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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Shopping -- some ** Limited Time **

Happy Saturday Everyone!

We have a bit of catching up to do with the Lemania goodies, so let's get right down to business.

The retiring dollarbie from Thursday, May 28th was the "Here Comes the Sun" dress.

This outfit comes with the prim sun, that emits golden sunshine sparkles as shown above.

The retiring dollarbie from Friday, May 29th, is "The Grace Kelly" black floor length gown.

Simply elegant! This gorgeous gown also comes with a black & white poster of Miss Grace Kelly. You can get your copy of this gorgeous gown in the main gift area of Lemania's Castle until 11am today.

Both of these gowns will be available in the Change Rooms area for a week after their retiree release.

This is the weekly gift at the French Farm, designed by Lestat Reuven (of Wonderous Strange.)

It's a great casual outfit...just perfect for mucking about in the earth gardening, or going fishing, going on a picnic or doing any sort of sporty activity you can think of in SL.

The matching shoes as shown above are also available and sold separately for 200L.

The Greatest Love "OMG" hunt starts today.

Lemania & crew have generously donated this gorgeous "Pheasant Gown," as your reward for finding the cupcake.

Here is the landmark to the front of the store. Happy Hunting!

Angel's on the Vinyl Cafe sim, has a free neko outfit, called Hayden."

The t-shirts, and furniture are also still available, although I am not sure for how much longer.

Dare Designs is holding a sim-wide Wild Hunt. It is a treasure hunt - with 13 prizes to be found. Dare Designs always has good stuff, several prizes are brand new designs.

Today is the last chance to pick up the freebies at Alpha Male & Blacklace - they will be taken down later this evening.

The Blacklace gift can be picked up here and you can get the Alphamale gift here.

~ChaosLotus~ has freebie "Marble Windy Beads".

.::Peppermint Blue::. has some great freebies for the ladies.

These are LIMITED TIME only, so hurry over! Don't forget to tap the subscribe-o while you're there.

UltraViolet SUN Designs has an outfit every week for just 10L.

This week, you can pick up "Honest Black."

*Filigreemotion* has a new designer, and in celebration, they are offering a dollarbie.

While you are there, be sure to check out the great stock selection.

Audacious Designs has 4 freebies, as well as a MM board worth checking out.

The MM is for the FATPACK of the hot bikini's shown above!

I hadn't been over to Sole Sister's in a while, so I popped in today. They have a new pair of flats, for 1L in celebration of their Grand Opening.

Sexy Leopard print bows accents these shoes nicely. *rawr*

Interested in getting free shoes for life, from Sole Sisters?? Clio sends this note.

Add Sole Sisters (Etoile Location) to your profile pics and you'll get one pair of each our new releases. These will NOT be dollarbies, but ACTUAL regular releases ... for free!!!!

To do this, while standing IN the Sole Sisters store, right click on your avatar, click "profile" and then select the "Picks" tab. Then Click the "New" button and you're done! Also, make sure you have "show in search" checked (located on the "2nd Life" tab in your profile.)

Each time we have a new release in the future, I'll send you a new pair of shoes! Supereasy! I'll start sending more releases out soon, so get your picks ready!
There you go! Freebies delivered right to you!!!

We'll be back soon with more.


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