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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tueday Shopping

Lemania's retiring dollarbie du jour is called "Creamy Chocolate." Its a lovely capri outfit, with baby doll top.

This is currently available in the Gifts Area, and will remain there until tomorrow, when it will be moved up to the Change Room, where it will stay for 1 week before being permanently retired.

Wetherby's has a couple of great springtime freebies.

(Shoes in the left pic are from Juicy, not free - shoes in the right pic are from Duh! and were dollarbies I believe)

These lovelies are perfect for a PTA meeting, afternoon tea, or shopping with the girls.

Adora Skins & Shapes still has their Mother's Day gift available.

The Que has some freebies. Plants, textures, sounds, jewelry, light effects. Exploring the sim is worth the visit.

Luna's Boutique is also on this sim, and it looks like she's added more to her freebie section.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

There is also a Vintage Goth Gown for 10L, which I also posted about on the Savvy Shopper Blog.

WL-Designs has a white neko tail for 1L at the rez point, and just inside the door, there is a black one, for 10L, with a polka dot bow. (This tail twitches). A new gift will be set out next moth, so if you haven't had a chance to get your new tail, you'll need to pop over before the end of the week!

Next door at Fetish, there are some super cute dresses for 10L each. There is a yellow plaid dress as well.

(Shoes worn here are from Juicy)

You can also pick up matching shoes, also 10L.

SUS has some freebie tees. Ladies, take your men, there are goodies for him as well.

RBZ Designs has a Safari hat available this week as a freebie.

Check out the MM Boards for leather jackets for him & her. As always, you will find deals in the Bargain Basement too!

Badoura Designs has goodness under the stairs.

This elegant gown, is a freebie for 1 week.

We'll be back with more soon.


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