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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Early Saturday Morning Freebies

Unique Monsoo is offering two new freebies today. One is a red and gold outfit that is either pants, dress, or lingerie, and the other is a beige skirt and top. She's also put up a new outfit that comes with a sculpted bra!! Be sure to check that out!

Garments Reborn has several freebies out. The names aren't descriptive beyond color, but I believe they're mostly dresses.

Southern Charmed brings us four new freebie outfits. She also has some nice candles out for 1L each. Halloween has landed here and you'll find Halloween candles and decorations for 1L each as well.

Kuri Style offers a "one piece dress" in blue (look on the wall), for 1L. While the dress itself isn't spectacular, there are a lot of cute dresses around the store for 50L, and four bikinis outside the store in a box for 1L.

If you like retro, check out Girl's Style 60's Shop. There are some free t-shirts on the floor, and a free tattoo and retro bracelet in one bag in the display case, and 3 free denim shirts in another bag.

AuroraSkye Creations is offering a cute "fractal art" dress for 1L. Make sure you're looking at the 1L dress - I accidentally bought a 350L dress by moving too quickly. But this awesome creator made it right for me! I highly recommend her! :)

Awesome Designs is offering a free outfit, complete with jewelry. Look for the hatbox between the two big square displays.

OK, that's it for this morning! Oh, by the way, to the person commenting that we don't post the prices - most of the time we do. Sometimes one will get by us, but usually we say if it's a freebie or a dollarbie. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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