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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Goodness!

I love logging in to presents! Yay!

Evangeline Eames, (of Vinyl Cafe & Dominion Fashions fame) dropped a "Naughty Box" on me! You know I was curious, and opened this right away!! LOL

This is a group gift however, so to enjoy these goodies in the "Naughty Box" you first must join the FEMDOM group.

Evangeline sent along a note card providing information about the FemDom group, and I have pasted it here for you:

"The FEMDOM Group promotes Femdom in second life, which means women rule! Our boys are our toys and love to serve us....who doesn't like that? Members of the FEMDOM Group get free gifts and copies of FEMDOM Magazine (www.FEMDOMmag.com - check out our yummy shoe and boot spread in this month's issue with Stiletto Moody, Bax Boots, and more!). Hear all about fun Femdom events in second life like parties, fetish nights, erotic story telling and so much more! Join today to hear about all of the fun!"

The corsets inside, are AMAZING! The boots, well, you know I love boots!! The boots contained within, are a bronze color, and a MUST for every inventory.

Yess! has a freebie section worth checking out. There are jewelry, tanks for guys & girls and some pretty hot outfits!

Magia has Golden Spring Earrings as this month's gift.

Pho Merlin, of Awesome Sauce posted this link or our forum , so I tp'd over to see what goodness I could find. I managed to find super, awesome, and completely affordable bangles, and other stuffs!

When you take the tp, you'll find a bunch of boxes like the one shown above. You can find the cute daisy hat (also in blue), belts, and oh my goodness, the list goes on!

Have a look around, there are bangles for 5L! If you climb up the rope the the top floor, you can find the lucky chairs.

Be sure to check out the bargain basement, you can get these cute heart boots and yumminess for 1L!

*** Convoitise *** by Toume Yao & Ondeline has a fantastic set of red silks called Sheherazade for 0L!

There is a nice freebie/dollarbie section over here too! There are a couple outfits for our guys too!

*Alchemy* has a free box, just inside the door.

[S.Loves] has a free "Wondergirl" pose that includes a basketball!

If you missed them the first time, you can grab them again. Red prim toed stilettos, can be yours for free, at Shouted Couture on the Vinyl Cafe sim.

Check back soon!

We'll have more good stuff.


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