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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hey Ya'll!!!

AuroraSkye Creations has a very cool dress called 'Celestial Omega' on sale for 1L today!!! Usually 350L!

FS Jewelry has a FAAANCY new store! Free earrings and a necklace when you walk in!!!

'Chasity' shape for 5L at Forbidden Appearance!

Trixxy's has two gifts at the door! A skull tee and jeans for 1L a set- men's or women's.

Indulge has free hair!!! Gift boxes with hair for 0L.

Bliss has a new freebie!!! Casual dress called 'Shana.'

Crossroad Creations
has a great freebie in the center of the store - silver and emerald earrings, friendship necklace and a belt are included! Click the rings!

Myth has a sweet little Easter dress freebie!

REALLY cute 'Doll dress' at AV! New location, too! The store is super nice and much more spacious!

Baby Monkey
has four new designs for 10L!!! Peep toed heels, fur trimmed mules, flats, and wedges! Something for everyone! Also, new skirt up here-'aqua waist cinche'- can I get one for RL too?

Joya has several dollarbie outfits, lingerie and dreadlocks at the entrance to the store!

Heavenly Treasures
has some clever new dollarbie chairs with three poses!

has a new dollarbie for summer! Cute two piece with a necklace!!!

New freebie box with lots of clothes and new freebie dresses at Paperdolls!

has a new April skin dollarbie called 'Cutesy!'

has several ballgowns for 1L.

G&N Designs has put out their weekly freebie! 'Yves' pant suit.

TSUKIJI has a wall of free hair!

Shameless Culetta
has an oriental outfit for 10L!!! Cute!

CS Fandango
has a 'spring freebie outfit!'

Prism has an awesome new dollarbie this week called 'Shine!' Flirty and feminine and fun!

Two pairs of shoes for 0L at Zhao!

Found a new jewelry shop!!! Amaranthus has TWO 1L jewelry sets!

has a free 'Max Headrom' outfit! Remember him? LOL.

Fashion by Eras has a 1L pink body suit! Sassy!

Z'Vogue has a cute little black dress for 0L!!!

Modd.G skins are on sale for 10L!!! Outfits for 10L too!

Kiss This has a 1L boxing ring! Also, a pair of 1L boots!

YAY!!! Secret sale at RBZ!!! Picked up 'Minx in Blue' for 5L!!! Also found a ton of 'biker' wear for 5L! Downright edible purple corset for 5L, beach tote for 0L, shrug gift for 0L, and a guy's tropical shirt for 0L are among the treasures awaiting you!!!

has a limited time dollarbie- with matching dollarbie shoes!

Pffou! has a 2L Easter pose and a 1L group pose!

Have fun!


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