I had the pleasure of meeting owner and creator Kendall Larnia. Kendall has some fantastic designs. I am confident that we will see many great designs from this sweet lady. Stay tuned.

Narcodix has this fabulous spring gown, named "Harmonicus Azure" as a gift just for visiting the sim.

Phoenix Rising has set out items, in the red bags & a gift box for just 10L each.

Fashion Nomads also has free gifts, including a pair of black stilettos at the back of the store.

has a bikini, and diamond topaz bracelet for 1L each.

& Modern Gypsy also have gifts.

Of course, my friends at *NLimbo* Custom Poses have an ultra sexy pose as a gift. It's called Here & Now.

Have a look around the sim, and enjoy!


Saturday Shopping

Would you like a cup of tea darling? The weekly group gift at Lemania is called, "English Tea". This lovely dress is perfect for afternoon tea. Its a longer, hounds tooth skirt, complete with shrug, cameo broach and a hot cup of tea.

The Speak Easy shoes shown above & below are the daily dollarbie retired gift. The Shoes do have bling, which is perfect for the coming week as the Blogger's Group "brings back the bling."

If you're not a fan, the bling can be removed, instructions are included on how to do that.

The shoes and the dress, are available today in the Gift Section at Lemania's Castle. After 11am tomorrow, the shoes will be moved up to the Change Room's where they will remain for a week to make room for another gift tomorrow.

There is a lot going on A&k Designs, and many reasons for you to visit. This hot little number is available as a group gift.

For those that don't have a group slot available, you can pick this up on xstreet for 1L. However, if you decide to join the group, a table full of group gifts are awaiting you.

There are 2 MM boards. The gift is this super sexy bikini.

There are lucky chairs, camping for product and a room full of dollarbies, with the promise of more to come.

Just outside the store, there are a couple of other freebie items as well and a 50L store.

Kaotik Creations has a couple freebies for you. This outfit, as well as a spiked belt.

Be sure to have a look around the store, there are some great $30L deals, as well as other items priced at 25% off.

I was browsing around the grid today, and stumbled in to Street Dermatology. The are a stop along the Grid Wide Hunt. I found the magnifying glass, and took it home to try on the skin. Here is a sample of the skin gift.

Its a wet, sparkly skin, with frosted make up. The skin comes with the clothes on, as above. Here's a closer look of the face.

The hair in the pics above is from Starmilly Voom. This version of the "Me kordelitsa" hair (baby pink) is available for just 10L.

We'll be back with more soon.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday at last!

Happy Friday all, and Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of our friends in the USA.

First of all, I'd like to tell you about some changes going on at Lemania.
Here's how its going to work:
  • They will still have the retiring dollarbies, however they will be available for a little longer now.
  • The daily dollarbies are now going to spend a WEEK in the changing rooms before they are retired for good.
So if you can't make it over on a daily basis, you can still access the dollarbies from the Change Rooms. Isn't this great news? The blogs will have current information longer, and if I don't get a chance to post a blog, you are not missing out on the good stuff! Its a winning situation all round!

Thanks to Lemania & the Gang for continuously improving the way they are doing things!
So, that's the business end of it taken care of, let's get on to the good stuff!

This lovely, is called Apple Pie, which you may recall from the Presidential Inauguration.

It's time for it to be retired. This was set out on the 20th, but can now be found in the Change Rooms. (See how I did that?)

The Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini was retired on the 21st and is still available in the Change Room as well.

This cutie comes complete with the acccessories shown here, right down to the glasses, and pumps.

The retiring dollarbie du jour (Friday) is "Smile, its Argyle."

This cute knitted set comes with stockings as you see here. It will be available on the main floor at Lemania's Castle until 11am tomorrow, then it moves in to the change room area. Get in while you can.

This week at the French Farm, they have a fantastic Gift! Ladies ... I give you, "Bejeweled".

Its a strapless, simple black dress decorated with lovely jewels, making this an elegant choice for your wardrobe. The bangle shown in the pic, came with Apple Pie set.

[Cynful] is offering this sheer top as a gift when you lick the scribo. This is just a sample of the sexiness that awaits you.
Anna May of venusdesigns has a scribo-gift with join in her store. Upstairs you will find this outfit priced at just 1L. I also notice a couple of other outfits priced at 5L. You can hover your mouse over the pic of th outfit, and it will show the price. Consider it a hunt of sorts. LOL You can also hit the MM board here, as well as a Mob Vend. Have fun!!

Waffles! has some a subscribo gift & a dollarbie item.

On Friday, May 22, Teagan, of ~TeaLane~ celebrates her RL birthday. She is releasing 2 special packs of "Cuppi," called Chocolate and Vanilla with 10 color variations in each.

These will be reduced to $2L per pack only for the day, then will go to their regular sale price of $100L per color pack.

AbbeyDawn Clothes has a dollarbie in the middle of her store. She sells Clothes, shoes & accessories. Check her out!!

I'll be back with more soon!


Gridwide hunts: Good for business or bad?

So, the SL Discovery hunt was the topic of the poll I ran last week, and the results were pretty much as I had expected. It was evenly divided as to the hunt being “great”, “ok”, and “not so great”.

Of those who answered, an overwhelming number believed, as I did, that there were just too many stores involved, but the majority responding believed that the gifts they received were pretty good. Thank goodness, considering the time investment!

Significantly, and potential hunt organizers should take note, out of 35 people responding, 90% said that they weren’t sure they’d ever want to do a hunt that large again.

Most of the respondents said that their freebie hunting had decreased and, more alarmingly, purchases have decreased.

As a vendor in the hunt, I’ve seen the number of people coming through slow down significantly this week. I assume this means the majority of the people are through with the hunt.

Of more concern to me is the “decreased purchases”, and I’ve seen the decrease in my own businesses this week – my assumption is that people are busy opening the nearly 600 packages they collected, and will be back later. But how long will it take for people to sort through the boxes and really, will they need to shop when they’re done?

We have to assume that “decreased shopping” is gridwide, so how many businesses who did not participate in the hunt are feeling the pinch, and how deep is that pinch? Will there be businesses closing because of the lack of sales?

I want it understood that I’m not picking on the SLD hunt organizers in the least. I became friendly with them through the first couple of weeks of the hunt and I think they did an absolutely amazing job, considering there are something like 579 stores involved, and several of them have moved, and then the endless “Can I get a hint?” chats from hunters. Certainly, their intentions are admirable – to give coverage to the smaller stores that normally don’t get a second look (or even a first). But by not limiting the size of the hunt, I think it has ended up being more of a disservice to those very same businesses.

I’d like to see future hunt organizers take these results for what they’re worth. Granted, the sampling was small, but I think the statistics would be the same had more people responded.

I do believe hunts will continue to have a place on the grid, for both hunters and the businesses, but I truly believe that all these gridwide hunts are causing more harm than they are good. If it takes hunters 6-8 weeks to get through the hunt to your business (despite the fact people can pick any starting location, many choose to start at #1), will your business survive long enough for them to get there, and will they spend anything once they do?

My feeling is that the sim and mall owners should continue organizing their own small hunts, and the huge holiday hunts could certainly continue, but they need to be capped as to participants. I’m still finding Peace on Earth Hunt and Kiss hunt gifts that I haven’t opened and haven’t even started opening the Bunny Hop gifts because the sheer number of them was overwhelming! But interestingly, because the Keys to the VIP hunt was only 50 vendors – all of those packages got opened, filed away, and - pay attention - I’ve already been back to some of the stores to shop.

Just some thoughts, and I welcome your comments! ;)


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Callie Cline Appreciation Day!

Honey had posted earlier this week about the Blogger Appreciation Week, where we were treated like royalty. As a thank you to the Callie Cline for coming up with idea, its been suggested in the Blogger's Group, that we all post something about Callie on May 21st.

If you are not familiar with the Callie Cline store, you must head over to her sim, caLLiefornia. Be sure to look around, outside, and you will find one of her other projects - the tOmbOy store.

You won't find freebies or dollarbies, but she does have amazing sales, and spoils her "caL gaLs," often! Check my profile, I am a long time caL gaL!

There are special offers, and lately, Callie has been creating "mash ups" which is a complete outfit and sometimes includes shoes & accessories for about 199L. You must check it out. If you have some Lindens saved up, there are lots of ways to spend them here. The products here range from very casual outfits, to glorious gowns, shoes, boas, and if you look in the back of the store, you will find Callie's line of home furniture.

This store is, without a doubt, worth one of the 25 group slots LL allows you and is free to join.

The dress in the above pic, was 33L (regular price is 99L). It is on sale right now, its a basic dress yet very versatile. This came from the Build-a-dress section (There are many color choices). You can purchase accents, and options to change looks. Check this out.

So, I added this flexi layered skirt, which is also on sale for 33L (regular 99L) and added a big, patterned, flexi/prim bow which cost 25L (regular 55L).

The shoes in the above pics are Happy Flats - skulls. They come in many colors, with a couple of options, like color changing toe gems for instance.

Honey & I also posted tributes on our other blogs as well, which you can read at Virtual Fahionista & Savvy Shopper.

Callie, on behalf of HoneyBear and myself, thank you so much for all the time and efforts you put towards the Blogger's week to make it the success it was. We heart you more than you could ever imagine!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sexy Nights!

Good Morning Lovlies!

This will be a super quick post, as I should have left for work already. I popped on to SL this morning, and found awesomeness, so I have share!

Our friends at Vinyl Cafe are being extremely generous again! This week, they are giving us the opportunity for our own little "love nest," absolutely free to its group Members.

This fabulous skybox, with rich textures, and hardwood floors over looking London's skyline is the perfect place to entertain your man. Ladies, it even comes with a lovely dress Party dress, and when things get heated, a matching, modern bed will be there for you to explore whatever the night brings your way.

The Dominion is offering sexy, nights in Frankfurt. This whole package, including the skybox, modern sex bed and gorgeous dress is ONLY 50 Lindens!! LIMITED TIME ONLY so come grab it fast. (You can also join the Vinyl Cafe group, at the Dominion sim.)

How romantic. How beautiful. Enjoy!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Pretzel Poses has some sitting poses called "For Heavy Bums"

Lemania's retiring dollarbie of the day, is a tribute to Madonna's 80's hit song "Like a Virgin." Are you old enough to remember those days of music videos?

This lovely outfit, comes with leggings, corset top, and fluffy skirt, the gloves, and jewelry shown here. (The boots are from Eva on the Dominion sim, and not free, but highly recommended by me).

*Prelude* has a lacy, pastel green camisole (pictured below) for 0L. They have recently re-opened so you must go have a look at the new build!

EarthStones Jewelry has lots of goodies! First of all, they have a scribo which gives you a gift when you tap it, plus 3 amazing group gifts if you are a member. As well, they are bags out, for the rest of us at the customer service desk- blue for boys, copper for girls - which contain EarthStones Sunstone Beaded Touch necklace. (shown above in Chrysoprase & silver)

Peeps is having a 1L hunt in their store.

Ten items have been marked down to 1L, you just have to search the vendor for the items. Have fun!

I'll be back soon with more.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Ride the Wind, Its time for me to Fly,

In my travels around the grid I stumbled on to a couple of sims that are just amazing.. 1944 kuroe. Check them out, especially if you are a WWII buff, the battle ship there is an amazing build.

And guess what? there a couple of freebies there, and I have to say they are pretty neat ones at that..

First up there are 2 yes you heard correctly, 2 mini bikes that you can pick up, who doesn't like Mini Bikes, Ahh I love the smell of two-stroke exhaust! You can get them Here

Next there are 2 planes, you to can take to the Skies of SL, and Crash badly to Earth, just like our own Savvy, Ask her some time how she hand glides. again superb builds and just another part of the great sims. Pick them up Here

There are donation boxes around the sim if you like what you see and what you got show the creator some Linden Love...

Till next time
Cya on the flipside..


Monday, lots of fun day!

It's Victoria Day, here in Canada so I didn't have to work today. Can you guess how I spent my day off?

Lemania's retiring dollarbie du jour is called, Dear Cupid.

Its a gorgeous light pink gown, perfect for any formal party.

In the MM board at the Lemania Castle, you will find this next sweet treat.

This gown is called Milk Chocolate, and is absolutely delicious. The pattern on the bodice is reminiscent of those candy coated, chocolate candies that melt in your mouth, not in your hands.

The French Farm also has newness in its MM board as well. This awesome skin & dress combo, could be perfect for a masquerade ball, or paired with wings, and voila, you are a Fae!

(This picture was taken at the secret garden where the Blogger Appreciation Festivities were held yesterday.)

Freebie hair awaits you at Truth!

This short, manageable style, is complete with bobby pins. It's adorable, and will go with whatever you decide to wear.

I own a lot of Truth hair, and highly recommend that you have a look around. There are many awesome styles, and something is sure to please everyone.

Ora Trei Designs has freebies set out at the entrance. Ladies, take your man, there is one for him too!

The low prim hair, and the outfit shown above are the prezzie set out for us!

Hectic Moon has released a new set of pagan skins, and have them priced very reasonably at 24L.

LaGyo has gifts set out on the table in the store, priced at $2L & 4L.

Irrisistible Accessories has much to see, including the amazing purple dress & shoes we blogged last week.

Pop over to get the *NEW* offerings of a Belt Collar & Bracelet, as well as lingerie, all for free!

Did you know that LVS Drive, has a Goodies Grove?

There are gifts from many great designers, including Digital Knickers, Ticky Tacky, Extreme, Who Nose, SySy's & B&T. Cher's Cottage Gardens has several boxes out with flowers, to landscape your property. Be sure to look around (in the fountain too!).

So Many Styles has a free gift, as well as a 50% off sale! There are 2 variations of Ballerina shoes for 10L. The pair I am wearing below, comes with prim socks!

Above you will see selected items from the freebie pack - the pants, tank & sweater are all free. There are other color choices in the box!

Upstairs, you will find shiny leggings for 20L, tights for 15L. Go have a look!

** Thanks to Brinks for telling me about the sale going on at SMS! **

Inks & Kinks in association with Adored Clothing and the merchants of both Islands (Kinky Island & Adored Island) are having a Flower Hunt.

40 flowers containing gifts are waiting for you to find them. Enjoy!

Forbidden Appearance has 5L sculpted pumps. I am not sure for how long.

SMOTD has set out an item in her store for 1L, you just need to find it. Here is a hint:

That's all I have for now. We'll be back soon with more.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Many, many thanks!

I know I speak for both Savvy and myself when I say thanks so very much to all of the designers that participated in Blogger Appreciation Week. My inventory has literally exploded and it's going to take me a month to go through all the wonderful gifts that we were given. Your generosity is completely and deeply appreciated!


Hunt at Wren Mall

I promised a friend I'd post this for her, so I hope you'll go check it out.

Wren Mall is having a hunt, and you'll find many unique items for a minimal price of 10L. You'll also find some free adorable pajamas for joining her group.

Please give it a shot...you just might enjoy it ;)


Sunday Fun!

Angel's Designs has a couple of freebies on the Vinyl Cafe sim. They are in the front window of the store.

This is one of the two available for you, called Cat Nap. (Boots are not included)

While you are there, hurry over to Vinyl Cafe Fashions, and pick up these amazing wicked, pink stiletto pumps shoes for just 5L!

This is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, then the price will be increased to 500L!

The retiring daily dollarbie at the Lemania's Castle will be available until 11am Monday.

Its a fantasy series dress, called Falling Bird and it's complete with wings, and feathers. You don't want to miss out on this one!

Lemania and the crew have organized another, yes another RFL hunt, which will benefit the American Cancer Society.

May 17th to the 23rd there will be the Gorean Hunt on her sims, and you'll be looking for box sized, pink ribbons. One has been placed on each sim.

This short pink, glittery dress is sure to appeal to Goreans, and non-Goreans alike.

This is the prize that you will find in the ribbon at the French Farm.

More to the theme of the hunt, the Violet Veils gown, a perfect Free Woman dress which includes a veil and modesty scarf will be your reward should you find it on the Lemania sim.

As mentioned above, it does come with a veil to cover your face, its just not shown here.

DCNY has another freebie in their store today.

Make your way to the Skin Department, and this bikini and skin are waiting for you.

Crossroads Creations has goodness. Go to the store, find these rings laying on the floor, and click them! They are full of awesomeness!

We'll be back soon with more!


DCNY's newest freebie!

DCNY is giving us this adorable green dress called Joleen!

While you're there, be sure to check out their two new releases, Seren and Elise, shown below!


Virtual Freebies is now closed. Thank you for your past contributions!

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