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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A freebie of a different kind

This freebie isn't something for you to go out and collect, but I hope that you'll find it as useful as I do!

I bought a set of Symphony Skins yesterday and having learned my lesson in the past, dropped a notecard on Claire Harford, the owner, and asked for the RGB values to color match my prim foot shoes.

I got a notecard back this morning and here is what Claire told me:

Enable the Advanced menu if you haven't already (control+alt+D).Go to
Advanced >> UI >> Show color under cursor (down the very bottom).

This brings up some tiny white letters in the lower of your screen. For me
they display just above the sound controls. When you move your cusor across the
screen the numbers will change and spit out the RGB as the first three numbers.
Ignore the last number, it usually stays at 0. Move your cursor to just above
your moody shoes where the skin joins and take a look at the values. This should
give you a starting point for coloring prims to match. Yay!

As a tip, any "pure white" of 255,255,255 when *worn* on the body as clothing
or skin... is 205,205,205 on prims (in my viewer anyway).

I immediately followed her directions and voila! My prim feet match my skin! On to my prim nail gloves and yay! Instant match! I shot Claire an IM thanking her for this valuable information and she did mention in the course of our conversation that the numbers will stay visible on your screen when you're taking pictures, so be sure to turn it off when you're done playing with it.

Now, isn't that a great freebie? :)

Claire is a busy creator, but in her profile picks, she has various "Tips for SL" that are like the above and absolutely fantastic. Be sure to check them out (but don't bug Claire! I did enough of that this morning *giggles*).




Joshooah Lovenkraft said...

Oooh that's an awesomely brilliant tip .. not that I wear prim feet but useful for so many other applications ;)

I love reading about tips that make me go .. ooh did not know that! Thanks for sharing.

Maureen Boccaccio said...

wow!! what a great tip!!! Thanks, Honey, and Claire :)

claireharford said...

;) The best kind of freebie is advice you'll have forever. It never goes out of style, and you can hand out as many copies as you want.

I'm glad you found it so useful, and posted it on a "freebie" blog. It's humbling to know that a nerdy tip has earned a place alongside material goods. You made my day Honey. :)


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